Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Coming to PS Vita

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Coming to PS Vita

Hello there, PS Vita owners! Halloween may have just passed, but SEGA has one more special treat for you.

Following the fantastic response to the PS3 release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, SEGA is proud to announce that we have now begun development to bring Project Diva f to PS Vita in the West!

Hatsune Miku + PS Vita

Yes, you read that right. You’re not dreaming. Watch the Vita announcement trailer above, take a deep breath, and then let loose that smile.

Now, I want you all to think back a few months to when we released Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F on PS3… do you remember what the user comments here on Playstation.Blog looked like?

“We want the Vita version!” you told us. “Please, I’d sell my soul for a Vita version!*” someone said.

Today, we’re overjoyed to not only share the good news of a PS Vita release, but to also finally add a shiny new soul to our collection. (We’ll put it in our lobby, right next to the big Miku standee.)

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f will be releasing in early 2014 on PS Vita, and we’ll have more news on the title soon.

In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments! As usual, I’ll be responding to as many comments as I can.

Happy (early) Christmas, Miku & PS Vita fans!

*Not an actual comment… probably.

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  • YES. Sega is a great Vita supporter. Thanks!

  • Thank you for some great news. We would love to see Yakuza 1 and 2 in HD on a Vita. Many Gamers in North America would buy it (not even mentioning how many would buy in Japan). Also Sonic Lost World or Generations would really be great on the Vita.

    • You’re welcome! No news on the other series you mentioned, but it’s always nice to hear excitement and support for all of our SEGA franchises.

  • Very glad to hear there was a “fantastic response” to the PS3 version. I managed to essentially sell 3 additional copies of it by getting friends to get it (one of whom has platinumed it). I preferred the PS3 version over vita because it is nice to play it on my TV but will probably buy the Vita version to add to the sales numbers :)

    Obviously you can’t comment but here’s to hoping that we have a better chance at seeing Project Diva F 2nd over here in the US.

    I wouldn’t be a fan of the series if I didn’t mention that I would still like to see Yakuza 5 (actually I want Yakuza Ishin more), though as you said at PAX those are like trying to translate War & Piece multiple times. Also I know you can’t comment but can you please let the powers that be know that we really need to know what is happening with PSO2, letting it hang in limbo right now is like the worst thing they can do to the fans that were expecting it.

    • People like you are the reason for our success – so first and foremost, thank you. :)

      Second, though I don’t have any news on Y5 or other series, I just want to say that we appreciate all of the support and positive sentiment for those franchises.

  • hallelujah!






    Samurai And Dragons….

    AFTER BURNER CLIMAX for Vita (not the android… the PS3 version for Vita).

  • Awesome news! Haven’t been bit with the Hatsune Miku bug yet, but I’ve been a fan of rhythm action games since beatmania/DDR, will pick up. Also, did want to chime in that I’m also a fan of PSO2, US localization was actually my primary reason for purchasing a vita.

    • Spend an hour with the game, and I’d bet a batch of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies that you’ll find yourself bitten with the Miku addiction bug. :) Thanks for supporting Miku (and our other series)!

  • thanks guys,i gladly buy this great game for third time if that help to get hatsune miku 2nd in the west.

  • This is awesome news! Glad I waited instead of importing it.
    Hey Aaron, judging by your avatar I can see you’re a Phantasy Star fan…
    I know you’re probably not at liberty give much or even any info regarding this, but any news on Phantasy Star Online 2 being localized and potentially coming to Vita in the states? ;0


    • You recognized my avatar? Well done – it’s pretty obscure for the non-PS fans. :)

      I don’t have any news on PSO2, sorry! Right now my focus is all on Miku, and our excitement about bringing Miku to PS VITA in the West.

  • Thanks very much, I really wasn’t expecting it anymore.

    I’ll be getting both this and jp f 2nd next year, and if you guys localize f 2nd I’ll get it again.

    • You’re very welcome, and thank you for the support, Kmddragon!

      We’ll be counting on your help to make Miku VITA a success here in the West. :)

  • Hatsune Miku Project Diva F in Japan have a Free DLC that enable PS3 save to be used on PS Vita.

    This sadly doesn’t help me as I have a EU PSN and Vita version is Digital Download only. (unless Sony/Sega is nice enough to enable US PS3 to work on EU Vita game :P)

    • Hmmm… I can look into this, but I have a strong feeling that due to the PSN stores being different, it’s probably not possible. Sorry! :)

  • So according to the Sega Blog, it’s digital only. But no where else I’ve read about this has really talked about that.

    I’d assume it is then?

    And if so, I’m not too pleased about that. I have a 4GB card, and the odds are you’ll charge full price for the digital only release anyway like so many do. And that’s just some anti-consumer b/s I refuse to support.

  • YES! So glad I didn’t import.. Absolutely can’t wait!

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT! ANY Pre-Order Bonuses?

  • If not Phantasy Star Online 2, can we expect Phantasy Star Nova?

    • No idea on my side – I’m focused on Miku currently, but as usual, I’ll pass on many of the comments we see here on the blog. Thanks!

  • Will there be any updates from the PS3 version or is it exactly the same? Also, will there be a separate trophy list? Miku Miku Miku! <3

    • It’s the same as the Japanese version, which is very close to the PS3 counterpart. There are a few changes between the platforms, but the heart of the game remains unchanged – and now it will be available on-the-go. :)

      As to a separate trophy list… give me a little bit to confirm, but it sounds like, just as with PS3, that will be a yes!

  • I’m still addicted to the PS3 version. I am so glad to hear that it sold well in the US. I can’t resist, I’m double dipping on this one. Thank you SEGA, once again for taking a chance on this franchise outside of Asia.

    • Thank you for double-dipping! A big thank you from SEGA to you, for supporting the series and its growth in the West!

  • So any idea on pricing on this version. If i bought the digital version of it on the ps3 will i get the vita version for a free (cross buy) ?

  • THANK YOU!!!!! Day one buy to show my support for these releases. Also kudos to you Aaron, one of the few people I see respond to almost every blog comment.

    • Thank you, sir, for your support! That level of dedication makes games like this more and more possible.

      As to responding to comments – no problem. It’s always nice to know someone out there is reading your feedback and passing it on, and I want to make sure our Miku, VITA, and PS3-owning fans know that we really care about them, and appreciate their support.

      It’s thanks to you guys that we’re able to release games like this in the West. :)

  • Gorrammit! You guys got my hopes up so high, then I hear it’s digital-only! I was really wanting this for that A-R card that comes with it in Japan.

    • Regarding the AR card, and all of that functionality, stay tuned for more news from us as we get a little closer to launch next year.

  • Is there a chance of this one having a physical version instead of digital download? Lots of VITA gamers and fans would love to have physical copies.

    • We’re currently focused on a digital release. It’s always good feedback though, so I’ll make note of all the requests for a physical version.

  • Awesome news. Another vote for Valkyria Chronicles 2 and the sequel to this game.

  • I meant valkyria chronicles 3 ***

    • A great series and one of my all-time favorites on PS3/PSP. I don’t have any news for you – today is all about Miku and her forthcoming arrival on the VITA in the West.

  • we need a concert at VGAs

  • I promised as well I shall be pre-ordering this when pre-orders are up.

  • Yakuza 5 please!

  • I purchased the Vita Version in Japan, then the PS3 version. Then the PS3 version again for the US. Any change I can get the US version since I have purchased this 3 times? Man…

  • Hopefully at some point I can play this, seems like it could be fun.

    • There’s a free demo up on PS3 right now. Go give it a whirl – once you start to get it down, I think you’ll be hooked!

  • oh it’s digital only?
    I guess I can’t pre-order. :/

    I shall also vote for a Physical Release

    I already have to deal with Tecmo x Koei’s BUUUUUUUUUUULLCRAP with no physical Atelier releases.
    They’re like 3gb’s each, eating my memory card.
    God they piss me off so much.

    Also just a side note but ps3’s IS KINDA close to the end of it’s life, the vita is just beginning! I recommend if anything doing physicals for vita and digital for ps3.

    It’s only logical.

    Like, really.

    Also thank you so much for getting us the Vita version.

    Especially since ps3’s have more storage space than vita’s my god, highest amount a vita memory card you can get is 64gb’s,

    While the lowest amount of storage space a ps3 is 120gb’s or 160gb’s now I don’t remember what the lowest is on market currently.

    • No worries, thanks for your support on the VITA version! That’s right – we’re releasing the game digitally, but I’m noting down all the comments requesting a physical release, too.

  • Neat, bought the first one on whim and found myself enjoying it, so I think ill double dip if its not too much (if its $30 ill buy)
    I do hope that we can turn off the touch screen function, after trying the demo for Project Diva F2 that annoyed the hell out of me.
    Also I cant avoid asking this when a Sega employee around but where is Yakuza 5, Yakuza HD, and Phantasy Star Online 2, ive been playing the japanese version of PSO2 on my vita ill admit, but damn it I want to know whats being said lol.
    Also if you could relay it to Sega Japan, PSO2 for PS3 and PS4. I would buy every last bit of DLC made for those

    • Glad you enjoyed DIVA F on PS3.

      We’ll have more news on pricing soon. As to the other franchises… no news from me, but I share your love for many of those series!

  • Do my eyes deceive me? Is this a dream? (Please say no)

    You guys just made my day, thank you so much for bringing this over. I still haven’t gotten a hold of the ps3 version (but I may do so eventually) but I will for sure pick this up!

    And +1 vote to bringing over Phantasy Star Online 2 for vita


  • P.S. why is this post not rated 5.01/5.00? You people are slacking…

  • On behalf of the PS blog community I’d like to say thank you for responding to every comment, and although I’m not Interested in this game I look forward to what this company may bring to PSN in the future.

  • Although this may not be the type of game I want, it’s good to see new localized Japanese titles on the Vita. In case you’re wondering, I really enjoyed DOA5+ and Virtue’s Last Reward, for example. However, since music is an important part of my life, maybe I should give this one a try.
    Oh, have you thought of offering anime in the PSN video store? (Japanese audio with subtitles preferred)

    • If you like music, you should give it a try – the songs are extremely catchy.

      I first played the game for about 30 minutes (on VITA), and then I realized it had actually been 3 hours and I was still in the office at 9PM.

      So, in short: highly addictive, great music, and there’s even a free demo up on PS3 right now. Try it out!

  • Please bring Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd to the West next year.

    • We’re fully focused on Project DIVA f for VITA right now, but request noted! If you’d like to see more Miku titles, please help us by supporting releases like Project DIVA on PS3 and VITA!

  • i’m not interested in Miku, but i still want you guys at Sega to please give us Skies of Arcadia HD!! Everyone seems to be doing it for their old jrpgs now, so why not you guys?

    • Skies is one of my favorite games ever created. I’d personally love to see it again, but I don’t have any news, sorry!

  • I just platinumed the Japanese Vita version 4 days ago, but in the hopes of 2nd being localized, looks like ill be doing it again

    I just can’t get enough Luka <3

    On a side note, how will the 6 dlc songs work, must they be bought seperatly???

    • Congratulations on your Platinum.

      A Luka fan, eh…? I’m going to guess you got “Perfect” on DYE early on. :)

      Regarding the DLC songs – we’ll have more news about in the near future.

  • Is there any information on the sync app coming over as well? I already have the PS3 version and would love to be able to sync my unlocks and stuff.

  • There’s no way that I can purchase this game if it’s Digital-only. Please reconsider doing a physical copy release even if it’s just in a limited stock.

  • Damn it does this mean we need to make some kind of blood sacrifice for Yakuza and PSO2 to come out to the west?

    • I hope not! We don’t have enough interns in the office as it is… and those kinds of things tend to get messy.

  • If that worked: I’d sell my soul for either Dark Cloud 2, Dragon Quest 8 or Rogue Galaxy on the PS Vita.

  • Even better. My 1st born for a Level 5 PS2 RPG collection for the Vita.

  • Great news!

    Is it going to be available on the PS Store?

  • @84 there is anime with subs on the PS video store, Attack on Titan is one of them, and I think Eurekea Seven AO is to

    • We’re getting totally off topic here, but Attack on Titan is pretty impressive if you guys have yet to watch it. :)

      OK, back to Miku!

  • I would sell my soul and some other spare ones for a Xenosaga RPG collection for the Vita.

  • I’d sell 3 kidneys (I’d grow a 3rd one) for a Crunchyroll app for the Vita.

  • So you just need more “Interns” huh? I have an idea.
    @96 Crunchyroll already announced the app coming to Vita, just never gave a release window, like when Sega announced PSO2 coming out the to U.S

  • Great news!
    Any chance for this to release in US/EU? http://s14.directupload.net/images/131106/un48x3lx.jpg
    I would totally buy it!

  • In the event that the Vita TV were to show up in the West, will this game work on that device?

    (I didn’t see the Japanese version on SCEJ’s list of currently Vita TV-compatible titles at http://www.jp.playstation.com/psvitatv/game/psvitalist/ – but one would imagine that list expanding once the software update adding DualShock 4 support surfaces in time for the PS4’s Japanese release in February.)

  • I was one of the guys begging in the previous blog post, so it’s only appropriate that I thank you profusely for it! I’m really happy and excited, and I hope we’ll see the second one come out in a similar fashion!

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