Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Coming to PS Vita

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Coming to PS Vita

Hello there, PS Vita owners! Halloween may have just passed, but SEGA has one more special treat for you.

Following the fantastic response to the PS3 release of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, SEGA is proud to announce that we have now begun development to bring Project Diva f to PS Vita in the West!

Hatsune Miku + PS Vita

Yes, you read that right. You’re not dreaming. Watch the Vita announcement trailer above, take a deep breath, and then let loose that smile.

Now, I want you all to think back a few months to when we released Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F on PS3… do you remember what the user comments here on Playstation.Blog looked like?

“We want the Vita version!” you told us. “Please, I’d sell my soul for a Vita version!*” someone said.

Today, we’re overjoyed to not only share the good news of a PS Vita release, but to also finally add a shiny new soul to our collection. (We’ll put it in our lobby, right next to the big Miku standee.)

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f will be releasing in early 2014 on PS Vita, and we’ll have more news on the title soon.

In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments! As usual, I’ll be responding to as many comments as I can.

Happy (early) Christmas, Miku & PS Vita fans!

*Not an actual comment… probably.

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  • Sweet. Bring the sequel too :)

  • This is amazing news! Didn’t think it was coming over.

  • Time to double dip.

  • crap….bought the ps3 version but would’ve preferred vita. oh well may double dip, maybe not right away, but will get it…ah who am i kidding, day one purchase. now if we can get the sequel to come this way:D

  • Any chance on bringing over Yakuza 5?

    • I don’t have any news on Yakuza, sorry! (But, as you’ll often hear me say, I think it’s a really fantastic series.)

  • Yes. getting my Vita this month. Already got the PS3 version, but will buy the Vita version too. Take my money SEGA!

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!! SO GLAD I WAITED!!!!!!!!!!!

    TAKE MY MONEY NOW SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yesss! i’d sell my vita for this game! oh, wait. no…
    I’d sell my money for Miku on my Vita!!!
    Seriously, day 1 for me.

  • Oh yes yes YES!! Thank you sooooooooooo much Sega! I would say I was double dipping since I already have the Japanese Vita and PS3 version.. and the retail NA version.. and the NA PSN version… oh my.. quadruple dipping?? I dunno but I will be buying this day one, thank you SO MUCH!!!!!

    Still sad we never got Yakuza 5.. :( but this helps :) Thanks again guys. So awesome!!

  • Thanks for the news and bringing this over Aaron. It’s nice to see Sega working to localize some great games.

    That being said, PLEASE talk with your team to see what you can do to localize Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2). There are tons of people who are requesting this and would play this in a heartbeat. I know the game is technically free-to-play, I personally would be willing to put down the normal Vita game entry fee of $40 just to be able to play this game in English.

    Many thanks again, and keep up the great work!

  • Physical too or Digital-only? Deal breaker for me.


    (please do a physical release :D)

  • That’s awesome! Please, please, please tell me that there will be a physical release. I can’t take any more of these digital download only titles on Vita! Memory card prices are too high and I am constantly having to delete games and apps on my 32 GB.

    Side Note:

    Yakuza 5 and Phantasy Star Online 2 (Vita): Any news? Fans are desperately waiting for these too in the West!

    • It’s currently planned for digital release, but I totally hear you on memory card space.

      No news from me on either Yakuza 5 or PSO2, but I’m personally a big fan of both franchises. (After about 10,000+ hours on the original PSO, I think one qualifies as addicted…)


    I platinum’d the PS3 one in about a week! I can’t wait to do that all over again! ^_^’

    (I hope this is a good sign we’ll be getting Project Diva F 2nd too! I have a soul for sale too!!!)

    • All this caps lock is making for a good morning!

      Congrats on your Platinum trophy, and best of luck getting it again once the VITA version releases. :)

      Thanks for supporting games like Miku, FearMonkey!

  • I’m honestly shocked by this. Looks like I’ll be triple dipping with PD:f… maybe.

    I only got my Vita because of the last year’s Project Diva bundle.

    • Happiness may be ideal, but I guess shock will work, too – as long as it’s the good kind.

      Thanks in advance for your support, Kloacy !

  • Thanks! I was one who cried when you announced only the PS3 version before!
    Now I am happy! Day 1 for me!

    • Aha – excellent! I was hoping the people clamoring for the VITA version would be around today in the comments.

      You asked of us, and now it’s happening – so thank you in advance for your support!

  • Here’s my soul… just take it now and give me a physical release.! PLS!

    • Thanks for the soul! Let me just find the jar, here…

      We’re currently slated for a Digital release, but we’re excited to be bringing this experience to PS VITA owners across the west.

  • Imported the Japanese version, buying the US version digitally day one. Please bring Project Diva f 2nd to the US too!

  • You just made my morning, gotta double dip for this.
    Quick question
    -If this is like the original Vita version, will you be providing the DLC packs for the PS3 exclusive stuff (Both the free content and the paid DLC) also?
    -If the reception is good enough for the Vita version also, will you guys consider bringing over the sequel too?

    • Hearing it made your morning just made my morning. (That, and the caps lock comments.)

      With regard to your questions:

      1.) We’ll have more info regarding the Japanese DLC content in the near future.
      2.) Too early to say, but please do support the VITA version with everything you’ve got. :)

      Thanks Orange!

  • Awesome!

    Thanks for the Vita support




  • Wasn’t there a Cross-Play feature in the Japanese versions? If so, will the PS3 version be updated to incorporate this for the NA/EU versions? In any case, THANKS SO MUCH for making this happen! My money is ready!!

    • No news on a cross-play feature currently. You’re very welcome, though – thank you for the kind words and support!

  • So glad you guys listened! ^_^

  • @ #11: You’re not allowed to be picky. You should be fortunate Project Diva even did well in the first place and you should be even MORE fortunate support for the game continues. It is a niche title and you’ll deal with it.

    Having said that, thank you Sega. I’ll get this on Vita when I can. Still looking forward to PSO2 on PC though.

  • Really excited for this; hoping for a nice limited edition and a sooner than later release date!

  • So excited for this! Thank you for bringing the Vita version over as well!

  • Great! Can we expect Phantasy Star Online?

  • For anyone that didn’t get the pre purchase free fall map, (because they pre loaded ghost)go to the where you bought it from on the store and you will have the option to “choose versions” choose the one that says free. You should start to download the game and the free fall map pack.

  • Great. You guys listen to the fans? Well…Valkyria Chronicles 3 Vita compatible version next please.

    Aaron, you said it in a Dualshockers video back then that the hope is definitely still there and I’m still keeping mine alive, believing in you guys as well as Playstation Shahid and gang’s recent push for #jrpgvita.

    • No news on VC3, but I was lucky enough to get to work on both VC1 and VC2, and in my opinion, it’s one of the best series SEGA has ever released. (Shameless Valkyria Chronicles plug for the other readers – go get a copy for $20 on PS3 if you haven’t already. You’ll thank us later.)

      Likewise, thank you for the comment, MrRound!

  • @23: You realize that this game is only getting localized on Vita because if people asking for it right? Or did you tell them they’re not allowed to be picky and to buy the PS3 version?
    I own a Japanese hard copy and I can’t afford to allot space from my 4GB for a digital-only double dip. Will buy a physical copy, though.

    • Everyone has different situations, and it’s all good. :) We appreciate whatever support you guys are willing to give to help keep titles like Miku coming west!

  • Don’t care that is is a PSP title. But Valkyria Chronicles 3 please.

    Sonic racing transformed was great on Vita, this should be too.

    • Glad you enjoyed Racing Transformed – I hope you’ll have a great time with Project DIVA f when it releases next year!

  • Great! I’m buying it and a know a few people (diehard Miku fans) who will totally get a VITA now.

    Cheers, SoA! ;)

  • Definitely going to pick this up when it comes out. Great addition to the Vita library.

    Also, for the love of god, can we please get Yakuza 5 here in the west?

  • Will buy vita copy as well so please consider PDF 2nd :)

  • Will the english vita version come with the extra 5 songs from the ps3 version or is it just a straight localization of the vita version from Japan?

  • I bought Project Diva f for the PSVita in January from Japan, I’m buying the US PS3 version for my sister, and I might buy this release. I am hoping for the Vita sequel on a cartridge in North America.

    • Thanks so much for your support, Sharp. Picking up either copy (PS3 or VITA) does a lot to help us release (and keep releasing) titles like this in the west. The more support we get, the more doors open.

      So to you, and all the others who have/are picking up the PS3 and VITA versions, a big thank you from our entire Miku team at SEGA.

  • A promise is a promise… I’ll be getting this for my Vita and I’ll be making room for it on my “main” 32 GB memory card. (I have two 32 GB memory cards)

    And hey, if you guys want to bring over a certain puzzle game to be released in 2014, that’d be cool too…

  • def happy about this even though i have ps3 version

  • Well looks like im going to quadriple dip. Got both Japanese VITA and PS3 version already.

  • I already got the ps3 version so im good. However please keep bringing these games over. I will keep buying them if you do.Maybe the next one can have a collectors edition. Also I dont think there are any psn avatars of the characters. Wouldint mind a meiko avatar.

    • Thanks for picking up a copy on PS3! If people like you keep supporting us, we’ll do our best to keep bringing games like this over. Appreciate the comment regarding a collector’s edition, and the note about PSN avatars… I’ll see what can be done for the latter!

  • I second (or is it third or fourth at this point?) that I would REALLY REALLY LOVE for PSO2 to come West, both on PC and Vita. I’m a PC gamer and Vita owner, so I was really looking forward to having a game I could play on my high-end gaming PC and then continue on the road, or while laying in bed.

    I know the Japan and West markets are different, but the game has done so well in Japan and it’s the type of genre/game that does well in West moreso than this (Miku), so don’t really understand what the delay is.

    • I don’t have any news on PSO2, but I love that series, too… so, worry not, I know where you’re coming from! :)

  • I’ve been playing the Vita version since importing it, after its initial release in Japan. Think I’ll purchase the digital localized version, just to help support titles like this.

    Must say, everyone will have a ton of fun with the AR photo ops available with Miku and the crew. I’m going to guess that it will be in the US version? I think I had just as much fun with that, than I did working through all the songs.

    • Thank you for supporting us, XFRod!

      No news currently on the AR mode, but we’ll have more info about this as we get closer to release next year.

  • Great, this is the kind of game I would love to play in my PSV.

  • WOOOOO!!!!! Enthusiasm!!!

    • Exclamation Marks!!! (Everywhere!!!!!!!)

      (Alright, I should probably calm down – but I’m glad you’re happy.)


  • So happy for this :D already have my japanese copy(plated and over 150hs of gameplay), but certainly’ll buy it again for my vita. Thanks sega, and please consider bringing PDF 2nd and PSO too(and more games of course ;) ).

    • Bravo on the platinum! Thank you for double-dipping to support Miku’s VITA release in the west – people like you are who keep us going. :)

  • Thank you SEGA! I own the JP Vita version & the US PS3 version, so i’ll be triple dipping when this is released. Hopefully we can get Project Diva F 2nd in the US along with a Collectors Edition.

  • Well I’m eating crow now.

    Definitely buying day 1 as promised. Thank you.

    My faith in Sega has been renewed. Maybe Atlus will be handled properly after all… Hope to see more Vita stuff coming our way! *cough* valkyria *cough* chronicles *cough* three *cough*

  • I have the Japanese version, but I will definitely get this. >.<

  • thanks for supporting Vita!

  • If you release the DLC for the US version, do you think it might be compatible with the Japanese version?

    • My understanding is that Japanese DLC wouldn’t work with a US release (and vice versa), due to both the game code and the different between the Japanese-US PSN stores. Interesting question, though!

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