Need for Speed Rivals Coming to PS4 on November 15th

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Need for Speed Rivals Coming to PS4 on November 15th

Need for Speed Rivals, 03

The wait for a next-gen games is getting unbearable! And our team at Ghost Games has been pushing themselves to be a part of PlayStation’s big launch day. We’re excited to announce today that Need for Speed Rivals will be a launch title for PS4 in North America on November 15th.

We’re stoked to be the first racing game on PS4, and believe we’re setting a new bar for driving gameplay and visuals. PS4, coupled with the Frostbite 3 engine, will give players unparalleled next-gen gaming — epic locations and vistas, stunning time of day and weather changes, and super high fidelity cars. But we’re not just about looks — what’s under the hood counts, too! With Rivals, we’re introducing AllDrive, a new feature which allows players to choose seamlessly between single player, co-op, or multiplayer, and a completely new way for you to play Need for Speed.

Share Your AllDrive Moments on PS4

Even as we play Need for Speed Rivals, we can never be sure what’ll happen next. Just recently in a Pursuit race, one of the racers dropped a stun mine at the bottom of a jump — another car landed right on top, wiped out, spun out of control, finally landing on the cop that was pursuing him. It’s that chaos and variety enabled by AllDrive that makes Rivals so unpredictable and fun. There’s no way you can script something like that, and when it happens, being able to have players show off those moments through the Share button is something we’re really excited about.

Need for Speed Rivals on PS4

Need for Speed Rivals, 02Need for Speed Rivals, 01

Continue the Race with Remote Play

This feature will work out of the box, allowing players to put down their DualShock 4, grab their Vita, and continue their game for those moments when you have to give up the TV. This is a great new feature, and when you also consider the drop-in functionality of Overwatch mode, we’re giving you more ways to enjoy and play Need for Speed.

See You on the Road

All in all, our team is incredibly proud of what we’re delivering on PS4. As a new studio, this is our first game, and we couldn’t be more excited to have Need for Speed Rivals be there at launch. Whether you choose to be a cop or a racer, we hope to see you out on the open roads of Redview County!

If you have any questions or comments about Need for Speed Rivals, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them. Feel free to also drop by our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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  • Surely such a powerful platform will have no trouble handling audio CDs, right?

  • Nice. Looks like I’ll be getting it.

  • I’m from asia.. is it possible to be released in asia? and also is it 2 player?? i dont have internet connections from now on… can we enjoy the game without internet access?? please reply . thanks :)

    • Where in Asia are you located? You can certainly enjoy the game without internet access, but not split-screen multiplayer.

  • This will be my launch game! Glad I don’t have to wait until the 22nd.

  • Just curious, will this game have an actual story or will it continue the trend of just racing?


    • The game does have two narratives, Cop Progression and Racer Progression. Progression is optional, but it does lead to unlockables.

  • 30fps? On a next gen game? Especially a RACING game? Seriously EA get your act together.

    The ONLY decent NFS game on current gen has to be Hot Pursuit, the graphics, the handling and overall quality of the game was and still is BRILLIANT.

    Also instead of making constant different NFS titles why not make the one that nearly everyone actually wants? NFS Underground 3 please!

    Lastly I am rather put off now that Rivals is only 30fps…I was seriously hoping for 60fps and don’t think splashing down £50+ for this game on the PS4 is going to be worth it…

  • What about stop beating a dead horse?

    What about reviving FUN in videogames?

    What about letting Criterion work on another freakin’ Burnout?!

  • hi EA I was wondering if the exotic / hyper cars from need for speed HP would be on rivals already or as a add on I know over 200 people but only able to add 100 all of them agree if possible could u put like blast from past add on or just have them in the game every1 want the past with the cars u have on rivals

  • please if its possible to be the best my reason is ok on need for speed most wanted was a good game but there was no cops an cars from n HP was missing other then that that game would had been off the hook still is a good game btw also I heard most wanted mode was on rivals we hope its like HP pack but with all drive so we go where ever just like on need for speed HP BUT more freedom to roam

  • these are some cars my friends want to be in rivals diablo SV SLR McLaren 722 element o reventon 911 gt2rs SLR McLaren stirling moss zonda cinque these r from exotic Bugatti I know is in game Apollo s an rest of the cars

  • we want are super lambo cars I seen on rivals there was 5 I think I know need for speed HP has over 10 for me never to go back on need fo speed HP an my friends an I think every1 would agree on that for me zonda cinque my main exotic car an hyper Apollo

  • an my last question / request is a cop car should be a racer car to ! hyper zonda I seen as racer only on EA site on need for speed HP it was like that an was a good thing would be sick to see SLR MOSS as a cop we never seen that before I think that was only thing missed in need for speed HP / WOULD BE NICE if need for speed HP get 2-4 new add on packs free roam online an just newer cars an new maps besides that need for speed perfect it just don’t have customization I know over 100 people that would buy that add on no matter price just saying lol

  • ps I cant wait to play need for speed rivals on day 1 hack yeah thank you EA !!!! nuff said

  • forgot 1 thing on need for speed u can listen to ur playlist in game please tell us we can do the same thing

  • ¿Cuándo saldrá en México?

  • will there be split-screen so I can play with my brother or friends on the same tv/system/screen? this has been missing from need for speed for years and its such a basic feature racing games should have…

  • HI EA. exactly I’m from philippines … is it possible we can have the game here or just a delay when the game is released. please reply thank you.. :)

  • Can PS3 gamers play online with their friends that upgraded to PS4?

  • I was wondering if the PS4 version will support the PS Move racing wheel……or how about the PS3 version while I’m at it? Thanks.

  • If this is going to be held to anywhere near the standards of the last need for speed this looks like it will be a great game. 53.5 hours to go and I can hardly wait!

  • Will It support 2 players on the same screen racing against each other?

  • Why no wheel support?

    Having a wheel (Logitech G-27), I have enjoyed many of the NFS games.
    But now… I’m not sure that I could enjoy a racing game on a pad again.

    Limiting the game play to JUST a pad seems like a backwards step in game play and player immersion, let alone enjoyment.

    This seems like a patch you could do to fix this.

    Please contemplate this request to support a wheel for NFS:Rivals.

    Does anybody know if Drive Club will support a wheel?

  • BTW… Having NFS:MW really blow my mind, I WAS excited about NFS:R, but with no wheel support… I’m not as excited about it.

  • What an absolute travesty! No steering wheel support in a dedicated driving game. I am so disappointed in developers decision to not support my wheel. If I could return this game and get a refund I would. Using a steering wheel enhances the game experience exponentially.

    To developers: please reconsider and add wheel support ASAP through a patch!


  • Is there going to be an upgrade fee from PS3 to PS4? Please reply, I MUST KNOW

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