Need for Speed Rivals Coming to PS4 on November 15th

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Need for Speed Rivals Coming to PS4 on November 15th

Need for Speed Rivals, 03

The wait for a next-gen games is getting unbearable! And our team at Ghost Games has been pushing themselves to be a part of PlayStation’s big launch day. We’re excited to announce today that Need for Speed Rivals will be a launch title for PS4 in North America on November 15th.

We’re stoked to be the first racing game on PS4, and believe we’re setting a new bar for driving gameplay and visuals. PS4, coupled with the Frostbite 3 engine, will give players unparalleled next-gen gaming — epic locations and vistas, stunning time of day and weather changes, and super high fidelity cars. But we’re not just about looks — what’s under the hood counts, too! With Rivals, we’re introducing AllDrive, a new feature which allows players to choose seamlessly between single player, co-op, or multiplayer, and a completely new way for you to play Need for Speed.

Share Your AllDrive Moments on PS4

Even as we play Need for Speed Rivals, we can never be sure what’ll happen next. Just recently in a Pursuit race, one of the racers dropped a stun mine at the bottom of a jump — another car landed right on top, wiped out, spun out of control, finally landing on the cop that was pursuing him. It’s that chaos and variety enabled by AllDrive that makes Rivals so unpredictable and fun. There’s no way you can script something like that, and when it happens, being able to have players show off those moments through the Share button is something we’re really excited about.

Need for Speed Rivals on PS4

Need for Speed Rivals, 02Need for Speed Rivals, 01

Continue the Race with Remote Play

This feature will work out of the box, allowing players to put down their DualShock 4, grab their Vita, and continue their game for those moments when you have to give up the TV. This is a great new feature, and when you also consider the drop-in functionality of Overwatch mode, we’re giving you more ways to enjoy and play Need for Speed.

See You on the Road

All in all, our team is incredibly proud of what we’re delivering on PS4. As a new studio, this is our first game, and we couldn’t be more excited to have Need for Speed Rivals be there at launch. Whether you choose to be a cop or a racer, we hope to see you out on the open roads of Redview County!

If you have any questions or comments about Need for Speed Rivals, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them. Feel free to also drop by our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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  • I need a next-gen racer and since Rivals is there at launch i’ll get also because Ferrari are back to NFS series!

  • sounds really fun cant wait for the greatness that will be on NOV 15 :)

  • This does look really good, will there be a demo?

    • There won’t be a demo, but we have some great gameplay videos on our Need for Speed YouTube channel so you can check out the game in action.

  • What resolution is it running at 900p or 1080p?

  • What’s the native resolution of the game?
    Since it’s Frostbite, is it also 900p as BF4?

  • Thank goodness.

    I had this pre-ordered for the PS4 and was scared it was going to be delayed!

    Way to go EA!

  • Doea it have Levolution?


  • In what way(s) are the visuals for PS4 an upgrade over PS3 version? Does it run at native 1080p with 60fps?

    • The power of the PS4 combined with Frostbite 3 engine allow for some impressive visuals that, we believe, make for an incredible graphics experience.

  • I thought this was delayed to the 22nd? In any case, great news! The game looks stunning. Been on my “buy” list for a while.

  • Nice! :)

    Two questions:

    – No PS3 to PS4 update program for Rivals?
    – Rivals on PS4 is 30 or 60fps?

    Thanks again :)

  • Nice to see confirmation on the release date! This will probably be my third game in the Target deal.

  • I see what happpened.. NFSMW didn’t “sell well” at 400k units on the Vita.. so they’re not making it.. cause they think this makes up for it… Well, it kinda does. ;)

  • Looks great! Will there be support for Local Multiplayer?

    • The game will not have support for Local Multiplayer, but within AllDrive mode, you can control your privacy settings to allow gameplay with certain groups: Public, Friends (includes friends of friends), Private (invite only), and Single-Player

  • Will the PS4 version be available to pre-order & download at Midnight on SEN?

  • Does this have wheel support? Like for a Logitech G27?

  • Awesome! Can’t wait!!! Knack, Killzone, NFS, BF4, Madden 25, Lego Marvel and Skylanders Swap Force… Resogun & Contrast…


  • Very, very good stuff ..!

  • Nice!!! a car game at launch this is good news

  • AllDrive sounds awesome for casually doing multiplayer content. However, one thing that really worries me is another NFS title without a way to quickly and easily do a multiplayer race with another friend having AI fill out the other spots.

    Will me and a friend be able to put AllDrive in “friends only” mode, load in as two street racers, and regularly engage in actual races? Or will we be stuck with random challenges that aren’t fun to do together taking up most of our time again?

    Thanks! Super excited that this became a day 1 game!

    • Rivals will feature AllDrive mode– seamless integration of multiplayer and open-world gameplay experiences. As I mentioned above, within AllDrive mode, you can control your privacy settings to allow gameplay with certain groups: Public (everyone), Friends (includes friends of friends), Private (invite only), or Single-Player.

    • I should add, as long as your AllDrive is set to Friends or Private, who ever that includes will be able to jump in and do Events of your choosing with you as long as you are online.

      Also, thanks for the in depth questions!

  • I have been waiting for confirmation of remote play for ths game FOR AGES! this, battlefield 4, cod:ghosts, I know they said all games were playable remotely but i was kind of skeptical. the ONLY remote play announcement i want now is lego mavel superheroes as i love the free roam aspect.

  • @12 it is running at a “locked” 30fps due to the ALLdrive feature so mp and sp can be seemless. it is native 1080p also

  • NFS rivals is 1080P 30fps on all nextgen consoles

  • Maybe I overlooked this detail, but does Rivals have an open-world like Most Wanted (which I loved) or is it more of a list of races?

  • I pre ordered psn ps3 version I thought I could upgrade for $10 now I have to wait more days to play the worse version :( not tryin to spend another 60 for ps4 version Best buy and Amazon are doing 10 dollar upgrades for the disc ps3 version

  • Nice…but I wish a PS Vita version would have been made. I would buy both versions if that were so. Poor PS Vita ):

  • This is a racing game how could it only designed to be 30fps?

  • Haven’t played a NFS title since my PSP just might check this out.

  • too bad it doesnt have split screen, ill have to skip it
    put splitscreen local multiplayer and ill buy the game

  • Le megaton.

  • Awesome, support remote play!

  • So glad to hear it is Day 1 Digital. SOLD! I loved Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted! Cya on the streets!

  • Awesome! See you there!

  • Great…. BUT WILL IT SUPPORT WHEELS? Fanatec? Logitech? Thrustmaster? No wheel support=nobuy for me.

  • YEAAAAAAAA! I am so hyped about this game! I was disappointed to hear I would have had to wait until the xbox one release date to get this game. Now it’s actually a confirmed launch release for ps4 and I’m beyond grateful! I thought I would have to buy Shadow Fall just to have something to play. Thanks again EA for your hardwork in making NFS Rivals accessible at launch for the ps4!

    • We’re beyond grateful that you’re so stoked about it! Everyone at EA has been doing such great job working on this game we are so excited to experience the game on the PS4 with everyone right out of the gate. Thank YOU.

  • Will I be able to upgrade the PS3 digital to PS4 digital like I can with Assassin’s Creed, COD Ghosts and Battlefield 4?

  • Great news here because i needed a racing game for launch and this game will be it

  • Wooohoooo! Definite picking it up at launch.

  • One question; are there talks of a psvita variant of the game(because not everyone will have access to a ps4), and if so will it be possible to sync progress across the two titles(ps4/psvita variants)?

    • Currently, there are no plans for a PS Vita variant of the game, but (as mentioned) Remote play will be supported for those who do have a PS4.

  • Will I get the pre-order bonuses if I buy it from the PS4 online store on day one? By the way, thank you for putting the efforts to make this a launch title! Since Drive Club was delayed I was hoping Rivals would make it in time for launch; I played the heck out of Most Wanted 2012!

  • Wait, is this coming for ps3 on Nov 15th too? PLZ REPLY.

  • Still no answer to a question asked many times: wheel support ? Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster… No answer=no support?

  • I’m very seriously considering making this my 2nd Launch title.

    Will this go up for Digital Pre order (ps4) before the launch and if so, do we get any of the pre order bonuses out there?

    Or should I just go to ebgames and pre order the physical copy

  • So, when will you guys stop making burnout and frostbite engine stuff and return to the blackbox engine from 2001-2006? Will you guys bring NFS World to the ps4?

  • I need a racing game for this next gen; needless to say, Iwas completely disappointed when Drive Club got delayed -I was actually surprised how upset I was. After checking out the NFS vid on youtube I may just spend the money, what a missed opportunity for drive club.

  • Will this be coming out on day 1 of EURO/UK release 29th??, hope so , will jump to top of my list if so…???

  • Yesssss!! I was really sad to see the original release date be the 22nd, but now it’s here earlier, which is awesome and makes more sense.

    I do have a question – will you guys be contacting Amazon with the updated release date soon? I want to pre-order but their date still says the 22nd of November :o

    • The news about the Nov 15th release date was just announced today, so be sure to check back to see the update!

      And– we think it’s awesome too :)

  • Is this game going to be better than Most Wanted ? I wish we had a nice trailer to watch and see how the new cars and gameplay looks running on the PS4.

  • Yes, this game is available day one (Nov 29th) on PS4 in Europe and the UK.

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