Sony Rewards: Get Games, PlayStation Store Cash, and More

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Sony Rewards: Get Games, PlayStation Store Cash, and More

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We want to thank you, our devoted community, for your incredible support throughout the years. That’s why today, we’re pleased to announce a new, PlayStation-specific integration into the Sony Rewards program, where you can earn points by doing what you love.

Sony Rewards members can redeem points for the latest games, PlayStation Store cash, PlayStation Plus memberships, Bravia TVs, movies, music, and even unique VIP gaming experiences.

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With Sony Rewards, there are a variety of ways to earn points. Members can earn points for every $1 spent when shopping at PlayStation Store, Sony Entertainment Network online store, and Sony Store. The Sony Rewards program also has great offers with a variety of online retailers. Members can earn points for PlayStation and Sony purchases at retailers such as,,, and when loged in to Sony Rewards, while shopping through Sony Rewards Points Plus.

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Members can also earn points on a variety of limited time bonus offers, such as buying a 1-year PlayStation Plus membership on PlayStation Store, watching select movies, and uploading movie ticket stubs on

Not to mention that PlayStation card members can earn even more points for PlayStation and Sony purchases. The card receives 10x points on all PlayStation Store purchases, 3x points on all PlayStation and Sony purchases at Sony Stores, 3x points at quick service restaurants and movie theaters, and 1 point for every dollar spent everywhere else.

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To get started, you can join Sony Rewards and link your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account. This will allow you to automatically earn points on your PlayStation Store purchases and digital bonus offers. If you’re already a Sony Rewards member, simply link your SEN account to your existing Sony Rewards account. If you join by November 12th, 2013 you can take advantage of the 100 point sign up offer.

For more information, click right here!

We can’t wait for you to join Sony Rewards so you can start earning points. Let us know what you think about Sony Rewards in the comments section below!

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8 Author Replies

  • How soon do the points start racking up? I bought something from PSN last night will those purchases be reflected on my account? :/

  • And…Canada isn’t included. Why?

  • I don’t get why Canada is excluded from this as we share the same Playstation Store as the U.S.

  • I just join and lined my PSN account and got no points. How long does it take before I get the points added?

  • Might want to update your original post to indicate that this is US only at the moment. You know that the US Playstation blog is read by customers outside the US, and that North America isn’t just the US, right?

  • And for Canada ???

    And why you never answer to our questions ???

  • The only problem is that the PSN codes are constantly ‘out of stock’ on the Sony Rewards site, and they often have limits on the number of codes you can buy with your points. Or, at least that has been the case for the past few months. Here’s hoping they fixed those issues.

  • I just spent $500 in the month of October on the PSN store and now you start a rewards program the day after :(

  • “We want to thank you, our devoted community, for your incredible support throughout the years.”

    As a Playstation Community, hasn’t Canada shown enough support throughout the years?

  • is this FREE ? i have over 135 psn games. i will be buying more.

  • “This program is only available to users in the United States. Thank you for your understanding.”

    Wow… The regional restrictions on these programs, apps, and services are getting pretty annoying.

  • @31 secularsage
    That sounds like a pretty lame excuse they gave you. If someone uses their points for gift cards or merchandise it should be theirs to do whatever they want with it including selling it to a 3rd party. How can someone abuse the system by using the points they earned?

    @33 Valde_zerocool
    I was looking at both SEN and PSN cards. Neither one is available at the moment. I was unable to get any cards for any amount. The last time I redeemed my points for PSN/SEN cards was about 6 months ago.

  • Why no love for Canada? Canada loves Playstation too

  • If you get 1 point for every dollar spent and Playstation Plus only cost 250 points, I’d never have to pay for Plus again. Too bad I live in Canada. :( Bummer

  • “If you join by November 12th, 2013 you can take advantage of the 100 point sign up offer.”

    All signed up, but my 100 bonus points are not showing. BTW, this is great, and I hope it sticks around.

  • sighned up. i did not get my 100 Points. whats up with that ?

  • So if I just signed up right now, do I immediately get the 100 points or I have to wait? Because I didn’t get anything after signing up.

  • i was really excited to join, but after I finished signing up, I started reading through the FAQ’s and found some disappointing info. The big issue I have with the program, is that if you don’t have/use a PSCard, then you really aren’t going to be able to accumulate enough points to earn any savings (unless you spend big money like $1000, which most don’t; and if they did, saving $10 isn’t a big deal to those kind of spenders). Then I thought, well overtime, it can add up and it’ll be a nice free something down the road, BUT the points expire after 1 year. SO again, unless you plan on spending on average $100 month EVERY MONTH, you won’t get that free $10….. :( (granted that expiration date is extended to a more acceptable 5 years…..if you have the PScreditcard.

    Worse yet, is shopping for games, movies, electronics and more in physical form, nets you ZERO points. It only works for online digit shopping. Again, severely limiting your point earning power.

    Now if this were a “rewards card” that you could swipe after buying anything SONY (online or retail) it’d be worth it. As it stands, it LOOKS great, but in actuality, average spenders won’t get anything from this promo, MAYBE $10 at the end of the year.

  • @48 – exactly what I was thinking. :(

  • Shame really, cause this program looks like it could be a great way to “reward” people that buy Sony products. If you guys could create this program with a physical card (that’s not a credit card) so we could earn points anywhere, and extend the expiration limit to 5 years for everyone (with or without the PS credit card) I think you’d see a lot more people participating. Just a suggestion.

  • Best thing about this!?
    I’m Canadian… smh

  • @48: that would have been smarter to push sales even harder.

  • This is kind of weird! A dollar per point!, the actual point value per rewards is more than the retail value!, For someone trying to redeem points that Dont have a PS Card or Sony Card you’re simply spending more than the retail cost of the actual product!! Initially i was excited but i’m looking at the prizes and going O_O

    5999 points for AC4 on PS3, if you were just starting and were simply buying stuff from the store where 1 dollar spent is equivalent to 1 point earned means you’d have to spend $6000 not including bonus rewards on certain items to have enough points to redeem for a game you can buy directly for $60.

    The ratio to earning points has to change because this system doesn’t really seem all that beneficial to earning points… If the value were say 10 points per every dollar spent that it would be fair! But this is borderline highway robbery, You’d have to spend more to redeem and get less.

    Please tell me i’m wrong!

  • So I just linked my accounts. Will I be able to receive points for the purchase I made less than 16 hours ago? It would be really nice for there to be a way to capture the purchases from the last couple days or so.

  • If I had made some purchases yesterday on the Playstation Store, can I get points for those? I just signed up for the rewards, but I was hoping I could get some pointies. I like those. :)

  • Awesome news for America but, hopefully coming to EU before long :)

  • I signed up, but i didn’t receive the 100 points

  • wow, spend $100 bucks 1 week ago, then bought psplus and today just charged 50$ more

    Kristine, isnt’ there any chance of get some points?

  • @73: Okay, I’ll tell you that you’re wrong. (You asked! :) )

    You aren’t spending $6,000 to get a $60 game. You are spending $6,000 on whatever it is you are using your credit card to purchase–meals, trips, movies, clothing, gas, food, etc. All those things you purchased are still yours. You are being “rewarded” for using the credit card by getting 1 point for every dollar spent.

    How is this highway robbery? It isn’t different than any other reward program, such as Best Buy (who’ll send a $5 gift certificate after you’ve spent hundreds of dollars first). Using the PlayStation VISA for gas, groceries, and other purchases each month starts to add up. Every few months I have enough points for a free game, PSN cash, etc. If I was going to use the card anyway, where’s the downside?

  • (Con’t) Same goes for trying to earn points without having the VISA card.

    You aren’t spending $6,000 on the Store for a $60 game. You are purchasing $6,000 worth of content from the Store which is still yours to keep. Granted, that’s a lot of purchases to make…100 full-priced Day One games…but that just means it is easier to earn points using a credit card, not that the reward program is highway robbery.

  • Oh goody another Sony project that excludes Canada.

    Between this post and all the bad news in the PS4 FAQ, I’m already looking up the prices, extras and games for the Xbone while there’s still time to change my pre-order.

  • I love this reward program but I couldn’t get the psn card as it was sold out at the time. SEN card for fifty wasn’t. Picked that up and was able to use it like a PSN card. Sony you might want to clarify to those who have similar issues that the SEN card works the same as PSN card

  • UGH! US Only :\

  • @SEVIREDgamer Nope, you’re not wrong. This is exactly what I was thinking. By the time you racked enough points, the game would have gotten a price drop or it would have been removed and replaced with a different title.

    @Android66 How will Sony know I spend $6,000 on everyday life usage? In order to get points, do I need that credit card? I can’t use my debit card and get points from that? Really sounds like highway robbery since you’re forced to sign up for a credit card and pay monthly fees for it. And most people buy stuff on PSN are game related stuff. Nobody would spend $6,000 just on that.

  • When do the points get deposited? I didn’t get the 100 points for signing up.

  • Man, being a PS gamer in Canada is just not the same. We miss out on quite a lot. Surprised PS hasn’t moved to making a North America market like you’d see on Steam. A little lame, I gotta say.

  • please put PR in the state list thank you ;)

  • i think you guys should make this feature even better by getting points for trophy’s that we earn in games this include demos and don’t be cheap it should be a tiered amount for bronze,silver, and gold
    and this should include home in some when it comes to what we do or play or if we use certain apps like netflix hulu.etc….

  • Blarg. Only in the US, no canada.

  • Any chance of retroactive points for the PS Rewards beta? I spent over $100k on that program and all I got was some PS home avatars and a tshirt that was to small in size for me to even wear.

  • *Correction over 1k.

  • It sucks that the PS rewards program is for US only, not for outside of US. So what else is there for outside of US(programs, contest, etc.) like Canada?

  • Hmm, so same idea as the Wii U Digital deluxe program, only less frequent…. ooookay

  • It would be nice if you would indicate in the post when it is US-only – although given that most of these things are US-only perhaps it’s easier to indicate in the post when it actually includes other countries.

  • Hey, for us PS+ members that have already had the service, does linking to PS rewards retroactively give you the points for already having PS+?

  • Hi Kristine. I’ve been a member of Sony Rewards since last year when I got the Playstation Capital One credit card. For the most part I absolutely love this new linking of PSN to Sony Rewards since they add more points additional to the total that we get through the card.
    I have one complaint though. The only thing that I am interested in redeeming are sony PSN codes for purchases on the PSN. Unfortunately the codes are almost always out of stock or if I get one that’s not, they won’t let me purchase it because, apparently, there is a maximum amount of gift cards I can purchase. I honestly don’t think it is fair, if its in stock, why do they impose a limit on how many I can buy?

    Care to clarify on why this is?

    Have a nice day Kristine!

  • yay!

    …..oh right, im in Canada.

  • thanks! stoked to start earning points!

  • I hope this comes out for Canada at some point, but Sony doesn’t usually do that. I was pumped when I saw it at first!

  • So, can we get a website, so we can stop being shown contests and awesome things that are US only?

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