Sony Rewards: Get Games, PlayStation Store Cash, and More

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Sony Rewards: Get Games, PlayStation Store Cash, and More

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We want to thank you, our devoted community, for your incredible support throughout the years. That’s why today, we’re pleased to announce a new, PlayStation-specific integration into the Sony Rewards program, where you can earn points by doing what you love.

Sony Rewards members can redeem points for the latest games, PlayStation Store cash, PlayStation Plus memberships, Bravia TVs, movies, music, and even unique VIP gaming experiences.

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With Sony Rewards, there are a variety of ways to earn points. Members can earn points for every $1 spent when shopping at PlayStation Store, Sony Entertainment Network online store, and Sony Store. The Sony Rewards program also has great offers with a variety of online retailers. Members can earn points for PlayStation and Sony purchases at retailers such as,,, and when loged in to Sony Rewards, while shopping through Sony Rewards Points Plus.

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Members can also earn points on a variety of limited time bonus offers, such as buying a 1-year PlayStation Plus membership on PlayStation Store, watching select movies, and uploading movie ticket stubs on

Not to mention that PlayStation card members can earn even more points for PlayStation and Sony purchases. The card receives 10x points on all PlayStation Store purchases, 3x points on all PlayStation and Sony purchases at Sony Stores, 3x points at quick service restaurants and movie theaters, and 1 point for every dollar spent everywhere else.

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To get started, you can join Sony Rewards and link your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account. This will allow you to automatically earn points on your PlayStation Store purchases and digital bonus offers. If you’re already a Sony Rewards member, simply link your SEN account to your existing Sony Rewards account. If you join by November 12th, 2013 you can take advantage of the 100 point sign up offer.

For more information, click right here!

We can’t wait for you to join Sony Rewards so you can start earning points. Let us know what you think about Sony Rewards in the comments section below!

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8 Author Replies

  • The link doesn’t work it says, “Page Not Found.”

  • The link is broken.

  • Hmm. Cool! I’m a PS cardholder and already part of Sony rewards, so this will be an easy transition for me. I guess this is kind of the new form of the PlayStation Rewards program that we had a beta for a few years back. (btw, I never got my shirt even though I was the number one contributor according to the forums! Haha!)

    Anyway, looking forward to getting points! :D

  • thank you! that’s very cool news.

  • Sony [REWARDS] is back! Yes! YES!

  • Yeah, the test beta was great, and I’m glad to see that something to that effect has returned. As one can see by my avatar, I participated to the fullest in that beta, and I loved the principle of the whole thing, so once that link starts working, I’ll sign up.

  • Delete the first part of the link yourself to reach the actual page…

  • Nice, I already have an account from the Sony card I got waaaaaaaay back when the PS3 launched ($150 off the console was too great to pass up). I don’t use the card a while lot anymore, but it’s cool to see I can still earn points this way too. I swear, if only we could earn points on past PSN purchases…….

  • Kristie, I love my Playstation Card with Sony Rewards but I have to say I was very disappointed to find out that all the codes for $10, $20, and $50 Sony Entertainment Network cards were sold out the other day.
    How does this happen? I would think they would be able to have an almost unlimited number of codes available. Especially with the $10 for every $50 spent and the big sales that have been going on over the last 2 weeks.

  • More rewards, more winning for Sony!

  • So Kristine, I have already been a member of Sony Rewards, and earn points by using my PlayStation Credit Card. If I, for example, purchase a $60 game on the SEN will I earn points just for being linked, as well as the points for using my CC?

    • Yes, if you have linked your SEN account to Sony Rewards and have a PS Card you will earn 11x points for your purchase on the PlayStation Store.

  • Does this apply to Canada at all?

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this in EU :)

  • Now that the link works, I know the answer.

    Any plans to bring it to Canada?

    I spend a ton on PlayStation games. :|

  • Q: I live in Canada. Why can’t I join Sony Rewards?
    A: We’re sorry but at this time Sony Rewards is not available outside the United States

    ‘Fraid not.

  • Not available in Canada…

    Too bad, got excited over nothing.

  • Why does Canada always get the short end of the stick in these things?

  • You guys need to partner up with Amazon, that where I do 95% of my shopping.

  • Yay! Am a cardholder already so this is more of the same but hopefully we’ll be able to use points in the store :3

  • sweet! i thought you guys abandoned the idea of “rewards” and instead released PS+ (NOT THAT I THINK + IS BAD OR ANYTHING) . if i’m correct you guys did this like three years ago? (i was a part of it :) ) though… i never got my free shirt for participating :/

  • I’ve loved my Playstation credit card for a long time, you get 10x points on PSN purchases and 3x points for paying your phone bill. Also, you can redeem those points for brand new games on day 1.

    The evolution of the points store over the past year and a half has come a long way, it’s good to see more digital services coming to it.

  • Oh my, I got all excited and it’s not available in México…. bummer.

  • When is this coming to Canada? I’ve probably spent well over $1000 on the store at this point, feels like we’re being stiffed here.

  • Whats about the other Countrys? Europe, Asia etc.

  • Imagine a world where companies wanted to offer services for people living outside of US

  • No amazon.

  • I’d just like to chime in that the PS Credit Card is a great card to have, especially if you buy lots of digital games or if you are a PS+ member and want to take advantage of the discounts offered.

    You get a point for every dollar you spend and you need 1000 points to earn $10… which isn’t so great if you’re not used to spending $1,000 frequently. (TIP: You can boost your earning power if you use the card to pay as many bills as possible and just pay your balance in full every month to avoid interest or charges.). But because of the 10x multiplier you get for purchasing games on PSN, you only have to spend $100 on PSN to get 1000 points. Playstation Plus subscriptions count towards that as well if you buy them on PSN.

    That means if you buy a lot of digital titles rather than physical titles, you can really clean up. If you stack it with a deal like the one that just ended (spend $50 and get $10 back), you’re essentially getting 30% off on your purchases in the form of future credit.

    Me? I’m saving my points towards a PS4. By the time they’re available to get through Sony Rewards, I should have enough points to get a free one.

  • Linked my account and still 0 point.

  • @#9 tdlypsdoff:

    I called customer service about that and they said too many people have been abusing the cards (to resell them) so they put them up in frequent, but limited, batches. They also told me you can also purchase SEN cards to use on PSN.

    Best thing to do is stock up when they’re available and hold on to them until the next sale.

  • FYI Peeps. Sony Rewards and PlayStation Rewards are two different things.

    Sony Rewards has been around for a while. It was for people that have the credit card that earned points for using the card.

    PlayStation Rewards was a beta test there you took quizzes and stuff to earn avatars and such. PlayStation Rewards after the beta was discontinued and never resurfaced.

  • @9 I think they are moving to the Sony Entertainment Network credit instead. Trying searching those, they are for the same amount and are added to your SEN wallet(same as PSN). You also might have a problem with the PSN credit cause there seems to be a limit of one per person until it’s restocked, or something like that.

  • I’m a movie goer but I guess my country is not applicable too bad.

  • *Note if i use my facebook account to link my PS reward and etc will it reveal my PSID on my Facebook ?

  • I was also hoping that this would be available in Canada… Maybe one day!

  • Canada too?

  • Sweet!! Signed up and have the PlayStation card! :D

    So, these points are in addition to any we receive from the credit card? But they all go into the same Sony Rewards point balance? :)

    • Yes, you will receive an additional 1x for PlayStation Store purchases and it will all go to your Sony Rewards account. Just make sure you link your SEN account to your Sony Rewards account.

  • again only for US fookers :)

  • Not available for Canada….

  • This need to be should be for Canada to that’s really not fair at all Sony!

  • Hey, why don’t you make it available to Canadians? We buy games and movies too, you know!

  • Canada always gets shafted for things like this

  • Not available in Canada. Fantastic…

  • Do the points have an expiration date?

    Long time ago I suggested to improve the feeling of earning trophies with actually earn something, like for every bronze trophy one could earn 5 cents on his/her wallet, 10 cents for silver, 25 for gold, a dollar for a platinum. I’m still with this idea in mind, hope one day it appease someone up there :)

  • Don’t get too excited, anybody. I got a PlayStation credit card a few months ago and switched to it exclusively so I could earn reward points quickly, but they’re so unbelievably slow about actually awarding them to me that it’s almost pointless. I feel like the number of points I have is at least two months behind where I actually am and it’s a little difficult to even keep track of how many points I *should* have because they don’t award per purchase, they just award in one big dump every month or so. There’s no individual purchases to sift through and verify how many points each was worth. And everything you can actually get and would want costs so many points it’s almost not worth it at all there either.

    So yeah, Canadians, don’t worry about it. US guys, don’t get too excited.

  • Can we get a date for when this will come out for Canada?

  • Why do you always tell us about these reward systems AFTER people have bought things. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to let us know about this during the ‘Spend $50 get $10 back’ promotion? Unless you guys are going to be so kind as the retroactively give us points for the amount spend during this month. Doubt it though. >_<

  • Will there be a point bonus for buying a PS4?

  • Ouch, just bought a Bravia TV and 1 year PS+ membership days ago.

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