Redbox Instant by Verizon App Available Today on PS3

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Redbox Instant by Verizon App Available Today on PS3

Hey, PS3 fans! Your console is about to transform into the ultimate movie-lover’s destination. Later today, Redbox Instant by Verizon will be available on PS3, giving you access to thousands of streaming movies. You’ll also be able to find and reserve new releases on DVD and Blu-ray at more than 43,000 Redbox kiosks right from your console.

For only $8 a month, you get access to thousands of streaming movies instantly. You also get four DVD rental nights at the Redbox kiosk, every month (an extra buck allows you to rent Blu-ray movies from the kiosk).

You also have the option to purchase or rent new digital releases on-demand, without needing a subscription, making it a one-stop shop for you to find what you want to watch at any given time.

Redbox Instant on PS3
Redbox Instant on PS3

Exclusively for PlayStation users, Redbox Instant by Verizon will be introducing The Playlist; a specially-curated collection of Redbox Instant by Verizon movies from our subscription movie library, just for you. The Playlist channel will be updated frequently and will feature themes like “Stuff Blowing Up,” “Movies With Balls,” and “Beards On Film.” Your PS3 system is now the destination for fast, simple and fun movie discovery.

Redbox Instant on PS3

Want to try out Redbox Instant by Verizon and gain access to The Playlist free for one month? Visit to unlock your free month of movies now.

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

You can find Redbox Instant by Verizon in the “What’s New,” “My Channels,” and “TV/Video Services” sections on the PS3 XMB as well as in the Apps section of the PlayStation Store later on today.


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  • Okay, so…it’s nice to see Redbox making an offer to us. I will say as politely as I can: I don’t want the offer, won’t use the offer, and I really don’t care to have a bloody ad plastered on my XMB.
    I paid for the console, I pay for all my games, and I pay for Playstation Plus. There is no reason I should be seeing an ad that I am unable to remove from my own system. Forcing people to keep a placeholder for your service will just turn people away from your service, especially if they were on the fence about it already.

  • Not crazy about having this popping up on my PS3 without downloading anything and being unable to delete it but welcome. And wasnt a Flixster app supposed to be out around the same time as Redbox? Wishing HBOGO would show up on my PS3 or Chromecast, at this point I dont care which

  • Oh great now this icon is stuck on my PS3 even after I deleted it. All I wanted to do is check out what would be available if I did decide to start the service without having to give a credit card. Thanks! Now I definitely won’t even try the service because of this giant add I have on my system now.

  • Let me join the chorus and say:

    SONY, please remove this Redbox Instant ADVERTISEMENT from my system. I did not download it. I do not want it – nor ANY services offered by Verizon – and I don’t want its ugly icon mucking up my XMB.

    You’ve always given customers a choice. And a lot of us choose NOT to have Redbox Instant.

  • Seriously guys. Adware on the main menu? Forcing an app to be installed? I may have to rethink that PS4 at this rate. At least let us REMOVE it if we want to. It’s one thing to install without askin, but to FORCE us to KEEP it on our system? That’s crap.

  • I don’t want this service, I’m already paying for other streaming services and I think it’s ridiculous that this ad was forced upon me and can’t be removed. If you want to let me know about a great new offer/app put it under what’s new… that’s what it’s for. I seriously hope you quickly change this and allow us to remove this if we don’t want it because all it’s doing now is ensuring i’ll never sign up for this service and that i’ll not recommend it to any of my friends.

  • REMOVE THIS AD NOW. I pay for my ps3, i pay for my games, don’t you DARE put things on my ps3 that is not with my explicit consent. I might have chosen to use Redbox if I wanted to, but considering how you disregard my privacy and strong arm your way into my ps3, you have lost my trust. What’s next? Forcing me to buy it? Forcing me to pay for services I did not ask for?
    Never put ads in my PS3 ever again. Leave them in the news section, that’s what it’s for!

  • How do I get the damn Redbox advertisement off the main PS3 screen? Very annoying.

  • Is redbox instant only available on the ps3 device? or are their more devices we can use?

  • I appreciate multiple options for streaming movies. However, I very much dislike additional apps being forced onto my system. This does not in any way encourage me to try this app, in fact I won’t be using red box kiosks any longer if there isn’t at least an option to remove this advertisement from the xmb.

  • Hey I don’t mind Sony using my PS3 as an interactive billboard as long as I get paid for it!

    Seriously, I’m guessing Verizon paid them a ton of money to force this on PS3 owners and make it UNDELETABLE!
    Even the YouTube icon can be deleted.

  • Please remove asap. This is annoying, I don’t care who paid what to do it, as the consumer we weren’t consulted. It won’t be used and I am seriously considering canceling my ps4 order if this is how things are going to go. Xbone lost for other intrusions, don’t join the club; I don’t need video games in my life that bad.

  • Ok I saw the add you put on my PS3 very cute. Please pull it off. Also are you planning on having these this with PlayStation 4?

    PlayStation 4 preorder customer

  • redbox instant works with dualshock but it doesn’t work well with the ps3 dvd controller

  • Wow. I never chose to download this advertisement (I love how it’s not an application until you download it) and I can delete it?!? Way to go Sony – how much did Verizon give you for that?

    I sold my XBOX because of the BS force apps. and advertisements that they threw upon the paying consumer.

    Keep it up and I will be a PC gamer only.

  • Sony –

    I switched from the Microsoft XBOX 360 because of their blatant disregard for their paying and loyal customers. I for one, as a console owner, don’t want to see forced advertisements and apps. like the recently added Red Box/Verizon junk, on the dashboard of my PS3 – keep it up and I won’t be buying a PS4, and will stick to PC gaming and Steam.

    What’s so sad, is that this “app” is really nothing but an advertisement until you download it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Sony, testing the waters for the PS4…they probably want to see how far they can take it, until the consumer takes issue.

    I don’t know how much Verizon paid you for this rubbish, nor do I care. Find another way to build revenue.

    If you, the consumer/gamer are reading this and agree (and I’ve seen a lot of you that do), please sign below and give a shout out to Sony with how you feel…thank you.

  • Doesn’t work, the App opens and then does not acknowledge input from wireless remote, wireless game pad or wired game pad.

    Very poorly tested before roll out. Typical SONY

  • Lame Verizon and SONY not a good move today.

  • I’m sure it’s a fine product. But … LET ME GET IT OFF MY MACHINE.

    I know it’s not a huge thing. But how long until it becomes two, three, four apps? Verizon does this with phones. Guess what? We don’t like it. In fact, we go so far as to hacking the thing to remove it. Why? Because we didn’t rent our hardware, we bought it, and if we don’t want to be advertised at, we should be able to opt out. And yes I know EULAs say different, and I don’t care. It’s a violation of consumer trust, and the fact that it’s STUCK there is absolutely DESPICABLE. If you were to do the same thing for a PC, many people would call that ADWARE.

    Now, I don’t need to spend money on your stuff. I do so because the PS3 is a great product and PS Plus is a great value. I feel good about giving my hard-earned money to you. With this, I feel like I’ve been duped, at the expense of greedy execs trying to make another buck off invasive ads, at the expense of someone that continues to support your company. It is exactly like giving us all the middle finger.

    Well, I’m giving mine back. Sony, make it removable or you’ve lost a customer, and likely many others. Bottom line. There are some things that should not be tolerated.

  • Unbelieveable… the things people will complain about. It isn’t bothering me at all. A non-issue.

    “Strong armed” their way in & “lost your trust”… hilarious. Yeah buddy, it’s that bad. Your life is ruined. Pay no attention to those starving homeless kids over there… let’s protest little red icons on our XMBs! It’s probably spyware watching your stroke sessions!

  • Yet again another PAID app that is REQUIRED to be on the XMB. Really?

    Why cant this be optional?

  • PrimeroIncognito:
    Man, you have an answer for everything don’t you…
    How many of those “starving homeless kids” have you fed before buying games?

  • Please let me delete this app which was irritatingly installed without any input from me. WTF? when did my file manager become up for sale to SONY’s value added partners? If this mistake isn’t fixed immediately you can count me out for your next gen.

  • @SpooNManX

    Well, actually, I have given money to homeless teenagers on many occasions. And not just spare change either. $5 to $10 most times. I even let a kid who got kicked out of his dad’s house stay in my apartment for a few weeks before he was able to find his mother who had a new boyfriend at a new address. You think I just said that to sound cool or something?

    Don’t be jealous of me “having all the answers” either. It’s not that hard for you or anyone else to do the same. It doesn’t take any talent or even brains. All it takes is the desire to always accept the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. That’s all I do. Acknowledge it, accept it, and don’t even think about fighting it ’cause you can’t. Truth is the most powerful force on Earth. I just let it move through me, like a conductor of electricity…

  • Sean,

    My issue is this, you forced it onto my platform and it does not install. It does not take input from any of the input devices that work seamlessly on my System with EVERTYTHING else. My guess is they did no research on input devices.

    So Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon, YouTube, they are all kicking your butt, becauae…..say it with me THEY WORK, THEY INSTALL, I am not dragging out an old duo-shock controller just because your team did no Market research and limited it’s input device development. None of the other vendors have an issue with my input devices.

    And why is Sean only giving lame generic answers. He has flat out avoided answering if we can expect to see exclusive movies or if in home rentals will be at the same kiosk rate. I mean there is less overhead so why not?

    So Sean so far not impressed, it doesn’t work, can’t get more lame. And your avoiding a chance to shine by giving us canned Marketing responses.

    Step up Dude, Answer this Post.

  • So is there really going to be no comment on why this as was placed on our XMB without an option to remove it? This is incredibly amateur behavior by Sony. Is this a free smartphone or a $300 entertainment device? Did you ever give us notice that you would be doing this?

  • Made the jump from PC to PS3 two weeks ago and this introduction of adware was my first big let-down. I’m glad to hear this is not a common occurrence and hopefully it won’t happen again. Yes, it’s just an icon… for now. I left iOS for Android because of lack of freedom and don’t get me started on Verizon… Never. Again. As a RedBox customer I’m appalled at their approach to this and Sony should know better. At least tell us when the ad will go away and if this is to be expected in the future (PS4).

  • Hi, this app won’t work on my PS3. I have activated my system, but every time I open the Redbox app I can’t advance past the terms of use page. Please advise

  • For me it doesn’t matter if the Redbox ad or icon shows on my PS3 but I feel it’s not unreasonable for someone to respond to the folks that do not want to see that ad on their system. There should be a way to remove the ad or icon from their system if they don’t want it. Don’t just respond to the questions that relate to you possibly gaining a new Redbox customer. It’s just as important to respect the others requests as well. It would go a long way for you guys to respond to these people.

  • I was lead to this page by Google. It took me here after entering:


    And tell your Verizon compatriots that I haven’t forgiven them for what they did to the Galaxy Nexus.

  • If you install the app, the ad goes away and the icon is smaller… if that helps…

    I signed up for the trial. Will try for 30 days and see how it is. I’m not a big movie guy though, so I’ll most likely cancel before the trial ends. Sorry Redbox and Verizon! I’m still a Verizon Wireless customer though… ;)

    @ CallowayFT

    I agree, there SHOULD be an option to delete it if one desires to do so. My argument was just that it isn’t something worth throwing a tantrum over. People love to pull the victim card these days over EVERY. LITTLE. THING. Acting like their life has been turned upside-down over a damn XMB icon, a $5 game on Android costing $10 on PSN, or an “ugly circle” on their game’s box art, among other ridiculously petty things. It’s embarrassing.

  • To me, this is irritating because I think of that space as being for things I choose to install. Amazon Instant Video being stuck there was annoying, but its color tone was at least nice, and it was also the same size as YouTube and Netflix. This Redbox thing is bright red (clashes with my blue background), and it’s bigger than the rest. It’s irritating. It showed up on its own, I didn’t put it there, and I want it gone.

  • it’s rather unacceptable that we can’t remove this app. i read about it, was interested to check it out, went to find it int he store to download but couldn’t find it. figured it would be up later. then i was going to open netflix in my XMB and noticed the redbox thing there already. this was curious so i went to see if i could remove it, and i couldn’t. and then i lost ALL interest in checking it out. Sony, don’t piss off your loyal customers by forcing 3rd party apps on them that they didn’t ask for. it should have been a download from the store like all other apps. and EVEN if you were going to decide to load it on our machines automatically, i could maybe be ok with that… but i’m NOT ok with not being able to remove it. very very uncool.

  • Redbox should tell people up front that the PS3 remote is not supported for the app, only the game controller.

  • The moderator/playstation employee Sean is responding to positive posts but not to customers who want this removed. That’s unfortunate. Sean, please give us insight into how to delete this from the XMB. As consumers we purchased your platform. But we should have a choice as to what apps are installed on it.

  • Dear Sony,

    Please make this app REMOVABLE. I don’t want it, I’m not interested in it, and now it sits, mockingly, smack dab between my two most used apps — Netflix and Hulu Plus, both of which I CHOSE to download and have on my PS3. I just want the CHOICE to remove this app from my XMB.

    Thank you,
    A Loyal Playstation Plus Customer

  • I agree with those expressing irritation and frustration at not being given a choice to remove the advertisement for this software from my list of applications. It’s an offer, and as such, I should be able to decline the offer and have it disappear.

    Could we get an official response from Sony and the author of this post on this issue? Maybe some advice on when the offer will be removed or when we’ll be given the ability to remove it?

  • Why can I not delete this from my PS3? I have enough mediums for the service you are offering and I would like it removed from my XMB as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • redbox has a much better collection of movies then netflix canada. I may get this

  • +1 for removal of a useless app placeholder.

    And this better not be the norm on the PS4.

  • hey when the app is downloaded it will not let me get past the EULA screen— whenever I press the x to accept nothing happens— help!!

  • Well I watched a couple movies already, but not interested in any others. The streaming speed was good and steady (it only hung once, for about 2 seconds) and picture quality was also good, but I don’t go for movies much, so I’ll be cancelling the trial, but thanks for letting me try it anyway!

  • You have to use a SONY game controller to get past the EULA page. Now mind you when Netflix, HuluPlus, Vudu, Amazon Prime or CineNow rolled out all of my input devices worked.

    I personally have use a SONY PS3 remote, Mad Katz Wireless, and Mad Katz wired on the above appa and all installed and work just fine.

    So if all of those streaming services work and all my games work, then I say redbox has a problem and I will not use.

    Take it off my console or provide better input device support. Mind you everyday I see the icon is another day I am reminded that your software will not install because of limited input device support.

    If your gonna bring the kiosk to my home with $1.20 rentals I might take a look, that is if I can install the software with my existing input devices.

    And why isn’t Sean addressing the majority of complaints on here?

  • I’d have to agree with all of the frustrated comments about this app/ad being forced on us. Give users the choice, or they will make a choice that Sony may not like. If this is a preview for how they’re going to do things with the new console, I’ll definitely pass on that purchase. I stopped doing business with Verizon because of this very same situation (Android phone with Microsoft apps installed, defaulting to those apps and no way to uninstall). Therefore, Verizon gets no more of my money. Sadly, that seems to be the only somewhat effective voice consumers have anymore.

    Interesting how all of the ‘official’ responses stopped on this thread after this issue was brought up (and it still has not been addressed/acknowledged by Sony or Red box/Verizon)…

  • people, to delete the app use the option button (little triangle) it gives you the option to delete

  • still can’t make it work with the game remote

  • never mind, it just worked

  • Yeah, you can use triangle to delete the app just fine. But I want to delete the annoying, red advertisement for it that’s bigger than everything else.

  • please get this grande sized icon off of my XMB, keep it at average sized like TuneIn please.

    and don’t auto install apps without my permission.

  • Feel the same way as everybody else. This is ridiculous. It should not show up unless it’s installed. VERY annoying.

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