Redbox Instant by Verizon App Available Today on PS3

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Redbox Instant by Verizon App Available Today on PS3

Hey, PS3 fans! Your console is about to transform into the ultimate movie-lover’s destination. Later today, Redbox Instant by Verizon will be available on PS3, giving you access to thousands of streaming movies. You’ll also be able to find and reserve new releases on DVD and Blu-ray at more than 43,000 Redbox kiosks right from your console.

For only $8 a month, you get access to thousands of streaming movies instantly. You also get four DVD rental nights at the Redbox kiosk, every month (an extra buck allows you to rent Blu-ray movies from the kiosk).

You also have the option to purchase or rent new digital releases on-demand, without needing a subscription, making it a one-stop shop for you to find what you want to watch at any given time.

Redbox Instant on PS3
Redbox Instant on PS3

Exclusively for PlayStation users, Redbox Instant by Verizon will be introducing The Playlist; a specially-curated collection of Redbox Instant by Verizon movies from our subscription movie library, just for you. The Playlist channel will be updated frequently and will feature themes like “Stuff Blowing Up,” “Movies With Balls,” and “Beards On Film.” Your PS3 system is now the destination for fast, simple and fun movie discovery.

Redbox Instant on PS3

Want to try out Redbox Instant by Verizon and gain access to The Playlist free for one month? Visit to unlock your free month of movies now.

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

You can find Redbox Instant by Verizon in the “What’s New,” “My Channels,” and “TV/Video Services” sections on the PS3 XMB as well as in the Apps section of the PlayStation Store later on today.


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  • Will you be able to pay for Red Box using your PSN Wallet? The need for a credit card with other apps like netflix is a large reason why I don’t end up making use of these extra features on my Playstation.

    Hope to hear back, Cheers

    • Hey there. Unfortunately, we don’t support PSN Wallet as a form of payment. However, when you sign up for a subscription, you can try us out for a month for free, which includes 4 DVD rental nights at the Redbox kiosk that you can reserve through the app, and unlimited streaming of our subscription library.

  • Canada?

    We have Redbox kiosks here & we were the first to have Netflix streaming.

    It would be odd for us not to have this app available, no?

  • most of these movies they are showing are already on netflix. not a good way to market this thing.

    • We appreciate the feedback. Redbox Instant by Verizon is different from our competition because we’re leverage what people already love about Redbox – the convenience, the value, and the new releases on disc at the kiosk – plus thousands of movies to stream instantly. That means, if you missed a movie while it was in theaters, you can head to the kiosk and grab a disc to enjoy the movie before it’s available on other subscription services. We also offer an online store to purchase and rent new releases on-demand. This way, you can always find something great to watch right now.

  • Oh ya!! this is going to be a fun ap, thank you!!

  • Rental Prices the same?

    • With our subscription, you can get 4 DVD rentals nights at the Redbox kiosk plus thousands of movies to stream instantly for only $8/month. If you want to upgrade to a Blu-ray package, it’s only an extra dollar. Even better, we’re offering a month free with subscription. Come check us out!

  • Bah! Nevermind.. UV FTW!

  • At Dionysus-Jones

    Canada was not the first to get Netflix streaming.
    Canada was the first to get the integrated Netflix App on the PS3. Before that, the U.S. was using a special Netflix Disk that had the PS3 Netflix application on it. They inserted the disk and started it like any other game, which brought up the Netflix App.

    They had this in the U.S. for almost a year before we ever had Netflix here in Canada.

  • Are you telling us that for $8/month, we get to stream as many movies as we want, with no extra charge?
    Please tell me that’s what you’re saying.

    • With a subscription to our service, you can get 4 DVD rentals nights at the Redbox kiosk (that you can reserve right from from your PS3) plus thousands of movies in our streaming catalog to stream instantly for only $8/month. If you want to upgrade to a Blu-ray package, it’s only an extra dollar. Even better, we’re offering a month free with subscription. Come check us out!

  • why would i want to rent movie discs ????? I quit doing that in 2007….. that would be like going to Gamestop to buy games ….I qiut that in 2008 also… YEA DIGITAL …….what a foolish waste of time Sony

  • @ #8- Similar to Amazon Prime, you will be able to have unlimited streaming for those films that are part of the service, and also have the ability to rent/purchase digital versions of movies that are not, typically new releases, or those from companies/studios that do not have relationships with RedBox for subscription streaming.

    • Thanks, Johnny! We also offer 4 DVD rentals nights at the Redbox kiosk as part of the subscription which set us a part from the competition. That way, you get new releases on disc plus a streaming library for only $8/month.

  • Honestly, all I need is netflix. The st of these apps pale in comparison.

    What I would love to see is the PlayStation 3 become a better media streamer such as the WD Live. If they would just add the ability to playback MP4/MKV then we would have ability to playback our Bluray backups. Until then the PS3 is just not ideal for streaming our own media.

    Speaking of streaming. Has Sony answered weather the PS4 will be able to playback MP3 audio?
    I know it can’t read audio CD’s (strange!), and the announcement the other day said we have to use Music Unlimited for “background music playing”. This is turning out to be a step in the wrong direction from what I can tell.

  • I hope Redbox also has plans to port this app to the Vita.

  • Bout time. Yes, been waiting for this app. the 4 kiosk movie credits per month alone make it better than Blockbuster. No waiting for my movie in the mail, no movie is not available on my movie list “looking at you again blockbuster”. Hope they get more streaming movie variety though. Combine this with Netflix and I have the best of both worlds. Thanks guys/gals.

    • Thank you! We offer thousands of options in our streaming catalog. Pair that with the new releases on disc at the kiosk, and the option to rent or purchase movies in our Redbox Instant by Verizon store, you’ll always be able to find something great to watch at any time.

  • @9 believe it or not, not everyone has moved on to this idiotic all digital fad, a good portion of us gamers still prefer retail, digital may be more convenient for lazy people who are too scared to leave the house, but nothing beats that new game smell and having a vast collection on your shelf to show off to friends when they come over.

    of course I have to assume anyone unwilling to leave the house to buy a game doesn’t have people over much anyways.

    @1 I’m not sure if you’re being cheap, paranoid, or just don’t have a credit card, but you can use debit too.

  • @#8, YES. Plus you also get 4 movie credits per month to use at mobile kiosks. All at $8 per month.

  • I would love to see this app come to the PS Vita. Please consider doing this.

  • i tried this during its initial beta on pc and wasn’t impresed, mainly because of the weak digital offering at the time. Not sure why i expected it to have more recent and popular titles streamed than netflix.

    I think Redbox online would have been better as just a $1 rental service for digital versions of the new titles offered at the redbox kiosk. For example letting us rent/stream a new release like Monster University for a 24 hour period for only $1.20.

    The digital rental prices on other online stores like playstation network are far too overpriced. This was the one thing where Redbox could have stood out.

  • This is intriguing. I wonder how the selection of blu rays is at the kiosks. Currently I pay for netflix instant as well as blu rays by mail. Sounds like this could be all in one if the blu ray selection is good enough.

    • The great thing is that with Redbox Instant by Verizon, you get access to all Blu-ray titles available in the 43,000 Redbox kiosks nationwide, in addition to the ability to search and reserve those movies right from the app. You can check out our selection at We also have a one month free trail available with subscription, that includes DVD rental nights if you want to try us out. But, if you want to jump straight into the Blu-ray package, it’s only $9/month.

  • Can you promise a different assortment of movies than Netflix and Amazon Prime?

    • Good question. We’re different from our competition because we offer new releases on disc at the kiosk plus thousands of movies to stream instantly from our subscription catalog for only $8/month. That means, if you missed a movie while it was in theaters, you can head to the kiosk and grab a disc to enjoy it before it’s available on other subscription services. Combine that with the ability to purchase and rent new releases on-demand from the Redbox Instant by Verizon store, and you’ll always be able to find something great to watch.

  • I tried out the free month trial almost a year ago when it was first introduced through Verizon. Never really got much use out of it then since the Redbox site was impossible to navigate to the Redbox Instant portion. That and when I did look at the online portion of the program everything of interest I was already getting with Netflix. Did enjoy the 4 Kiosk credits though.

    If we did a 1 month trial way back then, would we still be eligible for a 1 month free trial now through the above link?

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  • It is only movies, or do you stream TV shows?

    • Just movies. Fans of Redbox trust that they can find the movie they want to watch, and we are bringing this expectation to Redbox Instant by Verizon. The goal is to bring you the movies that you want to watch whether they are just out on DVD/Blu-ray or a fan favorite that you haven’t yet seen or have come to love over time.

  • @#18, The Blu-Ray selection is most times earlier than Netflix, and the biggest plus for me is that I dont have to wait till its available to be shipped, I can just go to the nearest kiosk and rent it with 1 f my 4 free dvd rental credits.
    I always hated when I have a bunch of movies in my Netflix/Blockbuster queue and they are not available ….. I dont have this problem with Redbox now.

  • Every movie in that picture is also on Netflix. Unless there is unique content in this service, I see no reason to pay more money for the same content. Sorry

  • i luv netflix, how is redbox different ? is there like movies on it that netflix dont already have ? il def try out the triaL.

    • We’re different from our competition because we offer new releases on disc at the kiosk plus thousands of movies to stream instantly from our subscription catalog for only $8/month. We’re also introducing a PlayStation-exclusive The Playlist, a specially-curated, rotating collection of Redbox Instant by Verizon movies that highlights the most exciting titles from the subscription movie library. Try us out for a month free with subscription and see what you think!

  • I like the idea of being able to get the blu rays for an extra buck. It sounds like we will actually be able to reserve the disc from our PS3’s and then just pick up the movie. My only concern is that in less than 3 weeks I will have a PS4. Will this app also be available for the new console? Netflx is great for TV shows but I would like to have something like this just for movies.

  • So you can upgrade to blu-ray for $1. Is it possible to upgrade to game rentals as well?

    • Good question. There is an option to subscribe to our Blu-ray package for $9/month (only $1 more than our standard DVD package). At this time, games are not included in our subscription offer.

  • Good question. There is an option to subscribe to our Blu-ray package for $9/month (only $1 more than our standard DVD package). At this time, games are not included in our subscription offer.

  • Before I sign up for this I have a question.

    Will the online instant paid rentals be at the same rate of the kiosk?

    If so I will sign up yesterday! If not, what are the prices?

  • The link to the ps3 trial site doesn’t appear to work – it tries to take me to and breaks. Specifically,

  • Can you detail the video and audio bitrates on the streaming service?

    If this service had comparable 1080p streaming rates to Netflix (~8.5mbps) but had *better* audio streaming bitrates than Netflix’s awful 384kbps Dolby Digital (1.5 or 2.0mbps DTS-HD would be perfectly acceptable), and better terms than VUDU, I’d sign up in a heartbeat.

    Inferior video and audio quality (aka bitrates) is why we watch almost nothing on Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus.

    Thanks in advance for answering the detailed questions!

  • Great to see another media option on PS3! I’m looking forward to trying the redbox trial.

    On another note, related to Video Service apps, are we getting the PBS app that Xbox 260 just got? I want to watch me some Frontline on my PS3! And what other services are down the line?

  • Excellent! All of these streaming services is making it so I save a lot of money, and don’t have cable anymore. I’m already a Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix subscriber, and I’ll add Redbox to the list as well. There’s some content overlap, but there is also some content not available on them as well.

    Will do this trial when I get home for sure!

  • @20 i’m curious as well. i signed up for the intial beta over a year ago, so i’m curious if this new trial for ps3 would work for me. Hopefully the movie selection has improved since then.

  • Is the streaming service available outside of the US? I currently don’t live in the states and I know some services are not available outside of it and was wondering if Redbox will be available for other regions.

  • more apps for the ps3 the question do you offer anime streaming or on the kiosks or is it just movies? thanks

    • Thanks. We’re excited to be on PS3! Right now, we’re just focused on movies, but we do appreciate the suggestion!

  • So finally Netflix has some competition, may have to check this out later.

    • Great! We’re offering anyone new to the service a free month of movies that includes unlimited streaming of our subscription catalog plus 4 DVD rental nights for new releases at the Redbox kiosk.

  • SWEET !!!

  • the addition of the 4 physical rentals from the kiosks makes this an interesting proposition. What I need to find out is how the digital library compares to netflix in order to make up my mind. Subscribing to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and Redbox would still be cheaper than Directv or cable. What I would like to see is less content overlap and for each company to go after a little bit more exclusive stuff.

  • Or if for example Redbox would match netflix’s digital library (particularly for TV Shows) then I would choose them over netflix b/c of the kiosk rentals.

  • Thxs for showering the Ps3 with some of that sweet redbox love

  • I want to know, since I am deaf, does Redbox offer subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing? I like how Netflix supports it, and I would like to learn more about Redbox. Thanks!

  • No thanks. The streaming selection is just as horrible as Netflix. There may be 1,000’s of titles on both, but the majority are either low budget B-Movies, stuff you’ve already seen, or ones you have no desire to see.

    When will there be a subscription service available that has new releases on release day, or at the very least a week or two after. All the pay-per-movie streaming services have new releases, but there’s not a single subscription streaming service with them. Until that happens I’ll keep my unlimited Blu-Ray, DVD, TV shows, and games through the mail with unlimited exchanges at the store for $10 a month at Blockbuster… which DOES include new releases.Can’t beat that, anywhere.

  • Not to mention the fact that streaming is no where near the quality of an actual Blu-Ray disc, AND that streaming has no surround audio whatsoever… which is a large part of a movie experience imo.

  • any reason my question was skipped over? makes me assume that the answer would have reflected poorly on the service :/

  • Not sure if this question was asked, I couldn’t find it. Will the PS4 have NBATV anytime soon?

  • This is so stupid. It’s one thing to offer me the option to be able to download the Redbox app but to just force it on to my XMB is ridiculous and it’s intrusive and I hope you guys remove it immediately. To you at Sony, just because you guys are the hot ticket right now doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to put your profit margins before the wants of your customers, and this customer wants the Redbox ad/app to be removable, like now. Im already a Plus member, when is enough enough? I like you Sony, but greed looks ugly on everyone who wears it.

  • Please do your paying customers the courtesy of a response: Why is this app a) automatically installed, and b) apparently not removable?
    It appears that Sony is treading dangerously close to the kinds of mistakes that have done so much damage to their competitors recently, and I for one would hate to see that happen.

  • @D34DL1N3R I agree that the Blockbuster service with free exchanges at the store is a great deal. I wish we still had a blockbuster in town and that’s what I would be using as well.

    That being said I love the selection of Netflix for the most part, and if Redbox has a similar selection plus the addition of 4 physical rentals that would suit me just fine.

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