The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for October 29th, 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for October 29th, 2013
The Drop

Brace yourself. It’s an absolutely massive week in the world of PlayStation, as assassins, soldiers, shadow lords, and wrestlers roar onto the scene in a varied torrent of gaming goodness. Stock up on snacks, friends. You may be playing for a while.

Leading the pack is the hotly anticipated return of the Assassin’s Creed series, with all its intoxicating intrigue and wide-open play. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag makes its PS3 debut, and sends gamers on a wild adventure piercing the heart of the Caribbean. Play as the cunning Edward Kenway as he sails into danger and fortune. Experience yet another piece in the great puzzle that is the Assassin Templar war.

But Black Flag isn’t the only continuation of a long-running series this week. Battlefield 4 is launching on PS3, bringing with it the sizzling visuals and immense action that fans have come to expect from the developers at DICE. Tackle a character-driven campaign from Shanghai and beyond, or immerse yourself in the detailed multiplayer competition with tremendous destructible environments.

And there’s much more coming to PlayStation this week, including WWE 2K14 and some new betas and demos. Check below for a complete list of games, and enjoy the Drop!

Assassin's Creed IV, Gamescom, 04

Angry Birds Star Wars
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Battlefield 4
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow -- Mirror of Fate HD
Crazy Market
Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires
OMG HD Zombies!
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
WWE 2K14

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Restore freedom to the galaxy! Features two new multiplayer modes, 20 exclusive levels, and plenty of hidden items to unlock. Send those Pigtroopers packing. Who else will defend the Force, after all?
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Fill the boots of the daring Assassin Edward Kenway, Captain of the Jackdaw and an ambitious pirate sailing the Caribbean. A massive open-world game rife with weapons, contracts, ale, and treasure.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
The explosive first-person shooter series continues, packed to the brim with its renowned destructible environments and a massive multiplayer suite. Prepare for battle.
PS3 — Digital
Plunge into the sequel of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to reveal the story of the Belmonts as they battle darkness across the generations. Includes an intense Boss Rush mode — compare your best times online.
PS Vita — Digital
Endure your crazy boss in this free-to-play supermarket challenge. 110 levels, 12 boosters, and 108 different items. Can you survive three whole months of this insane employment?
PS3 — Digital, Retail (Already Available)
Unite all of China under your banner in this fusion of ancient combat and strategic conquest. Open-ended play allows for a variety of character customization, with plenty of reasons to return to the field of battle.
PS Vita — Digital
It’s you and your rifle against a global armageddon. Fight your way through 100 levels of zombie gore and earn dozens upon dozens of upgrades.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Join Pac-Man and his two best friends, Spiral and Cylindria, as they protect their home from a looming threat. It’s an all-new adventure for a new generation of Pac-Man fans.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital
Immerse yourself in a world of exploration and imagination, where you need only pass through the world to interact with it. Each procedurally generated island you explore is host to a variety of creatures and wonders. Cross buy supported.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Become immortal in 2K Sports’ latest entry in simulation entertainment. Enter the ring and experience the WWE on PS3.

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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5 Author Replies

  • Hi All,
    Any ideas for size and release time for AC4???
    When did the Batman got released ????

  • Still nothing on ‘How to Survive’?

  • No more PS2 Classics??

  • Ryan! why its nobody answering questions on the ps4 update blog! wasnt we clear when u guys asked us “what can we do to make the ps blog better”??? the first thing we said was… ” talk with ur community and answer questions” c,mon bryan something must be done in this site. the other guys are doing a terrible job.

  • Nothing too exciting for me except Black Flag. Getting it for PS4 though so I have wait an extra week and a bit

  • 50

    + Karuvan on October 27th, 2013 at 2:00 pm said:

    “No more PS2 Classics??”


  • Nothing for me this week. Back to Aquanaut’s Holiday.

  • just as i was thinking Noby Noby Boy was a game that couldnt get beat on being pointless. then comes Proteus…

  • Already have AC IV: Black Flag preordered in digital form, also I will get Sine Mora for the Vita with my PS PLUS membership! And with the sale f the dead I will be getting DmC: Devil May Cry, Doom 3 BFG Edition and Pupeteer! Good week for me!

  • I have Assassin’s Creed IV on preorder so there won’t be much time for anything else, although I may check out Castlevania. Other than that, there is not much that I’m interested in.

  • Will the purchases from the next update count for the 50 dlls and 10 dlls refund offer?

  • Yeah sad to say last week I took my white vita and sold it to my local pawn shop for 150 bucks since I know the guy and get more pawning and selling stuff. I sold the bundled game and 4 gig memory stick all separate overtime so I really never lost any money. Got my money back since the bundle was 200 no sales tax in Montana. Anyways U got sick of no support and got rid of that dust collector. Kept the 32 gig stick though since I payed 100 for it on launch.

  • If games show up overtime I’ll buy the vita back but will wait till the new vita’s hit america before I buy it back. I’ll wait for bundles as well. The new lcd screen is what I want cause I hate that crappy oled screen. Bugged the heck out of me with its stupid blotchy spots during black loading screens or anything black or dark going on. I could see those spots terrible even during horror netflix dark movies on my vita screen. Bad screens so glad they changed them to lcd. No more blotchy spots during dark screens with lcd. Last longer to.

  • Also those new vitas are bigger and wider and it has 1 gig memory built in it to. The buttons are bigger and the start and select buttons are bigger and rounded which my large hands and fingers will LOVE. My hards cramped so bad with the original vita. Those buttons were way too small and close together. Looks like they spaced them more and made them larger on the new vita’s. Just better overall. Old vita s u c k s! Glad I sold it. New vita is lighter too and has indicator lights on top and will tale a mini usb to charger instead of that clunky way it was before. Just overall a better vita. Can’t wait for it to sale here in the usa.

  • My local walmart and bestbuy no longer carry vitas. I asked why yesterday and they all said they never sold well so once they sold out of the ones that were in stock they never restocked. I looked online at bestbuy and you can’t find vita’s either just it games to buy. You guys better get the new vita’s out in america or new good bundles or better games out instead of stupid hand me down boring indy games cause vita sales or extremely terrible. This is just the facts. I live in Montana and its hard to buy vita’s out here. No one wants to sale or carry them.

  • While there seems to be some unhappy lads today I have got several future purchases planned. Injustice, Y’s, the Amazing Spider-Man, and Tearaway. When we get a date for FFX I’ll pick that up too. Also keeping my eye out for Toukiden and Godeater 2 to come west in 2014. My only problem is I don’t have enough time to play the games I already have. Love my Vita!

  • Do you know Hannah?

  • @ 63

    i’m with you man, lot of games (includes the japanese games i own) and no time

  • Hopefully they aren’t going to try and charge $30 for Angry Birds Star Wars!

  • Any chance we can get The Pinball Arcade Haunted House DLC table BEFORE Halloween?

  • Im so done with the vita. Terrible support and I just recently reverted to playing some of my psp/ps1 digital collection. Id much rather play my 75+ games on PS3. About to trade back for it. Thanks for the nice run sony but I don’t think the PS4 is gonna save the Vita.

  • Nice drop!

    Castlevania is on my radar…

  • @CrazyRage,

    Yup, just like I thought, you are still going to buy Sony hardware, so much for your little rant last week about Sony scamming you.

    Tip: Buy on Amazon, better prices and better selection. Screw brick and mortar stores. w/ Prime, two day shipping too on almost all purchases.

    keep buying Sony stuff though, I won’t complain about someone buying sony hardware and increasing their profits!

    you MIGHT just redeem yourself.

  • @viceforce I would rather call it a $200 device filled with ports.

    @IIL0YDII How dare you say Assassin’s Creed IV and Battlefield 4 sucks? You’re a disgrace to the human race and have terrible taste in gaming.

  • Very exciting drop. Assassin’s Creed IV and Battlefield 4 are the games I mostly look forward to this year.

    @stackrabbit Then can I have your Vita for free? I’m sure I can treat it better than you can.

  • @Gamerzlimited
    Yes they suck, another milking that you with your “taste” is going to pay for, don’t embarrass yourself talking about taste.

  • Hi,

    Where is the game How to survive?

    The 23 of oct…..and nothing….

    The 29…. maybe?

  • @IIL0YDII My “tastes” are way too niche than anyone elses. Don’t question me about them as I’m a person who prefers games like Dynasty Warriors and Persona. I’m just going to buy those two games this year as I haven’t played any of the recent ones for those franchises for quite a while. Then what do you think that doesn’t suck? Call of Duty: Ghosts? That’s a milking you’re going to pay for.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars and Battlefield 4 will be mine!

    Good to hear that a digital version of Angry Birds SW is going to be available because that’s the way to play on the two consoles in the house.

    Thanks for the news and your doing a very good job Ryan..Keep it up.


  • Hi guys,

    I bought the AC4 Gold ed, any ideas what is included?

  • Still nothing on How to Survive???

  • Quite a big week!

    I will be keeping my spending to the Halloween Sale :)

    Puppeteer, DMC and Metro Last Light shall be mine!!

  • @63 Ys. Can’t wait for it to drop!

    @77 All of the various pre-order DLC, an Aveline mast head and the Season Pass.

  • Can’t wait to pick up Proteus and Puppeteer this week!

  • Wish Mirrors of Fate was also on PS Vita. Same thing with Pac-Man.

    Oh well.

    lol at people whining about Vita. Sell it and STFU, kthx. There are tons of games worth playing on it. And indie shaming is moronic.

  • @2

    I work at a retail store and we have it priced at $59.99 for when it’s released. I assume it will be full retail price for the digital version as well.

  • Getting Assassin’s Creed IV. You are a pirate!

  • I really think Playstation should make an App for Ps Vita, PS 3, and PS 4, that acts similar to the 3DS’ news app thing where thy get news videos directly to their systems. And i think there should be an app for PS Vita that lets us stream PS 4 demos without owning a PS4 this would give PS Vita users an incentive to buy the system. On a minor note, an update to the PS Vita keyboard wouldn’t hurt, its really unresponsive and sometimes misses keys. Another minor point, i want the PSP XMB back, the current scheme looks rally childish and takes up WAY too much room and pages, at least give us the option to switch in our settings, you could create an updated XMB that works with touch controls, its comepletely possible.

  • Will we be able to pre-load BF4, if so when? I have 12mb of dowload but still takes a while to download full games.

  • Ryan :D can you confirm if we’re getting The Walking Dead Season two this tuesday? TellTales posted a date but it’s not on the Drop. Thanks

  • @ Monterossa I picked up my Vita over this past summer when the price was slashed to $200 which also included a FREE year of PS Plus and the Uncharted game and several other games. With all of that stuff up front and everything I’ve acquired with the Plus membership I’m way beyond happy with my Vita purchase and looking at next year I’ll be renewing my Plus membership.

  • So, if I get Assassin’s Creed 4 or any other game on 29th will still count for the $50 spent = $10 back?
    Please, I need to know because I was waiting for this games to spend my money on this offer.

  • To everyone asking if purchases on Tuesday count towards the spend $50, get $10 back promo, they confirmed last week in the comments that they do. Just don’t push it til Midnight.

  • @97 – the offer states “through” the 29th. That means that Tuesday’s update counts too. I wouldn’t wait til midnight or anything crazy, but if you do what you’re going to do within a couple hours of the store updating (usually between 3+5 Pacific time) then those purchases should count

    I don’t know what all you plan on getting but Assassin’s Creed IV is available for preorder. So is Battlefield 4. I already did mine to make sure it falls in before the deadline

  • @59, 60, 61, 62, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 94 XxCRAZYxRAGExX: Do you know Hannah?


    + SpooNManX on October 27th, 2013 at 4:35 pm said:

    “Hopefully they aren’t going to try and charge $30 for Angry Birds Star Wars!”

    Good news, bro: They’ll be charging $40.

    Happy Halloween!

  • Awesome games coming out. PS Store Updaters, I have something to share. The Details for Battlefield 4 PS4 are wrong, they seem the same as PS3 BF4. I just wanted you guys to know.

  • @Crazyrage,

    you MIGHT just redeem yourself….but I doubt it.

    Me a fanboy? Last I checked you were the one who bought 4-5 PS3’s and a Vita. I just have ONE PS3.

    Why don’t you be quiet and keep buying more Sony stuff even though they are “scamming” you.

    That’s right, be a good little boy and buy 4 PS4’s for you and your family who seem to think you guys are getting scammed. If you do have kids, I hope to God, they aren’t as dumb as you.

    Oh and btw, reason I use this account instead of my real name, is so people like you do not harass and send death threats like you once did (one of your old Lightning aliases IIRC).

    Kinda sad don’t you think? Seriously speaking, you are an adult why don’t you act like it, for your kids’s sake. I seriously hope you don’t teach them to send death threats in private messages to those they disagree with. What the hell is wrong with you?

  • The ol’ “renegade” sure has a thing for Morgan…

    Perhaps a secret attraction, masked with aggression to divert attention?

    It’s OK XxxXXXLameXXXRagEXxxxxXX, you can admit you’ve got a mancrush on Haro.

    You’re so senseless that you have no clue that your “account tricks” will only backfire on you… AGAIN. Every report you make is investigated, and when they see that you’re the instigator, well, it ends right there. You lose.

    You’re the only person in the history of the PlayStation Blog to have his USERNAME tagged as an inappropriate word and blocked by the filter! That means something!

  • @ luvmyR6

    Yep, I remember that.

    Dude gets on here claiming he got banned for complaining, trying to fool the newbies around here.

    Let it be known, the reason “slick”, “lightning fear”, “renegade fury”, etc. got banned was because of his attempts to intimidate multiple users, including threats of violence, claiming to be a member of Anonymous who is going to wipe out our accounts, and pictures of guns being pointed at the viewer, among other disgraceful tactics. Plus, the types of messages he has posted in this very thread… he has done the same thing countless times in the past.

    FYI: He sent me another message today from one of his alt accounts… once again bringing up his mancrush Morgan… seriously, I think he secretly loves him and just doesn’t have the courage to admit it. He’s really fixated on Morgan! Every message is like Morgan Morgan Morgan… Morgan this, Morgan that, accompanied by lots of sexual implications… I think the dude is reflecting his inner-most personal desires, honestly…

  • Nice drop by the way, heh heh…

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