The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for October 29th, 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for October 29th, 2013
The Drop

Brace yourself. It’s an absolutely massive week in the world of PlayStation, as assassins, soldiers, shadow lords, and wrestlers roar onto the scene in a varied torrent of gaming goodness. Stock up on snacks, friends. You may be playing for a while.

Leading the pack is the hotly anticipated return of the Assassin’s Creed series, with all its intoxicating intrigue and wide-open play. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag makes its PS3 debut, and sends gamers on a wild adventure piercing the heart of the Caribbean. Play as the cunning Edward Kenway as he sails into danger and fortune. Experience yet another piece in the great puzzle that is the Assassin Templar war.

But Black Flag isn’t the only continuation of a long-running series this week. Battlefield 4 is launching on PS3, bringing with it the sizzling visuals and immense action that fans have come to expect from the developers at DICE. Tackle a character-driven campaign from Shanghai and beyond, or immerse yourself in the detailed multiplayer competition with tremendous destructible environments.

And there’s much more coming to PlayStation this week, including WWE 2K14 and some new betas and demos. Check below for a complete list of games, and enjoy the Drop!

Assassin's Creed IV, Gamescom, 04

Angry Birds Star Wars
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Battlefield 4
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow -- Mirror of Fate HD
Crazy Market
Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires
OMG HD Zombies!
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
WWE 2K14

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Restore freedom to the galaxy! Features two new multiplayer modes, 20 exclusive levels, and plenty of hidden items to unlock. Send those Pigtroopers packing. Who else will defend the Force, after all?
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Fill the boots of the daring Assassin Edward Kenway, Captain of the Jackdaw and an ambitious pirate sailing the Caribbean. A massive open-world game rife with weapons, contracts, ale, and treasure.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
The explosive first-person shooter series continues, packed to the brim with its renowned destructible environments and a massive multiplayer suite. Prepare for battle.
PS3 — Digital
Plunge into the sequel of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to reveal the story of the Belmonts as they battle darkness across the generations. Includes an intense Boss Rush mode — compare your best times online.
PS Vita — Digital
Endure your crazy boss in this free-to-play supermarket challenge. 110 levels, 12 boosters, and 108 different items. Can you survive three whole months of this insane employment?
PS3 — Digital, Retail (Already Available)
Unite all of China under your banner in this fusion of ancient combat and strategic conquest. Open-ended play allows for a variety of character customization, with plenty of reasons to return to the field of battle.
PS Vita — Digital
It’s you and your rifle against a global armageddon. Fight your way through 100 levels of zombie gore and earn dozens upon dozens of upgrades.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Join Pac-Man and his two best friends, Spiral and Cylindria, as they protect their home from a looming threat. It’s an all-new adventure for a new generation of Pac-Man fans.
PS3, PS Vita — Digital
Immerse yourself in a world of exploration and imagination, where you need only pass through the world to interact with it. Each procedurally generated island you explore is host to a variety of creatures and wonders. Cross buy supported.
PS3 — Digital, Retail
Become immortal in 2K Sports’ latest entry in simulation entertainment. Enter the ring and experience the WWE on PS3.

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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5 Author Replies

  • Drop anchor, mates!

  • Any word on how much Angry Birds Star Wars is? If it’s not too steep I’ll be getting that and Proteus.

  • 3rd!!!!!

    nothing to exciting. But still overwhelmed by the sales last week and this coming update. Doing greaSony. Keep it up!

    (side note, music unlimited. On ps4, will it play music in ANY game this time. Or just a handful? AND can you update the screensaver to a 10second timer or something less than 5 minutes at least, PLEASE??.

  • I think Angry Birds: Star Wars is $40 or something ridiculous like that. Not sure how a $1 iPod game is worth 40x that on PS3.

  • Do Tuesday the 29th’s purchases still count for the $10 for every $50 spent?
    Nice drop by the way. So looking forward to Proteus!!!

  • games we buy on 29th will still count for the $50 spent $10 back?

    BTW, where’s Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate?

  • Getting Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on retail :D

  • PS Vita = a 300 bucks indie gaming device.

  • Just noticed Batman is on the Store, it’s just not listed under New Releases… ?

  • Will Battlefield 4 and AC: IV be available to download at midnight on the store?? Please I hope so:(

  • Ahh. Was hoping for some news on Vlambeer’s Luftrausers. I saw IGN was gonna show some gameplay this week, so hopefully we’re close! :D


    Also Y is Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires on here. It was already released digitally was it not?

  • @5 & 6) Yes. Morgan already said it.

  • Can you provide how big the Pacman game’s size is? Is 6 or 8 GB for example, please?

    Also is ‘Stick it to the man’ pre-order discounted or not?

  • Whoa I don’t remember the Drop ever being this early, I used to have to wait till 7 PM Eastern.

  • And Proteus will be what, $15?

    $10 is already too much to ask for on Steam for a game you can literally finish in under an hour. It is crazy boring.
    Glad I caught it on sale.

  • Looking forward to playing Proteus even though I have no idea what it is.

  • Why no prices? Please include prices…add a note that says they could still change if thats what you are worried about. We like to plan ahead ;)

  • Wait, we are finally having a digital wwe game? Thanks!

  • Proteus! Proteus! Proteus!

  • @5 Ginsu3000 & @ 6 CapJSheridan
    Look here for an official reply to this question from Morgan Haro

    I was hoping for more PS4 Pre-Order games to be added.
    Please add a pre-order for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

  • Cool post. Nothing for me right now but still nice. I still haven’t played ACIII so I want to play that before ACIV! Looks cool though.

  • Big week… Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV. Still just gonna wait it out for the PS4 launch. Yeah, I know I can buy up for $10, but I want the games to be fresh at PS4 launch, and not have to download.

  • Will Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate be added to the PS Store this week? It’s not on the Vita store right now even though its big brother reached the PS3 Store.

  • Can you confirm, the weekly updates will now occur at 2PM PST/5PM EST?

  • Lots of stuff that looks good is coming.

  • Any news on battlefield 4 being able to download at midnight? or am I going to have to wait until the really slow update time probably 5 o clock..?
    If you want this digital day 1 to work it would be good idea to let people pre-load the content or at LEAST download at midnight. BF4 and AC: IV are probably going to be a huge download, so if I have to wait until 5 o clock to start them I won’t be able to play them “Day one”.

  • Oh well, nothing for me this week. Not going anywhere near AC IV until I see some sign or talk to some folks who can tell me its better than III was.

    Good thing, the sale of the dead is going to eat a bunch of cash from me this week. Fatal Frame I & II for $2 each? I’m all over that. Most likely grab Puppeteer too at half off.

  • @23 Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is already on PS Vita, use the search function. For some reason, it’s not listed under New Releases

  • Do you know how, approximately, big will be the size of the Battlefield 4 and AC: Blackflag?

    Besides, could you tell us if we are going to be able to download BF4 24hs hours before it is released?

    Thank you!

  • Getting AC4 and Battlefield on PS4. But at least we can see reviews early this way. Nothing interesting on Vita – Indies don’t do much for me. But still a large update!

  • Bring on $19.59 Puppeteer!

  • Doubt about OMG HD.

    I have OMG PSMobile version in my Vita… And I compared the PSMobile version VS Mini (PSP/Ps3) version…

    The PSM mobile version looks like better (maybe in HD) than Mini version.


    Is this OMG HD have better graphics than PSMobile version and MIni version?

    If the difference between HD tham Mobile is only trophies to play on Vita and the graphic quallity is the same, I prefer the Mobile version!


    Second Doubt about the promotion “spend $50 to get $10″…

    Can you tell us when the vouchers will be available?



  • When can we see some quality games for the Vita? You know something with quality and depth. I feel so ripped off by Sony, I don’t want mobile games with crappy graphics that cost more than their IPod counter parts. Sony seems to have gotten lazy and careless with its portable. And this time around they cant blame it on hackers like they did with the PSP. I am not going to be able to remote play when I am on a road trip. So how about getting us some titles that appeal to a larger majority of the consumers that invested in a product that was touted as revolutionary. Instead of feeding us overprices mobile crap that most of us already have available to us on another device. And where the hell is our 64gb memory cards? Does SCA hate Americans
    ? Or is there some intentional motivation for keeping Vita sales down in North America? smh

  • Excited for Proteus for Vita, if it’s ten bucks or less. But c’mon, when can we see more REAL PS Vita games?

    Even some new PSOne classics would be a nice addition.

  • Looking forward to BF4 which is the first one Ive ever had interest in, so im looking forward to that

    Tried asking this in the community forums and that has kinda gone nowhere. Im having issues with the Digital version of Enslaved, mostly in that I cant get past the Press Start Screen. I have tried with different controllers, and the steps that the guy has on there has given me (not sure if he’s a Sony employee or not) and still cant get past the damn screen. I just want some advice from someone on the actual PS Store team to comment on this and give me an idea of whats happening, and weather or not this is a issue on my end, or if it has to do with the digital version of Enslaved itself.
    Here is the forum link just in case
    Thanks in advance for anyone from the PS store team that responds

  • Will Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD be cross buy for PS4 as well?? I

  • Sadly, the only likely way the VITA will see new games that aren’t indie titles is using it to remote play new titles on the PS4. As a system, I wish Sony would come straight out and say it is no longer a system to them and just a peripheral. That’s certainly how they treat it nowadays. They don’t even ensure that all PSOne classics can play on it the way it was promised. Even the PSP still plays the classics.

    VITA owners deserve better.

  • I have yet to play an assassin creed game because none of them interested me, except the psv one because I was so intrigued by the main character of that game. I’m looking forward to the PS3 version.

  • Bring PS1 Classics to Vita, and this drop sucks.

  • 8-
    Hey could you cry and be confused some more, it’s entertaining watching the mentally inept.

  • 35 –
    open your eyes son. it has plenty of games from shooters(ugh like we need more) to adventure, rts and puzzle.

  • i know minecraft wont be disc based, at least not yet, but any chance yu guys will put it up for ps4 preorder before ps4 comes out? or make it cross buy

  • @39 He did not say it does not have games. But where is the games that should have been added a year ago? Our PlayStation Network accounts are limited to being able to play PSP, Vita, PSone, and mini’s on only 2 portable devices. So when I buy a PS Vita with and advertisement that say I can play PSP, PSone, and Mini’s I expect to get the same library available on my PSP system. However I understand that some of these games wont carry over due to whatever technical reason. But when I see other regions being allowed to have these titles and SCA just staying mute about it, then it tends to bother me as a consumer. Thus reducing sales for the overall company, since this is the way they treat there customers. How many customers want to pay 40$ for angry birds?

  • Hey Ryan, are there any new PS4 Pre-orders going Live on Tuesday?

  • Hey Ryan, small suggestion. What about adding prices to the drops? Be helpful info to know :)
    and on that topic how much will Castlevania MoF and DW6 Empires be on the PSN?

  • There won’t be prices or file sizes here, folks. Ever. The Drop is but a simple listing of all the games being released on Sony platforms each week. That’s it. Though I highly suspect most who don’t know that are also the type who don’t read comments. Oh well.

    I’m thinking Castlevania: Lords of Shadow — Mirror of Fate HD will be the Quest for Booty of the series: a short digital-only title to tide us over until a proper sequel is released early next year. Not that many will notice anyway with all the big names coming out this week.

  • Thumbs of Steel. I love it! Mirror of Fate is looking great. I may try to fit it in to my pre-PS4 crunch time schedule.

  • About time there is a Digital version of a WWE game.

  • ^ l want that avatar! T^T

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