Batman: Arkham Origins Out Tomorrow on PS3

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Batman: Arkham Origins Out Tomorrow on PS3

Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3

This year, Christmas comes on October 25th when Batman: Arkham Origins launches on PS3. Just like the night before Christmas, the team at WB Games Montreal is staying up late, anxious and excited to see what the morning will bring. Over the last two years, this team has worked incredibly hard, giving much of their lives to ensure that we honor the name “Batman.”

We can’t wait to show off our boss fights. In particular, Bane and Deathstroke are going to test your limits in brutal contest. We think Copperhead will come out of Arkham Origins as one of the coolest interpretations of the character. And the team would be sadly disappointed for anyone who misses out on the Mad Hatter Most Wanted mission. Setting aside how beautiful the rest of the game looks, the art team went a little crazy there, and Peter MacNicol really knocks it out of the park as a very mad Hatter. All in all, there’s a massive playground for you to explore, and the team has made sure that there’s a reason to visit every corner of it.

Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3

Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3

Batman’s pain and anger will be channeled straight to the hairs on the back of your neck, thanks to Roger’s impeccable delivery. Troy’s Joker will make you cringe and gasp for all the right reasons. And Brian Bloom’s Black Mask? His vicious rage is palpable. Our cinematics and story team brought these performances to life with energy and emotion in every scene. This story is a roller coaster. You can almost hear the click, click, click, as it winds itself up — when it lets loose, you’re in for quite a ride.

We are at the end of a generation. This year has seen some incredible games come to PlayStation, and we’re excited to say…

Batman is coming.

Batman Arkham Origins: Beware the Batman costume

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate on PS Vita is a sprawling 2.5D platforming adventure that brings the signature “Arkham” style gameplay to handheld gamers.

Get Arkham Origins on PS3 and Arkham Origins Blackgate on PS Vita, and unlock this exclusive “Beware the Batman” costume (modeled after the TV show of the same name) for Blackgate.

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  • Ouch, this game took a hit on the scores from the critics. This is the Gears of War Judgement/Assassins Creed Revelations/Bioshock 2/Dead Space 2/Soul Calibur 3/Uncharted Golden Abyss of the Batman Arkham franchise.

  • Pre ordered the game specifically for the Deathstroke DLC and it didn’t even release? It’s still Friday, isn’t anybody working to fix this before the weekend?

  • Just give not the DLCs for free . Free DLCs = More Sales lol

  • I will trying to pre-order but Sony is taking long to put my money back

  • I pre-ordered my copy on the PSN and got my theme, but when I go to get the DLC it keeps asking me to pay?

  • The help thread for the missing DLC for Arkham on WBID site lists several dozens of people having the same problem. It seems to affect mainly the US/North American PSN store. It would be greatly appreciated if we could get some kind of statement on whether or not somebody’s trying to fix this so we can get what we paid for. I am missing my Deathstroke DLC like many other people and also missing my season pass skins

    It’s been 24 hours and we can’t even get a “we’re working on it” or a “sorry, but there’s nothing that can be done”. This is a PSN problem as well as a WBID problem even though PSN support says it’s just theirs. Please don’t pass the buck and tell us something – anything

  • hi! i bought batman arkham origins in pre-order, but i dont know where is de dlc of deathstroke, i just see the game and the theme, Sorry, my English its not very good, im using a translator

  • I am highly pissed off about this dlc business. Almost 48hrs later and I still can’t get the deathstroke dlc, come on people.

  • Hey guys maybe im not looking in the right place, i just got the game btw awesome game. I also bought the season pass but i cant find the skins or the initiation pack, can you help me out?

  • is…is that…EWGF?

  • You guys got me with AC. This time I’ll wait for the GOTY/Ultimate Edition with the DLCs included and all the trouble referred up there avoided

  • Huge B-man fan here…and avid player of Asylum and City(one of the best multiplat. games of this gen and ever)but the only way for me to buy Origins is after playing a demo.

  • This sucks i brought it on ps3 store for 60.00$ and i got it then when it got to the part when you go yo the batcave and search up the assissians then after it showed all of them it froze on me! plz repily or help!!! :(

  • Hi, I have Arkham Origins for the PS3 and Arkham Origins Blackgate for the Vita and I’m trying to unlock Beware the Batman suit, but I can’t get past the pop up screen where it says, “Connecting to the PlayStation Network.”

    Some help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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