Batman: Arkham Origins Out Tomorrow on PS3

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Batman: Arkham Origins Out Tomorrow on PS3

Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3

This year, Christmas comes on October 25th when Batman: Arkham Origins launches on PS3. Just like the night before Christmas, the team at WB Games Montreal is staying up late, anxious and excited to see what the morning will bring. Over the last two years, this team has worked incredibly hard, giving much of their lives to ensure that we honor the name “Batman.”

We can’t wait to show off our boss fights. In particular, Bane and Deathstroke are going to test your limits in brutal contest. We think Copperhead will come out of Arkham Origins as one of the coolest interpretations of the character. And the team would be sadly disappointed for anyone who misses out on the Mad Hatter Most Wanted mission. Setting aside how beautiful the rest of the game looks, the art team went a little crazy there, and Peter MacNicol really knocks it out of the park as a very mad Hatter. All in all, there’s a massive playground for you to explore, and the team has made sure that there’s a reason to visit every corner of it.

Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3

Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3Batman: Arkham Origins on PS3

Batman’s pain and anger will be channeled straight to the hairs on the back of your neck, thanks to Roger’s impeccable delivery. Troy’s Joker will make you cringe and gasp for all the right reasons. And Brian Bloom’s Black Mask? His vicious rage is palpable. Our cinematics and story team brought these performances to life with energy and emotion in every scene. This story is a roller coaster. You can almost hear the click, click, click, as it winds itself up — when it lets loose, you’re in for quite a ride.

We are at the end of a generation. This year has seen some incredible games come to PlayStation, and we’re excited to say…

Batman is coming.

Batman Arkham Origins: Beware the Batman costume

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate on PS Vita is a sprawling 2.5D platforming adventure that brings the signature “Arkham” style gameplay to handheld gamers.

Get Arkham Origins on PS3 and Arkham Origins Blackgate on PS Vita, and unlock this exclusive “Beware the Batman” costume (modeled after the TV show of the same name) for Blackgate.

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  • I just pre-ordered this through PSN. Any word on the file size?

  • I am picking up physical copies of the game for both PS3 and Vita, will I still get the “Beware The Batman” skin if its not through the PSN? Thanks and I can not wait to play!

  • Well I’m picking up the collectors edition how sweet is that. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Waiting for my Collector’s Edition on the mail! Can’t wait to play it!

    • We can’t wait for you to play it! Let us know how you like it. Also, if you want to share tip and tricks with other players get on the forums!

  • When can we download the game?

    Looks sick! You guys did a great job with the engine. Long live PLAY!

  • Tomorrow? I saw the game at a bookstore on the 23rd.

  • Getting Blackgate first.

  • you guys know there is a ps vita tv coming soon

  • I’m so bummed. Gamestop called today my pre-ordered, fully paid for, Collectors Edition is delayed until Saturday. The said WB underestimated how many CE it would sell.

  • The great folks at WBGM exude passion. Thank you for delivering a formative Batman story. I’ve wanted to experience early career Batman stories since Arkham Asylum (Batman Begins and Mask of the Phantasm are my favorite Batman films). I hope this isn’t the last time we see WBGM contribute to the Arkhamverse.

  • Pick up my copy on the way home…. work for 9 hours then home and Batman for the rest of the “knight” (I tried)

    • After a long day’s work, there’s nothing better than serving up justice to some criminals with Batman’s fists. Have fun!

  • Gonna get blackgate at some point… Injustice, Ys, Tearaway, and Spiderman want my money..

  • Got an Email from Amazon that my game will be delivered until Nov. 1, good thing it’s that I bought The Last of Us on this week’s sale, and I also preordered the digital version of AC IV! Dissapointed but I will get a really sweet edition in one more week!

  • Sweet looking forward to downloading it soon (I think)
    Anyone else going to shout out “Wheres Harvey Dent” when playing the multiplayer when doing a inverted take down as Batman?

  • Also never knew Batman and Chris Redfeild were related

  • I’m so excited to scream on multiplayer: “Swear to me!!!!!!!”.

  • ^Sad thing is I think I have done that in all the AC games

  • Last I heard the PSN Updates on Tuesdays, so being that Batman Arkham Origins came out today, are the Pre-Order Add-Ons going to be available or will we have to wait until the weekly Tuesday Updates?

  • Is the offer for the Blackgate skin going to expire? I ordered the digital copy of Arkham for PS3. I’ll get the vita version eventually, but don’t want to do it now since it’s a sequel to the PS3 version. I’d rather wait til sometime next year after my PS4 is paid for and I have a few games for that to pick back up on the vita version

  • Midnight update?

  • Epic damn no cash to spend, I blew all mine on the ps4 :)

  • Hello, my copy does not have the knightfall dlc voucher code, please explain way. Will it be a free psn store download?

  • I bought the pre order and it’s now 1240 am oct 25 and I still can’t download the game.

  • Oh nvm I guess I’m 2 hours ahead. I noticed after I saw the comment I posted lol

  • I’ll wait… maybe it will come to PS4.

  • So is the Knightfall DLC delayed here as well, and will be made available to all PS3 owners of the game at a later date?

    Curious, as there’s no insert or code in my game, and it’s not among my printed codes on my receipt.

  • I pre-ordered a digital copy but I can’t download it. All i get are the themes. Help!!!

  • yo wont let me download said 12:01 pacific 3:01 eastern am i the only 1?

  • I was able to start the download, but where is my preorder DLC for Batman Arkham Origins???? I need somebody to contact me ASAP please

  • I was also able to start downloading the game from my PSN preorder, but the Deathstroke DLC that was supposed to be included in the preorder isn’t showing up as free. Don’t want to pay for something I was supposed to have included. Any help would be appreciated!

    Also, for those wondering about the Knightfall DLC, that is up for free in the PlayStation Store for anyone, no codes needed.

    • For any troubles you’re currently encountering with the game, I encourage you to post your issue on the forums at in the Help and Community Feedback section. You’ll get a response in a timely manner there. Thanks!

  • OK, I’m able to buy the season pass and the Knightfall pack is free. When I bought this it listed the Deathstroke DLC as free with the preorder. It’s trying to charge me 5.99.

    Please contact me

  • Downloading the game, missing the Deathstroke DLC…. Thanks in advance for the help

  • cant play the pre download keeps sating i need to wait but it is the 25 of october so y cant i play my Dlc on my ps3 plz plz help

  • I also appear to be missing the Gotham By Gaslight skin and the Brightest Day skin that were supposed to come with the season pass. I go to look at the UK store and these are listed as separated downloads, but they’re not even listed on the US store

    This is very annoying :(

  • Not sure what’s going on with the Deathstroke DLC, but a season pass typically entitles you to a bundle discount on items that have yet to be released. It may be weeks or months before all of the content becomes available.

    Regarding Deathstroke, I would say wait for the PS Store to update on Tuesday to see if this all gets sorted out. Of course it may happen before then; good if it does. But simply repeating the same complaint over and over won’t help. I’m 100% certain you haven’t finished the main story yet. Give ’em a few days to fix the issue. All I’m sayin’.


  • You guys are really giving some terrible customer service at the moment regarding this release,
    1) you’re not advising all your customers/fan that this will be a download for the vita or not! (in reference to blackgate)

    2) we already know about batman origins coming out just due to going into PSN and looking at the calander/preview page.

    3) the deathstroke DLC debacle that’s hitting today is going to be the 1st level of disappointments, seems like all this time WB & you Sony were alittle not prepared for this.. what about next Tuesday when we have AC IV in our hands then what?

    Playstation Nation 4-life.. but you guys best start thinking on a proactive level cause as the holiday season approaches you best believe this will be a high pressure selling point as we prep for the Nov 15th.

    get with the program guys do better, be better, work better!

  • OK, so I’ve pre-ordered Origins for PS3 and purchased Blackgate for Vita, how do I obtain the “Beware the Batman” costume you mention in your post?

    And as others have mentioned, the Deathstroke DLC is not showing up as free for pre-orders despite being listed as one of the pre-order benefits.

    Perhaps someone from Sony could respond back on this?

  • Who cares about the main game when Kotaku said that the Vita version is better than Shadow Complex. That’s some big news right there.

  • Im actually on the fence about the vita game, I actually want to buy it but now the reviews are beginning to come in and it’s already gotten a 6. although im all for powerful games on the vita instead of the old stuff. Im considering buying this title once I get off work today but the heavy and I do mean heavy scanning everything like crazy turns me off sorta.

  • Why in the world would you guys release a game on a friday? I decided to get Lego Marvel instead. i’ll just get this game later on after i’m done with that.

  • Yeah, I also can not download the Deathstroke DLC without being charged $5.99!! I preordered the game on PSN. Please fix this!

  • Over on the WB community site they say they’re looking into it and are asking people to post info regarding which country and game platform they’re using.

  • Where is Backgate? Its not on the Vita PS Store front

  • It’s there on the North American store, it’s the first item listed under All PS Vita Games.

  • I bought batman arkham origins on playstation store yesterday, and downloaded it but when I tried to play it a message comes up (The content is not available before the start date. 8002951E) I checked and the release date is 10/25/13 which is today. What should I do?

  • If you haven’t bought it yet, wait till it is 30 dollars. I got it for free thankfully.

  • Same problem here. I made the preorder and i cannot download the Deathstroke DLC without being charged $5.99 =/

    I’ll try to post the info asked in the wb community site. But still waiting for a solution…

    Thanks + Swotam for the link!

  • Does the story on the Vita version continue on from the PS3? Would you recommend playing the PS3 before the Vita?

  • wtf where is the vita version i cant find it in stores and i cant find it in the psn store and i live in north america wtf where is it i even looked under all ps vita games and under new releases but it is not there can someone help me out?

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