Pre-order PS4’s Biggest Games Today

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Pre-order PS4’s Biggest Games Today

PS4 Game Pre-orders

Today we’re rolling out more PS4 game pre-orders on PlayStation Store. Last week, we made Knack and Warframe available for pre-order, and today we’re releasing pre-orders for Killzone Shadow Fall, Call of Duty: GhostsAssassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and Battlefield 4.

If you pre-order these titles today, you’ll have them when they launch for PS4. As an added bonus, all four games feature exclusive pre-order bonuses.

Game Title Pre-order Bonus
Killzone Shadow Fall The Shadow Pack
Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Fall Map
Call of Duty: Ghosts Digital Hardened Edition Free Fall Map
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Exclusive Aveline Figurehead
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Gold Edition Exclusive Aveline Figurehead
Battlefield 4 China Rising Expansion

If you’ve already pre-ordered or purchased the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, or Battlefield 4, you can upgrade to the PS4 digital version at the discounted price of $9.99 for a limited time. Get all the details on how to take full advantage of this program here.

Also, if you purchase a season pass for the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, or Battlefield 4, you’ll be able to download the PS4 version for free. You’ll need to purchase the season passes for the PS3 versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed IV by May 31st, 2014, in order to take advantage of this deal.

Which PS4 games are you going to pre-order? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Im confused….I pre ordered BF4 for PS3 and bought BF4 premium (i dont know if thats the same as season pass) for PS3, i know premium carries over to PS4, but will i still have to pay 10 bucks for the PS4 download?

  • what about need for speed? if I pre order ps3 version can I get ps4 version for $10 please confirm before spend 50 get 10 back ends

  • Most awesome that you are doing this before the “spend $50 get $10” promotion ends. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too optimistic that you would provide the PS4 pre-orders in time, but you did, and that was awesome and certainly appreciated.

    Will be pre-ordering both Killzone Shadow Fall and Assassin’s Creed IV in time to take advantage of the deal.

    Thank you.

  • 24 more days! I pre orderd:

    – PS4 (launch edition)
    – PS4 Dual Shock Controller (extra)
    – PS4 Camera
    – PS4 Vertical Stand
    – 1 year subscription: Playstation Plus

    – Call of Duty Ghosts (Hardened Edition)
    – Killzone Shadow Fall
    – Watch Dogs (Limited Edition) *delayed until 2014*
    – NBA 2K14
    – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
    – Infamous Second Sons (Limited Edition)


  • Already been posted but yes! thanks for putting up the Pre-Orders while the $10/50 program is still running! I’ll be pre-ordering Knack, KZ and AC4! Woot!

  • Any idea why Lego Marvel isn’t also part of this deal. i bought the ps3 version today on psn and it would really suck to have to pay full price for the ps4 version as well.

  • What size are the downloads?? Committing over 10% of my HDD space (I’m looking at you, Killzone) to ONE GAME is absolutely absurd. I have no problem with switching to digital, but good god 500GB won’t cut it when games are 50GB.

  • Would be really really nice to know the file size of these pre-orders.

    It was said that the games would be 50 gigs.

    I know that’s the max of a dual layer bluray disc and that it’s normal to set the cap at 50 gigs but if they speak that they will be 50 gigs “in general” it’s scary, i can’t see Knack hit 50 gigs, i can’t see even need for speed hit 50 gigs… many of the last NFS on PS3 were on DVD , i think only the last one hit bluray, if it even did…

    I’m not going to get many games on PSN if they all are 50 gigs… come on now.

    I know logically they won’t all be that big, at least at first, but i’m not going to pre-order 5 launch titles if it fills half the harddrive.

  • @Sony time to put Gaikai to use and get those games streamable. In the long run large downloads that take up majority of the HDD just wont cut it.

  • When do these roll out onto the US store? Looking to pre-order, but only showing Knack and Warframe.

  • @56 if it’s not part of the program you might have to buy it again… why get it so early? Can’t wait? If yes, you pay for playing early ;D

  • Why is Knack the only one without a pre-order bonus?

  • QUESTION, are you keeping Watchdogs as part of the program upgrade for $10 thats the reason i bought that and then Ubisoft delayed it… please keep your word for the Watchdogs upgrade

  • I wonder how long it will be before all these ps4 games get delayed even longer as well. That is the Sony way.. DELAYSTATION 4 now. The trend moves on to this gen now. Looks like I will wait out a ps4 till next year like I waited till ps3 got trophies and a price drop in 2007. These delay’s are a joke sony!

  • I laugh how they screw disc buyers on ps4 lol. You buy the ps3 version on disc and pay 10 bucks for a digital ps4 version but you can not play that ps4 digital version without the ps3 disc in the ps4 lol. Looks like buying these games digital on ps3 first gets the better deal as you get the full ps4 digital version for 10 bucks and no hassle of having to worry about a ps3 disc version being in the ps4. The disc version is ridiculous how they have that set up.

  • Its funny how they say a ps4 can’t read ps3 games or play them by disc or digital but then it can read a ps3 game to unlock the ps4 version to play? Huh? I thought ps4 can’t READ a ps3 game? Do I smell a scheme going on here that they lie by saying a ps4 can’t read ps3 games or digital ones? Yup! They just block the console from playing those games on ps4 to force us to buy ps4 only games. I see what they did there.

  • Sorry, I’ll be buying physical copies of things until Sony et al start pricing their digital wares cheaper and passing some of the savings onto the consumer, since they’re saving on producing a physical product, shipping it, and maintaining shelf space in a retail store.

    These are post-scarcity products and should be priced better.

  • Awesome!!!But im still not gonna get it on Release will get it on April for my bday :) but for now ill be enjoying GTA V and ghosts and ac4 and i will definatelly get infamous second son,BF4 and watch dogs

  • Do any of these games support stereoscopic 3D?

  • @66, it’s cute how you think you know how things work. The PS3 disc will only be used as some sort of key. The PS4 won’t actually be reading any of the game’s info from the disc.

    @69, good question. i loved the 3D on killzone 3 and it would be great if shadowfall supported 3D. i’m not going to expect CoD to support it because infinity ward hasn’t bothered to in the past, just Treyarch

  • warframe

  • How big on a download / install size would Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack be?

    Either way I will most likely get Killzone and Knack for psn, I’ll just cancel my copies at EB Games.

  • Its a done deal … Killzone !!

  • so if I buy the digital PS3 version and upgrade to the PS$ version, Will I still be able to play the PS3 version on my console or are they going to block it somehow? any guesses?

  • Not sure why people aren’t thrilled about Warframe up there. We get free stuff for our free game. What’s to complain about? It’s a win in my book.

  • @74 you will still have the ps3 version

  • It is not pre ordering it is pre purchasing. there is a huge difference.

    Pre purchased Killzone Shadow Fall.

  • Some people complaining about digital prices being the same as disk when they’re not even close. If you looked into it, you would see that psn is giving back $10 credit for every 50 you spend. That along with the sales tax you save can come up around 15 dollars in savings. Do i have to mention skipping the trip to gamestop and waiting in line. Instead of being closed minded, be smart and realize this is a great time to buy digital(at least this week is).

  • Kevinf they just mad cause buying disc they can trade in and sell them. Developers hate that cause the person buying that game used gets no money for that purchase. So that is why they invented online pass fees of 10 bucks to play used games online. They gotta make some form of profit off the losing profit of people buying their games used. When I buy digital I plan on keeping my game and don’t care for bluray burning disc. When that ps3 laser goes out yo disc game is useless.

  • Also these whiners over digital over disc don’t realize that when we buy digital we get 2 activations on that single purchase meaning we payed one price for two copies of that game. It use to be 5 copies before nov 2011 but abusers giving friends access to their account to download the game free hurt the developers sales so they reduced activations down from 5 to 2. Still better than disc. You have 2 ps3’s and buy digital you get 2 copies of that game and have them on both ps3’s for the price of one.

  • Im all digital now. I love how I get 2 copies of the game for the price of one, no risk of burning my laser out and ps3 last years longer going digital, if a hard drive goes bad I just buy a new hard drive and its fixed, with a laser you gotta ship it to sony to wait weeks to a month getting someone else’s refurbished fixed ps3 and lose yours. I’d rather keep my ps3 in my house thank you and just have a risk of a hard drive going out and a easy fix I can do myself in my house.

  • Does it apply for that 10 dollar discount promotion? I mean, If I buy one of these games I will receive a 10 dollar credit?

  • @ 29 TwinDad – Great comment and good comparison…I agree 100% with you…and I ain’t pre-ordering nothing…I buy all my games in retail(if available)anyway…won’t be getting the PS4 as well.

  • I preordered physical copies of what I want but will obviously be downloading warframe on launch night. The pre-ordering is cool and all BUT if you buy all your games on digital your 500 gig hard drive will be filled in no time. I’ll stick to physical copies until we knock down those file sizes or a buy a 2TB external drive to use with that USB 3.0 port.

  • I guess the pre order still count for pay $50 return $10?

  • I am trying to pre purchase a ps4 and can’t find anywhere to do it, i think i may have waited too long thinking dates would keep getting pushed back, if anyone knows of anywhere that i can pre purchase one let me know pls. I have already been to wal mart and gamestop, other than that i am open to ideas.

  • @86 Try amazon they might still be doing it.

  • How can we be asked to pre-order a title with out knowing the download size? Are these posted anywhere yet? For instance, if KillZone requires a min install of ~49GB off a disc, how much is needed to straight download the game?? That is very use full information.

    While I would love to go all digital this generation, lack of information and higher costs really prevent it.

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