Pre-order PS4’s Biggest Games Today

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Pre-order PS4’s Biggest Games Today

PS4 Game Pre-orders

Today we’re rolling out more PS4 game pre-orders on PlayStation Store. Last week, we made Knack and Warframe available for pre-order, and today we’re releasing pre-orders for Killzone Shadow Fall, Call of Duty: GhostsAssassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and Battlefield 4.

If you pre-order these titles today, you’ll have them when they launch for PS4. As an added bonus, all four games feature exclusive pre-order bonuses.

Game Title Pre-order Bonus
Killzone Shadow Fall The Shadow Pack
Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Fall Map
Call of Duty: Ghosts Digital Hardened Edition Free Fall Map
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Exclusive Aveline Figurehead
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Gold Edition Exclusive Aveline Figurehead
Battlefield 4 China Rising Expansion

If you’ve already pre-ordered or purchased the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, or Battlefield 4, you can upgrade to the PS4 digital version at the discounted price of $9.99 for a limited time. Get all the details on how to take full advantage of this program here.

Also, if you purchase a season pass for the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, or Battlefield 4, you’ll be able to download the PS4 version for free. You’ll need to purchase the season passes for the PS3 versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed IV by May 31st, 2014, in order to take advantage of this deal.

Which PS4 games are you going to pre-order? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Any idea on the download size of each game?

  • Awesome! Good to see we can pre order, sadly though I’ll be picking up the physical copies of these games.

  • FINALLY :3 Thank you very much for putting up the pre-orders before the $10 promotions ends ^^!
    Thank you! :3

  • I guess I am going to grab AC IV and Killzone :3
    Wish you had LEGO Marvel Heroes up as well XD

  • ETA on EU rollout?

  • When will I be able to pre-order the season pass for
    killzone SF?

  • lol pre-ordering Warframe.

    Already pre-ordered and paid off my physical copies.

    Question: is it possible that going forward with digital pre-orders that you actually make it worth my while? For example, i pre-ordered rain and I don’t get a message about it being available until 3 days later and after I’ve already gone on the store and downloaded it. What would be cool would be that I come home from work that Tuesday night to the game already downloaded so maybe make them available to those that pre-ordered at midnight Tuesday morning so when my auto-update fires up at 9-10am it downloads pre-ordered games and I have them to play when I get home at 11pm so I can actually play them instead of wasting a night downloading.

  • I have preordered Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall retail versions, i think i will cancel knack and pre order it on psn.

  • I wish we could pre-order Infamous because I have enough in my wallet to pay for it now, and I would love to spend that money on Second Son (can’t wait for that game!)

  • Really like the pre-order digital games thingy but i would like more to have physical games. So my collection of physical games will increase :)

  • Definitely getting Knack. I’m also curious about file sizes. How long before I fill up that 500GB drive?

  • Ghosts have split screen and bots like Black Ops 2?

  • I like to know why there isn’t some sort of Preorder bonus for Knack like a exclusive theme or something. It’s a First Party title that should be promoted. Mark Cerny needs his vacation money ;)

    And Thank You for putting up more for Preorder.

    I’ve already preordered Knack and will be picking up Battlefield 4 for preorder. I’ve decided to go all digital this generation. I want to see more Preorder bonus content on PSN Store that other’s can get in retail Store’s. Digital content needs to be pushed this generation for PS4 and offer same Preorder content and also exclusive content that can only be found on PSN. Good Marketing. Yes I see positive out of this feedback :D

    Greatness Awaits

  • Are most PS4 games as big as Killzone? I mean 50GB for one game is kind of ridiculous.

  • I pre–ordered the KZ: Shadowfall PS4 bundle, can I get the stuff?

  • Digital is the way to go! :3 No one is going to change the disc when I use remote play and want to change the game I play XD

  • I’m wondering if you guys have heard that some of the games are 50gb in size and downloading a handful of them might exceed your Internet providers cap

  • So if I preorder BF4 for Ps4 and get the season pass for the PS3 all will be ok?

  • wait. isnt Warframe free to play? In what way is pre ordering a thing for it?

  • Great games :D

    I am not buying the PS4 at launch, but in the end of next year only.
    And I totally want Killzone: SF, AC IV and inFamous Second Son to start off. ;)

  • I wish knack had like a special edition or some type of pre order bonus but I guess it’s for the best. Anybody knows how big these games are yet?

  • Would be nice to know the file sizes to know if it’s more convinient to download or not

  • Any chance of being able to pre-order PSN games like Pinball Arcade and such?

  • Can someone please give me this answer. I was told that on PS4 if we buy a digital game that it can be shared with another PS4 in the same house (Son’s PC) and that we can play the game at the same time. If this is truly the case this is a great reason to buy digital. If not it’s not worth the inability to sell the games later and recoup costs.

  • Awesome! I’ll be getting Killzone, Knack and Assassin’s Creed for sure! But I have a question: will the pre-order bonuses be available to anyone who purchases the games digitally on launch day? Some people won’t have accounts until the get their PS4 on the 15th…

  • So let me get this straight, if I Pre order BF4 and buy the season pass I can download BF 4 for the ps4 for free ?

  • On the spend $50 get $10 back through the 29th.
    Looks like I am not alone on the understanding of “through”

    Do purchases made on the 29th count, can we buy things released on the 29th?
    What time and timezone does the sale end?

  • Pre-orders are the new DLC. Content that should be included in the game but kept out to inflate the price beyond the $60 MSRP.

    It’s like the gaming industry is taking queues from the food industry. Instead of increasing the price of a box of cereal when food costs rise, they just put in less cereal and keep the box the same size, to make you think it’s the same amount you always had, but then you are left to wonder why you seem to run out of cereal quicker then you used too.

  • So here’s what I don’t understand: what’s the point of preordering Warframe? It’s digital only and free to play, what benefit do you get?

  • Welcome to the new world

  • @gorvi
    Bonus pack with coins to upgrade and some weapons to start off with :-)

  • I hope you have more pre-orders on the 29th and they also count for the Spend $50 get $10 back through the 29th promo.

    Please let us pre-order Lego Marvel for the PS4 on the 29th.

  • Hey Morgan, any chance of getting anymore PSone classics to the store and how about some discounts on PSP games? Thanx!

  • @26 You will have to pay $10 more for BF4 on PS4 if you already have the PS3 version. You should be able to download the BF4 SP for free on PS4.

  • Cool, but in my country PS4 will cost over US$ 1800, while the “another one” I can buy paying US$ 830, so, NO!

    Sony never more.

  • I’m very happy to see that we can pre-order the digital version of Killzone: Shadow Fall while the “Get $10 For Every $50 Spent” offer is still ongoing.

    Many of us future PS4 owners who are planning on solely purchasing the digital versions of retail games feel that the included 500GB HDD Is too small to accommodate the very large file sizes of these next-gen games. Therefore, we would like to see detailed PS4 HDD upgrade instructions ASAP in order for us to purchase the correct/compatible HDD and have it ready for installation on Nov. 15.

  • I pre ordered Killzone from Amazon yesterday because they gave me $10 credit towards a PS4 game due to the Watchdogs issue.

    Anyone @ Sony..will these games be available via streaming play on the PS4? Or is it just digital download?

  • @36 Buy any capacity 9.5mm tall, 2.5″ drive. The top (glossy section) of the PS4 slides off and you pull out the HDD caddy. Insert new drive, re-insert caddy. Relatively easy stuff.

  • if i pre-ordered games can i play them on another ID on the same PS4 or is it tied to one account ?

  • @38 How do you know that? I haven’t seen anything that shows the PS4 HDD replacement. I really hope it will be easy and without screws…

  • @29: You get the following free pre-order bonus DLC when you pre-order Warframe for PS4:
    – 20,000 Credits to help upgrade your arsenal,
    – 50 Platinum to give you access to new warframes, weapons, and more,
    – Exclusive PS4 Braton Rifle skin.

    As a current player of the PC version of Warframe, I can tell you that the above free pre-order bonus DLC will be very helpful to new players of the PS4 version of Warframe.

  • Where is Need for Speed: Rivals?

  • To all asking why preorder warframe… it gives you preorder bonuses.

  • @36: Where did you get this info from?

    Also, we’ll need instructions from Sony regarding downloading the latest PS4 system software update onto a USB thumb drive & then copying it onto our newly installed upgraded HDD. So it’s not simply a matter of physically changing the HDD alone.

  • If you have a CapitalOne Playstation Card you also get 10x your points back which can go toward PSN credit. This works out to 10% off the purchase price meaning each game gives you $6 back. That makes all these games $39 each!

  • I have to admit, following Drive Club & Watchdogs getting pushed back, and the possibility of having my paid in full ps4 preorder getting cancelled I’m a little leery about pre-ordering anything else right now. But I’m kind of on a KillZone kick right now working on KZ3 and Mercenary at the moment, I want to preorder Shadowfall.

  • Ohhh man! This rules! Thank you so much Sony! :)

  • You know what would be nice ? If they would actually show BF4 running on a PS4. I mean I’m getting it for PC too, but as most of my friends are on the PS version, it would be nice to see how it looks and runs on the PS4.

  • QUESTION ABOUT THE UPGRADE PROGRAM: I will get the Assassin Creed game on disc outside the US, the reedem code for the AC PS4 version can be used in the US PSN?

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