Greatness Exchange: Own a Piece of PlayStation History

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Greatness Exchange: Own a Piece of PlayStation History

Today we’re launching Greatness Exchange*, a promotion exhibiting PlayStation memorabilia from the recent “Perfect Day” commercial, as well as items based on Killzone Shadow Fall and The Elder Scrolls Online. You can also enter to win rare concept art from the shoot, and even a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam.

Here’s how it works: Go to and log in with your SEN account. Your eligible Gold Trophies will be depicted on the page, which you can redeem as entries into the daily sweepstakes. You must select that day’s sweepstakes (listed below) and enter the total number of Gold Trophies you would like to bid for that day’s prize — you’ll only be able to bid up to the number of Gold Trophies you’ve earned from playing PS3 or PS Vita games.

Once you’ve used a Gold Trophy to enter a sweepstakes, it can’t be used again. Spend them wisely! And be sure to check back every day as new items are made available, starting today with the Helghast Assault outfit and continuing through 11:59pm Pacific Time November 14th with a Killzone Shadow Fall Shadow Marshal Suit. The excitement will culminate with a “mystery box” prize on November 18th. The mystery box sweepstakes rules and prize will be unveiled on November 15th, 2013. It might not be a bad idea to save one of those Gold Trophies to bid on that final prize.

What do you have your eye on?

Greatness Exchange

The KILLZONE Induction Experience includes: 5 day/4 night trip for two to Amsterdam, Netherlands (round trip coach-class airfare and 4 nights standard hotel accommodations for two), $750 USD gift card for meals, 2 copies of KILLZONE Shadow Fall, and 2 gift bags.

The Elder Scrolls Online Experience includes: 5 day/4 night trip for two to Quakecon 2014 (August 1, 2014 – August 4, 2014) in Dallas, Texas (round trip coach-class airfare and 4 nights standard hotel accommodations for two), 2 VIP Badges to Quakecon 2014, 2 copies of The Elder Scrolls Online, 2 passes to a PlayStation party at Quakecon 2014, a welcome basket for winner, round-trip airport transfers while in Dallas, Texas, 4 breakfasts and 4 lunches for 2 people.

Date Prizes
10/22 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Assault Full Suit & Helmet
10/23 The Elder Scrolls Online
Breton Bow, Quiver & Arrows
10/24 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Lucas Kellan Suit
10/25 The Elder Scrolls Online
Nord Warrior Costume
10/28 The Elder Scrolls Online
10/29 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
VSA Assault
10/30 The Elder Scrolls Online
Nord Sword
10/31 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
KILLZONE Induction Experience*
11/1 The Elder Scrolls Online
Nord Axe
11/4 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
VSA Assault
11/5 The Elder Scrolls Online
Breton Costume
11/6 PlayStation
“Perfect Day” Concept Art
11/7 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Support
11/8 The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online Experience**
11/11 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Sergeant Suit
11/12 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Civilian Female Costume
11/13 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Civilian Male Costume
11/14 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Shadow Marshal Suit

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. The PlayStation® Greatness Exchange™ starts October 22, 2013 at 10:00:00 AM PT and ends November 14, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM PT and consists of 18 separate sweepstakes. See or full details, terms and conditions. Open to legal residents of the US, DC and Canada (excluding QC), at least 18 years old (or age of majority in place of residence) at time of entry. Void where prohibited. Prize ARVs range from USD $389.00 (CAD $403.32) to USD $7,430.00 (CAD $7,703.81). Skill-testing question applies for Canadian residents. Sponsor: Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

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2 Author Replies

  • so many of these people can’t read apparently. it is a raffle…just like we all asked for.

    thanks sony. cheaters may still have a leg up but at least now everyone has a chance. im happy, but sad to see howpathetic alot of these people posting here are. pathetic, illiterate greedy souls.

    i’ll be spreading mine out accross the board. cast my hopes at each and see what pops. no sense getting frustrated by it.

  • dont know why all u ppl are complaining about psn putting on a contest. least they had the thought. pull up ur big girl panties boys n grow a pair.there r going to be cheaters in exploitsin everything . its called life. deal with it. i dont agree with it either but im not gona sithere n whine like a kid. as for the trophy hackers its easy to spot one. just look at the timestamps of there games. unless its a cross save\ cross buy game .like motorstorm rc for example. i platinumed that game on my vita . bought it on ps3 just cause i liked it. started up the game and every trophy popped instantly due to my lap records n times saved to sonys severs from when i started it on vita. basically it was a unwanted exploit that im not even sure sony knew existed. so. because of these typesof things legit gamers such as myself get labelld as hackers yet we arnt. i just hope sony recongizes these litle glitches and will still letme and others with this problem enter the contest. just sayin. not everyone is a cheater. it pays to do ur research.

  • Just North America…

  • The main complaint isn’t about the raffle itself. It’s about the fact that people who cheat get the upperhand here.
    Honestly it should be limited to somewhat a more reasonable amount to make it a “fair” playing field for everyone and make it so that people who cheat won’t really get an advantage.
    The downside to this is that if you make the limit too low then a few things will happen:
    People who’ve legitimately gotten their trophies will feel a bit ripped off and most likely cheaters will make multiple accounts to get more entries.
    Make it too high and cheaters will still have an advantage.
    Really if they were to use any trophy that’d be at least a bit more fair I think it’d be the platinum ones, I only have about 3 and I’ve had a ps3 for a while now.

  • P $ 4,000?? I want to have a “Perfect Day”

  • “Once you’ve used a Gold Trophy to enter a sweepstakes, it can’t be used again. ”

    Make sure I have this correct. So if I have 50 gold trophies total and I use 40 on today’s sweepstakes/raffle, I only have 10 left to use on the remaining days, regardless if I win or not today?

  • Sweet now the cheaters can make tons of accounts to flood the raffle without any public shaming.

  • I also am curious about the rules. Last time you let a known non-US resident win even other non-US residents were not allowed to enter and you still let through a confirmed hacker after removing an earlier confirmed hacker.

  • @53 nah if you are famous enough you don’t even have to be in North America to win. They let Hakoom win last time and he’s not in North America.

  • Man, there are a lot of complaints on here… I just think it’s cool that the trophies we’ve earned can occasionally be used for something in the real world, and I think Gold trophies were the perfect choice, as they’re difficult to get, but don’t require an unrealistic amount of time to accumulate more than a couple. I’m a fairly dedicated gamer, and I have 19. That seems about right to me. Thank you, Playstation!

    As for what I’m going to bid on… well, I put a few on today’s bid bc I figure the first bid will have the fewest number of people participating. There’s one other that I’m really interested in, and of course I’ll save my last bid for the mystery box… can anyone say PS4?!

  • @60 People complain because known cheaters won prizes and non-US residents won prizes. On top of that Aeliana (who has posted multiple times already) was wrongly disqualified for no reason. The cheaters are laughing and bragging about how Sony has no idea how to stop them or prevent them from cheating. This just makes it worse.

  • “The Program is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.”

    Hakoom wins, lives in Manama, Bahrain.

    Yeah, that is fair.

  • I live in Québec and I have been a good Playstation consumer since the playstation one. I have a great collection of playstation game from ps1 to ps3 including the psp. I am very disappointed that every time there is a playstation contest or event, there isn’t anything for the Québec.

    Sony, you disappoint a lot of loyal fan in Québec because you refused us to enter is some great contest.

  • Very nice! And the raffle system is definitely better than the high bidder system. Hopefully they’ll will still do some verification that the person who wins an item will not have a large number of obviously hacked trophies in their profile.

    I think I’ll be spending all 524 of my gold trophies, a.k.a. ‘raffle tickets’, on the Amsterdam trip!

  • Very happy with these changes…but doh! I hit submit without entering trophy number. Oh well…will wait until the next Helghast outfit goes up.

  • Great contest this time. Hopefully next time Sony will cover more countries/continent.

    ONE POINT – It is hard to choose December(month), 31(date) & 1901(year) from the drop down menu on the website. You can barely choose it by making web browser full screen and clicking little below previous choice (e.g. November for month) . Bottom bar on the website is blocking it. Checked on Firefox and Chrome. <- That needs to be fixed.


  • ^ Wheel of Fish ^

  • sucks cant even enter my birthday on my vita it only goes to febuary good job on screwing that handheld market that you guys forgot about long ago

  • Awesome! Thanks for changing it towards a raffle system. I said this should be a raffle the first day of the last time you had giving away prizes and people had ridiculous amount of trophies. Makes it a much better playing field and thanks for listening to the fans and giving us all a chance.


  • @ 63 + Valsang
    your, “there isn’t anything for the Québec.” that’s correct you don’t even get included with us in Canada contest ran in Canada as per your local area trade rules and your FDA rulings. Don’t blame Sony or anyone else, it is your own fault open your trade boarders and rules and will be happy to include you with the rest of North America

  • “So your saying there’s a chance !”
    Sweet ! Thanks for changing the system to a raffle style. At least this way I might have a chance at winning something, even though it is pretty slight.


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