Greatness Exchange: Own a Piece of PlayStation History

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Greatness Exchange: Own a Piece of PlayStation History

Today we’re launching Greatness Exchange*, a promotion exhibiting PlayStation memorabilia from the recent “Perfect Day” commercial, as well as items based on Killzone Shadow Fall and The Elder Scrolls Online. You can also enter to win rare concept art from the shoot, and even a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam.

Here’s how it works: Go to and log in with your SEN account. Your eligible Gold Trophies will be depicted on the page, which you can redeem as entries into the daily sweepstakes. You must select that day’s sweepstakes (listed below) and enter the total number of Gold Trophies you would like to bid for that day’s prize — you’ll only be able to bid up to the number of Gold Trophies you’ve earned from playing PS3 or PS Vita games.

Once you’ve used a Gold Trophy to enter a sweepstakes, it can’t be used again. Spend them wisely! And be sure to check back every day as new items are made available, starting today with the Helghast Assault outfit and continuing through 11:59pm Pacific Time November 14th with a Killzone Shadow Fall Shadow Marshal Suit. The excitement will culminate with a “mystery box” prize on November 18th. The mystery box sweepstakes rules and prize will be unveiled on November 15th, 2013. It might not be a bad idea to save one of those Gold Trophies to bid on that final prize.

What do you have your eye on?

Greatness Exchange

The KILLZONE Induction Experience includes: 5 day/4 night trip for two to Amsterdam, Netherlands (round trip coach-class airfare and 4 nights standard hotel accommodations for two), $750 USD gift card for meals, 2 copies of KILLZONE Shadow Fall, and 2 gift bags.

The Elder Scrolls Online Experience includes: 5 day/4 night trip for two to Quakecon 2014 (August 1, 2014 – August 4, 2014) in Dallas, Texas (round trip coach-class airfare and 4 nights standard hotel accommodations for two), 2 VIP Badges to Quakecon 2014, 2 copies of The Elder Scrolls Online, 2 passes to a PlayStation party at Quakecon 2014, a welcome basket for winner, round-trip airport transfers while in Dallas, Texas, 4 breakfasts and 4 lunches for 2 people.

Date Prizes
10/22 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Assault Full Suit & Helmet
10/23 The Elder Scrolls Online
Breton Bow, Quiver & Arrows
10/24 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Lucas Kellan Suit
10/25 The Elder Scrolls Online
Nord Warrior Costume
10/28 The Elder Scrolls Online
10/29 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
VSA Assault
10/30 The Elder Scrolls Online
Nord Sword
10/31 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
KILLZONE Induction Experience*
11/1 The Elder Scrolls Online
Nord Axe
11/4 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
VSA Assault
11/5 The Elder Scrolls Online
Breton Costume
11/6 PlayStation
“Perfect Day” Concept Art
11/7 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Support
11/8 The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online Experience**
11/11 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Sergeant Suit
11/12 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Civilian Female Costume
11/13 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Helghast Civilian Male Costume
11/14 KILLZONE Shadow Fall
Shadow Marshal Suit

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. The PlayStation® Greatness Exchange™ starts October 22, 2013 at 10:00:00 AM PT and ends November 14, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM PT and consists of 18 separate sweepstakes. See or full details, terms and conditions. Open to legal residents of the US, DC and Canada (excluding QC), at least 18 years old (or age of majority in place of residence) at time of entry. Void where prohibited. Prize ARVs range from USD $389.00 (CAD $403.32) to USD $7,430.00 (CAD $7,703.81). Skill-testing question applies for Canadian residents. Sponsor: Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

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2 Author Replies

  • All the costumes are so awesome. Want!

  • YAY! Another chance for the CHEATERS to get rewarded.

    • The system works differently this time; it works a little closer to a raffle system, rather than a high bidder system, so even if you only have a few Gold trophies you’ll be able to enter and get a chance to win.

  • On a more serious note.

    I need my download list fixed. I can’t download ANYTHING i’ve bought since the PSN store switched to the new store!

    • Have you tried going to the account management section in the XMB? There’s a place where you can access the old download list from there.

  • And i’ve already contacted customer service and they couldn’t help.

    Note: Comments need an edit section.

  • Way to blow Sony Playstation guys. This stupid auction thing doesn’t work for normal people

  • The Box The box!!! :P

  • I’m sure this time you’ve got things locked down to prevent trophy hackers from walking away with all the goods, which is good. However, I have to admit I’m a bit puzzled why you would go with a high-bidder system. Did you learn nothing from the player feedback during the Greatness Awaits promo?

    So many people offered up some very good suggestions on how this type of thing could be run better so as to include a wider group of gamers, which apparently fell on deaf ears.

    I just visited the Greatness Exchange site. There is no reason for me to do so a second time.

  • Can you please answer how people that are ineligible to enter the contest have won items in the previous bid for greatness?

    Why do cheaters get rewarded?

  • Sadly,128 gold trophies will win me squat.

  • would like to at least get the chance to bit my trophies in but too bad it´s only for the USA and Canada. would like one for Latin America.

  • This will be another disappointing try to get some cool swag, but made pointless by cheaters. The first bid is already at 9,873 gold trophies and as an avid trophy hunter I call BS!!!! I have been earning trophies since trophies were introduced to ps3. I also own a PS vita and there is no way someone has earned that many gold without cheating. I’m a lvl 19 and 29% on PSN ranking system with 34 platinum’s, 116 gold, 618 silver and 2616 bronze. I also have a friend who is lvl 22 with 59 platinum’s, 209 gold, 743 silver, and 3201 bronze. So I call BS! I also have a problem with it only being the gold trophies we have earned as bidding chips, why not all trophies we earned. Are the rest of the trophies not worth anything? There is blood sweet and tears in all the trophies I earn and I am disappointed that Sony is telling me those platinum, silver, and bronze trophies aren’t worth anything!!! Really disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That Helghast civilian clothing is a must have, it’s not everyday we can dress like civilians.

  • A raffle format is certainly a step in the right direction, but I won’t lie, I’m still disheartened by the lack of response to cheaters winning (and legitimate gamers, such as myself, being shafted) in the complete and total mess that was Bid For Greatness. It was a slap in the face to some of your most loyal customers.

  • 1 Gold trophy should be 1 chance of winning…and so on, not whoever has the highest amount, login and claim your prize..

  • @11

    I’m not saying that there aren’t cheaters, but I have more trophies than you (and platinums) and I really don’t think I play as obsessively as I could. I definitely play more than what I HOPE is the average for someone who is 25, but I can see a thousand ways people could have 10 times the amount of trophies that I do and not be cheaters. One of them simply includes being a better player. I’m pretty average. Just saying…

    Anyway… Yeah, this could be probably handled better in order to give a wider audience a chance at some good stuff.

  • @11: If you were an “avid trophy hunter” as you say, you’d know that the 9,873 Gold figure is the total number of “raffle tickets” entered by all participants, not the stock of a single person. No one has that many Golds, even the most notorious hackers don’t break the 3,000 mark.

  • why do Gold trophies again. Not many games give out Gold trophies. How about doing Silver at least or Platinum trophies

  • @14

    Perhaps you should read it again. That’s exactly what it is.

  • It’s a raffle system this time silly heads. Use your noggin. Do some reading. That’s a lot better than the last system. As long as hackers are ineligible this is the fairest way to do this. Thanks, Sony.

  • GREAT idea!

  • I think the whole thing is stupid. You are just rewarding people who are already privledged, cause lets face it. If you have thousands of gold trophies you…

    A. Make enough money to get and play ALOT of games.
    B. Have enough free time to earn that many trophies.

    So why are we rewarding people who most likely could afford all of these things trips included if they had to pay for them straight up. I think someone above had the best idea to let everyone with a gold trophy be entered in a raffle for them. More golds the better but limit it to like 100 entries only per person. Let real people who will trully appreciate these things win them. Not someone who lives with Mommy and Daddy and has a 5k a week allowance and 120 hours a week to trophy hunt.

  • Why are you not representing female characters with this? Clearly, Sony has it in for female gamers, why are you always focused on fighting and so many male characters? I think you guys really need to look at yourselves and see why you focus so much on fighting and male dominated protagonists.


    Just so nobody thinks I was being serious, I was just making fun of a certain poster who thinks Sony is sexist or some garbage.

  • OMG…..not this s*** again. <_<

    I'm sorry to blunt w/ this, but didn't y'alls asses learn from this the LAST TIME it was done?? I mean, seriously……are you all at Sony just trying to be 'jerks' to non-superhuman gaming community (y'know those of us that don't sit plastered on our asses 24/7/365 gaming and/or crazy cheating)…..-_-

  • @7 Reading fail. Yes, I am #7. Wish there was a delete post button now. :)

    Raffle approach is about as fair as can be expected. Everyone has a chance, those with more trophies have a better chance. (My 60 golds probably puts me right in the middle of the bell curve…if it is a bell curve.)

  • Good to know it’s a raffle version now, but the ones with the most gold still have a greater chance.

  • Alright then, good to know they changed it a bit, unlike last time.

  • That mystery box has got to be the PS4.

  • This again? Last time was hilarious with those guys who won impossible gold trophies winning everything ie the Burn Zombie Burn Trophy that wasn’t even released.

    Why not go back to giving out those stupid baseball caps and notebooks you used to give to GAP members? They were stupid, but you know what? I still have them and the materials were pretty good and in regards to the notebook, durable as hell. That was mailed to me about …11 years ago.

    You could lower the bar, you know be equal to the Nintendo Club stuff. People would effing love a Parappa the Rappa Plushie or another chance to get those Parappa hats. You do remember him, right Sony?

    Maybe some Console stickers or controller skins, you know stuff that you could mass produce with ease, but yet, still be exclusive to your contests.

  • I think the rules should be clarified, every trophy you put “into the pot” gives you 1 out of however many entries into the total amount. Right now there are over 18,000 entries into the first item, if I put 1 in I get a 1/18,000 shot to win it. I like this way much better than the last.

  • Wow some people are really slow, huh.
    This time it’s not auction, it’s a raffle. Even if you only have one gold trophy you still have a chance of winning the prize.

  • Thanks for listening last time and making it a raffle open to Canadians. The only thing I would change is limit entries to one platinum per player for each sweepstake. This way people who don’t bother to earn a platinum don’t get in, giving people who actually care about trophies more chances, and limiting it to one platinum per sweepstakes stops cheaters from having more chances to win.

  • i dont get how this works.

    so it says i have 140 tickets(Im assuming that means Gold Trophs) if i bid 100 of those, will it take away from the total of my actual trophies on PSN?

    and for the Killzone sweepstakes. its over 20,000. does that mean that there is a possible 20,000 gold trophies multiple people have wagered.\\and if i lose the bidding. do i get my trophies returned?

  • Well based off of what I just read this is a cool system. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • smh @ #33
    It clearly says in bold letters before you sign in that it WILL NOT take away from your PSN trophies.

  • Wow reading most of these comments is depressing…..whats wrong with you people?
    This is a great idea!
    Who cares how many gold trophies you or anyone has, all it takes is one to win.
    Havent you seen Willy Wonka before? lol The kid bought one candy bar and found the golden ticket.

  • this sucks. even if i bid one of my trophies, it says that my bid exceeds the amount of trophies i have. weak.

  • Interesting.

  • So someone help me understand this system.

    If I have 87 Gold trophies and the way of picking the winner is a raffle system, then it does not matter if I submit all 87 trophies to one submission? I’ve been reading the comments and that seems like the correct answer, but I am not sure.

    I was thinking all 87 trophies I submit gives me a higher chance of having my name picked. Is that correct?

  • Sid,

    I think you missed the point #2 was making.

    Yes, the sweepstakes format is a much more fair system, but the cheaters still get an advantage with more sweepstakes entries.

    I think you guys should set up a team at PlayStation for this contest to screen the entrants and eliminate anyone that is clearly using glitched trophies from being eligible to win.

    That is the only way to reward people like myself and others that earn our trophies legitimately.

    I hope you take my post into serious consideration.

  • @40 – Considering that Sony hardly understands the in’s-and-out’s of their own trophy system as we saw in Bid For Greatness – where legitimate users managed to get disqualified, despite having the three most well-known trophy leaderboards on the internet vouch for them – I’m not exactly optimistic that their “screening” could be executed any better this time around. They can’t audit what they don’t understand. And frankly, I wonder if they even care; the fact that they continually ignore mention of the issue and are seemingly sweeping it under the rug sure substantiates the apathy hypothesis.

  • @31, BkzUzi & @36 Spores

    ….and how ‘slow’ exactly are you, then?? So what if they tweaked the rules, the s**t still will more than likely sway in the favor of the mofos that invest more Gold trophies. So don’t even sit there and fool yourselves on that one, just b/c we all get to ‘participate’. The damn thing is still flawed just not as blatantly.

    As others have pointed out, just check the amount of trophies ‘used’ in the first ‘raffle’ and ask, HONESTLY, if someone only has, say 5 gold trophies, how much of chance do you *really* think they have against someone that say, has 1,500 (whether honestly or not)? <_<

    Oh, and let's not forget….once you use them Golds for a particular raffle: you don't get them back. Yeah, that might be a bit of turning point since the last time they did this mess, but the disadvantage still goes to the little (trophy amount), as it were. And let's put it like this why don't you go and google the PSN trophy rankings and look at the mounds of peoples w/ over 1,000+ golds (ALONE), then tell me how them chances are looking for a Joe Smhoe regular gamer (w/ not that many gold trophies)…..

  • 30565 gold trophes have been submitted. i only put in 7. so i have a 7 in 30565 pick to win.

  • @37 fivexl,

    And my friend, I want to ‘thank you’, as your simple yet to-the-point statement on the reality of this BS just illustrates EXACTLY my point I previously stated to both, BkzUzi and Spores. That no matter how ‘open’ this BS is the odds are still gonna stacked against the little (gold trophy holding) guys/gals that even want to bother to participate.

  • It’s becoming quite sad to see complaints, not only here, when a company or person is trying to do something good, cool, nice, what have you. You can’t make and/or keep everyone happy. I say be grateful to Sony for giving us an opportunity to win this stuff.

    I kind of liked the original idea but realized it’s not likely I’d ever be able to win anything. Since ’09 I’ve barely gamed at all and when I do I’m no longer hunting trophies as much as I use to. Still a nice feature and reason to replay, continue playing, do something you never would have….. Anyway the raffle idea is great. It ensures everyone has some chance at winning and more importantly allows everyone who wants the ability to participate.

    As for Odds. It all comes down to luck. Just because someone has 30k entries doesn’t mean they’re overpowering the competition and bound to win. That just means instead of 1:1000 they increased their odds to 3:1000. Obviously that’s not the exact numbers but you get the idea. Odds are going to be based on total entries so regardless of how many you have the odds are not in your favor. At the end of the day any entrant has a shot at winning and that’s what matters. Will you get lucky or not.

  • I’m saving all 239 of my golds for the mystery box.

    It shall be MINE. :)

  • Thanks for holding a contest I couldn’t enter. To see what I mean, go to the log in page and try to enter December as the month for your birthday. If you can do it you’re a better man than me Charlie Brown.

    How about next time set the site up better guys.

  • For 21 years of living I never won a single contest of anything in my entire life..I’ll pass cause I had given up on the fact that contest and sweepstakes is a scam to make people buy into that product to think they will win something, when in the end it is just a useless gamble.

  • What people don’t see is that even if your angry that a player might have way way way more golds than you still means that they wont win. For all you know some guy who only has like 1 gold trophy can win a prize after all, and if that one trophy entry user ever won Id shake their hand.

    Heck I mean look at the lottery.. A man where I lived just needed change for his hundred dollar bill and bought one ticket. Beat the whole state he did and won.

  • Sounds interesting, especially seeing how it involves a draw system.

    For those of us who play a little bit less there is also the mail in option.
    Bit pricey seeing the cost of stamps these days, but more entries either way.

    I figure they might keep a few people to the side to verify the accounts of the winners.
    Hence the multiple day wait for the results.

    Everyone, good luck =)

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