Killzone: Mercenary Updated Today

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Killzone: Mercenary Updated Today

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Hi, everyone. We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the second update for Killzone: Mercenary.

Firstly, we need to start off with the bad news. You’ll see that the patch size is similar to that of the previous patch, and you’ll need a spare 1190MB in order to download it. When this new patch installs, the first patch will essentially be deleted, but you will need the extra space initially. This download is necessary in order to pave the way for future planned revisions to the game.

We’re currently investigating solutions to reduce the overall size of the title and free up more of your valuable memory card space. We hope to be able to share more news on that work very soon. However, it seems unlikely to us that the overall size of the downloaded game, plus the patch, will ever be under 4GB.

Killzone Mercenary on PS VitaKillzone Mercenary on PS Vita

The main focus for the second patch has been in targeting some of the connectivity issues that have been experienced over the last month. We’re hoping that many of you who were previously unable to connect into the community will now be able to enjoy Killzone: Mercenary to its fullest.

The other main area of work has been to provide a better distribution of respawn points across all game modes. The intention here is to give a better balance to the multiplayer games.

We’ve also addressed the issue that some of you were reporting with loadout slots not being unlocked, in addition to problems with the melee medal (which was always being awarded as a “bronze”).

Finally, there are also a number of stability fixes, to address some of the crashes that have been reported.

Please note that our previous workaround information regarding connectivity is now redundant, and it’s recommended that any steps you may have followed in order to connect should now be reverted.

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Killzone Mercenary on PS VitaKillzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Getting everyone into games (and keeping them there) remains our number one goal on the Mercenary team. Given the myriad of network setups and usage patterns out there, we realize that issues may still arise. As such, we’ve now set up a poll to allow more detailed feedback to be given.

Please be assured that we monitor the forums regularly in an effort to focus our development towards the most common issues and requests.

We hope to be able to share more details on the next patch in the near future. For now though, please enjoy the updates, and continue to relay your feedback through the official forum.

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  • This game and it’s patches is quite the disaster for someone with a 4GB memory card…



    – Killzone Mercenary
    – Soul Sacrifice
    – Guacamelee
    – Zen Pinball 2l / Star Wars Pinball / Kick Beat

    No specific order = this games ARE TERRIFIC!

  • Keep it up Guerilla. Goodluck!

  • cool update : )

  • The only issue I have is with no mid mission saves. I get interrupted regularly and I feel like I need to “rush” through levels or wait until I have a block of time to play how I want to. Games for handhelds really need to have a save anywhere anytime function (even if it sends me back a little to a check point but not the beginning). I really like the game but because of this “issue” I haven’t even started the 4th mission yet…and I bought the game LAUNCH day.

  • Ugh I have to get this game soon, I like the KZ universe. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • I want!!!!?

  • What are your plans for DLC for this game? Co-op contracts, new maps, and a Helghast mercenary campaign would be nice! :)

  • i will buy any games that the size >4gb for vita .

  • I think it’s about time Sony offers 8 gig cards for the games since 4 gigs is not enough for some games. We’ve had games that have come very close to the limit of what the 4gb cards can handle including BlazBlue Continuun Shift. It’s also true that card prices in general needs to drop so that more people will be willing to pay for larger capacity cards and at the same time. people will be willing to purchase more downloadable games.

  • GC dont waste your time investigating solutions to reduce the overall size of this game,spend that time for some DLC please.

  • still doesnt find any multiplayer games. i love this game but i havent had my multiplayer fix in months! whas wrong here?

  • any chance they’ll release a version of the game with the patch included in the game card?

  • You’d better post your own properly encoded Killzone Shadowfall video of the demo presented on GTTV, that show was complete and utter crap and does a great disservice to your game! So do it here now and fast!

  • Great game, a True masterpiece for a playstation vita if you ask me. Adding a wave mode to a game like This would be even more better. Hope it Will be added.

  • @Elvick– As someone who posts quite frequently to many mediums.. It’s odd to see that you’re only with a 4 GB memory card.. I suppose you DO usually complain if there’s no retail release, but an avid fan should invest! My 64 GB is coming in today and I’m going to love it.. I hate shifting around physical cards and fearing losing them.


    Glad to see Guerrilla addressing the complaints…
    Because i was one of those lucky few who would literally be kicked out of a winning and leading online match!!!

    But for all of those saying it’s GAME of YEAR material… I would disagree… The game doesn’t bring anything new to FPS shooters… sure it pushes the vita graphically and in some ways it nails the controls (except for sniping) but who cares…

    The bottom line is INNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY is a fundamental aspect to any game. Making Killzone a simple FPS REMIX of the generations!!!

    PSVITA Game of the YEAR….. Guacamelee

    Game of the year in Every console… Last of Us!!!

  • Any idea if we are getting map packs soon?

  • Yay I can play online now!

    If you need space for the patch you can upload your save to the PSN with PS+ and delete the game, then download the patch and your save data (Well, if you have the game card…).

  • @68
    JohnnyCal25, I don’t know who gave you the responsibility of handing out “awards”, but you’re free to voice your opinion. That said, there’s nothing innovative about Guacamelee. Stylistically it’s a cool game, but what’s innovative about a side scrolling 2d platformer?

    Maybe Killzone: Mercenary doesn’t evolve the FPS genre, but it is certainly the best FPS on the Vita, and is a fully-realized, console-like experience on a handheld. It is also the handheld FPS that Vita owners have been clamoring for. So, based on popular opinion, I’d say that Guerrilla Games has earned some kind of GOTY status for a handheld.

  • Has the new patch created a whole new problem of getting online?? I had no issues before the new patch.. Now I can’t get online in killzone =(


  • Like some others, the patch seems to have created another set of problems. I CANNOT join a friend’s game after the patch and I CANNOT start a party match as everyone gets kicked out. Never had issues before, but now there is no nework connection to the host.


  • After the new update I can’t play any online matches at all. The game keep telling me I signed out of PSN. I was able to get into matches before the lastest update. I had issues getting into games, but after a few tries I was able to play until this new patch.

  • Same here. I was able to play a set of inlet – marketplace flawlessly. Trying to play a game now connects to PSN, then KZ server on multiplayer press, then shows logged out of PSN prior to looking for game. Rinse. Repeat. Turning vita completely off and back on again doesn’t seem to help. =(

  • I am also having the “signed out of PSN” problem. Only started about an hour ago though. Anyone else having this issue? I want to know if this is a wide spread problem.

  • Same prob here. Never had prob before the new patch, now keeps saying not signed into psn.

  • I havn’t been able to connect to multiplayer since I updated, anyone else having issues?

  • LOL should have read other comments before posting, looks like this is a big problems then. Just spent an hour setting up port forwarding as thought it was a problem with my setup.


  • easily the best VITA. love it!

  • VITA game.
    would LOVE to be able to edit comments. Sony, billions of dollars, but no ability to edit comments on website.

  • thanks for this guys. I still havent played the MP since i was playing the SP. i can say the game its pretty awesome and loved that the game was happening at the same time as KZ2. congrats and thanks for giving us this quality game that the vita deserve.

  • Before the update i was able to play the game without any flaws. After i downloaded and installed the new update i was unable to play multiplayer. It says that i cannot sign into playstation network but its just the game. Please fix soon so i can get back to enjoying my Ps Vita.

  • One of the biggest reasons I used my 360 over my PS3 is because they kept their patches under 10MBs 95% of the time. I understand games will need bigger patches as time goes on, but why has it ALWAYS been 100 times bigger with Sony’s consoles? I still love the game, but this is getting annoying. I can’t imagine what this would be like for people with slow connections.

  • How about fixing the single player glitches of those big gunners getting stuck in doorways and preventing me from advancing a mission huh? How about getting rid of or increasing the time on those puzzle deals to open data boxes and doors. The time is not enough and gets irritating to those of us with bad short term memory skills. The difficulty is still way too hard even on easy at times and that needs to toned down. I’m about ready to bug Sony on the phone to get a refund if I push them enough. I’ve been refunded a digital game before so it is possible. The game would be perfect without stupid puzzles that are time sensitive and difficulty that is not toned so high even on easy. You fix those two things and it would be vita game of the year, otherwise it isn’t fun and more aggravating to play and enjoy.

  • I definitely Disagree with Crazy.

    At least with the hacking ,puzzles, or time sensitive.

    Love puzzles, and glad anything interesting can be implemented so it is not simply “run and gun”, with no tactics.

    It is of course a FPS, but a few extra obstacles to differentiate gameplay is better for those that encourage being challenged in other than just the little pond we are used to.

  • But, make sure to stick to the core element.

  • ________________________________________
    + afflicti0n on October 18th, 2013 at 2:26 pm said:
    Has the new patch created a whole new problem of getting online?? I had no issues before the new patch.. Now I can’t get online in killzone =(

    I am working now!! For some reason right after I
    patched online wouldn’t work but it works now!!

    Thank you for supporting killzone mercenary!!

  • Only got the chance to play one round, but Iliked it.

    I even got the chance to use cover, as it was meant to be used.

    Look forward to trying it out more.

  • Awesome I feel like I been missing out, now I hope I could start playing some online!

  • Sweet!!! Looks like it’s working properly again. Thanks!

  • Rezolution77 it isn’t all about you hardcore gamers all the time in games. Not all of us want a bootcamp to go through in difficulty and puzzles to enjoy a game we also spend money to buy. We all should have opinions to enjoy that game at our own difficulty pace. All they need to do is make it easier on easy difficulty with the puzzles by increasing the time by double what it is currently or completely removing the puzzles by allowing us to buy a device that opens them automatic for a very high price to buy in the market place as like a new van guard to use or device we always can carry in the grenade slot. Or just remove the puzzles on easy difficulty and reduce the money received on easy difficulty than it is now for such a change and keep the puzzles on in harder difficulty’s.

  • Right now these puzzles are game breaking for me. I was really enjoying the game up until the later mission door puzzles and data box puzzles. I said to myself DEAR GOD THEY JUST HAD TO ADD A ANNOYING USELESS STRESS FEATURE TO OUR GAMEPLAY. Now I haven’t touched the game since encountering more of those annoying puzzles. Ruins the fun of collecting and spending yo money if I suck at the puzzles and cant advance further cause of them. The time is not enough.

  • If they can’t address my issues with this game above Im going to have to try request for refund cause Im stuck on the game then. The puzzles are ridiculous man. The difficulty even on easy is ridiculous. Its like Im playing on hard. I kinda wish I never bought this and got soul sacrifice instead. I loved the demo on that game. Just wasted 36 bucks on this digital game is all I did.

  • Please bring some new maps to the game and add coop. It would be sweet. You’ll have my support, day one purchase.

  • Hey Zionine, where are you importing your 64GB card from? Amazon complains about my address. Other things I have been able to import. Not PSVita games of accessories, help!!

  • Just wanted to followup – have had 0 issues w/ MP since patch day. Thinking maybe just a hiccup w/ the server/psn on patch day? All is good. Thanks for (finally) a sweet FPS on the vita!

  • But i’m still being pushed out of mulitplayer time and time again but even more now with this new patch

  • This is the game that other developers needed to see to realize an FPS on the Vita was not only possible but incredibly enjoyable with great controls. I think when CoD came out, people probably thought “Ok, this is as good as it’s going to get for the Vita.” Ummm, no, that game was horrible. KZM is outstanding. When I bought my Vita a month or so ago everyone at Gamestop was like, “You have to buy this! They did this FPS right!” So I did and they weren’t lying. I want to thank Cambridge for showing everyone this was possible, giving us a great campaign and outstanding multiplayer. The patches just make it all even better.

  • Voice chat for multiplayer?

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