Killzone: Mercenary Updated Today

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Killzone: Mercenary Updated Today

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Hi, everyone. We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the second update for Killzone: Mercenary.

Firstly, we need to start off with the bad news. You’ll see that the patch size is similar to that of the previous patch, and you’ll need a spare 1190MB in order to download it. When this new patch installs, the first patch will essentially be deleted, but you will need the extra space initially. This download is necessary in order to pave the way for future planned revisions to the game.

We’re currently investigating solutions to reduce the overall size of the title and free up more of your valuable memory card space. We hope to be able to share more news on that work very soon. However, it seems unlikely to us that the overall size of the downloaded game, plus the patch, will ever be under 4GB.

Killzone Mercenary on PS VitaKillzone Mercenary on PS Vita

The main focus for the second patch has been in targeting some of the connectivity issues that have been experienced over the last month. We’re hoping that many of you who were previously unable to connect into the community will now be able to enjoy Killzone: Mercenary to its fullest.

The other main area of work has been to provide a better distribution of respawn points across all game modes. The intention here is to give a better balance to the multiplayer games.

We’ve also addressed the issue that some of you were reporting with loadout slots not being unlocked, in addition to problems with the melee medal (which was always being awarded as a “bronze”).

Finally, there are also a number of stability fixes, to address some of the crashes that have been reported.

Please note that our previous workaround information regarding connectivity is now redundant, and it’s recommended that any steps you may have followed in order to connect should now be reverted.

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Killzone Mercenary on PS VitaKillzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Getting everyone into games (and keeping them there) remains our number one goal on the Mercenary team. Given the myriad of network setups and usage patterns out there, we realize that issues may still arise. As such, we’ve now set up a poll to allow more detailed feedback to be given.

Please be assured that we monitor the forums regularly in an effort to focus our development towards the most common issues and requests.

We hope to be able to share more details on the next patch in the near future. For now though, please enjoy the updates, and continue to relay your feedback through the official forum.

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  • thanks! One of the best games for Vita

  • Definitely appreciate the continued support for the title. I’m very glad to hear you’re looking into reducing the filesize. Awesome game, and awesome work all around. It’s a shame that extrinsic factors are some of the most complaint-meriting aspects of the title.

  • Is team switching available now?

  • Team switching or joining a game as a party and actually being on the same team would be nice…


    Are there going to be new maps, game modes, contracts in the future? :D
    I understand that the connectivity is your priority and that’s great! But I’d support the heck out of new content/DLC. :)

  • Glad to see support for the game after launch!

    And I am especially glad to see the melee medal bug fixed!

  • PLEASE do not reduce the size of the game or patch! The bigger the file means BETTER QUALITY so it’s worth it!

    Hope some developer will also follow this format and continue developing HIGH GRAPHICS games. I don’t care if game size are big i.e. 4gb or 5gb+ because it has the BEST QUALITY!

  • Great, will give the multiplayer another go, definitely enjoyed it when working!

  • i really hope sony finds a way to update game/updates directly into the original binary uploaded from the psn store so that when users download something, it will already include the latest patch or updated version of a software. for example look at facebook app, u gotta download the original app , and then download an update to install over the original file. why can’t sony find a way to give us a latest version of a game/app directly just like the apple app store does, u always find the latest version of a game/ app even when u delete an app, next time u download, u will always download the latest version, does that make any sense?

  • @7 you gotta understand some of us don’t have the space on our lame 4 gig memory cards. Sony needs to get that 64gb one to NA like now.

  • I wish you guys would add an option for me to quit mid single player mission and resume at the checkpoint

    As it is now, it only saves your progress after you finish an entire mission, which in 2013 is unheard of! What if I play for 20 minutes and want to play another game? If I quit I lose my progress

  • I just Wish they Add a Dlc WITH COOP(multiplayer and offline) Horde Mode(wave Mode) That would be totally awesome and add up some offline replay Value to the game.

  • @10 I’m importing my 64 GB.. coming in tomorrow. :)

  • Cool! Please, add function too choose team before match start

  • Awesome news, can’t wait for the (hopefully inevitable) DLC announcement. Best game on Vita by far

  • @ #10 This the purpose why people preferred vita because of its console quality games. How can we experience console quality games if game size are only 400 mb below or game patch at 100mb below? Since you can afford to buy a vita then why not change your 4gb memory to higher one.

  • Thanks for this post. PS+ auto-updates are great, but they skip over the screen that shows what was included in the update. Something to think about Sony.

  • Thanks for the support however I don’t recall having any of these problems. I have to put down Persona 3 Portable and get back into this awesome game!

  • I am glad to see that my multiplayer stats are registering on the multiplayer leaderboards. Is there any way to get my complete stats from my user profile (MP mainly) over into the leaderboards or is it impossible if the profile information is stored locally?

    I know there was a period of time where no stats were registering.

    Map DLC is welcomed, but not expected this soon given the game has only been out a month. Great game and nice shooter experience on the handheld. All other developers take note.

  • Any plan on patching the campaign to save at checkpoints when closing out the game? This is my only complaint about the game, since this is on a portable device and may only have 10 minutes to play at a time. Some times I don’t bother with the campaign because of this. Anyway, still an excellent game. And thanks for the patch.

  • Bring the 64GB cards to North America. Getting tired of these memory issues. Whoever calls the shots on this, `wake up` and get it done already.

    Thank-you Guerilla Cambridge for all the hard work and a truly great handheld shooter. Cheers.

  • Can we get some DLC? An offline MP mode with bots would be GREAT! All I ask.

  • “I wish you guys would add an option for me to quit mid single player mission and resume at the checkpoint
    As it is now, it only saves your progress after you finish an entire mission, which in 2013 is unheard of! What if I play for 20 minutes and want to play another game? If I quit I lose my progress”
    Yeah, and that too. And add load checkpoint

  • @22 Thats What I am Talking About

  • Yeah.. an endless “Horde”-mode esque game type where you could co-op with folks.. that’s always a great thing to add! :)

    +Asphaltum: Just import it.. it costs about the same and works just fine on our Vitas. I added 12$ for tracking and fast shipping cause I get nervous.. but that’s not bad for what you’re getting–access to the newest stuff, much earlier than other folks.

  • Nice to see some pictures of Danner in the action there!

    I haven’t had much problems connecting, but I’m glad you’re continuing to support the game to get other people online. The multiplayer is a lot of fun. I really hope the future work you are doing will include a few more online maps though – that will really increase the replay value of the game.

    Keep up the good work and while you’re at it – please get started on making Killzone: Mercenary 2!

  • Does anyone know how to update a vita game through their PS3 instead of the vita since my college’s new WiFi does not support it, however it supports my PS3

  • @27 Ottoroyal- Have you tried deleting it from your Vita and downloading a new copy on the PS3 after the update and putting it onto your Vita?

    (You obviously have to save your save file somewhere first)

  • As someone who does not have access to a wifi source capable of letting me play multiplayer, I would really appreciate an offline Bots mode like in Killzone 2 and 3.

    I’ve exhausted my playthroughs of the contracts and would love a reason to keep coming back for some fun entertainment.

  • Ok I was waiting fo a price drop, but the team behind this game s committed and I as an avid gamer support teams like this, I will go today and buy the physical version and download this patch and just enjoy.

    Thanks mercenary developers for your support on a title for vita that is heavily struggling with sales.

  • Is it possible to release in the future a game card already patched?

  • @28 I have the physical version rather than the downloadable one

  • I am so glad that the game is getting supported, but this is the third time I’ve had to delete games from my 32gb card, just to fit my downloaded version of Killzone Mercenary or one of its patches. Those 64gb memory cards would come in handy, here in the States.

  • Get rid of the input lag please.

  • I just got into starting to play a lot of multiplayer last night and yeah, I’m glad to see this update releasing, haha, a great multiplayer (and single player!) though =D

  • I was initially frustrated to read this patch would be just as large as the previous one but seeing as it is done away with, it seems perfectly well to me.
    I think the complaints about loading from checkpoints are silly. There’s a sleep mode on your Vita for a reason, and sometimes I resume a contract I was playing from over a day ago. If you really just want to change games perhaps you’re getting bored too quickly.
    I believe a few things would improve MP. Randomizing teams after every match. Sometimes one team is just dominating and it keeps things fresh to swap. And because sometimes teams are uneven, bringing players over to another team to make it balanced would help.
    Offline bots are highly requested. It’d be highly useful for us who take the game on the go, and fun.
    Finally I hope there is some DLC in the future. :) I’m also happy to hear that possible solutions are being worked out to reduce the filesize, even if it may never come under 4gb for users who bought digitally.

  • Leave Brazil. PS4 at $ 1,800 is a steal.

  • Go home Sony. Leave Brazil. PS4 at $ 1,800 is a steal.

  • I have three suggestions for future patches…

    1. Add Ad-Hoc play. I have a friend at work who also has a PS Vita. I’m not sure that he has Mercenary, but the thing is, we don’t have Wi-Fi at work, and I’d love to be able to play with him while at work.

    2. Skip the Cambridge logo/Title screen when joining a friend via invite or their profile screen (yes, you can join session in progress).

    3. I’m not sure if you can do this in private matches or not, but I’d love to be able to select/vote on maps I want to play, especially if DLC is being planned in the future.

  • Oh, and 4. Save my single player progress at EACH AND EVERY CHECKPOINT. This is supposed to be an on-the-go experience, right? Kinda defeats the purpose if I have to play for 20+ mins at a time…

  • Working great! Can’t wait to see what else is planned for the future!

  • “An offline MP mode with bots would be GREAT!”
    ^ This please.

  • @32 Ottoroyal — Ouch. I’d say get to a starbucks/mcdonalds.. or somewhere nearby… a college campus should have some sort of wifi.. or places around it with wifi, and get your updates that way.. it’d be a 2 hour crunch probs. x_x

  • Time to start organizing my memory card. Thanks for the update. I love the game.

  • Thank You! I have never been able to connect to a multiplayer game in Killzone and was about to give up on this game. Hopefully this works for me.

  • Thanks for continuing to update this title! Are there any improvements to texture quality? The other eye candy is great, but none of the maps and lighting tricks make up for how bad the textures look close up. Is there not texture LOD on environmental assets?

    Texture quality is my biggest disappointment in most of the non-indie Vita games I’ve played. Gravity Rush, LittleBigPlanet, and Killzone all have really chunky textures on models close to the camera. I guess the assumption is that the screen is “small” enough that people won’t notice, but it is *quite* noticeable. The Vita’s screen is its main asset and differentiator at the presentation level, so the texture quality that is acceptable for iPhone games simply isn’t acceptable for Vita games.

    Looking forward to texture and LOD improvements in Vita games across the board :)

  • This is why I bought the physical copy, you can go in and delete the old patch and download the new one without much hassle. The problems with memory are for people who bought the digital copy as the patch becomes part of the main file. It is a separate entity for the physical copy.

  • Thanks Matt.

    I actually purchased a new 32 GB card at the discounted price as my others are filled.

    Loving this game.

    Can’t see why so many people still say there’s nothing good on the Vita…this is a great game !

  • Love balancing, and a more fun and challenging game.

    Not worried about game size though, we need larger and lower priced memory.
    *Although if it impacts the abilty to create larger dimensions, without slowing gameplay, I welcome it.

    Other than that, more GB, can sometimes mean a larger game , which can usually mean more.
    And with a GREAT game like Killzone Mercanary, more is better.

    Mutiplayer is the only thing I could see improvements on.

    *Such as a goal oriented objective, other than king of the hill type strategy on capsule hacking.*
    (Making one at a time in the centermost area between players???)
    *And possibly a game match offering only one life*
    *Or the reduction of cheap weapons, such as automatic firing with 100% accuracy*
    *Or for killbots and skyfurys needing more kills to activate.*

    Sill love the idea of better spawnpoints, nothing more aggrvating then a cycle of shooting or getting shot in the back.

    A free map, or two wouldnt hurt either.

  • And if you do not have a trigger grip yet, I recommend them.
    I have fairly large hands, and it has helped considerably, with hand and thumb comfort.

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