inFAMOUS Second Son Limited and Collector’s Editions Revealed

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inFAMOUS Second Son Limited and Collector’s Editions Revealed

The PS4 launch is right around the corner, which means plenty of fantastic, next-gen games to check out on November 15th! But today, we’re here to update you on inFAMOUS Second Son. Sucker Punch Productions has devoted tremendous effort to it so far, and we’ve been working with them to reward gamers who pre-order with not only the exclusive vests we announced, but also an upgraded, limited edition that gives you a unique foil cover, as well as Cole’s Legacy DLC.

Behold! The inFAMOUS Second Son Limited Edition for only $59.99! Like the title says, it’s limited, so if you’re interested, don’t forget to pre-order. This item won’t be available after launch.

Infamous Second Son Limited Edition

Don’t worry if you’ve already pre-ordered, by the way. You’ll automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition!

But what’s this Cole’s Legacy DLC we mentioned? For one, it won’t be available for purchase when inFAMOUS Second Son launches. It’s only available through these offers here. It’s additional downloadable content you’ll be able to play that uncovers what happened between the devastating events of Infamous 2 and inFAMOUS Second Son.

Cole MacGrath’s actions in New Marias set in motion a chain of events leading to the now forceful occupation of Seattle by the oppressive Department of Unified Protection. Cole’s Legacy bridges this gap in time with a series of missions Delsin Rowe must complete that reveal unique insights into how the world of inFAMOUS Second Son came to be.

And for those of you looking for something to collect, look no further than the inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition for only $79.99.

Infamous Second Son Collector's Edition

The inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition contains everything you need to get into the Infamous universe. This beautiful, very limited collector’s edition contains a copy of inFAMOUS Second Son, an exclusive cover, exclusive in-game vest, a replica of Delsin’s beanie, a set of pins, decals, a DUP patch, and Cole’s Legacy DLC!

The Limited and Collector’s Editions will be gone pretty quickly, so be sure to pre-order before the game comes out early next year, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more Infamous content and news!

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  • ya know i love that the CE is not going to be that much more but aside from the pins and Cole’s Jacket i don’t see me dishing out the extra money. its a shame the LE cover is so much more badass looking than the CE. if they were reversed i’d totally consider it. also i’m a bit disappointed there is no statue for this game. i was looking forward to adding it to my shelf and putting him next to Cole.

  • And by this I mean getting initially preorder bumped to Limited Edition.

  • Do you guys at Sucker Punch think it is possible to suggest that for the Collector’s Edition that you get the Hand cover and the Limited Edition’s Cover as a flip side? I like the Limited Edition’s Cover better personally and I want the collector’s edition!

    • We haven’t determined what we’ll put on the other side, but we’ll certainly take your feedback into consideration.

  • Yeah not a fan of the handprint

  • So I REALLY want that limited edition just for the DLC story. But I won’t be getting a PS4 at launch. I’m actually really hoping for a Second Son PS4 bundle. Any chance of that happening and would it come with the limited edition version of the game?

  • When can i pre-order ?

  • To GabbalancelTA, you can preorder it on Amazon right now.

    I was actually wondering, is there any chance that the North America CE will get the Vest game cover that Europe is getting? This won’t affect my preorder, but that vest cover is so cool.

  • Oh man my birthday is in Feb and happens to fall on a Tuesday. If this game launches on my B-day I am gonna be so happy

  • Sweet! Thanks :)

  • I hope y’all have a Infamous PS4 bundle next year that includes this. I plan to get a PS4 next year.

  • Thank you for including actually useful things, like the beanie, and the bag in the Infamous 2 CE. What I hate about CE’s is things like statues and other crap that just sits on a shelf and collects dust. Although I can’t say I’ll find the stickers useful, I’ll probably end up throwing the pins on my Infamous 2 bag.

    Please, with future releases from Sucker Punch, continue this great trend of real life, useful items. Thank you.

  • Where can I pre-order the Collector’s Edition?

  • Is there any chance we get this as pre-order from the PSN? I love the digital world, almost doesn´t own any physical content…

  • Like somebody else asked, even though I won’t have a PS4 when Second Sons comes out, will the Cole’s dlc have an expiration date or can I hold on to my unopened copy for a year and not worry about losing it?

    • It’ll have an expiration date on the voucher, but it won’t expire for a while. Best bet would be to enter your code into your account and it’ll be waiting for you when you get your PS4!

  • Hi! I have a question about the pre-order vests announced a little while ago.

    Do you happen to have a full list of retailers offering the promo? I just preordered from Amazon since they’re my preferred retailer, but I’m not seeing anything about the vests. I just double-checked the trailer and all it said was an ambiguous “Available at Participating Retailers”. Do I no get the vests if I preordered from Amazon? I know skins are pointless, but I’d still like to have them

    I can’t wait for this game! Sucker Punch is my favorite developer and Sly 1 has been #1 on my all-time best games list since it launched in 2001!

    • I’ll see what we can do about a full list – in the meantime, I just searched on their site and there’s a listing for the vests. If you pre-ordered, you’ll get the vests AND the LE.

  • Also, I concur with #53

  • Is that the final cover art for the Collector’s Edition? Because the Limited Edition art, on top of the whole being foil thing looks and sounds pretty appealing to me. I do want the Collector’s Edition, but I’m loving the Limited Edition artwork much more, which prevents me from feeling 100% about it. Are there any other details known about the Collectors Edition case if that IS the final artwork? Is it embossed, slip-cased, lenticular, also foil, etc.? I realize it’s not important, and won’t detract from what I’m sure will be a phenomenal addition to a great franchise, but I’m still curious!

  • A foil cover? Sweeeet. That’ll look gorgeous. Wish more special editions did this! Really happy it’s not a tin case. Those are just awkward next to snap cases on shelves.

  • I also preordered the collector’s edition and also want the foil cover of the limited editon. #53 has the best solution by having the collector’s editon art printed on one side and the foil cover art printed on the other side. Make it happen Sony!

  • So will both editions come with the previous DLC bonus jackets?

  • Seriously guys no chance of a Steelbook

    Oh come on Sucker Punch you have to make a Steelbook for that Hand cover packaging, it screams Steelbook. It’s simple but effective and thats what most Steelbooks need these days.

    Every other Sony release Resistance 3 – Beyond Two Souls – Uncharted 2 – Uncharted 3 – Last of Us – Killzone 3 – Playstation All Stars have all had Steelbooks.

    Imagine Second Son having the first PS4 steelbook

  • is the CE coming to uk?

  • So if we buy the collectors edition, will we still get the limited edition foil cover?

  • When will the pre-orders be available for Canada?

  • The Collector’s Edition is very underwhelming compared to the inFamous 2 one.

    I’d have loved a figure of Delsin to put next to Cole.

  • Thanks for the reply! I was on a mobile browser, so that may have been my problem.

  • Is it a possibility that anything more will be added onto the limited or collectors edition before the game is released?

  • A double sided cover would be amazing. The limited edition cover looks SICK.

  • Wow this is a nice offer.

    But If I pre-order and I don’t get the bonus Cole’s Legacy DLC/limted edition, and you will NEVER release it on the PSN, then I won’t buy the game.

    This is a risky thing to do, making such important DLC so limited.

    • If you pre-order before quantities run out, you’ll be upgraded to the LE. So you’ll be able to get the pre-order vests AND the LE that contains Cole’s Legacy.

  • Any chance of a PS Vita version of infamous coming out….one of the best franchises in the palm of your hands sounds awesome.

  • Oh I’m going to pre order it today/tomorrow now that we know about these versions/dlc etc..

    But pre ordering isn’t a guarantee to get the LE. As you’ve stated: “they’ll be gone quickly” so if a lot of people have already pre ordered, it could be too late since it’s ‘limited’.

  • Story connection DLC? really lame in my opinion. Lamer than the comics
    What’s the point of crafting a decent story then hiding it behind additional loops and hoops of fire?

    Yet, that’s how things work these days. Developers don’t wait until AFTER the game is out to tell us “Hey we cut some content / hid some content for DLC” they tell us BEFORE the game launches. Honestly tired of this nonsense.

    As a fan, I’m just saying that – If the game is good, you guys won’t need to worry about money flow. It will come. :D

    I won’t name names but if it’s a 4 hour suckfest, don’t show up on twitter mocking other companies games in the attempt to keep people playing yours while everyone flocks elsewhere. Again, won’t name names, but a specific company just did that and it made them look sour despite their game being jampacked with DLC.

  • I think a big problem is what if some people want to own all of their games digitally, but also want the benefits of a collector’s edition? What if CE’s came with just a voucher to download the game (in addition to all of the physical items and bonuses)?

    I feel like this is something Sony should take into consideration (if they haven’t already), as it would help push the transition to digital.

  • Will the collector’s edition be available for pre order on Amazon or is it a gamestop exclusive?

  • I hope it doesnt become a kingdom hearts 1.5 situation. Preorder for the limited edition, then the store doesnt get nearly enough and just decides to hand them out to the first people who get the game regardless of preorders.

    • We hope so too. Can’t control that store-level experience, but we definitely plan on producing enough units to cover pre-orders!

  • The Collector’s Edition comes with the pre-order vests, right? If that’s so, I am immediately upgrading my pre-order to collector’s edition.

  • I know it must be a “stupid” question, but: will it be possible to also offer a print or a code of the limited edition cover artwork? Because, I love both the LE and CE covers, but if I had to choose one I would most likely use the LE one. :D

  • Is the CE coming to the UK? I’ve looked on all the big sites like ShopTo, Amazon UK, Play, GAME and even Zavvi but cant find it, is there any news?

  • Are these bonuses available vi amazon pre-order?

  • i pre ordered CE but want echo what i believe 90% people are thinking, LE art work awesome! CE meh =/

  • ok, thanks for the replies.

    I’m in, Infamous is the series that helped me choose PS3 as my console last generation and I have high hopes for this game.

    If you’re trying to make enough to cover all pre orders than the only possible issue I’ll have is what someone else mentioned, how good stores are at giving the right copy to people.

  • I found the limited edition pre order on Best Buy, but it’s still has the price at $60, but it says $80 on here. Is the one on Best Buy right and I’d get all this stuff? or is there another site that’s correct if this one’s not. And when I click on the link to open the page to get more details, it goes back to the original version of the pre oreder.

    • The Limited Edition is $59.99. The Collector’s Edition is $79.99. Best Buy has it right.
      Check as well! They have both up.


    I have bought many collectors editions of games strictly for PS3 and I love inFAMOUS I have a platinum trophy in both inFAMOUS 1 & 2 and 100% in Festival Of Blood. I love this franchise but PLEASE make the artwork of the LE available for the CE I don’t care if one side is the hand and the other side is Delsin just make the artwork available…. I’d definitely put Delsin on the face cover of my CE if possible!



  • Are they going to offer the collector’s edition as part of a bundle with the PS4 when the game is released?

  • Would the Cole’s Legacy DLC come with the digital version of inFAMOUS Second Son?

  • Wish OI had money but I don’t and it sucks because I have all the infamouses and heave all the add on and all I need is this one

  • This is infuriating. I like the case for the LE better then the CE. But the CE is so much better with the things it offers. I don’t know which to get :(

  • Ah yeah definitely getting this for sure Doods, this will be a most excellent adventure. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Awesome!

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