inFAMOUS Second Son Limited and Collector’s Editions Revealed

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inFAMOUS Second Son Limited and Collector’s Editions Revealed

The PS4 launch is right around the corner, which means plenty of fantastic, next-gen games to check out on November 15th! But today, we’re here to update you on inFAMOUS Second Son. Sucker Punch Productions has devoted tremendous effort to it so far, and we’ve been working with them to reward gamers who pre-order with not only the exclusive vests we announced, but also an upgraded, limited edition that gives you a unique foil cover, as well as Cole’s Legacy DLC.

Behold! The inFAMOUS Second Son Limited Edition for only $59.99! Like the title says, it’s limited, so if you’re interested, don’t forget to pre-order. This item won’t be available after launch.

Infamous Second Son Limited Edition

Don’t worry if you’ve already pre-ordered, by the way. You’ll automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition!

But what’s this Cole’s Legacy DLC we mentioned? For one, it won’t be available for purchase when inFAMOUS Second Son launches. It’s only available through these offers here. It’s additional downloadable content you’ll be able to play that uncovers what happened between the devastating events of Infamous 2 and inFAMOUS Second Son.

Cole MacGrath’s actions in New Marias set in motion a chain of events leading to the now forceful occupation of Seattle by the oppressive Department of Unified Protection. Cole’s Legacy bridges this gap in time with a series of missions Delsin Rowe must complete that reveal unique insights into how the world of inFAMOUS Second Son came to be.

And for those of you looking for something to collect, look no further than the inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition for only $79.99.

Infamous Second Son Collector's Edition

The inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition contains everything you need to get into the Infamous universe. This beautiful, very limited collector’s edition contains a copy of inFAMOUS Second Son, an exclusive cover, exclusive in-game vest, a replica of Delsin’s beanie, a set of pins, decals, a DUP patch, and Cole’s Legacy DLC!

The Limited and Collector’s Editions will be gone pretty quickly, so be sure to pre-order before the game comes out early next year, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more Infamous content and news!

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  • How much for the Collector’s Edition?

  • Is there any word on if this content will be available to those that do a digital pre-order?

  • I’m getting the Collector’s Edition for sure. I still to this day use the bag that came with the Infamous 2 Collector’s Edition.

  • Looks great, I wish there was a statue to put next to Cole, Nathan Drake and Kratos

  • Suppose I don’t have the money to purchase a PS4 at the moment, but I want that Cole’s Legacy DLC. Can I purchase the game at release, then activate the DLC through my PS3 so the code doesn’t expire?

  • Will this offer be for all retailers such as Amazon, Gamestop, and others? I already have it pre-ordered from Amazon and want to make sure that I get the DLC.

  • eh…sorry but i’m most likely just going to gamefly this game. i’ve never cared for extra stuff that doesn’t impact gameplay.

  • The pins are a pretty sweet idea…

    I don’t believe it’s been done before, and I wish more games would offer these.

  • And I just pre-ordered the standard edition two days ago! Looks like I’ll have to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition :p.

  • Will the DLC be available with digital preoders? If not, well, that throws a wrench in to these all-digital plans I’ve had.

  • Price?

  • Guys, @PlayStation_BR just gave us the price on #PS4 on Brazil almost 2000,00 USD… wtf, xbox one here is arround 1050,00 USD !

  • I would also like to know if these will be available through the digital pre-order. (not including the physical content obviously) BTW, will there be an early pre-order (like Knack was this past Tues.)? I would love to pay off the game early…

  • @7:

    It includes story DLC that bridges the gap between Infamous 2 & Second Son. That’s a pretty relevant piece of information if you’re at all interested in the Infamous universe. Although, this is sort of a weak move to keep this DLC locked behind a preorder — It’s reminds me of Asura’s Wrath offering the true ending of the game as paid DLC.

  • Is the pre-order bonus and Limited Edition only available through Gamestop? I pre-ordered through Best Buy, but I don’t see anything in their description about this bonus you’re talking about. I hope this isn’t the case. As someone who is a huge gamer and a fan of PS, I’d like to point out that I despise Gamestop. I really wish companies would stop giving Gamestop exclusive deals, it makes me sick.

  • It’s a pleasure to announce that we, here in Brazil, are very happy with Sony’s annoucement about our official PS4 price of R$ 3,999.00 or US$ 1,848.91 and the suggested game prices of R$ 179.00 or US$ 82.76. It has been a long and anxious wait for this pronouncement. I can’t explain how that makes us all happy here. Finally we understand how a so powerful console can cost only US$ 399.00 in the USA. I can’t wait to join my new console with the other Sony’s products: 2 Sony Vaio (SVS13A17GBB and SVF14A17PBS), 2 PSP (model 3010 both), 1 PS3, 1 PSVita, 1 Bravia Sony and 1 Sony Xperia ZQ. And this account is all full of games bought in PSN.

    Thanks, Sony!

  • That’s a pretty lackluster collector’s edition. I’ll stick with my limited edition. The soundtrack would be pretty cool to see as either a pre-order bonus or included with the collector’s edition.

  • Limited Edition it is! Was hoping for a release date or trailer, but you can’t have everything :(

  • no pricing? Thats important info to give when preording

  • What is the official box art for this game?

  • I’m curious to find out how large the digital file will be for this game? :D

  • How much ?

  • Those looks very good, depending on how much the collectors edition is, i might just buy it!!

  • Steelbook….PLEASE

    Any chance ?

  • Can we get the limited edition stuff via preordering on PSN?

  • Can we get an Infamous Second Son Conduit Edition that features a statue of Delsin?

  • It’s a little lame to make the “Cole’s Legacy” DLC pre-order exclusive. But since I was going to pre-order anyway, I’ll take it. After all, the Limited Edition will be the same price as the standard edition, just exclusive to pre-orders, correct?

    The Limited Edition cover art looks really awesome, by the way.

    And I’ll continue begging for this to be a PS4 launch title, but I know that won’t get me anywhere.

  • $79.99 on Amazon now, already preordered. I love my Infamous 2 bag and it’s been all over the world with me, can’t wait to use the beanie!

  • Collector’s edition is up for pre-order on Amazon for $80. That’s not a bad deal at all. I’ve got my order in. Now I just have to be patient for a release date. :3

  • Adding to the chorus of “What about digital versions/pre-ordering on PSN?”

  • Like the above users have said, I really liked the additional content in the InFamous 2 Collector’s Edition. The statue and the bag were very high quality. I swore I would go all-digital this gen, but I’ll pick this up specifically because you guys treated me so well last time.

    Here’s a link for anyone, looking to order from Amazon:

    Those pins will find a happy home on Cole’s messenger bag.

  • :) i absolutely love the world of inFAMOUS..ever since i started Cole’s adventure on the ps3, i was glad inFAMOUS is making the jump to next-gen. suker punch is an amazing company.

    i will be pre order the collectors edition.

  • Will the CE come with the foil cover or is that exclusive to the LE? I preordered back in February, Infamous is my fav PlayStation franchise. I bought the Hero Edition of infamous 2 so im definitely down for this!

  • Just ordered my CE on amazon!

    I’ve got my CE from inFamous, the cole messenger bag & I love it.

  • Release Date???

  • The price of PS4 here in Brazil is so unbelievably insane that even Infamous can’t make my day. 10 times higher than the american price is nonsense. Even though I’d love to import one of these collector’s edition, there’s no way I’ll spend that amount of money on a console :/


    However, I’m a little sad that you guys didn’t include a Delsin figurine, would’ve been great with my Cole figurine!

  • Humm…..Came to the post because I thought the boxart would be that hand…haha I was ready to bash…but nevermind the real boxart looks amazing and that Sly pin OMG I so want it….wish I could get the collector’s edition.

  • #22 According to EU €79.99 for LE and €89.99 for CE. Just replace € with $

  • That Cole’s Legacy DLC will be made purchasable eventually, 6 to 8 months down the line I bet. Like that infamous 2 DLC retailer exclusive skins which were later put on the PSN store

  • its not there a special edition also ? cause i have see in other spanish websites a special edition with a beanie and the dlc with a special edition boxart in white !!! is this only for europe ???

  • The only thing I’m disappointed in is that it doesn’t come with a Steelbook case like many other Limited/Collector’s editions. Will still be a fantastic game nonetheless!

  • My friend recommend the CE for me. Pre-order is locked. I never played inFamous 1 or 2 so I’m starting on them today!! PlayStation much love <3

  • Will this Cole’s Legacy be available as DLC after the game is released? I won’t have a PS4 by then and may not have the money to pre-order it. I’d love to play it once I own the console and the game.

    Please say yes :)

  • What I would like to know is why do the European collectors edition of the game comes with Delsin’s replica jacket and ours comes with pins, and a coin?

  • So I’m guessing the Limited Edition is just like the Regular copy cost-wise? To me the idea of a foil cover seems better.

    But will the Collectors Edition be shipped in as a box?

  • This looks awesome i am really looking forward to this game and i really need that collectors edition, i want to know if this will be available in Mexico? because the Infamous 2 collectors wasnt and i had to import it.

  • Looking at the second picture i thought those pins were Pogs lol. That would’ve been gutsy as hell

  • Yay, a CE!! Boo, no steel book!

    I will upgrade to the CE, thanks!

  • Does this apply to Canadian preorders too? Or is it a US thing?

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