Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, Escape Plan Coming to PS4

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Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, Escape Plan Coming to PS4

Hey, this is Nathan Gary over at Sony Santa Monica with some great news for PlayStation fans. For years, the team here at Santa Monica Studio has been pushing the boundaries of gaming with small, innovative games. Now, some of our best titles are making the jump to new PlayStation platforms — including PS4.

As you may have heard, thatgamecompany’s Flower is coming to PS Vita. Today I am happy to officially announce that it is also coming to PS4 and that both versions will launch on November 15th. Now this beautiful, meditative game can be experienced at 1080p and 60fps.

Flower on PS4

Flower on PS4Flower on PS4

I’m also excited to tell you that Sound Shapes, the ground-breaking musical platformer from Queasy Games, will also be joining Flower in the PS4 launch line-up on November 15th.

Sound Shapes on PS4Sound Shapes on PS4

Flower isn’t the only thatgamecompany title making its way to new places. We are also bringing flOw to PS Vita and PS4. This is the first game TGC released — the one that started it all. It will release for both PS4 and PS Vita on November 29th.

Flow on PS4Flow on PS4

But wait, that’s not all. Escape Plan, the dark, funny PS Vita survival game from Fun Bits Interactive, will be making the jump to the big screen and will launch on PS4 on November 29th. We have spent a lot of time reworking the controls for DualShock 4, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

Escape Plan on PS4Escape Plan on PS4

Finally, these are all Cross-Buy games, meaning if you buy it once, you’ll be able to download it for free on any available system. Oh, and one more thing: if you have purchased these games previously on PlayStation Store, they will be available to you when they release on PS4 or PS Vita at no additional charge.


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  • Really hope the release Journey for PS Vita too. Would love to play that on the go

  • Eager to hear about Journey making its way over as well.

  • yay! I already got 4 games for the ps4! :D

  • My question is: I have two PS3s with all my PSN games on them, do I have to deactivate one of my PS3’s to get content on the PS4 or will the licensing agreement be revised to include two PS3s and a PS4?

  • Any sale for Flower, Flow or Escape Plan? I don’t have they and want to buy.

  • Any word on 3d compatible?

  • This is cool! I would like to see more PS3 games ported over gradually on the PS4! :) Will Journey come out as well on the PS4?

  • The Playstation Eco-System at work right here. Amazing games. Amazing value

  • waiting for a response regarding owners of the Journey Collector’s Edition disk. do we also get the games free as with those that bought from Playstation Store? thanks

  • Thanks for doing this! I own all of these games and I would love to play them again on the new platforms.

  • I am another one of those who purchased Flower & flOw as part of the Journey Collector’s Edition (disc, not thru the PS store). I also am a Vita owner (since day 1) and have had my launch day PS4 pre-ordered for several weeks now. I just renewed my PS Plus membership the other day for the 3rd consecutive year, so I get to play these games that I purchased just like everybody else on all my PS systems too right? There are many loyal PlayStation customers in this exact position and we would greatly appreciate an official definitive answer to this.

  • After the delay in Watch Dogs I was thinking about waiting to get my PS4 but there are many small things to love in PS4… good thing I did not cancel yesterday my PS4 + WD bundle

  • Awesome!
    What about Journey?

  • Can we get a feature to Gift games and purchases to friends? :)

  • I may finally pick up Flower seeing how I will have all three systems this maybe that indie title I want. If they have an indie sale for the PS4 launch then I may pick up more. remote play and cross buy are the only reason i even want to get a PS4 at launch

  • Escape Plan DLC SALES?

  • This seems more like bad news.. it’s basically 100% confirmation that *by default* PS3 games will not be compatible in any way with PS4. (it’s up to the developer to offer a PS4 version)

    So if I want to play the huge library of stuff I downloaded to my PS3, I need to keep my PS3 hooked up. That’s a huge bummer…

  • add tokyo jungle to the mix.

  • Nevermind, i did a quick google, and they already confirmed that a month ago. Bummer.

  • Sony has been working hard to create more “value-adds” for the PS4. This one is also welcomed. While I own Escape Plan, Flower and Sound Shapes their willingness to make them “cross-own,” on all systems is very encouraging for future(and maybe even additional past) PSN games. One can only hope that Sony will continue to create harmony among the Playstation brand. It’s scary to think that after snacking on all the PSN/PS4 games available in the 1st half of 2014 that we’ll start hearing about all the AAA proper games that await us . . . Getting more excited for launch each day!

  • Awesome Games. Can’t Wait!

  • Oh Sony, I love you more with each passing day. Thanks for the new versions at no additional cost (I already own Flow and Sound Shapes).

  • Wow
    This is amazing, thanks!

  • Sweet!!! Cross-buy is just another reason why PlayStation rocks!

  • This is great. Hopefully we will hear about Pinball Arcade soon. The developer said that if you already bought it on PS3 that there would be a deal to get it cheap on PS4.

  • will happily play all of these games again on PS4.

  • Thank you guys so much! I have all of these with the exception of Sound Shapes, Hope Journey gets brought over to the PS4 and possibly Vita as well in the future!

  • I can only hope Journey makes it to the PS4 too. Flow and Flower were great, but Journey is just amazing. One of the best games I’ve ever played.

  • As asked before, what if we purchased the Journey CE on disc?

  • How about bringing Warhawk and Fat Princess to the psvita?

  • Seriously? who’s gonna buy a $400 home console to play indie games?

    PS Vita owners already angry at the amount of indie games on it now it’s gonna happen to PS4 too?

    • Perhaps I’m just bathing in the Kool-Aid, but the way I see it, PlayStation is the best platform to experience every genre of console games out there. I highly recommend you check out at least one of our many indie games that we offer. The amout of innovation happening on the indie front is mind blowing. If you don’t like the game, you’re out the cost of one fancy burrito (to borrow a phrase from Giant Sparrow’s Ian Dallas).

  • Sorry to yell but…


    that is all.

  • This is awesome, I own all but Flower. Here’s to the free Sound Shapes plat. Guess that’ll be my first PS4 plat.

  • Escape Plan? Awesome, but what about Journey?!! You’ve got Flow and Flower but no Journey? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Wow was not expecting cross buy at all! You guys are awesome :)

  • It would be great if you guys could do the same thing you are doing for upgrading games PS3 versions of say NBA 2K14 where you get a discount on the PS4 version, but must keep the disc in the PS4 to still play it.

  • How about trophies??!! Are they separate or what??

  • Yeah glad to have Flow and Flower on Vita…I never played Flow so I’ll be trying on Vita….and I wanna play Escape Plan on PS3 not PS4…screw PS4….btw Escape Plan is great on Vita really great game…already got and played Sound Shapes on both Vita and PS3….amazing game as well.

  • This is great news! The whole time I was reading the information, I was thinking.. “Oh great, here comes the cash in, reselling the same product we already own.”

    To much delight, upon reading the last paragraph left me with a smile! Great news :)

    I really hopes this follows trend. I’d really like to buy games now, and upgrade games on a PS4 for free or for a minor fee, if need be. I really hope this is the trend this next round, because I have over 120 games downloaded on my PS3, which doesn’t include extras / content, plus discs / accessories / Sony services. I don’t need a justification to purchase one, it’s “when”!

    Tell Adam Boyes hi :D

    • Again, there were a lot of people involved to make this happen and we’ll do everything in our power to continue this trend, but may not for reasons out of our control.

      I just tried to email Adam, but for some reason his address was not resolving for me. Saw him at IndieCade a few weeks ago, but didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

      Thanks for your support! I don’t think I even have 120 games on my PS3 :O

  • Still waiting for an announcement that Journey is coming to Vita – then hoping they package all three TGC games into one trilogy pack :). As such, I will not be buying Flow and Flower right now.

  • What about trophies? Will they all be one shared list?

  • Also, I hope we see The Unfinished Swan as well. And I really want Fat Princess on PS Vita… and PS4 would be nice. Or at least a sequel.

  • Will Sound Shapes feature a separate trophy list again?

    If that is so, I’ll have its platinum for PS3, PS Vita AND PS4. Would be sweet specially if it allows loading my current save to instant pop the trophies again. :D

  • Also, of course, THANKYOU! These news are so amazing!

  • Thank you very much for not making me pay for this game again! I have a PS4 on pre-order, but there’s no launch games that I feel like I “have” to have. Flower is my launch game apparently! Thanks again.

  • “Aww Man, THANKS!” *with The Last of Us Multiplayer voice* This are awesome news!

  • MMmmMmm……….. CrossBuy…………….(drools)………..

    *Hopefully this is the way of the future, and people will follow your lead.*

  • And I stand with the other Fat Princess “protests”.

    Really wanted to play that, to only find out, it would not work on the Vita. :(

  • Nice to see Crossbuy for games are carrying over to PS4 titles and being ported.

  • Will the amazing audio for Flower, flOw, and Sound Shapes be HD quality (24-bit/lossless)? 3D support? I’d pay a $5 upgrade fee in that case. If it’s just 1080p/60fps, it’s less interesting to me.

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