Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, Escape Plan Coming to PS4

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Flower, flOw, Sound Shapes, Escape Plan Coming to PS4

Hey, this is Nathan Gary over at Sony Santa Monica with some great news for PlayStation fans. For years, the team here at Santa Monica Studio has been pushing the boundaries of gaming with small, innovative games. Now, some of our best titles are making the jump to new PlayStation platforms — including PS4.

As you may have heard, thatgamecompany’s Flower is coming to PS Vita. Today I am happy to officially announce that it is also coming to PS4 and that both versions will launch on November 15th. Now this beautiful, meditative game can be experienced at 1080p and 60fps.

Flower on PS4

Flower on PS4Flower on PS4

I’m also excited to tell you that Sound Shapes, the ground-breaking musical platformer from Queasy Games, will also be joining Flower in the PS4 launch line-up on November 15th.

Sound Shapes on PS4Sound Shapes on PS4

Flower isn’t the only thatgamecompany title making its way to new places. We are also bringing flOw to PS Vita and PS4. This is the first game TGC released — the one that started it all. It will release for both PS4 and PS Vita on November 29th.

Flow on PS4Flow on PS4

But wait, that’s not all. Escape Plan, the dark, funny PS Vita survival game from Fun Bits Interactive, will be making the jump to the big screen and will launch on PS4 on November 29th. We have spent a lot of time reworking the controls for DualShock 4, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

Escape Plan on PS4Escape Plan on PS4

Finally, these are all Cross-Buy games, meaning if you buy it once, you’ll be able to download it for free on any available system. Oh, and one more thing: if you have purchased these games previously on PlayStation Store, they will be available to you when they release on PS4 or PS Vita at no additional charge.


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  • Very cool, thanks!

  • Wow at the cross buy! This is amazing, thanks!

  • Is Fat Princess next? a man can dream, a man can dream…

  • What if we already own the games?

  • Nice to hear I’ll have all these games on PS4 as well! Any word on trophy packs? Are they separate or linked?

  • What? I own all of those already, that’s awesome! :)

  • @4 they are cross-buy so buy it once and you own it

  • @ #3-Last paragraph of the article contains:

    Oh, and one more thing: if you have purchased these games previously on PlayStation Store, they will be available to you when they release on PS4 or PS Vita at no additional charge.

  • I hope “Journey” comes to PS4 as well

  • Beg pardon-meant the last post for #4.

  • That’s awesome news, I am really looking forward to re-playing through all of those games. Keep em comin!

  • This is great news. I have some of these and still have yet to play them. Might wait until Next month now to play them on Vita and PS4.

  • “If you have purchased these games previously on PlayStation Store, they will be available to you when they release on PS4 or PS Vita at no additional charge.”


  • What if we have fl0w and Flower from the Journey Collector’s Edition set?

    • Sorry, this only applies to the digitial version of the game purchased through the PS Store. We really don’t have a way to determine what PSN accounts own physical copies of games :(

  • Awesome! Already one 3/4 of the titles on PS3/Vita , now I’ll be able to play once again Flower on the Go and in 1080p@60fps and ofc Escape Plan and Sound Shapes ^_^ thx Sony for this amazing cross buy system ) .

  • YES! Pre-order justified!

    Now when I boot up my PS4, I’ll already have flOw, flower, and Sound Shapes to mess around with for free! Also, Resogun. And Driveclub. And Warframe. And…

  • Sounding great! Any word if Flower will be PS Move enabled? That just seems like a perfect fit. Also, any word if Journey will make it to PS4 as well? Now THAT would be a sight to see.

    • We don’t have plans to make Flower PS Move compatible, but it’s always a possibility. Still no word on Journey :(

  • Fingers crossed for Journey coming to PS4 one day.

  • Have Flow and Flower on disc as part of Journey Collector’s Edition. How I’m going to be able to play those on Vita and PS4 too? I bought them like everybody, after all.

  • This is super awesome but just a few questions come to mind.

    1) what if my versions of Flower and flOw are the ones included on the retail disc version of Journey?

    2) Will the dlc from Escape Plan also be in this PS4 version?

    other than those, this is AWESOME!!! Escape Plan has been my favorite Vita title to date…well besides Killzone Mercenary ^_^

    • 1) Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to determine what PSN accounts own physical copies of games.
      2) DLC will be available for the PS4 version.

  • So let’s get this straight. You just gave me 4 free PS4 games, and 2 free Vita games. All running retroactively off of my previous purchases. Sony, thank you. I can overstate my satisfaction. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we as gamers that are always trying to get value and bang for buck, appreciate this. It’d be so easy to do something stupid like lock Cross-Buy behind PS+ or something similar. But I feel like there’s a mutual respect between us the consumer and the you the corporation and people running it. I’ll be a good customer as long as that theme continues.

    • Thanks! There were a lot of people involved to make this happen: our developers, Legal, Marketing, PR, QA, etc. and it’s always good to know these efforts are appreciated.

  • So glad that Sound Shapes is making the jump, and elated that I won’t have to pay for it.

    I’d love a sequel that really expands on the creation mode. As amazing as it was, there were a lot of things I couldn’t do with it that I wanted to. More note subdivisions to get down to the 16th or 32nd note level, more bars before repetition, the ability to toggle how many screens notes play for, variable time signatures, localized settings for each setting on each screen.

    Basically, I want a prog rock creator.

    • That would be very cool. Not sure if it’s in the cards, but we’re always looking for ways bring value to the PlayStation platform and new experiences to our games.

  • Woot! Woot!

    I’ve literally just picked up Sound Shapes in the Cross buy sale for £5.57 to play on my VITA, and now I’ll be able to play it on my PS4 too on launch day is a totally amazing suprise!! AWESOME!!!

    Will definitely get Flower when released, and I too wait with baited breath and crossed fingers for a Journey PS4 port.

  • Excellent news, i have my first game on PS4: Flower. Thanks. One more thing, it will be Halloween Sales like European Store? I really need Siren Blood Course, european price: €7.01, USA price: U$ 39.99. Its not fair.

  • SWEET!……already have all of those so I guess my PS4 collection is looking good thus far.

    Question – will the trophies carry over?

  • Don’t mean to be that guy, but unless I’m hearing a brand new Fat Princess for Vita and PS4 that has a full blown Story mode and a upgraded multiplayer, I’m not interested. But cool for the people who are I guess

  • Question – Will both Sound Shapes and Escape Plan have DLC and Patches Free of charge ? Or we’ll need to buy those, cause I just own the games and not the DLCs .

  • Thanks for the heads up Nathan.

    Love the cross buy feature !

  • sweet, i have all of these bought…except escape plan.

    is it true the ps4 counts towards your 2 consoles for ps+/psn?

    i have 2 ps3s already. please increase that limit. i really dont want to have to deactivate 1 of my ps3s.

  • What about those who bought fl0w and Flower as part of the Journey Collector’s Edition on disc?

  • What about if we purchased the Journey Collection? Will we still be able to download this for the PS4?

  • Awesome to hear!

    Another question, when are you guys going to be releasing more info about the PS4 UI and how trophies, friends list, remote play, etc. works. So far we’ve only seen very little. I like how MS is releasing info about their UI, you guys should do the same!

  • Awesome, smart move. That make sure that my investment in the PSN won’t be lost. Thank you

  • I have an issue that I can’t seem to solve. Years ago, I bought FLOW. I can find it on my transaction list but it doesn’t show as an available download. When I go to it in the store, it is asking me to buy it again. Who should I contact to fix this?

    Otherwise, this is awesome news. I love all of these games. I can’t wait to try them on my PS4!

    • Is it showing up in your PS3 transaction history on your PS3 but not on the store? If so, are you sure you’re using the right PSN account?

      Give PlayStation customer support a call and they should be able to sort it out.

  • Santa Monica please release a new Fat Princess for PS4 and psvita!

  • How will the trophies work?

  • OMG they will shoow off PS4 graphics power! First games to be able to reach the holy grail: 1080p at 60fps!

    Enough with indies! WHERE ARE THE AAAs?! Watch_dogs cancelled!!!

  • Very nice for those of us who already have those games. I look forward to replaying Flower on my PS4. Thanks!

  • I probably know the answer already, and that’s ok, but I want to ask anyway.

    What if I own the PSP version of fl0w? Might that ever count towards cross-buy for PS3/4/Vita?

  • Wow ! How many homerun’s can Sony deliverer before the other team forfeits? It’s so easy to be a Sony Fan…

  • @40: Agreed!

  • Awesome!! Thx a lot guys & hoping for Journey to make it too, sometime in the future ;D

  • By the way, this article pretty much confirms it (if it hadn’t been already):

    “Cross-buy” deals can apply to PS4.

  • Journey to PS4! Please!!

  • Super classy move, making them all cross-buy. This kind of pro-consumer, brand building is a big part of why PS4 is looking so much better than the Xbox.

    Very cool.

  • First of all, I’d like to know how this will work out for people who bought Journey Collector’s Edition. Secondly, which team ported the flOw and Flower to the PS4? Is it a team from Santa Monica Studio or a third-party team (like Bluepoint Games)? And last but not least, will you be bringing Journey to the PS4 in a near future?

    • At this time, we don’t have a solution for determining which PSN accounts have purchased physical copies of these games :(

      flOw is being worked on by SuperVillain Studios and Flower is being worked on by Bluepoint Games. Wholesale Algorithms is pulling double duty on Sound Shapes and Escape plan. One of the best perks about being in the game industry is working with such dedicated, creative, and talented people. I could go on, but it would be at the risk of making some people blush.

  • Oh man, awesome! Thanks!

    I owned Escape Plan and all of its DLC on the Vita, and it’s one of those games I miss ever since I stopped supporting that system. Glad to hear I can play it on the PS4, and anxious to see if it works with the touch pad!

  • I stand with everybody else bring us Fat Princess, on both ps vita and ps4 of course.

  • This is pretty fantastic news. Between cross buy and PS Plus, I’ll have an entire PS4 Library before I even get the system (probably not until late 2014). Major thumbs up.

  • This is brilliant. i own every game mentioned in the article, gonna be awesome playing them again on PS4 especially flower. hopefully journey will make the move as well.

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