Kingdom Hearts III on PS4: New Gameplay Trailer

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Kingdom Hearts III on PS4: New Gameplay Trailer

If you’re one of the seven billion people on this planet who have been begging for more information about Kingdom Hearts III, you’re in luck – we’ve got a new trailer!

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Featuring new abilities, attacks, enemies, and everything in between, this trailer is just a taste of the goodness to be included Kingdom Hearts III.

Oh, and in case you missed our announcement earlier this morning, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX will be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 in 2014!

So… what do you think?

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  • it looks so good! i can’t wait for it to come out!! at least i will have 2.5 to hold me over. (and i still need to get 1.5)

  • “Stay cinematic, my friends.”

    But really, graphical upgrades aside, that Rock Titan battle was dull. I’d like to suppose the rails are player-controlled, but there was no conveyance of that being so. And the RT, again? Twilight Town, again? Heartless, agai– Okay, still haven’t gotten through Re:coded and 3D, and it’s early for an enemy reveal, but what I saw on my handheld device were Shadows and Large Bodies. How are these still stock & store (at least the latter, and take the question rhetorically)?

    Fire at least looks useful (that was Fire, right?), closer to its KHI incarnation (homing projectile) than its wildly divergent KHII form (“burning ring of”, aka area control).

    This’ll prolly be good, but let’s not wrest too much player activity in the name of cinematography (i.e. press Triangle to badass), eh?

    And — for the love of Minerva — stop *****ing about exclusivity. Nothing shall be lost to you!

  • @25 khknight – Hear!

    @”Hype Train” Riders, haha!

    @36 Elranzer – Good gods, what could be done with Epcot… *scalp tightens*

  • @16: I agree and one of them look like a Thunder Mountain train ride. Nice gameplay!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for this! Its been a long time comin’… 10 years and only a few KH spin-offs worth playing, which were on a Sony systems.

    This is going to be awesome. And, I also can’t wait for 2.5 ReMIX next year. I want to play KHII again for the first time.

    Guess the ol’ Xboners better look into buying a PS2 or PS3. =P

  • It is funny how people say this looks like a PS3 game, but what they fail to realize is that this series was suppose to have an animated feel to it. What you want everything to look as realistic as possible? If you do obviously you are not much of a fan to the series. Plus, there is plenty of time for the game to get a lot of work done for it. As of now with little that has been shown it looks fantastic!

  • i want to see kingdom hearts 3 on the ps3 as well i also want to say that the game looks sick as hell

  • Final Fantasy 15 looks and probably plays much better than this game, but I’m definitely getting this game.

  • WOW…. That’s awesome

  • That train ride was pretty cool. Sora and co look amazing. I will so buy a PS4 for this and FFXV when they come out! Special bundle edition please!

  • Kingdom Hearts was the first video game that really got me into gaming. That being said I would like to see the 1.5 and 2.5 remix become available for psn download since downloaded games are tied to your account and can be moved to the ps4. That way when kh3 comes out all the fans can have the games on one console.

  • My god…what have you done Square Enix? It’s…too badass for mere mortals. It’s too good. It will rend souls who try to complete it 100%. And you will be thanked.

  • awesome game! i want to play it now!

  • I…..CANNOT…..WAIT!!!!!!

  • Looks so amazing……I hope we won’t have to wait to long for the release again

  • looks amazing

  • Really hope the gameplay doesn’t go completely back to the way it was in kh2. Really thought the deck systems in bbs and kh3d and the flow motion brought new dynamics to battling. still love kh2 just think the franchises gameplay improved considerably since kh2

  • They say Flowmotion returns in “this” new form of gameplay. If any of you have played Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance you know how that system works. Hopefully it becomes as seemless to scale walls like kn that game. Flowmotion was my favorite part of that game so it’s weird having another Kingdom Hearts without it.

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