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Help Improve PlayStation.Blog

Update: Thanks everyone! The survey is now closed.

So it’s come to this: a survey. I won’t argue that filling out our short survey (two to three minutes, tops) is the most thrilling use of your time, but it’s worth noting that your feedback will help inform the games and articles we publish on PlayStation.Blog. In short, we want your feedback so we can publish the content you want to see. If you’ve got a minute or two to spare, take our survey here.

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  • Hey Sid

    Sony fanboy here first to improve the blog surveys really won’t give you the data you need unless you get some really deep surveys and these aren’t that deep. take it from an enginner who does quality assessments and surveys for a living.

    We got to ditch the bland posts we hear the same posts each week plus update, store update, weekly recap. Give us some spice create your own posts on topics you like or what us to comment on and then follow step 2

    Most important communication is key for a blog and sadly we don’t hear enough from you guys. You put up a post and we get back 10 comments or so no real feedback or talking with us

    NA and EU post almost identical articles for all sorts of posts don’t do that

    Lastly change the blog completely the flow from link to link really sucks. Don’t believe me bring a noob into the office and have them click plus what does it explain to them nothing useful. Plus changing the entire blog will bring people back to the blog wondering what did they change let me take a look, and then you can try an dkeep them their

  • How do you feel about the Playstation Blog?

    A) Apple
    B) Boat
    C) Umbrella
    D) Fighter Pilot
    E) Some of the Above

  • Done. Glad you guys are doing things like this to improve. Always nice to see that commitment to being on top of your game.

  • I would like an easier way to find older blog posts, the search bar never works for me. On days when there is a lot published, things published earlier in the day “fall off” the front page because it only allows for the last 8 things to be there.

  • Finished the survey. Hope it helps.

  • This is it with all of the people complaining all the time there should be pages of what people had to say. This is a major problem in the gaming community anybody can take the easy way out & complain but when it comes to speaking up the feedback is lackluster pathetic. When it’s something about PS Plus like those that cry about nothing for me this month where are you at now when your have a chance to speak up. When it’s about a game in the store there’s pages of people giving there opinions. But you have nothing to say now. This is where counts right now, the supposedly gamers are fickle.

  • i’ve found the emotions question rather silly, but would be a great question if was something like “what emotions do you like most that the game evokes on you?”

  • I want local multiplayer.

  • Took the survey! Anything to help out! ^_^

    Things I’d like to see improved on the PS.Blog:
    – More screenshots / videos / commentaries / interviews of popular – highly anticipated – soon-to-be-released video games and their related developers (for Indie, first-party, and third-party video game titles).
    – More community-driven participation (e.x. statistics of what people think about a specific blog topic / PSN sale / video game title / etc… while also making that statistic universally accessible and visibly available for everyone to view).
    – More community events?
    – Find a better way to make our public voices heard by the PS.Blog writers and Game Developers directly. Even more-so in such a way that our comments do not go unheard as they disappear into the comment section of the PS.Blog. Rarely, writers and developers alike on the PS.Blog do not offer their feedback to anything displayed after the first comment page.
    – Make a more organized feed to see what posts were made on that specific date. That way, users don’t have to backtrack a page or two to find newer (more-recent) PS.Blog posts – that might’ve been left behind or gone unseen.

  • Things I’d like to see come from PlayStation:
    – Get a license for making Crash Bandicoot and Spyro playable in North America (from Activision) on the PS Vita. Unless this will be resolved by using Gaikai streaming technology?
    – Bring Phantasy Star Online 2 to North America. Get in touch with SEGA, please! We need a release window / date / progress update at least!
    – Jak and Daxter Collection / first-party titles PSN sale!
    – More PS Vita remote play enhancements and related news!
    – More news on hardware firmware updates, game updates and their change-logs, etc.
    – More PS1 + PS2 video game classic releases compatible with the PS Vita!
    – PlayStation 3 official controller driver for Windows!

    /end of list

    Thank you very much! ^_^

  • Done.

    I wish we had more answers for the questions we make on every post.

    It’s important to keep the feedback to Sony and its partners and also important to show your consumers you are interested in what they are saying, commenting, asking and specially wanting. That’s how you grow your business and number of followers. Specially what #40 said.


  • @ tusunami

    That’s because THEY KNOW they don’t have anything good to say.

    Banning the crybabies is the #1 best way to improve the blog.

  • Some of the questions are a bit vague or hard to answer like if the PS Blog posts just enough, too often or too little since that varies week to week.

  • I think you forgot some important questions such as local/couch co op and offline multiplayer. These two features are dying in games and this survey should show whether or not devs should look more into those.

  • I’d love to see a new layout/look for the PS Blog and I am hopeful that it will be accessible on the PS App.

  • Also more responses in the comments would be nice overall. There are some posts that go without any interaction.

  • The number one reason I visit the PlayStation Blog is it gives me PlayStation specific information I am often unable to get from other gaming websites, or before other gaming websites. I don’t want the PlayStation Blog to become another IGN (or whatever). I enjoy the developer posts, the PlayStation Plus posts, the Store posts, the stuff I can’t get anywhere else, and is unique to this site because you are Sony. Information directly from the horses mouth.

  • How about a survey that asks how satisfied are people with their PS Plus subscription for the last three months and what they want next?

  • Ok done the survey. The next survey you guys should do is most wanted features on the PSBlog. (like an ignore poster function)

  • How I’d improve the Blog: Remove posts lacking in content

    It’s great that Media Molecule and LittleBigPlanet have such a large following. I love how ‘Play, Create, Share’ has captivated the Playstation community. I know for me personally I loved the first game, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before in my life. That’s great, but we don’t need weekly status updates when all there is to be shared is the community pick of the week; take it over to their website. Other Community Managers only stop by when they have BIG news to share, why is MM getting special posting privileges?

    Recently, Ubisoft’s new Assassin’s Creed title has seen substantial postings as the game nears release. Unfortunately, each post contains little more than a trailer and a two paragraph blurb that amounts to little more than an advertisement. I can see the trailers and more than enough textual information on other websites; Why would I come here to see something I’ve already seen on IGN or GT? Where is the insider scoop that makes a post Playstation Blog-worthy? (Nothing personal against Black Flag, it looks like a great game, just an example).

  • Playstation Store Update write-ups, who needs ’em? The store xmb and website have a ‘new’ category, and is available before the information gets to the blog. There’s too much information to be conveyed effectively, leading to awkward table groupings, long scrolling, and underutilized space. Consistently, there are errors in the post after it goes live. Among all blog posts, but especially in the store updates, there never seem to be enough replies, and Zeus be with you if you aren’t one of the first 10 commenters. A pleasant side effect would be the removal of fairly negative comments, from the criticism ‘Why does the store never update at a consistent time?’, to the personal attacks ‘Why does Grace -bleep-?’

    Changing times, but I do miss back when Jeff was around. Y’all didn’t seem to really know what you were doing, and the atmosphere was more relaxed. Now, your fans/customers are more demanding than ever and it shows in the content being delivered, and in the execution. That’s personal preference however.

    Thanks for reading, I enjoy reading your work Sid, Grace, Morgan, Kristine, Justin and Ryan.

  • survey done. Just wanted to add, that I’d really like Sony to start developing some J-RPG titles via FIRST party studios.

    Somehow I cant fully comprehend how a japanese company (altough omnipresent) dont develop the most wanted genre from their own country. Just sayin’.

    And of course it might be, that I am a bit unreasonable about it, cause I just love J-RPGs (like Persona 4 or the like), but still^^

  • How about checking and updating PlayStation.Blog.Share ( Many of the users had great ideas, but it felt like next to nothing was actually done in regards to them.

  • First thing is first.
    Let’s improve PS.Blog.Share.

    Let us have at least 1000 characters, if not 2000.

    If you want revolutionary ideas, don’t cut our ideas short.

    And you can clean it up too, there’s a ton of ideas that has been completed.

  • That was an ok survey. Hope it helps.

  • Took the survey. Looks more like you wanted the feel of the PS Blog more than the specific content we want. And that’s good. But, I want to contrast some other comments I saw here. I want MORE Indie Developer Blogs. Maybe 5-6 out on Thursday and Friday. There’s a lot of them and they need our eyes MUCH more than the AAA titles that we have their own marketing and such. And I think it’s important to not let them have too many post though, fatigue sets in. I don’t know 3 posts max or something? But, you guys are good. Your okay. Please post more often and most importantly, give us a schedule. It’s very important when it comes to repeated visits.

  • I would like to a thing in that shows how much we saved each month and we can compare each month our personal saving.. I think that would be more of psn private profile thing more than psn blog.

    vp ps legionarre group

  • the blog needs a reply button and each time theres a reply it goes to the email. like youtube

    also talk more with the community…. ALWAYS! answer questions! even to backlash.

    also make community tournaments to influence ppl into buying games and participate more on the blog.

    this one request its a selfish but… Since u guys have denied to open a PS blog for Puerto rico how about integrating us in ur events since we are part of US… its just not fair to left us out in the nowhere. if that cant be done then give me the job and ill create the psblog PR lol!

    anyways… u having the power to communicate with the more powerful chain…. pls do so. like right now… ppl have been asking for the crash bandicoot games o be useful on vita for a LOOOOOONG time now and all have been denied and they dont have a clue why it isnt working … not kool.

    well those are my 2 cents

  • wow i almost got left out.

  • The survey wasn’t open very long. I work night shift and sleep during the day. :(

  • Woah dudes !! The survey was only open for less than 12 hours? That’s not cool… Unless, you only wanted a specific timing or amount of people… But, come on.

  • Yeah really… that time was short.

    One thing to improve on the blog : look at the comments for more than 12 hours! Sometimes there’s 5-6 pages of comments and there’s actually replies to half of the first pages. I’ve seen (and posted) decent questions after a day or two that a post was made and nobody got any answers.
    I’m not talking about 10 days old posts here, and it’s not that big of a job to go back after a day or two, there’s what on average, 7-10 blog posts per day?

  • the hell? Why was this open for less than a day? That doesnt allow for many responses :/

  • Since you didnt leave it open for very long, here is my 2 cents.

    1. PLEASE respond to more comments. I only ever see PS guys responding on the Store Update and even then its only on the first, maybe second, page. Comments and questions are ignored on every other post you guys make.

    2. Let us respond to comments so that we can answer each others’ questions if you won’t do it.

  • plase make a list of languages of the games or improve it in ps store

  • I completed the survey previously, but forgot to mention in my post.

    It would be really nice if we could edit our posts if they’ve already been submitted.

    So many times, I’ve accidentally hit enter and had to continue on another post, or made a typo and wanted to correct

  • My biggest complaint is that when you have multiple videos loading on the front page, it slows it down quite a bit. Maybe do the videos after the jump?

  • Please, for the love of god, encourage the indies and even the AAA people that post on the Blog to come down and interact with the comments. It’s so insanely important to stuff like me even considering whether I want to buy a game. We can ask questions like Cross Capabilities and get even a rough answer of we don’t know, it’s worth it. And when you get a response you’re soooooo much more likely to have someone remember their game. Also, the search function is absolute garbage. It works in zero meaningful capacity.

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