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Help Improve PlayStation.Blog

Update: Thanks everyone! The survey is now closed.

So it’s come to this: a survey. I won’t argue that filling out our short survey (two to three minutes, tops) is the most thrilling use of your time, but it’s worth noting that your feedback will help inform the games and articles we publish on PlayStation.Blog. In short, we want your feedback so we can publish the content you want to see. If you’ve got a minute or two to spare, take our survey here.

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  • Improvements
    – Tell me why crash isn’t working on my vita is the best improvement I can have.
    – A PS Vita app that notifies your Vita if you get a reply.
    – A App for PS products period.
    – Answer more questions.
    – Otherwise, give more info like interviews from Devs or PS game announcements that are announced but usually don’t make it to the blog.
    – Everything else is fine

  • BTW done survey :)!!

  • Less spamming of trailers and indie games
    I love indie games but its too much on the blog
    more screens
    videos with dev commentary is good too

  • yeah I ment the PS app, it’s coming though gladly lol :)

  • Done…and BTW that last question was weird…wasn’t sure exactly how to answer…the way it read was what emotion makes you want to play…was it supposed to be what emotion do you want to feel while playing?

  • Done, hopefully it helps you guys.

  • @6: I think it means, what emotion do you feel beforehand, which drives you to play. I was a bit confused by curiosity though…

  • Easy peasy…

  • I was lost with the last question too. I thought it ment like how you play them, I just put curiosity first since I love exploring and getting everything in a game. Now with 8’s reply I think I was dead off lol

  • i just took it.but the more that i want is for you guys to reply to people that doesnt have a plus acc Lol

  • I didn’t like the last question. Could have had some better emotions there. “fearful” and “fearless” didn’t really make sense in terms of the question. #1 for me would have been “desire” or possibly “addiction”.

  • Completed

  • Completed, though its really not a survey to improve the blog when you don’t leave a field for comments.

  • I know people have brought it up in the past … thing i would like changed is game trailers.

    They need more actual gameplay mixd in with cut scenes.

    I know that its a formula that they follow and it works but i cant be the only one that has never bought a game based on a trailer full of cut scenes. I go out of my way to find videos online or wait for after release to see fan videos.

  • I also think that the developers should be more “open” to the feedback of the community. There should be a more strait relation between the developer and the gamer.

    For exemple, I tried SEVERAL times to contact Evolution Studios, by saying the Online Multiplayer of MotorStorm were broken, detailing the problems it had(and several gamers were too). Tried contact via Twitter, Facebook and PS Blog, and nothing. What was left for me was stop playing the game, unfortunately.

    Inclusively, at the time, I saw a post here in PS Blog by Shuhei Yoshida, and I talked about the problems of the game, who said it would talk with Evo. But I guess he didn’t, ’cause the game STILL HAS THE SAME PROBLEMS by as today.


  • The question about emotions was kind of weird.

  • PS: MotorStorm Apocalyse on the post @17.

    Sorry, I forgot to mention which MotorStorm was.

  • Done!
    Thanks for the survey

  • Completed the survey, anything to help this blog.

  • You forgot to have the option to put down the following

    get the blog.share page updated

    Either take the page down entirely or update it , the blog.share page has not been updated for over a year , if it’s been abandoned take it down , if its left up update it every week and if you feel you need to change it change it then update the page regularly

    the only thing I have to say about the blog , other than that is good job but maybe add a few new articles on the a saturday once in a while , the way it is now there is no reason to come to the log after friday at noon because there will not be anything added until late sunday with the drop post

  • I would love for you guys to make our Share recommendations more seriously, it seems like it has not been updated in months!

  • I hope the survey helps, but it would be nice if there was a place in it where we could write suggestions. Maybe we could have something like that, but limit who can participate? The reasons I suggest having it limited are because there would obviously be far too many suggestions to read, and there would be far too many people posting things like “please make more vita games and give us the EU freebies”. I would love to give relevant feedback based solely on the blog itself, describing what I love about the blog and which things I think could be improved.

  • The easiest way to improve the blog is to get rid of the comments section

  • Done!

    I want it for PS Blog Brazil …

  • I would like to hear sales data for big games like Killzone: Shadow Fall, like units shipped

  • I love PlayStation so I galdly contributed to all three surveys.

  • Done! In a perfect world for me there would be a post from the developer for every new game that comes out that includes a video of gameplay. I’m particularly interested in getting a closer look at indie games, because I’m a lot more likely to not know anything about them. I like to read how they describe and sell their game. Previews and Hands-On experiences are always welcome as well.

  • Done! As said above, why don’t all PSOne games work on Vita? I want Silent Hill on the go!

  • This is more PSN store related. I buy games online and don’t always download them right away on both PS Vita and PS3. I tend to forget as to what I had purchased. Is there a possibility of having an ability to see what games I actually own on both systems and have a sorting system for that? I don’t want to be forced to look through my purchase history from months (or years) ago to see as to what I own.

  • Personally I love the way the Blog is currently however there could always be more content for those of us who are insatiable! A few suggestions though:

    -News about APPS that are in development for all PS platforms, specifically the VITA.
    -Maybe open up to user contributions (This was addressed in the survey, but would be very cool).
    -More numbers! We love to hear actual sales figures and download numbers.

    And totally not related to the blog itself, but I would kill for a comic book reader for the VITA. With the inclusion of a touch screen I think the Vita is much better suited for this kind of app(or any reader app for that matter) than the PSP ever was.

    You all do a great job on the PSBlog so keep it up and thank you!

  • Done!! Hope mine helps out!

  • Done.

    Would love to see more announcements or in-depth updates for games, not matter how big or small (AAA and indie).

    Maybe some short post-mortem or dev-diary posts would be cool too.

    Don’t care for anything from mere fans.

    And most importantly, any post related to a game should have a box with the following:

    Release Date:

    Listing “TBA” is perfectly fine, but don’t just leave out that key information and make people ask. Oh, and platforms are PS3, PS4, PSV – PSN is not a platform.

  • “What emotions drive you to play video games? rank these in order



  • I absolutely love the PS Blog and listen to the Blogcast every week. I just wish there was a video version where you guys could include exclusive gameplay footage or something.

    Something else I would like is direct video from upcoming titles. It’s so hard to enjoy a bad YouTube video or offscreen video of an upcoming game or gaming system. I would love some great direct feed in its highest quality possible!!!

  • This is for everyone asking about Crash and Spyro on PS VIta.

    The reason that Crash and Spyro aren’t playable on PS Vita is simply because Sony do not own the IPs anymore. Crash and Spyro are now owned by Activision, and it is completely their decision whether America will see the games on the Vita. They are either setting too high a price or just flat-out refusing to allow Sony to use these characters in any game or on any console made by Sony after 2008 when they bought the IPs, which explains their notable absence in PS All-Stars Battle Royale and on the Vita (in America).

    Knowing Activision, they are most likely asking Sony for an extortionate amount of money, holding Crash and Spyro for ransom. You can see their greed by looking at their only game on the Vita so far, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. Sony probably paid Activision millions to bring Call of Duty to the Vita, and what did they get? The worst game on PS Vita (check Metacritic). Even worse, they’re are charging $49.99 (on the PS store) for a campaign that 45 minutes in a game that they had no direct involvement in. For that price you’d expect a game at least half as long as the console versions with just a few sacrifices made to get it on a handheld.

  • Reasons why Sony have not officially responded to questions about Crash and Spyro may be because they fear legal action from Activision, which Sony do not need right now (just look at Sony’s annual profit since 2008). Maybe Sony want to remain on good terms with Activision to avoid losing the Call of Duty franchise on future consoles (somehow the best-selling game on PS Vita in North America).

    Hopefully this will stop people from bugging Sony (they’re trying to do the best they can), or at least get some people to start bugging Activision about the issue.

  • #2 response needs to be improved. Pick the easiest question and answer. I second answers questions about crash bandicoot. This question never gets anwered in every update post and in between. There was at least 25 users the other day that asked about crash and spyro Vita compatability and got no answer. Hopefully this is addressed with the survey.

  • Survey done. And yes, I’m going to be like everyone else and suggest that some real action be made on the Vita-being-able-to-play-classics front. It has been so long since we were given the hope that we could play our PsOne classics on the Vita and then everything stopped. The fact that I’m unaware of any real explanation for this is kind of disturbing.

    No, it doesn’t have very much to do with the blog itself, but I don’t feel like we’re being heard in this affair.

  • Yet they can put crash on sale this week as part of the Activision sale. What other platform is there

  • Here’s some advice that wasn’t in the survey:

    You can start by modding so we don’t have to see some of the more rude comments or the ones that just say the same thing every week.
    Add replies to users so everyone can reply to others without having to type “@48-User”.
    Put a specific time for weekly articles like The Drop, PS Store update, etc.

  • Where’s my Free Game for completing the survey ;-P lol j/k

  • Done. Happy to help!

  • Make bloggers answer unconfortable questions like “Why Crash and Spyro doesn’t work on PS Vita”, even if they don’t know the answer they should say so, and not just ignore PS customers like red headed stepchild, this just unacceptable for such huge company like Sony.

  • Finished the survey, I hope that helps improve the PS Blog. I wonder if there will be a PS on and PS2 updates during the PS store update (there aren’t that much every week).

  • And for the love of god update the damn store at same time! and not once in a week, games release every day! if Steam can update its story daily why can’t Sony do the same?

  • Done. should definitely post more often.

  • I just completed the survey. I think the Blog’s main page looks good and is easy to navigate. The Blog’s share page doesn’t really look like it’s been used in a long time. I would like to be able to go there and see what ideas are being heard. Maybe that could be a post once a week letting us know what ideas you are taking into consideration. I would like to be able to delete comments. There should be subtitles on all videos for those that have hearing loss. That would be a huge improvement. I would like to see a link on the Blog’s main page to be able to take us to the PlayStation Store Online. If we are signed on through the Blog our account should be up when we are directed to the store. I think these are some good suggestions for the Blog and I hope you guys read this. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for allowing us to communicate with you guys. God Bless

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