Drakengard 3 Coming to PS3 in 2014

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Drakengard 3 Coming to PS3 in 2014
Drakengard 3 Coming to PS3 in 2014

Drakengard fans, rejoice! We’re proud to announce that Drakengard 3 is coming to North America next year for PS3.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Drakengard series, and it’s been seven years since the launch of Drakengard 2. Producer Takamasa Shiba is back to bring you along on another incredible and twisted journey.

Never played the original Drakengard? What many people don’t know about Drakengard 3 is that it’s actually a prequel, and leads up to the events of the original Drakengard. So this game is quite perfect for all fans — new and old.

Drakengard 3, 01Drakengard 3, 02

For all those Square Enix music fans, renowned Composer Keichi Okabe, who scored Nier, joins the Drakengard family, and crafted a beautiful soundtrack for this game. I have to say, the music in Drakengard 3 is amazing. Certainly for me, it’s one of the highlights!

Drakengard 3 is coming to PS3 in 2014. You can pre-order now exclusively at the Square Enix store.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts in the comments!

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  • will try this game for sure. i hope its good as advertised,that’s all

  • I’d also like to note I was about to preorder the 10th Anniversary Box before this announcement. I’m still planning on double dipping unless a LE box is announced for NA as well.

  • YES !!!! Thank you very much !!!

    I hope you guys can bring Yakuza 5 to the West as well and maybe, even if it takes some time, Yakuza Kenzan and Ishin too.

  • Never really heard of the series till now but it looks amazing this and Radnarok odyssesy ace can’t wait till both of them are out!

  • This just made my day!
    I love drakengard 1 and 2 a heck of a whole lot!
    I was already mega happy that Malicious Rebirth got a localization and I bought it yesterday.
    And now Drakengard 3! As the first comment said. I really hope that Sony releases on PSN Drakengard 1 and 2 as PS2 Classics to both divulge the 3rd one and treat fans! I’ll be sure to get all 3!

  • seems amazing ^ ^

  • HOLY SH–! It’s actually coming out here!

    After reading the delightfully ****ed up Let’s Plays of DRAKENGARD and its numbered sequel by The Dark Id and knowing that I really should get on to playing NIER (BTW: Maybe a “Full Game” release of that, and at least the first Drakengard for PS2 Classics), seeing this Kaine-lookin’ lead excites me for further tying this set of games together. Bring on the messed-up-ed-ness!

  • I truly hope we get a nice Limited Edition or Collector’s edition with this.

  • make this uncensored and dual audio or JPN Dub only please!

  • I am so happy to hear this is being released here! Definitely picking up the physical version when it’s released! I own both of the originals, and love every minute of them! Thank you for localizing this!

  • Never played this series looks interesting indeed.

  • I know that this is asking too much of Square Enix, because you guys apparently don’t like making money hand over fist, but Drakengard 1 and 2 should get the HD treatment and be released as a collection.

    Also, many of my friends want FF I – XII remastered in HD and released either as single releases, or as a collection.

  • I am absolutely enthralled to hear this news! I have been a huge fan of Drakengard for over 10 years now, and I even have Caim’s pact sigil tattooed on my back (I’d post a link from Imgur if it were allowed).

    I already have the 10-year anniversary edition preordered to import from Japan for a review, but I just now preordered the English version as well! Thank you Yoko Taro and Square Enix for this good news!

  • wait a second….. FFX for vita wont have a retail release?!!! IF thats correct SE can go F themself. i was goona pre order it yesterday for vita and the kid at gamestop told me that they havent posted it on vita yet… i thought it was weird…. hope this is not true

  • After playing and being blown away by NieR’s storyline, I can definitely say that Drakengard 3 is on my MUST-HAVE list. I’m looking forward to all the other games Square is going to publish like KHIII and FFXV. Bring on the JRPG’s!

  • This is freaking awesome. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this to get a US announcement. So glad to see it’s happening. This and Tales of Xillia 2 will most likely be my final PS3 purchases. PS3 going out with a bang in 2014, haha.

    Also, YES PLEASE, HD collection of the first two games. I still have my original new copies of both of them for PS2, but getting to play them again in hi-def would be awesome.

  • damn that was pretty bada$$ trailer, i loved it now am interested in the game

  • Man im not going to be able to put the PS3 away no time soon after i get the PS4! :D Lightning Returns and now D3.

  • I’m a newcomer to this series, so I’m glad this is a prequel. It looks SOO good. :D

  • Anyone think that its possible for it to come out on the network for ps4 as well? I sadly no longer own a PS3 for it broke a while back.

  • Please make a dual voice option, I’m not buying it otherwise.

  • Sweet! Nier is in my top 3 games of all time… I would love to buy a Drakengard 1 + 2 remaster disc for PS3, also. Please!

  • Hoou never heard of this game before…where was I?..lol….for real the beginning of the video with the girl yelling was great plus the song..it was all really awesome the game seems to have a good atmosphere…this game looks really good..I’ll have to keep my eyes on it.Thank you Square for supporting us PS Playas and the PS3….I really thought you guys had forgotten us.lol

  • @ 53 LucasXX – Yakuza is owned by Sega not SE..you’re asking to the wrong guys here.

  • @ 13 Mando44646 – People like you and comments like that….are what makes gaming community what it is today.

  • Forgot to mention….the game looks beautiful.

  • I don’t know if I can properly express just how conflicted I feel about this. Drakengard is one of my favorite games. Nier IS my favorite game. I want Drakengard 3 more than you can imagine…but this is being distributed by Digital River. I cannot stand this company. They are a horrible business that treats their customers horribly. So many people don’t even RECEIVE the games distributed by DR. Months and months with no games, this company will make no effort to even talk to their customers, then randomly cancel the orders with no refund. How they get away with this crap is beyond me. How they have an A+ on the Better Business Bureau is beyond me. If anyone takes 30 seconds to look up Digital River, they will find a litany of crap attached. to every one of their departments.

    For example! I have already preordered DESPITE my cautiousness over Digital River. I’m already having issues that I won’t bring up since this comment is getting lengthy. I beg of you, allow us to purchase the game through other retailers. Even if it’s another online-only distribution like Amazon. Please, don’t force us to buy through the Square Enix Store!

  • Quick cont.

    You guys ARE losing customers because the game is exclusive to the SE Store. People are literally refusing to buy the game because Digital River is involved. If you do some searching (GameFAQs, Drakengard’s official Facebook page, many other places), you’ll see people saying they aren’t purchasing because of Digital River.

    If I keep having issues, I’ll have to cancel my order (If Digital River even lets me…they’re known to not cancel orders when requested, even months in advance) and buy the game second hand online down the line.

  • too many Dynasty Warriors clones already..

    I played the both games.. and honestly.. it’s just hack and lash from start to finish

    yes you can fly on your dragon and breath fire ..etc..

    only a few combos and the same thing over and over .. got bored pretty quick…

  • So stoked for this. And really hoping they’re following up with a re-release of the first two. I’m sure a re-release will help bring back old fans as well as score some new ones. Square Enix has definitely stepped up with released/announced games this year.

  • Imported NieR Replicant (nuts that Americanized BS) and loved it. Will definitely be getting this (audio pending). The sooner more details are released, the sooner I can make my decision. So far, very excited about this release.

  • Have one pre-ordered here. Now I eagerly await an exact release date. \m/
    Good thing is, I actually never finished the 1st Drakengard, so, I’m going to wait to finish it until I have finished this prequel.
    I don’t have Drakengard 2. I heard its not as good, but I still want it in my collection. Hopefully will see it somewhere decently priced.

  • THIS MAKES ME SOOO HAPPY!! I’ve been waiting for a new Drakengard game for yearsssss!!! I hope its just as ridiculous crazy and nonsensical as the first one!! Those endings seriously gave me chills like no other game!

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