Beyond: Two Souls Out Today on PS3

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Beyond: Two Souls Out Today on PS3

Hey Everyone,

Beyond: Two Souls is officially in stores today! Before you run out to pick up your copy, we have one final trailer to get you excited about Quantic Dream’s tour de force, starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

Beyond: Two Souls Out Today on PS3

It’s been an incredible journey bringing this game to your doorsteps, and we’re so excited to finally get what promises to be a true evolution in storytelling mediums into your hands. Earlier in the year, we were honored with an official selection by Tribeca Film Festival where we blew audiences away with Beyond’s cinematic presentation and performances.

Media and fans alike walked away from E3 impressed with the fluid control scheme, and the way David Cage and team have advanced the gameplay from Heavy Rain to deliver a more immersive experience (and later, they were further excited by the level of choice they witnessed in the PSN Demo). Then, last week, our friends in Europe hosted an incredible red-carpet premiere for the game at the famed Grand Rex theater in Paris.

Beyond represents a step forward in terms of how stories are told and how developers can blur the line between games and cinema. It’s a truly unique experience – with gripping performances delivered in full performance capture by Ellen and Willem, unparalleled cinematic presentation, and a powerfully emotional and thrilling story which branches based on your successes and failures. If you’re a fan of great storytelling, Beyond is an experience which is not to be missed.

Every person is going to have a different experience with this game, in part because of how many variations the story can take, and in part because different moments of Jodie’s life will resonate differently with each person. By living Jodie’s story, you’ll help create your own. Now go grab your copy so you don’t get hit by spoilers!

P.S. If you received your Special Edition for pre-ordering at GameStop, please note that all the extras included on the voucher code will be live after today’s PlayStation Store update this afternoon.

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  • Please Sony and Playstation US read this:

    I bought the game today like a lot of people in Brazil and Sony Brasil/PSBR removed the localization on the disc…

    the only thing they said was:

    “we’re working on it…” this is absurd, shoud be working right now, they only knew 16 hours later ! Please contract me to do this jog i can do better ! hehe

    The news is even on G1 a big site here.


  • Nos Brasileiros mais uma vez feitos de bobo Nossa versão do jogo não veio com a localização prometida e agora ? A Sony Br o ps blog br não esclarece nada não e agora ?

  • Whoever was in charge of this game launch is a moron, how is it that disgaea is in the front page of the store and not this, this game deserve to sell well but you guys are not helping. Not digital, not even an announcement in the store, with a trailer. Just the demo that its proven to diminish sales.

  • Get your act together sony, I can not imagine a ms exclusive with so little exposure. And with not support from them on their store.

  • Disgaea D2 is an exclusive though. =P

  • Crusader dude against censorship: relax and take a breath, geesh. I’ve never heard of any game in the US being censored. That’s an EU thing because of Germany’s laws. Stop searching the internet for EU-related gaming news. It only makes you unhappy.

    I picked up my special edition from GS an hour ago. The voucher you speak of must be hidden inside because I can’t find anything on the receipt. Yup, it is.

    I’ve avoided every spoiler, trailer, review, blog post for a year for Beyond Two Souls, so will be happy to start playing blind tonight.

  • After playing the demo I was already on the fence about buying this one,but no digital version has knocked me off the fence onto the “don’t buy” side. Thanks, I guess.

  • Is the soundtrack that’s included just a sample of the full thing or is it really just 4 tracks? I thought I saw online it was at least 16 tracks, but I’m only getting what appears to be Tracks 1, 2, 3, & 16. Then again, I don’t know if that was the full list so I can’t be certain.

    Thanks for any input!

  • I just wanted to buy digital version… Now I have 60 dollars in my account and I dont have anything to spend with… I can’t buy the retail copy because sony e quantic dream don’t give me a straight answer if will be or not be a digital release… If you say that wont be at least in this year, ok, no problem, I buy the retail one… But this “we don’t know” “pehaps” maybe yes, maybe no” is not helping. I want to buy your game, I really liked Heavy rain and the demo but you are not making this easy for me. Stop to live in the 90’s, we are in 2013, digital can’t be only a option, digital release have the same importace than the retail one.

  • Was looking forward to this game but the mixed reviews is kind of turning me off. I most likely will just borrow it from a friend and see how it plays like.

  • Lots of Rain avatars in the comments :) Amazing game!

  • Number 1, Number 2, Combo, Insert …

  • I like what I’m hearing in the game so far. When can we buy that soundtrack?

  • Thank you Sony for bring out games that push the industry in new directions.

    I happily purchased this game.

  • Sony regardless of sales and reviews, please don’t stop supporting Quantic Dreams.

  • Sony please release Digital Version as soon as possible. You’ll have a lot more sales. At least give us an answer if you can put it Digitally .

  • @lisatsunami
    Uhm..there are censored games in the US. For example Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy (Quantic Dreams second game) was censored in the US, while it was uncut in Europe. It always depends on what is being censored. In Europe it’s usually violence and in the US it’s nudity.

  • my sister smashed my ps3 so t wont play disc games only digital downloads please work what ever you guys have to with quantic dreams

  • I dont understand David Cage,he talks about realism in games,but his games look to clean looking.
    The characters move around like they forgotten to remove there coat hangers from there clothes.They move around like stiff robot animations. Though the graphics look good,they also look to clean looking like a pastel effect which does not make it realistic. Also there heads look to big for there body.

    Ahhhhhhhh what’s with the black borders in this game I and the rest of the population out there have a widescreen tv already. Please dont tell me it’s to keep the framerate and pace consistent.

    Nice of them to get rid of the R2 trigger button to walk forward and replace it with the analogue stick. But guess what you still cant rotate fully around the character. It’s lame and lazy it really it.

    There is a male nurse at the beginning of the demo,who’s words are, come on jodie,hey jodie,hurry jodie. I wish I could programme jodie to tell him to shut up.

  • Sony please stop supporting Quantic Dream and use that money to support Team Ico with there hugely ambitious game The Last Guardian.

  • And the problem with the “Brazil Version” with no Pt-Br?

    I make a Pre-Order because the audio and subtitles on the DEMO are AMAZING!
    And now??

    We (brazilians) need a answer for this question. How much long for “fix” this problem?
    Will be a free DLC (patch) or Recall and trade of the discs? A problem with a “DLC patch Solution” is the number of GB will consume on my HD… for a feature that should be in the original disc.

    And yes, on the PlayStation Blog Br no one answer the comments of the users. Let’s see here…

    Thank you and I’m waiting for news… GOOD ONES, THIS TIME, please.

    Chester_Bass (Luis Carlos)

  • I cannot understand how ths release is treated. I’ve waited the whole year for this game, in september the blu-ray drive of my PS3 got broken and this would be my final game of this gen – now I can’t play it, because there’s no digital release. This is such a big exclusive title … publisher is Sony …. what’s the problem in releasing and promoting it properly?

  • I played it! Ellen Page is heart-breakingly lovely in this.

  • Fantastic Game and Media Experience ! I see comments about Digital release. I am guessing the download for high resolution graphics like this would be very large. Maybe they are working on this to ensure a reliable download is completed.

  • hello can anybody tell me when i can buy this gane on PSN Store thx lukas

  • OMFG this game is beyond amazing, no let me rephrase that, this experience is amazing :). I loved heavy rain but damn Beyond takes it to a whole new level! the story is so amazing and drew me in so much i literally couldnt put the controller down, played it like 6hrs straight until finally i had to go to work LoL only to finish it the next day, im on my 2nd playthrough now to make all the opposite decisions i made in the game the first time and trying to get all the trophies. i love how you get so sucked into jodie and her character and all the crap she goes through her life from child to adult. true this “game” isnt for everyone and its certainly not your traditional “game” with health status and a inventory list LoL. i love this game!

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