Beyond: Two Souls Out Today on PS3

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Beyond: Two Souls Out Today on PS3

Hey Everyone,

Beyond: Two Souls is officially in stores today! Before you run out to pick up your copy, we have one final trailer to get you excited about Quantic Dream’s tour de force, starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

Beyond: Two Souls Out Today on PS3

It’s been an incredible journey bringing this game to your doorsteps, and we’re so excited to finally get what promises to be a true evolution in storytelling mediums into your hands. Earlier in the year, we were honored with an official selection by Tribeca Film Festival where we blew audiences away with Beyond’s cinematic presentation and performances.

Media and fans alike walked away from E3 impressed with the fluid control scheme, and the way David Cage and team have advanced the gameplay from Heavy Rain to deliver a more immersive experience (and later, they were further excited by the level of choice they witnessed in the PSN Demo). Then, last week, our friends in Europe hosted an incredible red-carpet premiere for the game at the famed Grand Rex theater in Paris.

Beyond represents a step forward in terms of how stories are told and how developers can blur the line between games and cinema. It’s a truly unique experience – with gripping performances delivered in full performance capture by Ellen and Willem, unparalleled cinematic presentation, and a powerfully emotional and thrilling story which branches based on your successes and failures. If you’re a fan of great storytelling, Beyond is an experience which is not to be missed.

Every person is going to have a different experience with this game, in part because of how many variations the story can take, and in part because different moments of Jodie’s life will resonate differently with each person. By living Jodie’s story, you’ll help create your own. Now go grab your copy so you don’t get hit by spoilers!

P.S. If you received your Special Edition for pre-ordering at GameStop, please note that all the extras included on the voucher code will be live after today’s PlayStation Store update this afternoon.

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  • Is there any word on this being available digitally? Thanks

  • David Cage doing it right again! Challenging the entire gaming media. Some get it and some don’t. Rev3 have the best review in my opinion so far.

  • Just played the demo, freaking loved it… now I’m even more excited to go pick up my pre-order today. Thank you Sony and thank you Quantic Dream for giving us games that are unique and outside the box.

  • Here’s a hint Sony, do the PlayStation Nation and favor and acquire Quantic Dream and welcome them into the Sony World Wide Studios.

  • “P.S. If you received your Special Edition for pre-ordering at GameStop, please note that all the extras included on the voucher code will be live after today’s PlayStation Store update this afternoon.”

    Thanks for this. I just tried it a few times before coming here and when it didn’t work and I was pretty upset.

    • No problem. Sorry they weren’t live in advance, but sometimes these things come in hot and we can’t get them published early. Hope you enjoy later this afternoon!

  • waiting on it to be delivered today. I dont drive so had hoped for day 1 digital….hate having to pay shipping and handling but yea…went ahead n ordered after i tried demo. 1st physical game in over a year…. hope ALL games are day 1 digital for ps4

  • Same question as #1… Where’s the Day 1 Digital?!

  • So Sony is refusing to release this game digitally so why should I buy from an annoying GameStop guy who unseals my package and sells it as new?

    I’d rather buy from best buy but I think I’ll wait till the game is released on the psn at a discounted rate.

    Sell it to me now full price or I’ll refuse to buy when it’s old on the PSN and your trying to sell it as new. I’ll wait till a price drop.

  • @7 they said it’d be digital but not day 1 digital so…yea…*shrugs*

  • For those who do to read gaming news they’ve
    Announced there is no Day 1 release for this game what is stupid.

  • @x They announced it won’t be Day 1 but there is no comment if it’s coming to the PSN Store.

  • @11 i swear quantic said it’d be on psn shortly after. I for one couldnt really wait as if it were late oct. well, my nov. will strictly be ps4

  • game delivered so woohoo, happy gaming

  • I’m waiting for the digital downloadable version.

  • hey sony. i just got the gamewith limited edition packaging and dlc etc but the codes to redem the bonus content dont work :(

  • Thanks for stating that the SE codes don’t work until the store updates.

    As terrible and annoying a system as that is (many games don’t require the store update for codes to work on day 1), it’s still good that you gave us a heads up.

    Looking forward to playing after the codes go live. (I’m too ADHD and OCD, doesn’t feel like the complete game if I can’t redeem codes, even though the game doesn’t need them for play lol).

  • Just picked up my SE from GameStop. Going to play it now :)

  • The game won’t be available digitally. That was asked by me and answered Derek Osgood in a previous article on Sept 27.

  • Oh good, I popped on here to see if anyone else was having trouble with their LE codes, and there’s my answer.

    Gonna hold off on starting it until the store update. =)

  • where is the PSN version?!!?!!

    • We’re still working things out on if there will be a PSN version. There are technical details involved which limited our ability to go up with a Day 1 Digital release, but the team is still exploring a future PSN version. Again though, we can’t confirm that there will/won’t be a PSN version at a later date.

  • Hi I’m entering the beyond to souls special edition code and it’s not working:-( can you help me. Is the content not up yet?

  • I was just able to redeem the SE code on the psn store via the website version.

    PS3 may not work yet but the webstore worked for me.

  • Thanks @boom

  • Hallelujah. Waiting for nightfall before I start the game up, but the anticipation is most intense.

  • Will we ever see a digital version of Heavy Rain?

  • You are missing out on sales by not having the digital version. I’m the type of gamer that only buys games online so unless there is a PSN version available, I won’t buy the game. You guys better hurry!

  • I hate that I have college classes on Tuesdays… :(

    Can’t wait til 4:15pm! :D

  • To anyone still on the fence about this, I just played about 2 hours of it and my mind has been blown! It’s definitely going to be my GotY, maybe of all time if this pace keeps up.

  • I got the game coming in the mail! Just waiting for it to come to my house! Cant wait to play this game! And u all should also check out RAIN that’s also a very good game!

  • Gamespot 9
    Game informer 7.8
    Ign 6

    Damn who to believe, I always look at gamespot as the most strict since hey nitpick the most

    I would love to know how many of these B2S reviewers reviews heavy rain, because the same person should have done it. Ign complains about controls yet the controls are almost the same as heavy rain with few improvements

    Anyway I am getting it to see for myself.

    Also thank you Sony for showing confidence in David cage, I still believe this game will sell 2 plus million

    • No, thank YOU (and everyone who bought and loved for showing confidence in him :).

      Many reviewers (both positive and negative) cited the difficulty in attributing a score to the game because it’s such a unique and different experience. Comparing the game to “traditional” gaming experiences is just a difficult comparison to make. I do encourage you guys to try the demo, talk to your friends who have played the game, and read the reviews in full when you’re making your decisions.

  • a lot of these reviewers have been making fun of the game way before the embargo. all from “we need emotions” to “feelings”, very evident yet silent jabs even from that joystiq guy – “We’ve hired real Hollywood composers to ensure that there is a piano playing during the sad goodbye scenes.”

    their agenda seems to be that they just hate cage and his statements, and have judged the game on that basis. they played the game not to experience it, but to find every flaw they can find to solidify and justify their perception of him. these reviewers give a lot of negative reviews, but they don’t make fun of the games before embargo lifts with such specificity and worse, they are making fun of the game by straight-out inferring to cage’s statements. that’s how anyone can tell that these reviewers had an agenda going into this game.

    and the amount of hypocrisy is just astounding.

  • What I like to know is why isn’t this game digital yet? PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • cant believe the score IGN gave this game. owell still looks amazing to me.

  • All reviews, professional or otherwise, are just a person’s opinion and a reflection of their taste. Some reviewers are more informed than others, and some writers are more adept at expressing their thoughts, but that it what it comes down to — taste. There is such a thing and good and bad taste, but not right or wrong.

    What I object to is this notion that games must be a certain way — this essentialist argument. I quote from Joystiq: “[Beyond is] a restrictive game that sacrifices repeatable mechanisms…”

    Restrictive in what way? Because freedom to push buttons on a controller is not absolute and repeatable? Is repetitive button pushing the hallmark of a game? Are games that don’t allow you to go anywhere and do anything (i.e., every game ever made) also judged to be “restrictive”? Do shooters get dinged because you can’t lay down your arms and go home to be with your family as a game choice?

    Such arguments are not only self-imposingly limiting on what a game could be, they are also ignorant of the medium — the old text adventures, Carmen Sandiego, and Tex Murphy immediately come to mind. Certainly the definition of “game” is large enough to encompass the unconventional.

  • Beyond Two Souls be on PS4?

  • Can we expect Beyond Two Souls to be on PS4?

  • I Want Beyond Two Souls to be on PS4 ):

  • Dear Sony, please ask Quantic Dream’ to put Beyond Two Souls on PS4 ):

  • I couldn’t get the demo to work, it kept crashing and freezing my ps3. The couple minutes I did get to see though, looked great.

  • I’m going out now to get my copy…hopefully I can start playing tonight after work when I get in home.The demo was impressive…Quantic Dream typical top-notch quality.

  • @ 37,38 Talesgirl016 – OMG please shut your trap.

  • Mine just came Going to sit on the shelf for a couple weeks till i get around to fixing my ps3 CANT WAIT

  • Need feedback, I just got my copey of Beyond Two Souls thatI had ordered through Amazon. When I opened the case there was no printed literature, like a book or promotional material. Has anyone else received a copy from Amazon that does have the normal printed stuff?

  • So eager to kiss sony’s corporate @$$hol3 that all of 43 comments before mine, not one has asked if USA version is censored like EU edition :/

    lemmie try:


    – Thanks in advance

    • Nope. And the EU version really isn’t “censored” per se, all that was adjusted is 2 camera angles so that a touch of the more graphic content is shown from a different angle and not visible. Didn’t impact story/content.

  • @ unouno123

    Mine from GameStop had no printed manual. There is a digital manual on the disc itself. Plenty of games have done this before.

  • This game should be available digital. I was hoping for a Day-1 release. This is a bummer.

    This is supposed to be a AAA me

  • Brazilian buyers are in a rage. Beyond was supposed to have brazilian portuguese dubs and subs and none of them are available. Only now, after 16 hours of launch date (in Brazil) that Sony decided to oficially confirm this issue.

    Sony should be more respectful with us brazilians. Our blog hasn’t been updated regularly for more than a month from now. We don’t have any oficial price for PS4. We don’t even have Playstation Plus plan. And now this issue with Beyond and the lack of touch from Sony’s Brazilian PR.

    We brazilians invest a lot on PS3 games, so the least we expect is that Sony improve their relationship with us.


  • Please get the store update ready so that the Dark Souls II beta invites can be sent. =P

  • I can’t wait till Friday to get my copy!!! Exciting times. Will be dying to get home from work so can start playing. Will be here waiting for me!!!

  • Such an amazing game, don’t listen to websites, make your own opinion!

    The DLC are now avaialable, thanks!!!

    But there’s already a patch, 1.01 version, 80 MB, what for? Thanks :)

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