Battlefield 4 Open Beta Starts Today on PS3

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Battlefield 4 Open Beta Starts Today on PS3

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Help Us Make the Game Better

These are exciting times for Battlefield fans, and everyone at DICE! Today, we’re releasing the Battlefield 4 open beta on PS3, and we want you all to join. Simply by taking part in the beta, you’ll help us test the servers, online functionality, and gameplay to make sure the PS3 launch on October 29th goes as smoothly as possible.

In the open beta, you’ll be able to play both the classic Conquest mode and Domination, which you might recognize from Battlefield 3: Close Quarters (it’s basically a faster and tighter version of Conquest, with more emphasis on infantry combat). The map on offer is Siege of Shanghai — you might recognize it from E3, when we first unveiled it and where the public got their very first hands-on with Battlefield 4. Now, we want to bring that experience — complete with game-changing Levolution events like the big skyscraper collapsing or setting off car alarms — to all of our fans on PS3. It’s you, the player, triggering these moments.

We’re also looking to our fans to provide valuable feedback on the overall gaming experience. This is in every sense a true beta, so your feedback will be used to fix, tweak, and adjust the game both for launch and during the extensive support that we’ll give Battlefield 4 once it’s live.

How to Download

Today, all players on PS3 will be able to find and download the Battlefield 4 open beta by going to PlayStation Store and searching for “Battlefield 4.” You’ll find the open beta as a downloadable item on the Battlefield 4 title page. The beta will open when PlayStation Store updates later today.

Don’t Start Empty-Handed on Next-Gen

Start playing Battlefield 4 on PS3, and bring everything you’ve unlocked to PS4. If you’re interested in making the jump to next-gen hardware, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to bring your multiplayer progression from Battlefield 4. Since Battlefield 4 will launch on October 29th for PS3 and November 12th for PS4, we’ve put a number of features in place that will help you make the jump without losing any of your progress.

Battlefield 4 Beta, 02Battlefield 4 Beta, 03

Simply put: if you start playing Battlefield 4 on PS3, and later decide to move up to PS4, you can bring your multiplayer stats and all of your unlocks as you make the transfer to the next-gen Battlefield! Also, if you’ve become a Battlefield 4 Premium member, your Premium membership will transfer across from PS3 to PS4.

Upgrade to Next-Gen for $9.99

Finally, we appreciate that a lot of fans will want to start playing on PS3 and then buy Battlefield 4 on PS4 as well. For all of our fans who are ready to do this, PlayStation has put a program in place where you can buy Battlefield 4 on PS3 (on disc or a digital copy), and then later buy Battlefield 4 on PS4 for only $9.99. You can learn more about this program right here.

Welcome to the Beta

That’s it for now. We’re excited to let everyone in on the open beta, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or comments on the beta, or the transfer options from PS3 to PS4, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer. Learn more about the beta over on our site.

See you on the Battlefield!

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5 Author Replies

  • Game is a big no for me too. I hate CoD multiplayer but this beta is making me rather have CoD

  • The game itself is way better then the previous battlefield games on console.. But the problem is, it’s way to much like call of duty, and it takes way to many bullets to kill an enemy..
    Also when you give orders they come out in chineese or some other language when you are even on the us side..
    Texture fill in rate is kinda slow as well..
    This game needs a lot of work to be done next month for release..
    Other than those things this will be a good game not great unless it has been fixed..

  • Help ! On a Region 3 Account (ASIA) and cant find ii on the store!

  • Still cant find beta. Wonder if because I live in the Asia region? D:

  • I downloaded the beta this afternoon and when I went to access the multiplayer, all the servers had 0/20 people playing and whenever I tried to join a seesion through quickmatch, it would say no sessions availible. Is this because I am in Australia or are the servers down for one reason or another?

  • Battlefield and CoD needs to be put to rest.

  • For DEVs:

    – fix medkits use (they are flying and bouncing everywhere)
    – fix texture loading
    – fix some crashes and freezes on Conquest
    – fix the swimming animation on 1st person
    – make customizable weapons when outside servers (dont need to show the progression, we have battlelog for this)
    – simplify the HUD, a lot of useless information
    – try to comeback the driving comands (we dont need the command wheel when hold R2 …really we dont need)
    – i really like spotting with r2 tap, but when vehicles make select for this and R2 for accelerate
    – on Shangai, land vehicles (lav and tank) seems very useless…
    – C4 on recon…i dont know…
    – i need to mention again that vehicles controls are awful
    – what about the COD control scheme as “default”… lol
    – expecting better final art, expecting PERFECT art for PS4

  • ouvi falar que o jogo ta zuado esta como?

  • – bullet drop from tanks are terrible
    – sometimes reload animation could get bugged
    – sometimes deploy screen turns black (u can pause and unpause to fix it)
    – after some rounds, the skyscraper falling is a bit boring. Now i want more fighting on its rooftop. Maybe the skyscraper could resist more damage. Maybe only fall when massive direct damage.
    – really dont know the efficiency of using pistol when swimming
    – maybe limit 1 use parachute, people use it a lot ignoring all type of falling damage and this is ridiculous. Its not Just Cause2…
    – Support class seems nerfed. I didnt see much of them. Maybe because they dont have C4 anymore

  • Go for PSN Store Euro or USA for the demo.

    Im from south america and we dont have it neither on our store.

  • How do I do that? (Sorry for the nooby question)

  • The Beta is really fun, but they need to include control customisation in the full game as ive recently converted from xbox and just cant get my head around the L1/R1 aim and shoot controls. There should at least be the option to change it around or i just wont be getting the game :(

  • I’m very disappointed. The game froze five times in seven hours, it looks quite ugly (at first, I thought it was like Uncharted’s lab, just the polygons without textures), my soldier gets stucked in invisible walls often, I can’t turn my character until I leave the basic command post, the screen is very poluted (an enemy in front of me had a “green name” over his head, because I could see my squad mates names at command post B while I was at A), the Siege of Shanghai map is very linear, controls stop working for no reason (can’t change weapons or walk). The game clearly wasn’t made with PS3 in mind. I would strongly advice players not to get the PS3 version. Hopefully, the PS4 version will be better.

  • @63
    Totally agree with you. This game wasnt made for ps3, maybe 360 neither.

    Playing more hours in Siege of Shangai.
    I really hate the blast radius of the new tank. Amazing short.

    Its very annoying when only 1 engineer waste a helicopter to get on top of one building and lock on your tank.
    Dont know but the HUD inside the battle tank is very polluted too.

    When someone lock on you, really dislike the arrows. Make too easy to evade.

    PS: smoke = flares now ?

    PS2: why c4 on recon ???

  • I really expect a good game for next generation.

    But please, make Battlefield more Battlefield. Dont turn to CoD gameplay…

  • @CTLz79

    I’m expressing my opinion on an issue that many long-time Battlefield fans such as myself agree on. You’re entitled to your opinion as well, but there is no need to be a jerk and suggest that I go waste my time on something like COD.

  • Another things for DEVs:

    – PLEASE improve blast radius of MTB HE Cannon, its HE Cannon!!
    – the damage from exploded buildings on players is very awful too
    – Make customizable weapons and vehicles off server
    – Some bugs on loading (the game sometimes loading 2x)
    – 5 to 10s after deploy, i always cannot see my weapon and cannot move properly
    – The weapon seems so small
    – Allow move the camera when driving vehicles
    – sometimes the main menu gets bugged


  • I hope you guys realize that this beta comes from prior frozen code that was deemed stable enough to run the server stress testing and not to sell you on the game itself nor to show its capabilities as a game at all.
    Moreover, many of the bug reports that you guys are giving out, if they are not network related, they may be looked at but not prioritized since they may have already been fixed on the main branch (build) of the game itself (not this beta).

  • Anyone know where to submit bugs etc? The beta is getting to where you can’t play anymore..
    It freezes now in middle of a match it freezes going to a match etc.. and it is not my ps3 because it never froze one bit on anything every since i put it into a pc case…

  • Yes!!!
    Only 2 hours left until the download is finished.

  • Downloaded the game installed and I can’t play it cuz I keep getting an error saying: You have lost connection to the EA servers. Online features will be unavailable.

  • hey guys i checked the pss for the demo and searched it but when i got to BATTLEF on the search i couldnt find it help pls

  • its for the ps3

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