Battlefield 4 Open Beta Starts Today on PS3

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Battlefield 4 Open Beta Starts Today on PS3

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Help Us Make the Game Better

These are exciting times for Battlefield fans, and everyone at DICE! Today, we’re releasing the Battlefield 4 open beta on PS3, and we want you all to join. Simply by taking part in the beta, you’ll help us test the servers, online functionality, and gameplay to make sure the PS3 launch on October 29th goes as smoothly as possible.

In the open beta, you’ll be able to play both the classic Conquest mode and Domination, which you might recognize from Battlefield 3: Close Quarters (it’s basically a faster and tighter version of Conquest, with more emphasis on infantry combat). The map on offer is Siege of Shanghai — you might recognize it from E3, when we first unveiled it and where the public got their very first hands-on with Battlefield 4. Now, we want to bring that experience — complete with game-changing Levolution events like the big skyscraper collapsing or setting off car alarms — to all of our fans on PS3. It’s you, the player, triggering these moments.

We’re also looking to our fans to provide valuable feedback on the overall gaming experience. This is in every sense a true beta, so your feedback will be used to fix, tweak, and adjust the game both for launch and during the extensive support that we’ll give Battlefield 4 once it’s live.

How to Download

Today, all players on PS3 will be able to find and download the Battlefield 4 open beta by going to PlayStation Store and searching for “Battlefield 4.” You’ll find the open beta as a downloadable item on the Battlefield 4 title page. The beta will open when PlayStation Store updates later today.

Don’t Start Empty-Handed on Next-Gen

Start playing Battlefield 4 on PS3, and bring everything you’ve unlocked to PS4. If you’re interested in making the jump to next-gen hardware, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to bring your multiplayer progression from Battlefield 4. Since Battlefield 4 will launch on October 29th for PS3 and November 12th for PS4, we’ve put a number of features in place that will help you make the jump without losing any of your progress.

Battlefield 4 Beta, 02Battlefield 4 Beta, 03

Simply put: if you start playing Battlefield 4 on PS3, and later decide to move up to PS4, you can bring your multiplayer stats and all of your unlocks as you make the transfer to the next-gen Battlefield! Also, if you’ve become a Battlefield 4 Premium member, your Premium membership will transfer across from PS3 to PS4.

Upgrade to Next-Gen for $9.99

Finally, we appreciate that a lot of fans will want to start playing on PS3 and then buy Battlefield 4 on PS4 as well. For all of our fans who are ready to do this, PlayStation has put a program in place where you can buy Battlefield 4 on PS3 (on disc or a digital copy), and then later buy Battlefield 4 on PS4 for only $9.99. You can learn more about this program right here.

Welcome to the Beta

That’s it for now. We’re excited to let everyone in on the open beta, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or comments on the beta, or the transfer options from PS3 to PS4, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer. Learn more about the beta over on our site.

See you on the Battlefield!

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5 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait to play it after work.

    • Happy to hear! Just finished playing a few rounds together with some colleagues here at DICE, and we had a lot of fun. Can’t say any of us where specially skilled though.

  • Can’t wait to take this for a spin when I get home from the game/work.

  • I tried looking for it in the store and it still said unavailable…..

    • The Beta is being rolled out over the course of the day, but once it becomes available you’ll definitely see it.

  • “The beta will open when PlayStation Store updates.”

    But when does the Store update on a Friday?? Friday isn’t a normal update day…

  • downloaded it on tuesday (2 day early access for MoH or something), but never got around to playing it yet.

    still havent finished BF3 yet…hopefully the DLC drops in price.

  • It’s in the store now. it says it’s a demo.

  • BattleField isLooking NICE.. I hope it does well! Cant wait to get my hands on it when i get the chance!! :D

  • Been playing it since the 1st. Not too excited for it to come out. Looks horrible. BF3 looks better than 4. Hope it’s just the beta. They should of just released this on PS4 if they are gonna dumb it down for PS3. The controls are different too. But they did add some cool stuff, blocking knife attempts and blowing up pillars to take the skyscraper down. It need a lot of work for the ps3 though. Really hoping on day 1 the graphics are stunning and better than what the beta looks and feels like. If it’s like this on ps3 it will be another MoH Warfighter disaster! Good luck!

  • I’m downloading right now!

  • How long does it take to download the beta of Battlefield 4??? thank you

  • Spectre, that would depend on your internet connection.

  • @KwietStorm yes true. I have 30mbps, hopefully it won’t take that long…

  • So i searched battlefield 4 all that comes up is to preorder the game. Not released yet for me? or am i looking in the wrong spot

  • @drpepperdude100, let me know how long it took you to download, also what’s your download speed? Thanks!

  • Battlefield 3 campaign was really satisfying; even going at ‘Hard’ difficulty in the 1st run.
    However, Spec Ops (don’t think this is the right name though) – Co-op optional gameplay – missions were great except for the scenarios requiring operation of the special vehicles (Heli, Jets, Tanks, etc); when the player hadn’t been introduced to the operability of these during the campaign, only the Tank!
    The same problem carried over to the Multi-player gameplay, with individuals versed in the operation of these vehicles taking Advantage over the Battlefield.
    Got a Digital copy from PS+ to start Summer 2013 off with a Bang, so I didn’t have a hard copy manual; not sure if I had to acquire it elsewhere online.
    I’m hoping this type of scenario doesn’t recur in Battlefield 4. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to participating in the Beta – as a test drive of New Frostbite 3 Engine – even if graphically diminished on the becoming obsolete PS3 CPU / GPU.

  • What’s the beta like compared to the full game? I mean like is the beta a very old version of the demo you created with the full game being way more improved or is this beta a taste of the full game?

  • Before everyone comes on here complaining of the graphics ect … Understand that betas are old builds of the game not a representative of the launch game at all …. they are in part put out there to give u a small taste of the game … but mainly put out there so dice can test the back end servers ect …. also for them to get feedback from the community to make necessary changes & tweak gameplay / balancing ect …. Not sure how many do not get the BETA part

  • as a side note … It has to be dumbed down for the PS3 …. PS3 256 Mb of Ram / PS4 8 Gb unified memory …. think about it …. that’s why PS3 only has 12 Vs 12 & the PS4 will have 32 Vs 32 plus 2 commanders …. thanks dice for bringing PC gaming to the PS4 …. you are by far my favorite developer … no one balances a game like dice and brings a battlefield feel to a game IE tanks planes transports ect ect …. oh and I was so excited to hear supply drops and vehicle drops made it back into the game … a major win… look forward to seeing all of u on the battlefield on PS3 / PS4 on launch day & PC

  • Question:

    If i buy BF4 and premium DLC on PS3 will premium DLC also transfer over with the PS4 version of BF4?

  • @ 19 yes premium carries over from ps3 to ps4 ( wish it carried from pc to consoles :o) )

  • I’m BF3 premium…and I downloaded since tuesday but I couldn’t find time to play it yet,hopefully I can hop in today….when is the Beta ending?

    • The Beta will keep on going through Oct 15. We’re hoping to have you, and your friends help us get Battlefield 4 ready for launch during the whole Beta period!

  • My PC cant launch BF4. But PS3 will help to join the Battlefield :)

  • Just started the game downloading – ETA 1hr. ‘Come on, download faster!!!’ xD

    I hope the game has a way to look at the button controls before entering into a match. I’d hate to get in a vehicle and end up looking like a complete idiot because I can’t drive it!

    • Hi JNC-CIM. If you don’t feel right at home with the control layout, you can always change it in the options menu. We hope that you can find something that suits you.

  • The cod’s after MW3 are all too Kumbaya for me. Hopefully BF3 will be way butcher.

  • I’ve never actually played a Battlefield game before but this one looks really good so i will try out the beta later!

  • Get ready for new control layout….R2 to spot circle to crouch left stick to drive vehicles. it lets you change some controls but nothing even close to BF3 layout

  • Interesting vehicle controls like the Mako from Mass Effect 1… We all know everyone loved that ;)

  • I find it sad that you have to “search for Battlefield 4” to find the beta. The store is so clustered and poorly organized I can see why searching is easier.

  • Please get rid of the counterknife or atleast make it harder to do. Out of over 10 attempts to stab from the front, I have only succeeded once and the rest of the times I was counterknifed. I shouldn’t be punished for initiating a knife attack and being left defenseless from a counterknife.

  • If you preorder BF4 for PS3 on PSN this month you get to upgrade to the PS4 version for free because you get $10 back from the ‘spend $50, get $10’ promo.

  • meh….more interested in GHOSTS. Wish activision would do betas for their games. Then again they don’t really need the hype to survive like Dice does for the Battlefield games.

  • @Benmo316 More correct you could not be. The store is a mess.

    Also, I don’t know why they don’t let you remap the controller any way you want and even disable some functions.

  • Well i’ll check this out for sure, since it will be awhile for GTA5 is running smoothly.

  • + Ryumoau on October 4th, 2013 at 3:42 pm said:

    meh….more interested in GHOSTS. Wish activision would do betas for their games. Then again they don’t really need the hype to survive like Dice does for the Battlefield games.

    yeah activision doesn’t need to test their online servers…. no matter how laggy it is for most people they still sell a ton of games … ( still no dedicated servers for COD …still using players with laggy connections to host matches) at least u guys are getting a new engine this time around with ghosts …. COD has been running on the same engine since COD 4 …. which was by far for me better than all the other cod games

  • @UNC5052 really …. getting rid of counter-knife attacks, in a game that is designed to be more realistic. Go back to COD. Battlefield strives to be a more realistic FPS modern combat game. And that means having a chance to fight off someone trying to knife you. If you can’t handle that then go back to COD. (And this is from someone that is a fan of both game series.)

  • Wow, this seals it. Ryumoau is a definite troll.

    LOL, yeah right, Dice needing hype to survive. I like both, but at least Dice doesn’t literally put of the same product year after year.

    Who are you trying to kid?

  • Hate the new controls with a passion. More so the helicopter ones. As it is now I won’t be shucking out the 60 odd dollars and stick to just bf3. Maybe after a few months and they work the bugs out of it I might look into it again but not a chance atm.

    Besides the heli controls the teamates icons not showing above their heads 95% a time is also an annoying bug that needs fixed.

  • I’ve been playing all day since I got home from my only class today and I’ve been really enjoying it. I really love the new butoon layout. I also like that the sluggish movement has been reduced a lot. Its perfect. I will for sure be picking this up day one on ps4

  • @ Ryumoau … Get out..

  • Reply to EU blog please

  • Love it! Controls took very short time to get used to. Excited to play this on PS3/PS4!


  • Still can’t find the beta. D:

  • @44
    Just go to search and type “Battlefield 4”
    Next to buy button have “try demo” option

    I’m really enjoying the new control scheme.
    In BF3 was a bit hard to spot an enemy with Select. R2 is much more logical.

    PS: Throwing med kits is quite funny lol

  • WIth just one map , this game looks bad. There are no billion polygons in BF4B, Some animation issues when killing with a knife, the explosions looks decent don’t think better than BF3, issues with sound , issues with loading textures on vehicles . Still is a beta but it is like 2.5 weeks until release and I thought this is a Server Stress Test but it is not, with just 24 players on maps that will be CUT from their initial sizes . Yeah i’ll remain on BF 3 for a while until I get PS4 and maybe later I’ll buy a discounted PS4 version of the game. For now THX EA for letting me know that BF3 is still playable .

  • i was wondering will the graphics look better than this beta when the full release comes out? or atleast graphics like battlefield 3 maybe a little better than battlefield

  • As important as spotting is in this game and for my style of play I sincerely hope I can remap the spotting to just “spot” not bring up that horrible menu wheel of phrases I will never use. I’m trying to spot and then it takes me out of scoping in? It has been the select button and now having it as R2?

    Even if I have to use R2 at least just make it to just spot and not to bring up that wheel please….

  • SO MUCH NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!! I realize it’s just a Beta, but still. STOP CATERING TO COD PLAYERS!!!! Also, need WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY more destructible environments. Fix Spawn Camping. Until it gets back to what we loved about it, I’m done w/the series.

  • Canceled my previously paid off BF4 pre-order this afternoon. The beta looks utterly atrocious. Metro map for BF3 was on point compaired to this beta. Yeah, so it’s dumbed down graphically for PS3, so what. It should still look WAY better than it’s current iteration. Especially if it’s being released for current-gen systems this very month.
    Moved money to Watch Dogs and let it ride.
    I’ll see how folks get on with this one at launch and see. Right now, though, it’s a no for me..

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