PlayStation and Extra Life Team Up For Children’s Hospitals

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PlayStation and Extra Life Team Up For Children’s Hospitals

PlayStation believes in the power of our gaming community to do good in the world. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the video game based charity Extra Life to generate a call to arms to the PlayStation community to help raise money for children’s hospitals across the country.

Extra Life is a gaming event benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals and the medical treatment, programs and charitable care that is provided to kids in their communities. For years, Extra Life has motivated gamers across the U.S. and Canada to drive donations to their local member children’s hospital, and this year, PlayStation is joining their efforts.

PlayStation Prizes for Extra Life Activities

You can get involved in raising donations for children’s hospitals in need and get great prizes in the process. Here’s how:

Extra Life

  • Click here to go to the Extra Life registration page
  • Select Extra Life ‘Classic’
  • Decide whether you want to join as an individual, create a team, or join an existing one. If you’re not sure, just join as an individual. If you decide to join a team, feel free to join any team you wish.
  • Select ‘PlayStation’ under the ‘What movement are you joining?’ question.
  • Complete the rest of the fields, it should only take a few more seconds.

Now you’ll be all set to have your own profile to share with the world and raise donations. Don’t be shy about telling your friends and family about the cause you’re supporting to raise donations!

Registering for Extra Life and being a part of the PlayStation Movement enables you to get great prizes as you raise donations. Check out the breakdown below:

Extra Life

Registration is open right now so sign up and start hitting these goals today to get these great prizes. Just register, select the PlayStation option under “Join a Movement”, and start sharing your goals with your friends, families, social networks, you get the idea. Prizes are open to U.S. and Canada residents only. Please allow up to 24 hours after crossing one of the levels to receive your prize. They will be sent to the email you register with Extra Life.

Join as an individual, or jump into an existing team and contribute towards a group goal. There are a ton of great teams to join, but here’s a few we recommend:

So sign up, get your exclusive PS3 theme, and start raising donations for an amazing cause. Chime in in the comments and let us know if you’re going to register, and if so, which team you’re supporting! Oh, and don’t be shy about spreading this news; it’ll be helping a great cause. ^__^

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  • This is awesome! I joined Extra Life before this announcement. I have tried to join the PsS team via the link you commented on with spot 7, 11 and others – but my account hasn’t changed nor have I received any info from Team Playstation. How do I know if this worked? I am currently at just over $1000 raised with 2 weeks left. Thanks

  • I raised $75 over the weeekend !!! Yay! Thanks for partnering with Extra-Life.

    There is an issue with one of my codes. The month of PS Plus.

    When I added the code to my PSN account, it actually only added 7 days.

    Is this a problem on Extra-Life’s end or Sony’s?

  • I want to join, But i have no idea how this works and how the funds are raised. Do i need to buy equipment or start going to a local meet-up to help raise funds? I am still new to Extra Life, but really wanna join up in this promotion.

  • I have signed up, but haven’t joined a team. My goal is that PS4 launch day lineup. I’d love an avatar of the controller with the wings too to show our support! Can you make the last one happen? They already have an avatar file on their site.

  • If you guys aren’t able to participate in the game you can donate to me here if you’d like. I’ve already gotten the prize vouchers and whatnot. I’m doing this for the kids. Not for When Vikings Attack or PS4 launch games. Thanks in advance guys! For the kids!

  • Hi. So I just donated $60 dollars. Never donated to charity before but I have heard of this one and Child’s Play. Anyway, I saw the transaction go through. BUT, when I went to download the receipt for it, it had a link to a .pdf file.

    This is great, I can print it then. However my printer is not working and we have no idea why.

    The government needs a receipt of everything I do purchase or otherwise.

    Someone please help me. Is there a link to their email anywhere that I can send them an email asking to mail me a receipt of the transaction?

    Then again, I have a USB drive around here somewhere so I suppose I can take it to a library and download it from that.

    Also, how long does it take for the “rewards” to come? I haven’t gotten any messages about anything.

  • I am in!!

  • This is my second year doing Extra Life and I was wondering how I can attach my Extra Life account with my Playstation account since I run them out of two different email accounts. I don’t want to miss out on all of the offerings that Sony has for us Extra Lifers.

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