PlayStation and Extra Life Team Up For Children’s Hospitals

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PlayStation and Extra Life Team Up For Children’s Hospitals

PlayStation believes in the power of our gaming community to do good in the world. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the video game based charity Extra Life to generate a call to arms to the PlayStation community to help raise money for children’s hospitals across the country.

Extra Life is a gaming event benefiting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals and the medical treatment, programs and charitable care that is provided to kids in their communities. For years, Extra Life has motivated gamers across the U.S. and Canada to drive donations to their local member children’s hospital, and this year, PlayStation is joining their efforts.

PlayStation Prizes for Extra Life Activities

You can get involved in raising donations for children’s hospitals in need and get great prizes in the process. Here’s how:

Extra Life

  • Click here to go to the Extra Life registration page
  • Select Extra Life ‘Classic’
  • Decide whether you want to join as an individual, create a team, or join an existing one. If you’re not sure, just join as an individual. If you decide to join a team, feel free to join any team you wish.
  • Select ‘PlayStation’ under the ‘What movement are you joining?’ question.
  • Complete the rest of the fields, it should only take a few more seconds.

Now you’ll be all set to have your own profile to share with the world and raise donations. Don’t be shy about telling your friends and family about the cause you’re supporting to raise donations!

Registering for Extra Life and being a part of the PlayStation Movement enables you to get great prizes as you raise donations. Check out the breakdown below:

Extra Life

Registration is open right now so sign up and start hitting these goals today to get these great prizes. Just register, select the PlayStation option under “Join a Movement”, and start sharing your goals with your friends, families, social networks, you get the idea. Prizes are open to U.S. and Canada residents only. Please allow up to 24 hours after crossing one of the levels to receive your prize. They will be sent to the email you register with Extra Life.

Join as an individual, or jump into an existing team and contribute towards a group goal. There are a ton of great teams to join, but here’s a few we recommend:

So sign up, get your exclusive PS3 theme, and start raising donations for an amazing cause. Chime in in the comments and let us know if you’re going to register, and if so, which team you’re supporting! Oh, and don’t be shy about spreading this news; it’ll be helping a great cause. ^__^

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  • Woo! Team Radio PlayStation!

  • Count me in :D

  • Good event!
    I can choose for Raise $10 twice, right?

    • Not sure what you mean there; but the idea is that you create a profile, and then keep raising money for the cause. So raising $10 would get you a PS Plus 30 day membership voucher. Then $25 would get you the next prize, etc. Hope that makes sense!

  • If we registered before this announcement and are unsure if we registered as a PlayStation participant, is there a way to check if you did? And if you didn’t, can you change it now, after you already registered?

  • how can i take part in this if i’m already signed up for extra life individually? the playstation movement wasn’t there when i had originally signed up?

  • I’ve already registered and have $75 donated towards me so far, can I join the movement still? Thanks in advance!

  • I am curious too. Been doing this for 4 years now and their site doesn’t allow for any changes, at least easily. How do we get linked in to this movement?

  • What if I’d already registered and raised over $600? Am I able to get the prizes?

  • Hi everyone! If you were already signed up you can join the PlayStation movement right here.

  • I have just registered and have joined Team Playstation! This is a great cause and will be a great thing to see so many children hospitals be supported. Now its time to try and get some donations and get the word out.

  • Is there any way to leave/switch teams? I joined “PlayStation Crowd” because I didn’t see “PlayStation Official” like you posted, but now I see there’s a “Team PlayStation”

    I wish you guys just had one team to make it easier.

    • You can join any team you want. You don’t have to join any particular team, nor do you need to switch teams if you were already on one.

      For those who had already joined Extra Life in any capacity, you can change to the PlayStation Movement here:

      This doesn’t change your team, you’re still on board with however you registered; you’re just now part of the PlayStation Movement so you can earn those prizes and have a chance to get the grand prize for the most donations raised.

  • Great initiative! Not only will it help Children’s Hospitals, and the ill children they support. Hopefully as a side benefit, it will also help diminish the stereotype of gamers only being young, drug using, prone to violence, burdens to society.

    Sony, please take advantage of this effort to promote the “good” in gamers. Not in a, “hey we are only participating in this, to gain this” kind of way. But there is nothing wrong with tooting our own horn a little bit.

    • We are doing this soley to support Extra Life. There’s no marketing element to it. We love what they do, we love how it involves gamers and helping children’s hospotals acoss the country, so we’re just adding our voice to their message =)

  • @10: You can be on any team and still get the rewards. Unless you just wanted to be on the PlayStation Official team to be on the PlayStation official team…then nevermind then lol.

  • @Spider-Jew, yes the latter. lol

  • just curious…but how do you get the theme? iv already registered but didnt get any sort of code or anything like that

  • Edit::: nevermind got an email for it…(by the way,you guys should really add an edit button for posts lol)

    • cool; glad to hear you got the theme! The prizes may take as much as 24 hours to get to you, but don’t let that hold you back. Thanks for joining!

  • This is Aweosme!! I been on extra life for 2 years now!!

  • Haven’t seen you post in awhile Morgan, are you done writing up the plus updates? Did all the negative nancies finally get to ya?

    • Yeah, after 2 years on the Plus posts, it was time for me to move on; but no it wasn’t due to critiques ;) Kristine writes those now and she’s got her eyes on all of the PSN content every week, so she’s a bit more in tune with what’s coming for Plus. But in terms of getting your suggestions back to the teams, we’re still all over that!

  • Wish I could participate…would love to win Shadow Fall and Knack.I have the other games….so I would be going for the most raised.Good initiative.

  • This is a great initiative! I’ll sign up! ^o^

  • Awesome! I’ll be playing for Team PSTALENT again this year and I just registered my existing account for the PlayStation Movement! Last year, we raised $564 and had lots of fun too!

  • I’ve supported the Playstation Nation guys for a few years now and one year I was fortunate enough to win a prize pack from them with seven EA Sports titles from that year.

    Then a year later I feel I was able to benefit from the work of these Children’s Hospitals, and maybe indirectly Extra Life as well, when my second daughter was born 12 weeks early, weighing just over two pounds. She was in the hospital for her first eight weeks before we were able to bring her home on Christmas Eve.

    Supporting Extra Life and the PSNation crew made me feel proud to be part of a community that is willing to do something good for the kids and people they’ve never even met.


    • That’s an amazing story, and I’m glad to hear that your daughter was able to be brought home safe and sound. Glad to have your support, and I think we’re all in a good position to do something good as a gaming community.

  • This is my first Extra Life event, but I’ve been doing Dance Marathon for CMN for two years now. I’m so excited to be able to participate in this, and it makes me even more of a Sony fan by seeing you all support a great cause.

  • I’ll ask my parents and see what they say and if they say yes im definitely in

  • This is my second year doing Extra Life!

    Last year I raised $500.00, this year my goal is currently $500 as well. I am at $210.00 right now, and have applied to be linked to the Playstation Movement! :)

  • I am in. Looking forward to helping some kids, in whichever capacity I can.

  • I’m going to look into this some more, this could be something that i contributre to.

  • Gaming4Life! is my team and we’re going to do our best, like we do every year!

    Best of wishes to everyone else who participates!

  • What We Should Do As A Community Is Support Each Other

    For Anyone Who Donates 5-10 Bucks To Mine I Will Contribute The Same To Yours Here Is My Link

    I’m Looking Forward To Helping Eachother

  • I’m on board for this! Me and my friends are going for 250$ combined!

  • this is wrong on so many levels. you shouldn’t offering rewards for people donating. it defeats the whole purpose of “paying it forward”

  • I have been participating in this event for the last 3 years supporting a hospital that has helped 2 of my children when they were in need. I am glad to see that a large company has set out to bring more people into the program to help raise money. Thank you Sony! I am at $500 so far this year and hope to get even more.

  • can you broadcast ur gameplay during this on twitch?

  • I’m in!

  • @ #29 – I’m going to donate to your page soon as I get a chance.

    @ #31 – I don’t think this is a bad idea. I’ve been looking for something like this to raise funds for, and the added incentive of getting launch day PS4 games (though I know I stand little to no chance of raising the most funds) is a cool incentive for many. Its a chance to help out sick children in hospitals. They definitely need some cheering up, and what better device to do it than video games! :)

    My link: Even if I just raise only a dollar, its a great cause and it is still helping the kids. I have a new appreciation for life after having kids. :)

  • This is a really nice campaign! I hope we have something like that here in Brazil someday…

  • This is a good idea, but has Sony ever considered something like the “Humble Bundles?” Where folks can purchase games at a discount (usually paying whatever they want, so long as it is over $1) and the proceeds going to charity. If done correctly, I imagine a lot of money would be raised – if not for the simple fact it requires little more than people pushing a few buttons on their controllers.

  • Are you guys going to make some T-shirt to buy? I want to give some flyers or something.

  • @#35 Thanks Man I Will Return The Favor Thursday When I Get Paid!

  • @#29 & @#35, that’s a great idea, I’ll contribute to your pages whenever I have a chance to.

    My page is:

    Good luck everyone!

  • I have a quick question. I received my PS+ 30 day code. Do they expire and if so, how long does it take? I’m (hopefully) getting my PS4 on launch day (It’s pre-ordered at Target). I plan on also pickup up Killzone: Shadow Fall (which Amazon is now showing comes with a 7 day code). PS4 also comes with a 14 day code. My plan is to stack all three codes on November 15th (it amounts to 51 days of PS+). If I enter them on November 15th, that would last me until about January 4th. However, before that date, I should have a 1 year code from Christmas. So my question is, will the 30 day code last until November 15th or will it expire before then (if at all)?

  • I will be joining this today my good sir as I have very fond memories of Children’s Hospital. When I used to get admitted for random asthma attacks they would also cart around NES and/or Super NES setups for the kids to play, actually, that’s the only time I was ever able to really play the classic Mario’s. In that way they always had ties to gamers. Would be cool if Sony is doing something similar.

  • Will any of my personal donations go towards the buy $50 get $10 back promotion cause if so then that’s an automatic $50.

  • Anyway you guys can make an app so we can use our psn money to donate? Message our friends where to donate ect. I was a happy that you guys joined in the fund raising that is amazing but was shocked that I can’t do anything from my playstation..

  • What percentage of money raised will go to children’s hospital?

  • Hi Morgan Haro, and Sony teams… I am very happy to see this Blog post, its about time…It only took you 6 years… I have been very involved with Extra-life for a little while now, I am on the Boston Street team and have some info you might want to know if you don’t already. Y2David, one of the MVP’s on the PS forums has been captain of a Extra-life team for years, there is also a Forum page dedicated to just this… Here’s a link…

    So there are already PS team listed if you just want to join a team instead of making a new one… Also to answer Ghostmachine1’s question… all the money goes to the Children’s hospital… What Jeremy Adams told us is that it goes to research at the hospitals to find cures and buy stuff for the Children. Also from what I see some Donors specifically donate and ask that funds go into stuff like the Extra-life fund raising project. So all the money goes to benefit the Children.

  • I am so glad that Playstation has sponsored Extra Life :)

    I have been a huge Playstation gamer for the majority of my life and it is such great news that I can do this :)

    Can’t wait to participate

  • Was there a reason you decided not to post my comment? I noticed you skipped my post… like I said its about time Sony took an official stand for Extra-life, its nice to see you all putting up incentives, its better then the Free icon threw PS HOME like a few years ago, that most people just took and did nothing to help the children… they really do not make me any more willing to participate, seeing that I have everything on the incentive list, yet I am very involved anyway… its all good that you didn’t post my last comment, yet I figured I would drop a line to let you know I noticed, just like I notice the way I am also treated in the forums by your MODs… I hope you really do want to help the children and this is not just some publicity stunt, seeing that Microsoft has been supporting Extra-life for years now (I really don’t like Microsoft yet it was good of them to be so supportive)… The kids count and if they survive the problems they are all facing in the hospitals they might be future customers… and fellow community members…if they are not already…

  • Sorry, I thought my comment was deleted for some odd reason… I guess a sorry for the misunderstanding is in order… and thank you Sony for taking an active role in this years Extra-life Event… cheers and good looking out, I hope this becomes a tradition for our PSN community!!! Children are our Future…

  • Glad to say, that i reached my goal today! Sick kids hospital in Toronto – which i attended throughout my life for regular heart checkups deserves it. Glad to have taken part this year. Keep up the good work everyone!

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