PS Plus: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Free for Members

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PS Plus: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Free for Members

Dive into the expansive realm of Kingdoms of Amalur, a fantasy tale penned by famed author R.A. Salvatore. There are plenty of options to customize your character and the way you defeat your foes, so role-playing fans will be right at home here. Whether you prefer magic, melee weapons or to be a little more rogue-ish, Kingdoms of Amalur’s flexible combat system will let you play how you want. In addition, there are discounts on several titles including Flashback HD, Darksiders II, Red Faction: Armageddon and MX vs. ATV: Alive.

All of these PS Plus benefits will be available after PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 10/1.

PlayStation Plus 10-1-2013

Instant Game Collection

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members, Regular Price: $19.99

Kingdoms of Amalur
Immerse yourself in an all-new massive universe from the minds of bestselling author R.A. Salvatore, world-renowned artist Todd McFarlane, and legendary game designer Ken Rolston. Choose your path and battle through a sprawling master-crafted world featuring some of the most intense, responsive, and customizable RPG combat ever.


Flashback HD (PS3)

PS Plus Price: $7.99, Regular Price: $9.99

Flashback HD
20 years after the original game’s launch, Conrad is enlisted back to active service for the triumphant return of one of the most acclaimed franchises in gaming history. It is Flashback re-imagined. The original Core-Team revamped their own creation, leveraging the best of today’s technology while remaining true to the classic side-scroller that set the standards of the genre in the 90’s.

Other Discounts

Game Title PS Plus Price Regular Price
Wheel Of Fortune Ultimate Edition $17.19 $21.49
Jeopardy! Ultimate Edition $17.19 $21.49
Wheel Of Fortune & Jeopardy! Complete Pack $19.59 $24.49
MX vs. ATV: Alive $8.99 $11.99
MX vs. ATV: Alive Ultimate Edition $19.99 $24.99
Darksiders II $17.99 $23.99
Darksiders II Ultimate Edition $26.99 $35.99
Darksiders + Darksiders 2 Ultimate Edition $31.49 $41.99
Red Faction Armageddon Ultimate Edition $11.24 $14.99

We’ll be back next week with more details on the game arriving to the Instant Game Collection as well as any other benefits we can share.

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure you leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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  • @47 Isidrera: Those are all very good questions! Even if they aren’t all answered here, I’d like to see a series of posts on the Blog regarding how Plus will work after the launch of the PS4.

    @48 zingakun: Good point. I bought the RDR DLC for cheap last time it was on sale, but it’s been a while.

    And I’m sure it’s happened before, maybe multiple times. But I’d like a sale on GTA IV DLC please. :)

  • @Stranger_Eddie, Vita IGC are given in weeks 3 & 4. I wish they’d change to 2 & 4, but sadly they haven’t.

  • A. Week update before month update. Don’t like it. Month layout is done now? Anyways I know it’s not Oct yet but this is for the first update of OCT so if the week is up and you’re still doing monthly, it should be too.

    B. Just going based off this week so far, this month my Plus runs out and I might just let it, not interested in this game. It’s been a rocky year for me and plus, Going to finish up Hitman and might call it quits on plus. At least for a little while.

    C. Morgan, you’re commenting on the posts, I just wonder why you haven’t been making the posts yourself lately?

    D. GTAV been keeping me pretty preoccupied at the moment so haven’t really needed anything on plus to keep me busy.

    E. All in all in general I think plus was a good investment for the time being, Been a few wonderful games I got to play because of plus and would of never tried via buying/renting so thank you Sony! Looking forward in getting a PS4 in my future and sooner or later a vita.

    • We’re still doing the month previews; just a bit earlier. Check last week’s post.

      But I’m helping out today since Kristine is stuck at jury duty; but in general, we all kinda tackle the comments. Kristine took the helm as the person getting the posts ready though, which is a good chunk of work.

  • @Isedera

    1 – is there gonna be games on the IGC for ps4 in december already?
    @launch, DriveClub and Resogun. After that, we know about Secret Ponchos, Don’t Starve, and another game I’m forgetting right now

    2 – can you put the ps4 games on your download list even if you dont ghave a ps4 and download it when you get one?
    Why wouldn’t you be able to…you can do that now with PS3/Vita
    3 – Is the PS3 IGC gonna be smaler after the ps4 games coming in?
    It’ll be at least 3 PS3, 2 PSV, 1 PS4 per month

    4 – How many games a month are there gonna be for PS4? 2 at launch, 1 per month after that. Probably increase after year one.

  • 5 – How many games a month are there gonna be for PS3(after ps4 launch)? See above
    6 – Is the PS4 gonna count to de 2 console maximun for account downloads(making it only piossible for you to download content on your PS3 and PS4)? Huh?
    7 – Is PS4 IGC gonna have anual(like ps3′s Uncharted 3, XCOM, and LBPC) games or just the monthly games? DriveClub is for the year
    8 – is the PS3 anaual game collection going to be renewed in the folloing years? Huh?
    9 – How long until PS3 IGC dissapears only leaving the vita and PS4? Probably not for a few years until the PS4 library can sustain a larger IGC on its own.

  • ONE YEAR….

    IGC >>> SAME 3 games: Uncharted, Gravity Rush, WipeOut! <<>>>>> PORTS, PHONE STUPID GAMES! >>> OVERPRICED PORTS!


    This situation is pissing off a lot!

  • @DonkeyKong, the monthly update was already posted. Maybe search first before looking stupid.

    • there was probably a better way to say this… not to mention that the new format for monthly previews is very new, so it may take some time for everyone to find the stuff.

  • @xClayMeow – Rudely said, I wasn’t wasting my time searching for it, usually they’re on the same page as each other…

  • I actually liked the last two months of Plus better than this month. But, I know most people don’t feel that way. I am not a RPG guy, so KOA is worthless to me. And then two PSN games for the Vita, one of which is just an Android port… yawn. But, Hitman and Rayman were huge scores for me that last two months. And Bit Trip Runner was surprisingly very good. And I got some really good games on the awesome sales that were running in August. So even though this month is not for me, that’s okay because it seems like a lot of other people are pretty excited about it. That is what people on here need to understand, not every month is going to be filled with games YOU want, but it probably has games others want. Enjoy the good months when they come.

    One last comment: As improved as many people think this month is, it pretty much sucks compared to Europe. And this preferential treatment to the UK by Sony is getting a little old. At first it didn’t bother me, but as I watch it happen month after month after month, it is starting to get a little offensive the way Sony treats the NA Plus members.

  • @Stranger_Eddie, stop being stupid.

    As I told you above, Vita IGC comes in weeks three and four each month – this is week one in case you can’t count. Vita IGC for October has already been unveiled as Hotline Miami and Sine Mora.

    As for Gravity Rush, Uncharted, and Wipeout, those will be replaced in November, the one-year anniversary of Vita IGC.

    Seriously, stop making Vita owners look bad.

  • Of course as always Morgan responds just to positive comments and ignoring negative ones. Good job.

  • @xClayMeow: “6 – Is the PS4 gonna count to de 2 console maximun for account downloads(making it only piossible for you to download content on your PS3 and PS4)? Huh?”

    He means the 2 console maximum for downloading gam. Right now you can download onto 2 PS3s. He wants to know if it will be 1 PS3 and 1 PS4 after launch. Maybe know what you’re talking about first before looking stupid.

  • games*

  • I have a feeling that November is going to be an awesome month for plus members.

  • No discount for Rain? Disappointing. I might have bit if there were.

  • For me personally, it’s a meh week for sales. well, at least in the size of the discounts. Kingdoms of Amalur may be fun to try out. It was never on my radar before, so it’ll be interesting to get the series a shot. Keep up the great work in terms of variety Sony!

  • Kingdoms of Amalur is one of my favorite PS3 title, I have 2 copies of the game a sealed and an open copy, now I get the digital for free xD thank you PS+ Team. Also will there be any discounts on the DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur?

  • + xClayMeow



    – IGC US vs EUR >>> US: MONTHS of PSP old games…. EUR : 2 OR 3 VITA GAMES PER MONTH for PLUS members!

    Please MENTION ONLY the 100% VITA EXCLUSIVES launched in 2013.

    Soul Sacrifice, Killzone Mercenary, and what more???? …. = PORTS!

    What we are looking AGAIN this week??? NO VITA GAME!… A LOT OF PS3 “NEW GAMES!.. And for VITA = PROMISES AGAIN!

    The CONSIDERATION for Sony with your VITA COSTUMER IS: I did a question about the Promotion “get 10 for every 50 spend”,. because in the OFFICIAL page don´t mention NOTHING for Vita,… And NOBODY from TEAM told. ONLY Another person told!

    I´M NOT TO STOP TO BEING STUPID… Because I´M A STUPID CONSUMER tired to believe in promises AGAIN!

  • hey cant wait to play these games we are getting 4 ps+!
    i dont have any of yhese games, this is very awsome month!
    u made my month and im getting a vita cant wait to play these games!
    im very happy of what playstation gives us members! no complating here! i love it!
    cant wait for the coming monthssweet!
    very great games! u guys are very good at what u give us!
    also will these games be playable on ps4? just asking because of the game collection! thanks!
    keep up the great work!
    ps+ 4-ever!

  • There hasn’t been a good sale for PS Plus in foreverrr, not really interested in KOAR either. Nothing for me this week.

  • There needs to be more empathy and reason in the comments section. Leave constructive criticism and support for your personal preferences. I understand it is your right to type anything you want on this website but those things you write and post affect people in a negative way. If you are an avid gamer who keeps up with gaming media you’ve probably heard about a lot of the negative attention we as a community have been receiving. I don’t feel embarassed about being a gamer but sometimes reading the comment sections in the blogs and websites I enjoy visiting make me feel quite ashamed about the people who share my favorite hobby.

    You guys should watch this great video on gamespot about why gamers are so angry.

    Think about what you say before you say it. We owe it to video games.

  • Sorry but this is a terrible update… while EU Plus users are receiving Far Cry 3… Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen…Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and SF vs Tekken (vita)…. we receive this?

    SF Vs Tekken is the only game that we already have from plus…… and last week was another weak week too… only rayman origins?

    Cmon guys.. you can do better..

    I really dont like it….

  • Thanks for Kingdoms of Amalur….the only way for me to get that game is for free,so thanks…..whats up with that Flashback game?….I’ve never heard about before.Super Ultra Mega recommend who never get Darksiders 2…by far one of the best multiplatform games of this gen but so underrated.True GOTY of 2012.

    Also what happened with Morgan?….and I cant wait for Plus IGC of November….time to switch those 3 top Vita games hu?

  • @ 73 WhiteHinder – I’m sorry Mr. but I dont recall them giving SF x Tekken free for Plus….PS3 or Vita….they never gave it for free in the US.

  • @martinirage1 I’m just spitballing here, but I would bet a large percentage of the people you are talking about are kids, or, of course, emotionally stunted adults. The behavior you’re talking about is simply immaturity, which is common in young’uns. I would also be willing to bet that a relatively high percentage of the people you are talking about are spoiled or ignored by their parents – both not being the ideal way to raise a rational/compassionate human being. Both of these subcategories of kids or emotionally stunted adults (probably particularly the ignored ones) take refuge in the immersive and escapist world of video games. But unfortunately it’s the way they were raised that accounts for their behavior once there. I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it unless you’re their dad.

  • Amalur is a fantastic game, if you havent played it yet – pick it up. Its also great to see PS+ finally getting some RPG love as well.

    That Darksiders II sale price is pretty bad though. Its cheaper at Gamestop than at that sale price and I will never buy digital if physical is equal to or cheaper than the digital price

  • Voted for KoA:R in the poll because I really wanted an RPG in the IGC, but I do find the whole month very disappointing overall, mainly because of tacking on SotC as a separate release. Ico and SotC should have been a bundle release (or at least in the same month), especially after the previous sales on them. I think the new strategy for PS+ should be to pay close attention to whatever PS+Eu is doing, either that, or stop the nickel and diming of PS+ supporters. I think it is a bit undermining to the PS+ community to buy discounted games only to have them appear in the IGC a couple weeks later. Not to start a rant, just posting my thoughts. Here’s to hoping for some good Halloween style discounts at the end of the month!

  • Looking forward to Amalur and was sure that Darksiders 2 would be on IGC eventually.

  • Excelent update ! I passed on KoA:R in the days, but to be able to play it on the IGC is an amazing thing !

    Thanks for all the great work.

  • Sweet!

    Would’ve liked to see a DLC discount for KoA:R , but you know what? I’m okay with there not being one.

  • Just finished ICO last night, so just in time.

  • HAHAHAAAAA!! AWESOMEEEEE!! PS+ is the best thing ever!! thank you guys!! You are doing an amazing job! !

  • Nice, haven’t played Flashback since Super Nintendo in 1993.
    The ‘Death Tower Game Show’ always reminds me of ‘The Running Man’ :)

  • For those that cry about I own everything & have PS Plus stop buying games so quickly then duh. It’s your own stupidity for that & you are a PLus member lol. Some cool games in the Psn store worth checking out for sure Doods. PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • Had to get on and officially add my appreciation for Kingdoms of Amalur being added to the IGC. You know how important RPG’s are to this community, and to finally see one be added is great. Thank you for an RPG added to IGC, keep em comin!!

  • Hey Morgan, I bought GTA V digital right before the $10 for $50 deal started, within 7 days. Is it possible to contact customer service and have them credit me for that? I think there should be a 7 day policy for things like that.

  • Please, Yakuza series un PSN, PS3 games and PS2 classics oe HD. Please!!!!!!!!

  • everyone always complaiting whos cares! please u should thank the playstation team for these great games !
    every game that they have givein us have been great.
    even i bought some of them, but i got them free aww who cares, it really great, i really love it!
    just saying, i love reading your guys comments its really funny u pepole that leave comments on the blog make me really laugh! keep leaveing good comments not bad one ok, i know this for a fact!
    by the way MORGON great job for filling in ok! keep up the work!
    ? do u know if we are going to get ps+ discounts later this week for more stuff on playstation? just asking thanks MORGON great job!

  • I dont own the content, but nothing for me this week ……. yet again

  • I can get a physical copy of Darksiders 2 for less then 15 bucks….

  • Any news on a possible Halloween Sale?

  • Owww Kingdoms. Always wanted to check that out but I’m so swamped in games I didn’t get the chance.

  • @76

    Well said. I still think we should get an ignore poster button for the blog because a lot of the comments are just to childish to read week after week. If it was something constructive, it would be a different story, but a lot of the negative comments just sound like straight trolling at this point.

  • no VITA love u.u
    that game looks interesting, i need to get my ps3 back.

  • Quick question, my PS3 is currently being serviced for YLOD. is it possible to purchase Amalur with Plus without logging in through the console?

  • @96

    Yup! and navigate to Games > PlaystationPlus > Free Games

    As long as your PS+ is in good standing you can claim them right off the site and then download later once you get your console back :) Also useful if you haven’t claimed September’s offerings yet.

  • Dissapointed in Darksiders 2. Cheaper at Amazon new and Eb games used than it is for PSN Plus Subscribers

  • And yes, more and more gamers are asking for it, c’mon, there are a loooooooooot of people that already have KOA, please give us for the first time discounts on the DLC chapters, at least for ps+ users. That’s motivation for people to suscribe, you did a great job with sleeping dogs. Thanks.

  • Kingdoms is an awesome game. But please, put the DLCs in discount, too! It never was cheaper since the game’s release.

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