Destiny PS3, PS4 Box Art Revealed

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Destiny PS3, PS4 Box Art Revealed

Destiny for PS4 - box art

Hey, PlayStation nation. This is going to be an exciting week! First off, check out our box art. In Destiny, you’ll play as one of those three classes of Guardian – Titan, Hunter, and Warlock – all able to wield incredible power, and sworn to protect the last safe city on Earth.

Tomorrow, check back right here to watch our latest gameplay trailer, set in a destination a lot of fans have been asking to see for the first time. We’ll also have some exciting announcements if you’re looking to suit up and explore our new frontier. Stay tuned!

Destiny for PS3 - box art

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  • Looking good in PlayStation Blue Bungie!

  • glad to see that bungie logo on a playstation game :)

  • This was the first game I pre ordered for the PS4, my poster is hanging up right now :) I gotten the pre order as soon as I had gotten news you guys were going to take them. Can’t wait for this amazing game!

  • Thanks pretty Epic to me.

  • Hey DeeJ, more gameplay videos of the PS4 version as well?


  • I really dig this box art. Can’t wait to hear bout some PS3 & PS4 exclusive stuff.

  • I see Bungie, Master Chief and PlayStation logo all on one box. I have never been so happy in my life

  • Hey deej, any artwork plans for a destiny style PS4? Oh and love the cover!!!!!

  • This is by far my most anticipated game on the PS4. Had it pre-ordered on Amazon as soon as it was an option.

    I would almost wait until it came out to get a PS4, however Killzone looks great as well, plus I am so ready to jump into next gen (while still playing a few PS3 games in my catalog).

    The cover looks phenomenal, especially on the PS4 blue box! Looking forward to tomorrows freshly juiced info!

  • I actually like the artwork, but it makes me want to punch the screen looking at that god awful typography for the title “Destiny”

    It’s just simply against my nature for being a graphic designer…..

  • there will be a beta to people who pre order destiny

  • cant wait one more minute to see whats in store tommorow. This is already my favorite game of 2014 and will not change.

  • Very eager to see some PS3 footage because that’s the console I’m buying Destiny for. Current Gen is far from over for me.

  • Box art looks really good!

  • I wish Destiny was a Launch Title for PS4 if it was I would cancel my pre order for ghosts and just play Destiny everyday. Its looking like an amazing game and I am sure it will be. I guess next summer cant come soon enough.

  • I’m really looking forward to this game. This is one of my most anticipated games of 2014. Thanks, Bungie!

  • is this only multiplayer or does it have a story mode ?

  • How about Activision being a good gaming company and say; Hey Sony, wanna do a Crash Bandicoot Game?

  • His cape reminds me of the halo 5 trailer and his helmet is confusing sometimes i think it’s backwards and he’s portraying an owl. I like that it gives me the feeling of going on a journey I’m about to follow him because he don’t play.

  • you can get access to a beta by pre order on amazon or gamestop

  • For the first time in years i’m very excited about where these companies such as bungie are going to take us gamers. This game is looking to be very captivating. keep up the good work bungie and i am looking forward to playing your game.

    shut up and take my money!

  • question:

    do you need playstation plus to play this game on PS4?

    Also, do you need playstation plus to play warframe??

  • It’s impressive!!! I’ve read nothing about the game nor have I seen anything about it , but this cover makes me want to play it. Kudos!!!

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