Destiny PS3, PS4 Box Art Revealed

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Destiny PS3, PS4 Box Art Revealed

Destiny for PS4 - box art

Hey, PlayStation nation. This is going to be an exciting week! First off, check out our box art. In Destiny, you’ll play as one of those three classes of Guardian – Titan, Hunter, and Warlock – all able to wield incredible power, and sworn to protect the last safe city on Earth.

Tomorrow, check back right here to watch our latest gameplay trailer, set in a destination a lot of fans have been asking to see for the first time. We’ll also have some exciting announcements if you’re looking to suit up and explore our new frontier. Stay tuned!

Destiny for PS3 - box art

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  • Looks great.

  • Pretty good huh

  • it could have just black with just the title on it. but i am really loving it

  • this game is gonna be epic wonder if there will be a demo or multiplayer beta

  • nice box art

  • Love it.

  • And the blue and orange color motif for videogame covers continues. :p

    Looking forward to new trailer. Thanks for the update! :)

  • Fangasm! I want to see pilotable spaceships!!!!

  • Pretty great artwork!

    looks EPIC!

  • Awesome!! now lets see if they will make a special edition or collectors edition of the game..

  • Can’t wait for this game.

  • I want to see PS3 gameplay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If the preorder for beta access rumors are true, please make sure us that want Digital versions (PS4 digital here) are able to preorder or partake in the fun :)

  • The back of the helmet looks like the front for the character in the center :D He is already dead.

  • i just read about this posting on the GAF boards. I like the box art and I’m looking forward to the new trailer and future announcements. I agree with #10. I would be interested in an SE, and/or CE of Destiny.

  • I’ll be able to play this on my vita via remote play (gaikai), right?

  • PS4 version, ofcourse.

  • It’s a beaut!! Cant wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are the PS4 game boxes the same size as the PS3?

  • @15 @10 I’m sure there will be a collector’s edition and I think it obviously should have at least a steelbook and a figure (or that planet, thing). There obviously could also be special DLC for those who buy it, but I have learned to live with that new inconvenient truth of them getting digital bonuses instead of physical. Unless you bought the million dollar Saints Row edition

  • @16 PS4 remote play does not need Gaikai.

  • Wait…it’s on PS3? I guess I never paid attention to that since I’ll be picking up the PS4 version. Awesome.

  • Cover looks so good, Thank you DeeJ looking forward for more info about Destiny

    • Translation: I am looking forward to tomorrow.

      This is just a tease. We have some steaming red meat we’re about to serve up. Can’t wait for you enjoy.

  • great box art! I already pre ordered this game after e3 :D

  • @21 sweet. I thought it was required. Looking forward to that :D

  • I love it! This game gonna be sooooo goooood!:D

  • Can’t help but think the middle guy’s helmet makes him look like his head is twisted around. Most likely a digital purchase for me though anyway, can’t wait for PS4!

  • OK you got me,, take my money lol

  • PS3 Box Art >>> PS4 Box Art.

  • Love the box art, Bungie <3

    But I can't unsee a backwards head on the middle guy's helmet :p

  • I’m done with this gen. Not interested in anything PS3 related at this point. It’s all about the PS4 i have pre-ordered now. 46 days till greatness arrives. So looking forward to the PS4,and Destiny.

  • I expect official release date tomorrow I hope :) this game is going be amazing by far one my most want list of 2014 I also expect Beta coming too getting this for PS4 :)

  • Hey very nice box art…..ha the PS3 one is so much better….that blue on PS4 cases is so ugly and so outta place….worst idea ever….well looking forward to see the SP component of this game.I just hope that is nothing like your past games on 360.

  • by any chance will the trailer release some bata info? any way looks great my only suggestion thought is can u spend a little time on the box so the case isn’t designed so we brake the disk i don’t know if u have control over this but it would be nice. the finished product will be amassing i have been geeking out about this game sense before E3

  • A little generic, but I sure like the PS4’s blue box.. just like the PS Vita. Interesting that you guys did not put any info about the extra exclusive content for PlayStation.

  • Artwork is fantastic, interesting we get this game 1st on PS4 & they get titian fall on xbone 1st. It’s like a reversal of when each system will get the other game on the system. PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • It looks really really nice!!

  • Awesome cover for sure. This is one helluva tease lol. That revolver looks hot. I wanna use whatever class/setup that uses that.

  • Has there been any mention of this game having a subscription since its like a MMO?

  • amazing!

  • Looking pretty cool.

  • This is why I want a PS4. I can wait til next summer or whenever
    this comes out, there will be more PS4s out in the wild unless there’s
    monthly subscription then I’d have to think about it…

  • @36 tsunami

    Who said anything about PS4 getting Destiny “first,” and what does Titanfall have to do with anything?

  • Hey DeeJ the box art looks great! Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  • It looks like Master Chief with his helmet on backwards. I really liked the simple outer space design you had originally. This capitulates to the “you gotta feature dudes with guns!” marketing team.

  • I’m liking the cover guys!

    Also, I just wanted to point out that before multiplayer is detailed (possibly tomorrow) that my group, RebelAllianceClan(dot)com, has eight fireteams nearly ready to go for this game, and we’re always more than happy to get more people playing together! Obviously just type the above URL in (replacing the dot with an actual period,) have a look around the site, and if satisfied with what we play, fill out the recruitment form!

  • I have yet to play an MMO shooter that I have liked…but everything I’ve seen for this game gets me more and more excited!

  • So….is the centre character’s striking resemblance to a certain other Bungie created character with his head twisted backwards (as if his neck had been snapped) a subtle jab, or a hilarious coincidence?

    Cause not gonna lie, that’s really, REALLY funny. And I love Halo lol

  • @ PZDugna:
    That should answer your question. :)

    Wow, love the box art. I’m a fan of the blue scheme Sony has adopted, so definitely PS4 case ftw, in my opinion. I’ll definitely be back tomorrow for the new trailer and whatever other info you have for us, DeeJ! Can’t wait / So excited!

  • Bravo! I was sure that the box art would be the placeholder stars in space with title and emblem (which was perfect). This looks awesome! I am counting the days to the release (wait… when does it come out?!)

    p.s. it was my first pre-order for PS4 :D

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