The Last of Us: Future DLC Plans

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The Last of Us: Future DLC Plans

We’ve been hard at work making the DLC content for The Last of Us – and I know that all our Season Pass holders are eagerly waiting for any updates or news. Today, we’re revealing the first of three Season Pass DLC drops: the Abandoned Territories Map Pack.

The Last of Us Multiplayer: Abandoned Territories Map Pack

Weather the opposing Faction and the random, dynamic dust storm on the Suburbs map. Explore a layered map of an overgrown urban environment with wild giraffes in the background in the Bus Depot map. Stalk around in a dark, eerie, moonlit, environment – the perfect setting for some serious stealth – in the Hometown map. Bookstore features a stacked, bi-level layout adding a highly unique dose of vertical gameplay. Excited yet? These maps will be available October 15.

The Last of Us Multiplayer: Abandoned Territories Map PackThe Last of Us Multiplayer: Abandoned Territories Map Pack

When we initially talked about the Season Pass we mentioned making our first ever story-driven single player DLC. This is an ambitious story with strong ties into the narrative of The Last of Us. We just wrapped up a long casting process for a new character, and we’re starting our performance capture shoot next week. The single-player DLC is currently planned for release around the December-January timeframe.

The Last of Us on PS3

Our third Season Pass DLC is multiplayer focused and will arrive in the first half of 2014. We’ll start to reveal more information and a release timeframe as soon as we’ve worked out those details.

To make the wait a little bit easier, we’re adding bonus items to the Season Pass. We have over 60 different head items for your multiplayer character ranging from a Nightmare Mask to a Pigskin Hat that will be free for all Season Pass buyers. These head items will be available a la carte as well, but it’s a tremendous added value for all Season Pass holders.

The Last of Us on PS3

If you want to lock in all three DLC drops and over 60 head items for your multiplayer character at a deeply discounted price, buy the Season Pass today. You’ll be saving over 75% by purchasing a Season Pass instead of buying all the DLC individually. The Last of Us Season Pass DLC is available now on PlayStation Store or at your local GameStop retailer for only $19.99.

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  • @Eric

    Which comments? I thought we had a civil discussion about the UC3 leaderboards. What’s your problem? You didn’t seem to be offended with my questions.

    Why didn’t you ban Link-25- for making false accusations? Double standards again?

  • Very excited about new maps for MP, but overwhelmed with joy at the prospect of playing new SP content.

    As for the others who have voiced hope for the third DLC to be co-operative play vs AI enemies, add me to that list. I think that – while PvP MP is fine – it is also a thrill to play with just 1-2 friends in narrative driven missions ala UC3’s co-op portion.

    Last – any plans for some additional TLOU avatars?!

    Thanks for your time and most of all for making this amazing game! It’s a toss up between The Last of Us and Valkyria Chronicles for my personal “best video game of this console generation!”

    • Wow. That’s amazing praise. Thank you. We are working out DLC number three yet but will let you know once it’s locked in. As for avatars we haven’t made any yet but it’s certainly possible!

  • @Eric

    There is no PM functionality in the US PS blog. So, where should I send you a PM?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the fast reply, GJ

    Also wanted to ask if you know something about a 4th DLC? I read something somewhere about that but don’t know if it’s a real possibility or just somebody trolling :)


  • YES!!!

    Will the new headgear be available with the first DLC or before?!

  • @Eric

    Which forums? The forums where I’m not allowed to log in anymore?

    Sure, I could use an alt, but that would make your ban look like a joke…

  • Maybe just drop it, tapan?

  • @ Eric

    Superb communication mate. Almost every comment replied to. Thanks for taking it on board what we said about Uncharted 3 DLC trophies too.

    Oh and thanks for the big up about my Platinums. Im upto 106 now. Just got the Platinum for Ninja Gaiden Plus on Vita and Assassins Creed 3 from PS+ lol. I really wanted TLOU – my all time favourite game – to be my 100 milestone Platinum so I had 2 other games almost at Platinum that I delayed when I was on 99 and then just hammered TLOU to get the 100. So when I got the TLOU Plat, the next day I was already on 102. LOL

    But its without doubt my all time favourite game and should – imo – have goty NAILED but with all the GTAV sheep out there something tells me that overrated, unoriginal overhyped game will steal it from you.

    Sincerely hope it doesn’t though.

  • Also, there are 55 comments on the US PS blog and 54 comments from you.

    On the other hand, there are 15 comments on the EU PS blog and 0 comments from you.

    Kinda unfair to the EU player base, if you think about it. Rekliss had told me (you can ask him if you don’t believe me) that EU has the biggest player base compared to other regions.

    You have to realize that censoring a product and sweeping it under the rug won’t do you any favors. I know many people who won’t buy the season pass for that reason alone.

    What’s the point of paying more (euro > dollar) and getting less? Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Why screw the WHOLE Europe because of Germany or Australia? Look at other companies (Volition) and their approach to censorship (Saints Row 4).

  • Hi, Eric. Wow, you really reply to all these comments. hope you answer these few questions:

    1. Will the new head items have stats attached to them, ala Uncharted 3?
    2. Will Interrogation Mode be tweaked in sucha way that having more unlock percent than them opposing team actually makes you win the match?
    3.Will the new character in the SP DLC be Ish? Please be Ish!!!

    And, last but not the least, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! GID BLESS!!!

  • FINALLY something on the season pass, Thanks for actually saying something can’t wait for the MP DLC! For the SP DLC I am sure it will be grand just as the story was. Hopefully you guys can add an infected mode on multiplayer would be great to have that.

  • @Eric Monacelli:

    Will you guys at Naughty ever consider releasing new weapon dlc or a new faction for multiplayer in the future?

  • GOD BLESS! not Gid! :(

  • Great news! But can you please tell who I’m gonna play as in the new single player DLC? Does making a new character mean that the DLC will be about a whole different group, never mentioned on the single player campaign?

    Also, It would be nice if I could know my team’s loadout on multiplayer, so I can choose mine and keep my team balanced. I don’t like to be the third support guy, or the second stealth guy.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english =)

  • Now i know i waste 20$ on the season pass, i was expecting the sp first and its on january? too bad i won’t play, PS4 on november.

  • AGREED DoctorTdub

    Just sounds like your itching for an argument tapantaola. I’m in the UK and it doesn’t bother me that he’s not replying on the EU Blog if he’s on here replying to DOZENS of people. Normally we only get about 10 replies to 100s comment – if we’re lucky. And he even offered to communicate with you via email and PMs.

    Some people are never satisfied.

  • @65 @56

    I don’t care about your opinion and I don’t follow orders, especially from you.

    I’m a free man with a free will. #dealwithit

  • @ Eric Monacelli:

    I have to first commend you on your excellent community responses. I’ve never seen someone respond to so many (if not all) questions and comments with sufficient answers. It is a lot of work and people like myself really appreciate your effort.

    Quick questions:
    -Are there any plans, or is there a willingness, to release further free updates like you have done with the interrogation mode via patches? For instance, additional perks, weapons, weapon mods, etc.?

    -Your team does a great job with the lighting on the maps. Is there any chance of random lighting changes to maps (i.e. day/night/evening/morning) to current maps? It would be interesting and add extra life to current maps if they were able to be played at night, dusk, morning, etc. Thanks!

    • The new maps have some cool lighting in them. Dynamic events are intense on system resources for MP especially. Not sure if that’s possible.

      As for free DLC updates it’s always possible!

  • Can you feel my joy radiating through the interweb? Because it is. :)

  • I think it’s over tap. He won’t respond to anyone in this blog anymore. And how can you be “VERY HAPPY” that your game got censored by SCEE in the EU. This is the most ridiculous response ever. NO OTHER COMPANY let’s their games get censored except under the DICTATORSHIP of SCEE and you are VERY HAPPY about it Eric?

    • We’re delivered the game as we wanted to without compromise to quality. We are happy with that and with the majority reception.

  • @tapantaola : You tell them!

  • @69

    Agreed. Being “happy” about delivering an inferior product is worse than trolling IMHO.

  • Thanks, guys. Love the game and I can’t wait for the single player DLC. The story to the base game was absolutely wonderful. Also, as a native of Pittsburgh, I was thrilled to see our fine city in the game… even if it was in shambles. I’m hoping that the DLC will reveal information about the coming sequel, but I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t. The less that is revealed before its release would probably be for the best.

  • Please… no ridiculously impossible multiplayer trophies that bring my overall percentage for the game down to 51%… (Uncharted 3)

  • @22 Yeah I saw that they’re doing one piece of single-player DLC. I just feel like that’s missed potential. That’s the point. With games like this, typically you get some skins, some multiplayer stuff, and if you’re very, very lucky, one piece of single-player DLC. That’s lame.

    It’s a season pass. What’s the season? What does that mean? It’s just a “season” of random content thrown at us with no creative direction. Here’s a pigskin hat this month, some maps next month, some single-player content another month. What?

    A season pass should be able offering me a “season” of linked content. Rather than one big single-player expansion, give me regular installments that make up a larger story. Keep me interested and coming back.

    All a season pass is now is a discount. It could be so much more.

    • Valid points but the context is the season pass entitles you to all our DLC – our whole season so to speak. We’re making it as compelling as possible and hope you’ll enjoy it.

  • It’s totally not fair! I live in Israel and in the Israeli PSN Store the season pass costs 100 NIS which is 30$! Aww man… 100 NIS is too much for a season pass :(

  • This game has the best Story I have ever played and an amazing Multiplayer. I just don’t get how there isn’t a Survival Mode! It doesn’t make sense to me. Uncharted 2 had the best Survival Mode ever…

  • Just wanted to give a quick thanks for detailing the DLC plans.

    I won’t be getting the season pass, because I’m not into Multi Player, but I will definitely be picking up the Single Player Content.

    I would genuinely be interested in an official Poll or something that compiles some statistics about how many people play just for the SP vs how many really love the MP.

  • @32

    You’re trippin’. I thought the trophy list for TLoU was pretty bland. Was hoping for some more MP based stuff, but almost half of the trophies are dedicated to beating the game and the rest are for doing 100% of this, opening 100% of that, max out this, etc.

  • any word on if the Season Pass will be removed from the store at some point?

    the article says the season pass offers a savings of more than 75% on the DLC
    at $9.99 x 3, is seems that the math os off somehow?
    am i misunderstanding?

    i’m down for MP and SP content, loved the game forsure, and think the MP is super solid, but over 75% means I should expect to receive over $80 of content for my $20 season pass.

    am i missing something?


    • The season pass will remain for some time yet. You can find it at select retailers too.

      Not every DLC drop will be $9.99. Also if you don’t get the season pass and want all the head items you’re going to be paying for them individually.

  • Hello Naughty Dog I’m huge fan of your games Uncharted is amazing series can’t wait for four maybe :) anyways your current game The Last Of Us was even more amazing hoping for sequel for that if possible. :) Question so the single player DLC coming December or January is new playable character? If so that be amazing but would love to see more of Joe and Allie in the near future keep up your hard work Naughty Dog you are by far my best game developers in the world sorry to say this my first favourite is Rockstar Games :(

  • Please tell me joel and/or ellie will also still be in the sp dlc!?!

  • Your are my second best game developers in the world :)

  • Another big question is will ever see the light on PlayStation 4 in near future? because if does OMG would be more absolutely amazing compare or this version right now :)

  • I’ve gotta feeling it’s waaayy too early to ask, but how long can we expect the single player dlc to be? Although tbh even if its only 10 mins long I’d still probably buy it.

  • Will the new hats and masks be unlock upon release or will we have to unlock them like we did with the hats and masks that came with the full game? I would personally much more enjoy unlocking them through gameplay, kind of a little achievement for myself to aim for.

    • If you buy the season pass they’ll be free and unlocked. Otherwise they are for sale only. We will have some new head items that unlock through gameplay only too.

  • Thanks for replying to most of the posts. That’s the biggest surprise today, didn’t see that one coming.

    I’m guessing the 3rd DLC pack is going to be another map pack.


    Co-Op has been ruled out.
    Infected has been ruled out.
    New modes have been ruled out
    Unless you want to completely burn bridges with your season pass holders, the 3rd MP DLC pack better not be a customization pack (more goofy hats, ridiculous masks, trinkets, backpacks, colored guns).

    What’s left?

    Another map pack. Count on it folks!

  • I am disappointed.
    No new modes?
    Or will they be updates?
    Interrogation was nice btw.

  • Ok I think you just got me there on the season pass…I’m not much of a season pass buyer because almost every season pass is all about online content…and I never buy before I see the content…even the game being a PS exclusive.Looks like we will get great things there….since TLoU online is freaking amazing…I’ll be buying the season pass.

    BTW please ND you guys must add gas masks to the “masks” section…I mean how is it possible that you guys didn’t include any gas mask from the beginning?…I really hope for some gas masks in those 60 items.Anyone that wears a gas mask automatically become a bad***.

    I’m a lil bit sad though….so we wont play with Joel in the SP DLC?

  • Also please fix some things on TLoU online…I could quote some other things but I think this needs to be fixed ASAP…..

    The problem when we craft more than one item…we dont get the parts for the other items…like if we craft 3 items we only receive 30 parts….I have to craft an item put the backpack back on,craft another and so on….this is very problematic when I’m in a hurry.

    Thank you ND for such an amazing and neat online.TLoU is one of the best onlines ever created.

  • Dec-Jan??? Count me out, you’d better start focusing on PS4 already.

  • Poor Eric, getting abuse from our EU members for censorship of violence and from our US members for the season pass.

    I bought the season pass during the pre-order process and I don’t ever ever play multiplayer. I read the description. I know there will only be one SP DLC. I bought it anyway because I want to support ND for the incredible countless hours of fun and tension I’ve enjoyed in all their games. We all knew, or should have known, there would be only 1 SP.

    As for the censorship, I’ve read that Germany is still under many of the restrictions imposed for bringing us 2 world wars so I guess kharma really is a b*tch. I don’t know why, say, Sweden, would be subjected to same restrictions but there must be business reasons why there’s only 1 version for the lot of you.

    Eric, maybe there should be a warning given to the Euro gamers in advance so they can import our version and become as violent and gun crazy as us, yay?

  • So here’s my question. The hats dlc that’s supposed to “Tide us over” during the wait is that out now? When does that become available because id love to dive into some added customization.

  • And so the fragmentation of the MP community begins as they charge for smaller and smaller MP communities because a big percentage of the MP community never buys the map packs.

    Thanks for making the MP worse than if you had just included all maps for everyone!

    Your desire for more money is worth gimping the MP experience I guess.

    Killzone developers understand this from the prior KZ’s. They are making all the new KZ maps free to avoid this issue. I’d think, you guys all being Sony, that you would have this clear message as well.

    Le Sigh…

  • I haven’t jumped into the mp for this just yet nor have I finished the sp but I’m pretty excited to! Does the new sp content happen alongside the main story or after?

  • @93

    Agreed. Greediness ruins MP games. Brace yourselves for moar LAG!!!

  • Please IMPORTANT :

    I am here on the edge of buying the season pass, I got questions :

    Does the Season Pass get removed from the store?
    Can you add customizable backpacks? Please! I want this.
    Camos on guns?

    Please release the customizable items every once in a while, like : every 2 weeks.

    ND lived in my veins since Crash Bandicoot.

    • Season Pass might be removed from the store at some point, yes. As for your other questions that’s not something we have happening right now.

  • Oh i forgot to say that what i’m really interested is what you guys are doing on the PS4. hehehehe

  • I love how active you guys are in answering everyone’s questions and what not. It brings me a lot of happiness that you guys are so in tune with your fan base, because not many devs are anymore. Really stoked for the maps and new head pieces, the multiplayer is extremely well done, I play it almost every day with my friends. Keep up the awesome work guys. <3

  • Totally agree with Bibejj, it’s really cool that you guys actively answer questions and put up with all the whining and complaining from hordes of fans who will never be 100% satisfied with anything, ever.

    For those on the fence about buying the Season Pass. It’s $20. Seriously what’s the decision point here. I bought it when I bought the game. Total investment: $80. I’ve got about 4 days (96 hours for those of you keeping score at home) into MP. Not even taking into account the time I spent playing single player, that works out to a little over $.80 an hour. Pretty good deal, IMO.

    I’m stoked for the new maps, and look forward to seeing what the other DLCs will bring.

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