The Last of Us: Future DLC Plans

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The Last of Us: Future DLC Plans

We’ve been hard at work making the DLC content for The Last of Us – and I know that all our Season Pass holders are eagerly waiting for any updates or news. Today, we’re revealing the first of three Season Pass DLC drops: the Abandoned Territories Map Pack.

The Last of Us Multiplayer: Abandoned Territories Map Pack

Weather the opposing Faction and the random, dynamic dust storm on the Suburbs map. Explore a layered map of an overgrown urban environment with wild giraffes in the background in the Bus Depot map. Stalk around in a dark, eerie, moonlit, environment – the perfect setting for some serious stealth – in the Hometown map. Bookstore features a stacked, bi-level layout adding a highly unique dose of vertical gameplay. Excited yet? These maps will be available October 15.

The Last of Us Multiplayer: Abandoned Territories Map PackThe Last of Us Multiplayer: Abandoned Territories Map Pack

When we initially talked about the Season Pass we mentioned making our first ever story-driven single player DLC. This is an ambitious story with strong ties into the narrative of The Last of Us. We just wrapped up a long casting process for a new character, and we’re starting our performance capture shoot next week. The single-player DLC is currently planned for release around the December-January timeframe.

The Last of Us on PS3

Our third Season Pass DLC is multiplayer focused and will arrive in the first half of 2014. We’ll start to reveal more information and a release timeframe as soon as we’ve worked out those details.

To make the wait a little bit easier, we’re adding bonus items to the Season Pass. We have over 60 different head items for your multiplayer character ranging from a Nightmare Mask to a Pigskin Hat that will be free for all Season Pass buyers. These head items will be available a la carte as well, but it’s a tremendous added value for all Season Pass holders.

The Last of Us on PS3

If you want to lock in all three DLC drops and over 60 head items for your multiplayer character at a deeply discounted price, buy the Season Pass today. You’ll be saving over 75% by purchasing a Season Pass instead of buying all the DLC individually. The Last of Us Season Pass DLC is available now on PlayStation Store or at your local GameStop retailer for only $19.99.

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  • Nice. I’m pumped to jump into these new maps.

    Quick question. I know you guys got this alot with Uncharted 3, so, I hate to be a broken record, but, any chance of multiplayer trophies coming down the line?

  • That third DLC is the horde mode, isn’t it? ;) Please please please let it be a co-op horde mode of some sort!

  • Finally, some solid info!

    First of all, hats off to the single player team (And everyone else, really) for creating this phenomenal game that is the quintessence of gaming perfection.

    Second, I am really looking forward to the single player DLC. I can tell this is going to be epic and though a first, my faith in the single-player creators of ND is unwavering.

    Now, onto MP DLC! As a Season Pass owner, I appreciate any DLC for whichever mode. And MP enthusiasts definite deserve support. However, as someone who slaved away getting 100% in Uncharted 3 DLC trophies, I implore you not to pull off the same stunt. Most of those who asked for Uncharted 3 DLC trophies didn’t even bother go get the Trophies and everyone’s list was reduced and it was a source of frustration. Please, if there *has* to be DLC, please make it reasonable. Though I don’t mind not having MP trophies given Uncharted 2 and 3, I just ask for reasonable consideration!

    Even with my PS4 you guys can bet I’ll go back to TLOU on PS3 and it’ll be the best way to end my PS3 gaming history with a bang! :)

    • Thanks for such kind words! Our team is working hard to make the SP DLC as awesome as possible. As for trophies, we will be as reasonable as possible and make ones we believe the DLC content.

    • Typo – should read Fit the DLC content

  • Don`t mean any negativity towards you guys, I love the game and will certainly love the SP DLC, but I was really hoping that at least two of the packs would be SP. I’m a little bummed that I spent $20 on what will certainly be a $10 piece of DLC, because I’m not too interested in the MP. Kudos to you guys on a fantastic game, but as an aside, not directed at Naughty Dog, I don’t think I’ll buy Season Passes anymore.

  • i wonder if its possible for you to share a little bit less information about the single player dlc. I dont like when there is too much information like on this blog post.

    • O man! We have to balance between people who might be more curious and those who don’t want to know much so we will do our best. I think we did a pretty good job in the past to not spoil anything and we will continue to follow that.

  • ok, so a date on the single player dlc is good… but is it just me or has there not really been an announcement on this? I know you don’t want to give too much away for it, but I was expecting there to be info a bit more detailed. Is it a small continuation to the end? is it filling a gap in the middle of the story somewhere, will it contain current characters as well as this new one they’ve cast for? is it following a story that ties in with the current or is it completely different story but still links in?

    multiplayer maps – meh, predictable. I’m not so fussed about MP stuff, although the MP is really REALLY well done. I want to know more about the characters in the main game, I’m not as bothered creating a fake clan and keeping them alive as much

    • This is the first time we have given a date for the single player content. More information about it will be rolling out as it progresses. We are just going into mocap next week! Where or how do you think it fits into the narrative?

  • A little disappointed that the first DLC is only a mappack. I was really looking forward to a multiplayer mode including the infected, forcing players to play strategically.

    • These are really fun maps and more DLC is on the way! We aren’t able to have the infected in multiplayer due to tech complexities/issues.

  • I still think that we need a multiplayer mode PvsP with infecteds. Are there any plans for something like that?

  • Is there any price set for the first pack of DLC?

    • Not interested in the Season Pass? The savings are very very good. Map Packs will likely be $9.99 purchased separately but we are working this out with regional PSN stores.

  • Ok that was great.
    Not only for the DLC content but also for ND wanting for us to keep our PS3 systems safe even in 2014 =P
    I think there’s no other console that can have this support after being so old and having a new model and hardware.
    That talks about how great is Sony making games and hardware really…
    Thank you guys!

  • I have zero interest in the map packs but will be picking up the SP DLC for sure.
    Should’ve been two SP and 1 MP IMO.

  • Where is the Single Player DLC ?

  • I don’t appreciate the tease build up all week, only to hear about some multiplayer DLC. The vast majority of your fan base wants to hear about the single player DLC. This is a disappointing update only because you built it up to be much more.

  • It’s well and good with Multiplayer DLC, but personally I think it’s a cop-out for making DLC, I want more story driven DLC because I love the narrative and the actual single player element of the game because it’s so indulgent and I want that instead of multiplayer maps, that’s why I like games like Dishonored and Bioshock Infinite where you are guaranteed Single Player Downloadable Content. I think multiplayer is a bit of a waste of time to be honest…

  • Season passes and DLC have been a total waste this generation. Map packs and skins are whatever. Nobody is doing single-player DLC well at all.

    Like, I get it. It costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to do single-player DLC correctly. Voice acting, mocap, new assets, scripting, everything. I get it. But isn’t that the WHOLE POINT of a season pass? You have guaranteed money upfront. You should be able to make something really cool, not just skins and maps and maybe a new weapon or two. That stuff is boring. It’s well appreciated by the people playing multiplayer, but most of us buy a game like The Last of Us for the single-player content.

    I really hope developers understand that and plan better for next generation. Really tired of the season pass idea being abused by pigskin hats and Brightest Day Batman skins instead of significant, worthwhile content.

    • Well sorry to hear you feel like that but we have single player content – fresh mocap and a new character even – coming and our MP DLC takes a lot of time and resources as well. The head items are icing on a delicious DLC cake, er, offering.

  • sweet. i wanted some new head items.

    love the MP

    need to get the game back from my bro-in-law by the 15th

  • im going to have a ps4 but i have the last of us on disc i would appreciate if i could get the download transfer like they are doing for assasians creed and CoD ghost because iv had the season pass since it was available and the time frames for these are quite bothersome yet understood i just want to be able to enjoy it without having to purchase a totally new downloaded version of the game

  • As you most likely wont be replying to the EU thread (more European neglect) I will post this here.

    While we’re at it, can we talk about uncensoring the countries that DONT DESERVE IT? I can’t believe the whole of the EU got left with the GERMAN CENSORED version to save money.
    I wouldn’t have minded if I WAS TOLD ABOUT IT. Now I have to BUY ANOTHER USA COPY and ANOTHER SEASON PASS.
    Sort it out Sony/ND, you why do you feel its OK to screw over your European customers? Your most successful market I might add.

    Please don’t say it’s out of your hands because it certainly isn’t.

    • We hop into the EU threads and blogs as well too. The game was made to suit each EU region and reflects the full product we intended to show.

  • Very exciting! Loved the multiplayer and can’t wait for the new maps in a few weeks, but the single player was truly phenomenal and I can’t wait to see what you add to the story. Quick question, though. Any plans to patch in a few more new game modes like you did with Interrogation? I was every happy to see that introduced.

    • Thanks! Glad to hear you’re excited. No plans beyond what you read here but we will update everyone once the third drop is hashed out.

  • I just prematurely ejaculated all over my underwear because of these news. That’s how much I love this game! I’m so glad to have the Season Pass since it was available for PreOrder. Now, let them DLCs drop like fungus spores thrown by a Bloater all over us! Thk u ND and Sony for such an amazing game!

  • A multiplayer board that you have to sneak around clickers to shank each other would be sweet like the subway station scene …

    • Great idea but as mentioned it’s very unlikely infected will appear in MP. MP is about helping your clan survive against the factions and we have some tech issues working infected into MP.

  • Played a bit of MP but always got put in games with players a much higher level than me which kind of made it no fun. Has this been fixed at all? Kind of why I prefer server lists in games, you can choose servers that have a level cap.

    Oh yeah, co-op horde mode would be great.

    • We are constantly tweaking matchmaking to optimize it. Please hop on and let us know what you think. Post up in the forums your thoughts.

  • @14 you did read they are doing single player dlc to be released in december/january right? new character and sounds like it will be good.

    on a side note this is my goty so far and i am very excited for ps4 but this is a bit disappointing that it has been 3 months and just now the sp dlc is getting started. i was expecting it around october or november the latest. anyways hope there is a ps4 version if not i might have to plug in the ps3 again i guess because i love this game.

    • Single player has been in pre production long before this month. We just cast the new character and that took some time to sort out in addition to other aspects of pre-production (such the concept art phase).

      Keep your PS3! It’ll miss you.

  • Words cannot express how excited and overjoyed about this upcoming DLC to one of my favorite video games of all time. Looking at the behind the scenes footage, and with the complete product, Naughty Dog put so much love, sweat, and tears into bring us this masterpiece. I just want to say thank you Naughty Dog Team. :)

  • @16, i dont believe there is a ps4 version of TLOU, so you just have to keep your ps3 & TLOU disc to play

  • These look great. Really excited to hear more about the single player DLC, and this map pack looks great. I’m not entirely sure why, and I think I’m in the minority, but I wouldn’t like a horde mode for this game. It just doesn’t feel as though it would fit.

    Also, forgive me if it was made clear above, but do the new head items drop now or with the first multiplayer pack?

  • make no sence when ps4 is coming out in nov 15 ya want to realese DLC for this game in dc or jan funny joke good hard work naugthy dog keep it up come on that aint no good news for ppl that wait this long and still nothing only a new mode that is call interrogation and is basically the same smh

    • We promise this will make keeping your PS3 worthwhile. Sad to hear you aren’t finding interrogation mode to be as compelling as it can be. We will have new mp maps in October.

  • Please make an Arena/Horde mode like on Uncharted, was like the only gamemode I played on the Uncharted games!

  • Great news, and thanks for the free hats :D

    Looks like ill be coming back home Oct 15th

  • @Eric Monacelli

    As others have said above, i too would have rather had 2 SP instead of 2 MP. Dont get me wrong the MP is awesome and I loved every minute of my 2 journeys on the way to my (100th) Plat but its the SP that is where the magic is on TLOU no matter how good the MP is.

    To all that arent happy we dont get the SP dlc for a while, you should be HAPPY that its months away. Why? Because we know its going to be very well made, written, acted and produced just like the main game. Its when DLC is released on or near Day 1 that shouldnt be allowed as its obviously just taken out during development to rip off us gamers.

    You take as long as you need ND, its no doubt another piece of gaming masterpiece.

    • 100 platinums? That’s impressive. Congrats and thanks for playing our game with so much fervor. The single player and all the MP DLC is going to be awesome.

  • So… If they made a hole new casting, does it mean that we wont see any of already known characters?

  • ND you guys truly are the best! TLOU blew my mind and is a game I will always go back to for years to come. Great to hear about the Single player DLC, that will be a great Christmas gift to all of us, and a great reason to keep my PS3 plugged in when I get my PS4.

    I look forward to future titles and plans moving to next gen from you guys because you do not just make great games, you raise the bar in quality.

    • Honored to hear such kind words. We will continue to be the best we can be. Thank you and can’t wait to hear what you think about the new DLC!

  • @Eric Monacelli

    Oh yes, almost forgot, as somebody else said above, PLEASE dont do another Uncharted 3 wit the DLC trophies? The way you handled TLOUs main game trophies was genius so please dont ruin that with more ’50 wins at this, 100 wins at that’, it would destroy TLOUs brilliant trophy list and just doent FIT!

  • Thank you for your anwser ! oooooohh so The carousel is from Single player DLC ! hmmmmm that means after the outbreak, that will be an awesome DLC i can fell it. If it is during the outbreak and then after, awesome as well, there is a lot or opportunities in TLOU world.


  • Seems like I’ll be keeping my PS3 for at least 8 more months…

  • Any chance you guys are contemplating a possible co-op singleplayer add-on? I would simply love to play it with my fiance, and yes, even buy a second copy of the game!

    • That’s not really in the wheelhouse for the the narrative. We designed the single player to play out the way it does as we feel that’s what best serves the narrative.

      How about some MP with your fiancé??

  • @Eric Monacelli thanks for your reply – and to confirm some things, love the game beyond belief both SP and MP and naughty dog have done a phenominal job!

    what I meant in terms of the info provided is that could naughty dog say something like:

    “we are working on expanding on TLOU narrative and the SP DLC will introduce a new character with their own take on what happened in the 20 years prior to TLOU main story”

    that would be enough to make me give naughty dog the money now. it just seems that the announcement has just said: “we have SP DLC on the way”. Well… yeah, we know that – knew that when the planned DLC announcement was announced! :) many respects to the ND team – I’m not moaning or having a go, I’m simply tooooo eager!!

    • We said a lot of new stuff! We have a new character and the release timing out now. Mocap is happening now. We will reveal more as SP DLC Dev moves along.

  • YES. ¡Finally some new kick butts maps! The Multiplayer need it, count on me…
    And what a surprise the Single Player – DLC Date, if it take long, it will be good, ¡Thanks Eric! :)

  • More silly hats instead of technical fixes (*cough* party splits *cough*)? Talk about bread and circuses to appease the masses.

    I’ll tell all my friends to avoid buying the season pass scam.

    You think banning someone who speaks the truth won’t hurt you anymore? Think again. ;)

    • We have patches and tech fixes coming too. Those will be fixes will be detailed as we roll them out.

      You know what you were banned for. You’re welcome back to comment once you can learn to control those behaviors.

  • How about including GORE in the EU Season Pass. You can keep your hats included in the Season Pass. Give me GORE instead. Don’t even think of CENSORING the SP DLC for the EU.

    • As mentioned it’s a region by region discretionary decision. Our game was delivered as it was designed and we are very happy with the finished product in all regions.

  • Why are people complaining because they want more Single Player DLC? Last time I checked most DLC’s always dedicated to the multiplayer side of things. Ya’ll need to chill!

    But I really hope there will be a multiplayer story mode coming soon where one can play as Ellie and the other as Joel just like Co-Op Arena from Uncharted 3 or Co-Op story mode. *crosses fingers*

    Thanks for finally spilling some info on the DLC I’ll get the season pass as soon as I can!

    – Raheem

  • @ Eric – I was hoping for a little clarification. On the first post you replied that new trophies would be “dependent” on DLC drops. Does this mean each DLC will come with new trophies?

    Just asking because the UC3 multiplayer trophies didn’t come out for almost a YEAR after the first DLC and it was one of a few things that really burned me after purchasing the UC3 season pass. If you can confirm trophies will arrive at the same time as the DLC packs, then I’m ready to sign up.


    • We will try to time them with each DLC drop but sometimes technical issues interfere with timing of trophies. All said we learn from each game we make and will do our best to sync drops and trophies.

  • Hi guys, I have a very simple question, as my avatar would suggest.
    Will there be Ellie in any way, form or shape in the SP DLC?
    Just yes or no, I don’t need any specifics here, but I figure you should know that since you are mo-capping a new character in, so you probably have the settings/timeframe at which the DLC takes place down.

    Would very much appreciate your answer, as a season pass buyer.
    Thank you!
    Kind regards,

  • By far my favorite game on PS3, i never enjoyed playing MP until i TLOU…. it’s freaking awesome.
    Btw, i loved it so much that i wanted to support ND by buying the season pass. And i also wanted to watch the “grounded” movie :D
    I can’t wait, thanks guys

  • I’ll never buy another season pass ever again. I know you put down what to expect in total for the season pass. I find that every season pass to date is not worth the money as too many of the DLC seem like money grabs.

    I’m with the rest of the crowd. It should have been two single player DLC and one Multiplayer. The $10 map packs need to stop and people need to really not buy them. This generation feels like total removal of parts of the game to have as DLC so the prices remain the same. Like those boxes of cereal that used to be 20oz are not 18, but don’t worry it’s the same price it’s always been.

    Meanwhile, I wait for the “it always comes” GOTY edition with all the DLC at the same price.

  • @Mr. Monacelli

    I don’t want to come back to a messy place where you ignore people with good ideas & solid arguments. Remember your ping toggle “promise”?

    You also don’t ban ND employees (MacGrubber) who TROLL their customers (Aureilia) with meme pics (flying shark – your argument is invalid). Double standards or what?!

    You’re gonna pay your unprofessional behavior, not me. I don’t get paid by anyone to be “professional” or “politically correct”. Maybe I should inform SCEA that you abuse your power. Either way, you’ll lose money from me and my friends. Your loss, not mine.

    Also, why do you ban people from the ND blog? You never explained this one. You didn’t ban Link-25- for making false accusations.

  • not interested in multiplayer really (for most games generally, not just here) but I’ll definitely pick up the single player DLC

  • Yes!!! I’m so excitied about this news, thank you!

  • i am so excited and i am panting away waiting for the mp dlc, well done !!

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