Last Chance to Pre-Order BEYOND: Two Souls

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Last Chance to Pre-Order BEYOND: Two Souls
Last Chance to Pre-Order BEYOND: Two Souls

There’s little more than a week left to pre-order Beyond: Two Souls at GameStop for your bonus upgrade to the Special Edition.

The steelbook Special Edition will feature the additional “Advanced Experiments” playable scene. In this scene, you’ll test your rapid problem-solving skills as you guide Jodie and the mysterious entity Aiden through a series of tough training missions. Over the course of 30 minutes of additional play, you’ll determine your ability to use your brain while keeping an ice-cool head in high-pressure situations — all while helping Jodie and Aiden collaborate to solve puzzles.

Beyond Two Souls, 01

Furthermore, the Special Edition will include the soundtrack comprising the four main themes from Beyond, and four exclusive making-of videos featuring Writer/Director David Cage, along with actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

And lastly, you’ll also receive a Beyond: Two Souls PS3 dynamic theme and PSN avatar bundle featuring the below avatars.

Beyond Two Souls, 05Beyond Two Souls, 02Beyond Two Souls, 03Beyond Two Souls, 04

If you want to get your hands on the Special Edition, make sure you pre-order before it’s too late. Also, make sure to download the demo on PlayStation Store Tuesday, October 1st if you want to get one last look at Beyond before it launches!

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  • Well I just pre-ordered on Amazon and I don’t care if I don’t get the extra stuff. It isn’t any big deal, I just want the game. It looks soooooooo good!!!!!!

  • I preordered this directly from the SonyStyle website and didn’t get anything for preordering 5 months in advance!

    You would think Sony would give customers something before forcing them to shop at Gamestop.

    Not too happy about this.

  • SPOONMANX: cancel order?

  • Have had it for awhile. Pre-ordered that is.

    Looking forward to it.

  • I have no beef with Gamestop. My local Gamestop has always treated me well in the past.

    I loved Heavy Rain, and have been looking forward to this game for a long time. My only complaint is where am I ever going to find time to play this when I’m still in the middle of GTA5?

  • I preordered once I heard about the add ons back in March. Went in last Friday to check up on it and gamestop told me I have the standard edition and they have no more special ones. I’m frustrated because I thought this whole time I preorered the special edition since I remember reading that the first 500,000 people who preorder get the special version. So could they just be mistaken and I can end up getting it or I’m I doomed? lol. And of not will the add ons be available on PSN on the long run?

  • @henred if you go to the GameStop page and click on Beyond:Two Souls it shows this : BEYOND: Two Souls Special Edition. I wonder if you can undo your order and reorder before it comes out? Or mention to the store you ordered it from. If it was me and you want the Special Edition I think that is what I would do. I never heard of the first 500,000 people who preorder only get the Special Edition!

  • This post says the bonus edition is a gamestop exclusive yet I pre ordered my special edition copy at futureshop and even best buy as it. What’s the difference?

  • OK don’t undo your order just read that there is a free upgrade to the Special Edition on preorders at GameStop.

  • for crying it loud!!!!

    Found it on a German online game shop. Here’s the product page:

    The red text explains it.
    My English isn’t perfect but I try to translate it as good as I can:

    “According to our information, in the European version of Beyond: Two Souls two scenes will be slightly cut. This affects all Eurpoean versions (UK, AT and so on), as always with Sony. Reportedly, the US version will be slighty cut in erotic scenes. This means, according to Sony, that there won’t be a real uncut version at all.”
    In the last sentence they just explain that they can’t offer the US version because it’s not allowed by Sony to import them.

  • I am really disappointed there is no digital release announced at launch. And, I am pretty surprised. The developer of this game claimed that used game sales of Heavy Rain really hurt their bottom line. Don’t digital copies translate into fewer used game sales? What a strange decision.

    I would have bought Beyond this month the $50/$10 back PSN promotion, but with so many high-replay-value games out (GTAV, Diablo 3, etc.) and a new console showing up around the corner, I’m going to pass. And, I’m not too sad about it. Sorry, QR. I really did like Heavy Rain, though.

  • I’m still debating on getting this or not.

  • @ducjessban1 Thanx for the tip but when I asked to upgrade they said they have none at all. No more special editions which also ticked me off since they were promoting the offer in the store. I’ll try one more time but this maybe the last time I order stuff at Gamestop.

  • Why do people hate Gamestop so much?

  • @henred sorry I hope it all works out for you. If they have a promotion for a particular store they should fulfill it to all those who preorder. I mean what is the use of having it if they aren’t going to have it at all their GameStop stores. Wish you all the luck. And GameStop SMH when you are the only store with a promotion for this game that you aren’t fulfilling it to all those who preorder!!

  • Already pre-ordered this edition weeks ago. Admittedly, I wish I could have done so thru Best Buy, but this game is important enough to me that I went thru GameStop anyway.

  • (1/2)

    VinylSolution on September 29th, 2013 at 5:59 pm said:
    “Why do people hate Gamestop so much?”

    Can’t speak for anyone else, but as for me, the staff at almost every one I go to ranges from borderline-incompetent to downright infuriating. Employees who give me bad information or openly criticize my purchase decisions. Most recently, I had to go to three different GameStops to get ‘Deadly Premonition.’ On the phone, the first store told me they didn’t even have it in-store. But the website said they did, so I went anyway and found it quite easily. Then the employees at this store AND the second one I went to actually REFUSED to sell me the game.

  • (2/2)

    This was because, according to them, the game was so terrible. I understand it’s a polarizing title, and I would say “Good on them” if they were just making sure I understood that. But to actually say “No, we will not sell you this game” is utterly ridiculous. And the fact that I encountered this attitude twice in a row (three times if you count the next store, whose employee sold me the game, but not without interjecting that he thought it was “stupid”) plus this only being the most recent incident makes me think that GameStop cares the least for it’s customers. So now, I’ll go anywhere but GameStop unless they’re selling something special like this.

  • Guess I won’t be getting a preorder then. I’ll never give those bloodsucking gamestop people my money again. How is it sony doesn’t do day one digital releases for its own exclusive games. You did the same thing with the last god of war.

  • I need this question answered i called gamestop today and asked if i get this with the pre order and they said no there’s no such thing but then i asked if there were any special or different editions to this game they said no there is just the default copy of the game and none of what i said exist. what do i do? i really want the extra DLC! and stuff :'(

  • iam a huge fan of quantic dream i got to play this at the gamestopexspo and it wa amazing i preordered it right away but then my sister smashed my ps3 andit wont play disc games please make this a digital download ive been wanting to play beyon scence it was anounouced

  • Been to two GameStops in my town and couldn’t preorder the special edition with the steel case. The reps keep saying they only got the regular. I thought for GameStop the special edition was the default edition for them. This sucks. I buy my games at Best Buy or Amazon but I want the steel case

  • game seems great but no digital no buy. for a ps3 only really game should of had a digital release… derp

  • Dear Sony,
    can you please confirm if this is true that the US version of Beyond: Two Souls will have censored nudity?


  • It would’ve been great if the Special Edition were available for preorder on Amazon too but had to preorder from GameStop since it is an exclusive there. GameStop charged me a bit extra once for a preorder and never bothered to argue with them but oh well.

  • Only the EU version will be censored. And I don’t think there’s full nudity in the game. I know GTA V may. Still wish I had saved for it.

  • @distortedhalo
    Well, there are sources which claim that the US version will have censored nudity while the EU version will have two violent scenes altered a bit.

    The EU censoring was already confirmed by Sony but they didn’t mention anything about the US version, so it would be nice to hear an official statement.

  • Just a question about the soundtrack — is it really only 4 themes? I was hoping for a more complete release tbh. Or is an official, more thorough release in the works?

  • Why doesn’t the Blog staff delete troll comments? Crazy. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to this game.

  • The add says Free Upgrade to the special edition, so will the special edition be available in store at other retailers but cost more?

  • If GS wants to do a free upgrade exclusive I have no issues with that; I just want the option to get the same thing even if I have to pay more threw a different vendor, I paid more for the special edition of TLOU and I would be willing to pay more for this games special edition, just to be free to choose my own vendor.

    Sorry nothing against anyone in particular but this reminds me of 80’s and the exclusivity combat that went on between various stores and just bad memories all around.

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