Last Chance to Pre-Order BEYOND: Two Souls

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Last Chance to Pre-Order BEYOND: Two Souls
Last Chance to Pre-Order BEYOND: Two Souls

There’s little more than a week left to pre-order Beyond: Two Souls at GameStop for your bonus upgrade to the Special Edition.

The steelbook Special Edition will feature the additional “Advanced Experiments” playable scene. In this scene, you’ll test your rapid problem-solving skills as you guide Jodie and the mysterious entity Aiden through a series of tough training missions. Over the course of 30 minutes of additional play, you’ll determine your ability to use your brain while keeping an ice-cool head in high-pressure situations — all while helping Jodie and Aiden collaborate to solve puzzles.

Beyond Two Souls, 01

Furthermore, the Special Edition will include the soundtrack comprising the four main themes from Beyond, and four exclusive making-of videos featuring Writer/Director David Cage, along with actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

And lastly, you’ll also receive a Beyond: Two Souls PS3 dynamic theme and PSN avatar bundle featuring the below avatars.

Beyond Two Souls, 05Beyond Two Souls, 02Beyond Two Souls, 03Beyond Two Souls, 04

If you want to get your hands on the Special Edition, make sure you pre-order before it’s too late. Also, make sure to download the demo on PlayStation Store Tuesday, October 1st if you want to get one last look at Beyond before it launches!

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  • I want this so bad, but I swore off Gamestop ages ago
    looks like I’ll have to pass on this

  • Is this only for GameStop?

    I want to get it on Amazon since they deliver the game on the day of its release. GameStop only starts to process the shipment the day it comes out.


  • no interest in this game, considering how QTE heavy Indigo Prophecy was and how terrible the story is in Heavy Rain.

  • Too bad this isn’t available else where like I would have been all over it.

  • Pre-ordered months ago. Big fan of QD games. Wife is extremely excited also.

  • I only buy at Amazon so, sadly, I’ll pass

  • Is Beyond Two Soul getting a Day 1 digital release?

    • Beyond will not be available for Day 1 digital. We’re still looking into having it available at a future date via digital but nothing’s been confirmed yet.

  • so, this game isnt going digital via psn….is it?

  • I am buying this because of Ellen Page :) and because Heavy Rain was AWESOME!!

  • oh no! i am waiting for preorder this game from PSN. any chance for digital version? plz say YESSSSS

  • No digital version at launch guys. I also wish this was on Amazon as well.

  • I pre-ordered at gamestop a few weeks ago, but they said there was nothing special for pre-ordering. I contacted gamestop’s customer support with a link to a previous post about this bonus [ ], and was told that there’s no bonus and that that isn’t a website controlled by gamestop

    So, erm… if I’ve already pre-ordered, will I get this bonus even though gamestop seems to think I won’t?

    • I can’t speak on GameStop’s behalf obviously, but the answer here should be yes. It may just have been that whoever you were speaking with was a little confused and under the impression that the Special Edition wasn’t a “bonus” but just the default product.

  • Gamestop? Nooooo thanks.

  • I second that! Gamestop will be the last place that I will ever purchase a game.
    Upload digital version. Thanks!

  • Would pre-order in an instant… Unfortunately, this would mean interacting with GameStop. Keep pushing the Day-1 digital, and you will help the current disruption of the GME business model.

    Also, please allow those who pre-order in advance of these type of announcements to receive the pre-order bonus. Why punish customers for pre-ordering “too soon”?

    • This was actually announced back in March, and don’t worry, everyone who pre-ordered in advance of the announcement will also get the special edition upgrade.

  • If you guys want pre-orders you should be advertising like crazy. Why do you think The Last Of Us sold so well?

    • We have TV and Digital ads running right now! We were on the new episode of The League earlier this week and you should be seeing our ad’s running through launch.

  • When the demo will be available on the Store?

    I love Quantic Dream, but I never buy a new IP without trying the demo first.

    • The demo’s going to be available on Tuesday (Oct 1)! It features 2 playable scenes – one from Jodie’s childhood, one from her adulthood and should give you a good taste of how the game plays and the level of storytelling to expect.

  • @12 you should be good , when I asked if there were any pre order bonuses for beyond two souls the first guy said No and I almost walked out , but another employee said wait , you get a free special edition upgrade so just because one employee doesn’t know what he is talking about doesn’t mean he was right

    I pre ordered it a month ago and paid it off this week , almost pre orderd batman arkham origins retail too but luckily I saw the spend $50 get $10 psn promotion and pre ordered on psn instead , save the tax and get back $10 , that’s a no brainer .
    great month for ps3 games , and with ps4 coming out this year is a great year to be a gamer . hoo yeah

  • I can’t wait for Beyond…I’m still trying to believe in these graphics….really hope for that incredible Heavy Rain feel….anyway I gonna say this again….Shame this is the last big PS3 exclusive title,I’ll miss great games like this…let alone GT6.

    @ 3 Ryumoau – OMG you’re such a troll…the story terrible in Heavy Rain?…what kind of drugs are you in?….to be saying that you must be able to write something better than Heavy Rain.

  • This game looks great but Sony is really messing up with the promotion…

    Making the pre-order bonus exclusive to gamestop and not even have a day 1 digital version is just plain stupid. With the $50/$10 back deal, this game would be a no brainer.

    Now, I guess I can just wait this game fail to sell and hit the bargain bin on Black Friday…

  • Why doesn’t Beyond: Two Souls have an Official Guide?

  • I’ve seen plenty of ads in NYC; on city buses for example.

    Thanks for the post, Derek! Can you provide us a clip of the theme?

    @19, Welmosca- ignore him. Ryu will moan on every topic he dislikes.

  • Opps forgot to mention this. DOWNLOAD the Beyond App in your smartphone! On both Apple & Android! Can’t wait to try it! ^o^

  • Really loved the demo and the gameplay was great. Too bad it won’t on the PSN day one digital right now. I will sure pick up a copy at gamestop :) Merci beaucoup

  • Its a shame that there are no pre order incentives whatsoever for any customers other than GS.

    • Yeah unfortunately with a game like this creating a bunch of extra DLC content for multi-retailer promotions turned out to be prohibitively expensive. GameStop, as our largest retail partner, turned out to be the best way to make sure as many people as possible would get the offer in their hands.

  • I paid mine off this morning…can’t wait. Early access to the Demo on last Tuesday was awesome!

  • I pre-ordered at GS long, long ago so I’m good. I don’t understand all the GS hate, because I’ve had nothing but good experience with my local GS. It’s like Cheers, where they call my name when I stop in.

    No need to try the demo. I avoid all spoilers for games that I pre-order and I’m very excited to play Beyond..

  • Is the dynamic theme something new and not the one we received from E3. I didn’t find it that interesting, but still was a nice gesture.

    • Yep, it’s definitely different from the one at E3. Unfortunately I don’t have a clip of the theme I can share with you guys at this time, but we’ll work on trying to get one.

  • Looking forward to this, pre-ordered and paid off months ago.

    Glad to see there’s a demo next week.

    Last game I plan to buy on ps3, pre PS4 launch.

  • I know this probably won’t affect any of you US gamers, but I’m posting it here in case you’re interested, Beyond: Two Souls has just been confirmed as censored in Germany (and therefore the entire EU as SCE/SCEE only make one version for the whole territory, not just one cut version for Germany.

    More info here if that interests you:

  • bleh, Gamestop? No thanks.

    I’ll stick with my Amazon pre-order.

    @ lisatsunami, not sure about other people, but I loathe their slimy practice of selling open games as new by repackaging them in shrinkwrap and in some cases, taking out the free codes that were in the box before resealing them, Not to mention their annoying tactics of always asking me if I want a subscription or wanting to preorder a game. One time I remember they tried to sell me a display game that was opened as new!

    Plus, the way some jerks treat my girlfriend when she has gone there like she knows nothing about games. I know it may just be a few bad apples, but it has happened enough times that we have swore off going to Gamestop. Amazon’s customer service and release day delivery is just way too good to compete with Gamestop, for us anyway. All I have to do is click and get it the day it comes out, no annoying sales/subscriptions being pushed our way or acting like elitist video game snobs.

  • @TheJungler I certainly hope that is not true. That blog post isn’t that reliable source, but put me wondering if the UK version then is uncensored. I have currently EU version pre-ordered due to Finnish subs support. UK version lacks those, but is significantly cheaper.

  • Will the PSN version have the special edition bonuses as well? Or will I be able to purchase them on PSN afterwards? Not keen on purchasing games from Gamestop/EB Games.

  • No digital? What a disappointment. Gamestop only? That takes it off the table. I guess I’ll wait for reviews and see.

  • nolo451, thanks for the explanation. I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened in my GS as I’ve always gotten any codes in the games, although they are usually for multiplayer so I throw them away anyway.

    That’s terrible that some jerks treated your GF like that. I’m a female and I love talking about games so I always get into conversations with the staff, dudes hanging out after school and the occasional 12 yr old but I do scream a fake “eek, a girl working at Gamestop?!!” when the only female clerk is in, lol.

    I do subscribe to the powerups, so they don’t ask, and I actually appreciate being asked about pre-orders because I try to pre-order every game I want to support. No wonder they’re all so nice to me @ my local GS. Amazon is great, don’t get me wrong, but I actually like going in to pick up the newest game on Tuesdays and talk to whoever is in. Really excited about picking up my launch day PS4 in a few weeks.

  • I really hope this one to be released Digitally after a couple of weeks ; please Sony make it happen. If this can’t be Day 1 Digital, don’t wait long to put it on PSN . But for now no going to buy it.

  • Hey there, I have a little question, will the EU version be censored, it’s being confirmed that it’s going to be censored in Germany and would hate to see it to being censored for EU.

  • Really excited for this!

  • I preordered the game in July of 2012 but no special edition for me, thanks for the GameStop favoritism once again

  • I can’t believe this game & the production that went into this. This is a excellent game & i can’t wait to get a chance to play this.

  • Any news on PS4 upgrade?

  • There was only one game for me this year I had to have on day 1 and this is it! Heavy Rain was my number one of all time but I’m thinking maybe only until October 8th. Keep up the great work!

  • I going wait till digital release till then, i playing other games main time.
    i hate buy pre only edition, i was hope like Last of us Collector Edition not crap steelbook

  • i also hope Digital release before November 15

  • Can’t wait to try the demo.

    Anyway when is Quantic Dream’s Indigo Prophecy going to become a PS2 classic? I know Sony has a good relationship with Quantic so why isn’t a PS2 classic yet. The game is on XBL and Quantic doesn’t even make games for Xbox anymore. Sorry I really want to try their old game and will keep asking into I get a answer.

  • I CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME IVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER HAHA this game and the last of us man games of the gen!!!! well idk about beyond two souls yet but i cant wait!!!!!

  • would love to get that special edition but I don’t go to GameStop because they’ve screwed up my pre- orders in the past. Way too many to count. So I’ll just go to the store and pick up a copy day 1.

    Super excited for the next Quantum Dream game and the one after that too! ^_^

  • Sad, that there is no digital realese. No buy for me, then =).

  • Do you if NBA 2k14 will have a pre load?

  • Last Best PS3 Exclusive lets hope not

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