The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for September 24th 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for September 24th 2013
The Drop

Soccer and giant robots — a deadly combination. This week will see the launch of some hotly anticipated titles.

FIFA 14 brings a host of new features to the pitch, including realistic ball physics, enhanced teammate intelligence for better decision making, and precision movement. Of course, the Ultimate Team mode returns to give gamers superb control of their customized soccer experience.

But FIFA 14 isn’t the only soccer game in town. The long-running Pro Evolution Soccer series continues with Pro Evolution Soccer 14. PES 14 brings along tremendous improvements and new features to the world of soccer, with TrueBall Tech, upgraded core play, the new Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.), and even an emotional hook — in-game players will now react mentally to the flow of the game and affect their performance.

If you aren’t much of a soccer fan, fear not — you can always take a giant battle mech out for a spin. Armored Core: Verdict Day ushers in tons of new content for Armored Core fans, including 90 new missions, more than 150 customizable unit parts, and improved online matchmaking. Those of you that need just a taste of dystopian sci-fi action, look no further.

Check below for a full list of games coming to the world of PlayStation — including a few classic PS2 games — and enjoy the Drop.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Armored Core Verdict Day
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3, Retail, PSN
Command a squadron of robots in a dystopian future across 90 new missions.
PS3, PS Vita, PSP, Retail, PSN
Realistic ball physics, precise movement, and the return of Ultimate Team Mode for this classic soccer series.
An all-female cast of fighters battle in virtual 3D arenas.
PS3, PS Vita, PSN
Psychological survival adventure with new items, locations, and endings.
PS2 Classic, PSN
Travel the path of a warrior. Stylistic action and violence set in a lush world.
PS3, Retail, PSN
A new beginning for PES with TrueBall Tech, upgraded core play, and in-game player emotion.
PS2 Classic, PSN
A puzzle platformer with expanded features from the PSP version (and lots of adorable robots!).

Learn more about this week’s new releases on our official, weekly show: PlayStation Blogcast.

Editor’s Note: the information above is subject to change without notice.

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10 Author Replies

  • Lighten the background color of the table cells.

  • Hey there!

    What chance that in the spirit of Halloween we can disguise PS+ NA in a PS+ EU costume for October? Please Far Cry 3! That and some good Halloween sales, especially on DLC!

    We’ve already made the drop look different, though I don’t really think it is better. The write-ups were nice for the games that didn’t really get much press before showing up and the extra info was enough to intrigue and get people to look (elsewhere) for more about the games.

  • PS – thanks for Mark of Kri in PS2 classics, even Tokobot. These are closer to the classics idea than most of what you throw up.

  • TMNT: out of the shadows??? Supposed to be released SEP 24, is it not comming for ps3?

  • I like the new format. It’s less confusing and easy to pick out which games are coming to which platform.

  • Any new psone classics?

  • what about ps vita games?is Ys celceta being released on the psn store for the vita too?

  • @ Ragna0088: The Ys Vita game doesn’t come out until November. You’re not going to see it on The Drop for quite a while.

    @ The Drop: LOVE the new format. It is very pleasing to my OCD, and as a gamer who actually follows what’s going on, I don’t need a huge paragraph of info on every game. I’m not lazy and know how to use Google, and am usually on top of what’s coming out, so a single sentence to remind me of what it’s about is plenty. Though I will agree that a few more screenshots wouldn’t hurt, if you can figure out how to fit them in without it feeling crowding. But all-in-all, very nice improvement over last week, and leaps and BOUNDS better than the half-a**ed drop we used to get.

  • wait what!?!?!

    a better update format AND replies to comments!!!

    wow this is a true change for the better.
    nothing for me this week, not needed. GTA 5 and other games will have me occupy for some nice time

  • Geez. Already a million posts to this. Just get buried. Shoot…. Clements? That’s awesome! What happened to Rey though? I like your layout, dude. Moving on and looking pretty fancy! Get Roper in there, man! Where is he these days?

  • By-the-way Clements, those games look like they’re selectable. You should link them to YouTube so that we can see the trailers for them because, I have no idea what half this stuff is, then if it looks good I might get it.

  • Am i the only one who wants to put Vigilante 8 on PSN via PSOne Classics. That game would be amazing on my vita

  • Hey Ryan I like the new format and how you add a little bit about the games that are coming out. But I think it would be beneficial to add the file sizes of all the game that coming out on store. I’m only asking since my PS3 is slowly approaching maximum capacity in the hard drive on my system and its kinda pointless to grab a new hard drive when a new system is going to join my PS3 in less than 2 months.

    I definitely approve of more PS2 classics coming out. Though what exactly decides what PS2 games become classics on the store?

  • New here. Just wanted to say I really like “The Drop” format.

  • Should at least get publishers/developers on board to upload trailers to the PlayStation youtube account and then link the titles of games to that. I say that for games like the PS2 Classics, they usually don’t have trailers. I know some of the others already have one.

    So you could just reuse old ones for a few. I’m sure some of those games will get articles about them again tomorrow, and usually they get trailers for that.

    And there’s still not enough information about the games, but it’s much better than before.

  • Whats the chance of us getting an Xseed sale some time soon?:)

  • Well, I still have Mark of Kri (&rise of the Kasai) on my ps2, I need to go back to them and finish, kind of wish it was a HD remake instead of a ps2 classic. The one game that intrigues me this week is Girl Fight, never heard of it, but sounds interesting

  • @HigHCOMmAndO I heard it got delayed due to many mixed to negative reviews from the PC and 360 versions. I think it’s better this way so the glitches can get worked out and be more polished. I wouldn’t want to buy a PSN game and turned out it was broken.

  • Looking good, Ryan! Definitely an improvement over last week. But I must say I agree with those who’ve said they’d like more information and screenshots for the games. These are new games, after all, and we often know little to nothing about them. I have made plenty of purchases based on The Drop alone, but with a single-sentence description and no picture of the game, there isn’t much for me to go on, you know? Sure, I/we can look these games up for more information, but this is where we are coming for our information. :)

  • Tokobots and The Mark of Kri for me.

  • I like the new drop layout,but could you put a gamplay clips beside where you annonce the games in the blue highlight on the right hand side would be a good spot instead of 2 pitures,its hard to tell what the game is like from just a describtion,also will fallout and the elder scrolls ever get a digital release

  • No Fallout3 for the PSN :(

  • I will most definitely be getting Girl Fight! I thought i’d be only for live but since It’s for PSN also I’ll be getting it!

  • Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate is coming out this Thursday for those of you import savvy such as I. Game is coming to PS3 and the Vita as well as 3DS (hahaha no Wii U).

  • I think the PS4 should get at least 12Mb of eDRAM dedicated just to boost the resolution and frame rate of all the games.
    Make it happen Sony.

  • @58 AizawaYuuichi: Apparently your OCD forces you to call the rest of us lazy and stupid for not agreeing with you.

    Happy Halloween!

  • Still no news about Siren or Siren 2.

    On the bright side.. That lame Silent Hill wannabe is getting ported. Really wasn’t even worth pirating on the PC.
    For those that buy it, hope you don’t regret it like I did.

  • I’m liking the new format. I have a feeling after a couple week’s you’ll get the hang of it and tweak it to make it perfect.

  • Ryan,glad to see you again.Movin up in the world. If you know what im putting down. Sure you will add your special touches to the drop. MIssed Ya Dude. Always a fav. Good luck, Be following you weekly I hope.

  • Really digging the new update to the drop. It’s not perfect, definitely needs a bit of polishing up, but it’s definitely a solid update.

  • @estoc1 You think I’m a Sony fanboy, but did you know I support Microsoft too? I bet Microsoft makes Nintendo smell like doo-doo. Why aren’t you saying that? And to answer your question:

    “Sony tastes like fresh cookies baked from the oven and Microsoft tastes like a pie sitting near the window. Unlike Nintendo, I bet it tastes like a can of gasoline. If I can’t get a PS4 and have to choose a Wii U, I rather take the new Xbox. Take that, Nintendrone. As long as Nintendo gets destroyed by either Sony or Microsoft, I’ll be happy with it.”

  • release time for FIFA 14 tomorrow?

  • Looks a lot better than last week! I still really hope you add a picture for each game. Most people won’t bother to research certain games, so they can use all the publicity they can get!

  • Welcome to the Drop Clements! I really like the new format! However, like others have pointed out, additional info would help.

    I would recommend something along the lines of “X is a … game from … Studios, (Marketing blurb here), Video Link, Screenshot link.

    I also support arranging the games by platform, and simply duplicating a game’s entry if it appears in several platforms, although the alphabetizing is an interesting idea.

  • Nothing wrong with this layout if you ask me. Only thing really missing are pricing and file size in my opinion. I see Ni No Kuni headed for ps+ in the near future as the price dropped from $54.99 to $19.99 last week! :D

  • PES 2014 is super awesome!! It feels like real things.

  • I’ve purchased both Fatal Frame 1 and 2 from the store and wonder…will part 3 ever make it to the PS2 Classics section? Of the three, that’s the only one I never got to finish before my PS2 died. I love that series! :)

  • Hi:

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will cost $59.99, right?

  • Lone Survivor would be the game that I would have to say I’m looking forward to.

  • Worst drop ever….besides The Mark of Kri and Tokobot which looks ok…..but I never played them so I dont know…on another talk…so was Rey fired?…posting the drop of the week was the only thing he used to do here on the blog.

  • Also….I prefer the old format in every way…..because games that slipped by my eyes…had plenty of information on the drop…like The Mark of Kri and Tokobot…they would have a little “sinopse” there and a pic….sometimes that would catch my interest….not that I’m lazy or anything to go search on google…its just that the old format was better.

  • First Off I’d like to say that I’m glad that Powerhouse has landed on his feet at Sony, Beyond to you!

    Now that the welcome is out of the way I’ve got to ask you Ryan, where on Earth is our Vita version of Bit Trip’s Runner 2??! I’ve been patient thru all the delays but the lack of talk or posting about this version is really starting to alarm me. In your short time with Sony have you heard anything related to it’s impending release?

  • @ 62 frenchboy98 – No you’re not the only one…I want that good old felling of Vigilante too…I really hope they add that great game to the PS1 classics because thats a true classic…….I been wanting to play it again but I lost my CD….hope they add The 2nd offense.Man that would be pure nostalgia.

  • Not a bad drop this week, I really need to grab myself a vita!

  • Love the new format. All I can say now is… more PsOne and PS2 classics! Also, make all PsOne games work on Vita! Looking at you, Silent Hill…

  • estoc1, if your reading this: BWAHAHAHA, you comment got deleted! That’s what you get for going overboard and being a Nintendrone. I bet you can’t comment at me because your IP got banned for posting your negativity at Sony. Admit it, Sony and Microsoft will destroy Nintendo. They’re the only company that have region lock and terrible 3rd party support. And I don’t technically own an Microsoft console if anyone asks. I own their accessories for PC use. At least Sony is trying, I’d give them a chance if I were you like I did with Microsoft.

  • awesome!

  • Cant wait for the PES2014, Hope it will be out on day1 which is in 2 hours..

  • my only suggestion is that you can maybe add the prices of all the games so we know how much they are going to be and also to any one that does not know this there was an article about the Mark of Kri a few days go it told the story a little bit and even had some concept art but for those that don’t want to look back sum it up in two words ” Brutal Disney” the game is awesome and it is fun happy to finally be able to play it again.

  • Any chance we will see the Dot Hack series coming to the PS2 Classics or as a PSN game? I know many people would thoroughly enjoy that!

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