The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for September 24th 2013

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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for September 24th 2013
The Drop

Soccer and giant robots — a deadly combination. This week will see the launch of some hotly anticipated titles.

FIFA 14 brings a host of new features to the pitch, including realistic ball physics, enhanced teammate intelligence for better decision making, and precision movement. Of course, the Ultimate Team mode returns to give gamers superb control of their customized soccer experience.

But FIFA 14 isn’t the only soccer game in town. The long-running Pro Evolution Soccer series continues with Pro Evolution Soccer 14. PES 14 brings along tremendous improvements and new features to the world of soccer, with TrueBall Tech, upgraded core play, the new Motion Animation Stability System (M.A.S.S.), and even an emotional hook — in-game players will now react mentally to the flow of the game and affect their performance.

If you aren’t much of a soccer fan, fear not — you can always take a giant battle mech out for a spin. Armored Core: Verdict Day ushers in tons of new content for Armored Core fans, including 90 new missions, more than 150 customizable unit parts, and improved online matchmaking. Those of you that need just a taste of dystopian sci-fi action, look no further.

Check below for a full list of games coming to the world of PlayStation — including a few classic PS2 games — and enjoy the Drop.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Armored Core Verdict Day
Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut

New PlayStation Releases This Week

PS3, Retail, PSN
Command a squadron of robots in a dystopian future across 90 new missions.
PS3, PS Vita, PSP, Retail, PSN
Realistic ball physics, precise movement, and the return of Ultimate Team Mode for this classic soccer series.
An all-female cast of fighters battle in virtual 3D arenas.
PS3, PS Vita, PSN
Psychological survival adventure with new items, locations, and endings.
PS2 Classic, PSN
Travel the path of a warrior. Stylistic action and violence set in a lush world.
PS3, Retail, PSN
A new beginning for PES with TrueBall Tech, upgraded core play, and in-game player emotion.
PS2 Classic, PSN
A puzzle platformer with expanded features from the PSP version (and lots of adorable robots!).

Learn more about this week’s new releases on our official, weekly show: PlayStation Blogcast.

Editor’s Note: the information above is subject to change without notice.

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10 Author Replies

  • Glad to see Clements taking over the drop, and nice releases this week, to boot! Can’t wait for The Mark of Kri to be released digitally.

    • Thank you! It’s so good to be involved with the project.

      We’re still searching for the perfect format, but we think this week is looking pretty darn good. But please let us know what you think!


  • I like this new format. Not bad. Kinda wish there was more info per game but otherwise very nice.

  • Nice. Any demos?

  • Very nice formatting, much better than before. Thanks a lot!

    I wish we could get more PS1 and PS2 classics. Appreciate the efforts.

  • Wow I didn’t know AC: Verdict Day was releasing so soon!

    Also, if you guys can get Rouge Galaxy to PS2 classics, that would be awesome!

  • trailers for each game would be nice. Not very appealing to buy a game based on a few words…. just saying

    • Hmm, appreciate the feedback! We’re trying to keep the post short and sweet, but we’ll take that into consideration.


  • Love the new format.
    Please put them into each console platform. PS3, PS2, PS Vita, PSP, PS4.
    Now, it’s just a bit random. But love the way it looks.

    • Thanks for the note!

      It’s actually not random, the games are in alphabetical order! ^_^

      I was originally going to divide by category, but because so many games now (and coming) launch across multiple platforms, categorizing them in that way doesn’t work as well as it used to.


  • PES 2014 on PS Store, really nice… But I heard that the J-League DLC will be exclusive to the brazilians, is that true?

  • @6 I would go with Youtube to check videos of games. Also @4 I agree, need more PS1 and PS2 classics.

  • The 2 screenshots of Armored Core and Lone Survivor look way to squished in my Firefox.

    • They’re meant to be tall images, running alongside the games on the right side — are you seeing something different, or does it look off? It seemed okay when I tested it in my FF.

  • I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ for adding a little about the games. Now I can pretty much tell what genre they are so I can just look up the ones that look interesting to me rather than looking up ALL of them to see what they are. That really helps a lot & saves some time!

  • Will Gran Turismo 6 have a Day 1 digital re-release?

  • has the blogcast changed its formating also? last time i visited it was just idol chat and not very informative, just wondering how it relates?

    • The Blogcast has a sort of loose guideline we follow each week, but we’re all pretty talkative guys so it tends to go in different directions sometimes. :)

  • I really like the new format; it’s much simpler, nicer and easier to tell the games apart. One thing that might be nicer is if you could put a picture of each game next to the title and info so you could get an idea of what each game is like.

    • Thanks for the note! Formatting might get a little “long” if we do that, but we’re happy to experiment.


  • No PS1 titles added as always.

  • I really like the new format. The only thing I don’t like is that you no longer include a screen shot for each game. Perhaps you can make the right side devoted to screen shots instead of the two over stretched images.

    • Good idea! We’ll take that into consideration. But on weeks with a ton of games, that format might get a little jumbled.


  • OMG replies on the drop, best upgrade ever!!! LOL
    But to be honest, I almost always hate the drop cause only thing I look forward to see on every drop since last year is the PSOne Crash Bandicoot games, including CTR on Vita…

  • I don’t really like the newEST format, but I don’t hate it either. There’s some info, which is much better than last week’s version. But not enough info, IMHO. Don’t really care about screenshots or videos. Nice if you have ’em, but I agree things might get a bit messy with 17 videos on the page. And whose videos would you use in cases where official ones don’t exist (like with some PS1/PS2 classics)?

    But I really don’t get why the old version was tossed aside. We still needed to go elsewhere for videos and such (unless a company came on here to make a whole post about their game). But we knew from reading THIS post whether it was worth doing. This latest approach seems tailored for people who don’t care much about games they haven’t already heard of anyway.

    With the old format, you could just stop reading and move on after the first sentence if you so chose. With there only being one sentence, you don’t have much of a choice.[/2 cents]

  • Yea lone survivor. Like the alphabetical list makes meread descriptions of games I’d gloss over normally

  • As far as the summaries for the games being released perhaps you could provide a link to a previous blog post that has more information about the specific game. Just a thought and it would be simple to do.

  • Love the new format. The only thing I’d like to see is a tiny bit more info per game. Give it maybe….three sentences each?

  • Really like this new format. Can you give us any news on the Crash/Spyro situation? Also will the Vita get any sort of PSP/PS1 support once the PS4 is released?

  • I actually love the new format. It’s all the info we need, I think. It gives us the “correct” platform and genre, which is rare on the drop. Then if the game sounds interesting, we can check it out on youtube. More importantly, I like that you posted it so early and you actually respond to comments! Since you guys are actually reading comments, I want to make a small wishlist. PS1 classics Suikoden 2, and Dragon Warrior 7. PS2 classics SSX Tricky, Dragon’s Quest 8, Gran Turismo 4, Burnout Takedown, Dark Cloud 1 and 2, Rogue Galaxy, Time Splitters 2 and Mercenaries.

  • Digging the new format Clements, and very glad to know you’re still around (loved your stuff back at IGN) ^_^

    Interesting to see Tokobot being released, I never got to play it on PSP so I might have to grab the PS2 classic sometime.

  • I’ll only care for vita games for sometime….’cause I’ll be playin’em when I’m not near my ps3, playing GTA5

    ….and it’s nice to see you here ,Clements

  • Good Update! Liked the format! Lone Survivor for me this week and I’m a little dissapointed for the lack of HD treatment and trophies to The Mark of Kri, one of my favorite PS2 games!
    Price tag for Lone Survivor Please?
    Greetings from Mexico

  • Nice drop, I like the new format. One suggestion would be make the titles links to their individual web pages on the PlayStation site to give some more information to those that want it.

  • @ Ryan: For the busy weeks just use smaller screen shots or omit the screen shots for the classic games, I already know what they look like.

    When it comes to PSN games, those screen shots can really make it or break it for me. A lot of times, I have very little time to surf the web (my job keeps me busy). I just don’t have the time on most days to look up and research every game on the list, so I usually have to pick and choose which ones to look up. A single eye catching screen shot can actually persuade me to look up the game. Case and point, Girl Fighter is a good example. The title catches my eye, but the description is too brief and I don’t know what the game looks like because I don’t see any screen shots. This title can be very easy for me to overlook because of the scarce amount of info. In other words, you might of just lose a potential sale(s). Thankfully, I actually have time to look the game up today.

  • @28 shogun00: Yeah, but not everyone knows what they (classic games) look like.

    I realize I’m in the minority and you can’t please everyone, but let’s take a look at a few things.

    “The Mark of Kri

    PS2 Classic, PSN

    Travel the path of a warrior. Stylistic action and violence set in a lush world.”

    If someone has no idea what kind of game The Mark of Kri is, this description tells them exactly nothing. Maybe it’s better than a paragraph of advertising copy ripped from the publisher’s website, maybe not.

    Also, I think it’s nice the games are in alphabetical order. I agree it forces you to read it all to find what you want. Though some might find this annoying, especially if they own only one system (like a Vita). If I owned a Vita, I would rather know right off the bat if the games play on my system. Same goes for PS3-only people (like me).
    Just stuff for you guys to think about.

    Loved seeing replies this time around. Keep ’em coming. ;)

  • Ryan and anyone who listens to Podcast Beyond, please check out the commercial for Community Coffee. It’s on YouTube so if you want to laugh check it out. Beyond!!!

  • glad youre taking over the drop but the format is not just right yet, it looks a little plane. i know you can make it look awesome.

  • Where’s OMG HD Zombies! for North America?

  • I am really disappointed to see people supporting this new format. I supported the new PSN store when everyone hated on it. I support North America PS+ every week when people bash on it for liking EU’s update better. I support Sony in most things as I realize they do a good job, ever when they’re not credited for it.

    But I HATE this new layout for The Drop. The old one that disappeared a couple of weeks ago was much easier on the eyes, contained more information about the games, contained more/better images of each game so we had an idea of what the games we hadn’t heard of were like, and was much easier to tell what each game was being released on without having to actively look for it. I pray it goes back to the way it used to be, or continues to change until it gets to something far superior to this.

  • @33 CrimsonDream24:

    Thank you.

  • @15

    That makes 2 of us(

  • What happened to Rey? He got fired?

  • pretty neat new format! this makes things easier to read than the previous ones. keep up the good work and looking forward to lone survivor

  • FIFA 14 will have “Pre-Load”?

  • Might check out Lone Survivor on Vita. Looks like a great Indie game.

  • Yay! Ryan! Beyond!

  • I really like the new Drop format. Doubt ill be buying anything this week as i already blew what i had to spend from this pay on Puppeteer ,and the Aliens Colonial Marine sale (i know the game may have sucked ,but for 9 bux what the hell lol)

  • Deus Ex PS2 classic please? :D

  • How much will Armored Core cost on US PSN?
    Furthermore any chance of:
    a) A buy $50, get $10 offer for October?
    b) A sale on PSP titles?

  • Girl Fight this week, huh? There gonna be a demo?

  • Now that there’s more stuff coming out this week compared to the last, now I can judge it. I can say this format is much better. Have a sentence having a brief summary of each game, keeping it short and simple without clogging up the blog. Great job, Ryan. I hope you continue posting on the drop.

  • Like the format but may I suggest linking the game titles to their website so it will be easy to skim but if I see something interesting I can go look at trailers and what not. too lazy to google.

    Also, can you add a filter to the comments so it automatically perma bans the poster and deletes all posts that say “first” or mentions spyro, crash and vita in the same sentence?

    And I vote that the main page not have the videos embedded, it makes the it slow as heck to load and when you click the video it takes you to the article anyway to show it so the loading is for naught. make it quick to skim and save the video loads for when I click on something I am interested in rather than make me swear under my breath when I try to scroll *freeze* scroll *freeze*.


  • It’s GREAT to see your name on something again, Clements. Good luck at Sony, buddy.
    Oh, and when can we expect to see Sypher Filton on the Drop? xD

  • Any idea when Legend of Dragoon will be able to be downloaded directly to the Vita? I don’t have a PS3.

  • With the gaming industry and the gaming world in general realizing that rampant sexism, misogyny, and sexploitation might not be the best contribution it can bring to society, I have to ask: “Girl Fight”? “GIRL FIGHT”??? Seriously??

    Money quote from Kotaku about this dreck: “I’m all for an all-girl fighting game, but I prefer something a bit more subtle, like getting kicked in the face over and over again.”.

    I realize Sony is neither the developer nor the publisher, but to see this crap promoted the blog is rather disappointing. And no, I don’t care whether the gameplay is good or not. Morally, it’s reprehensible, exploitative, and better left to the 80s.

    For those who think I’m over-reacting… search google for “girl fight” game. The fights are NOT the game’s focus.

    Cue the flaming to prove my point.

  • Yes……Rouge Galaxy to PS2 classics would be a great choice !!!! Wonderful game !!

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