Killzone Mercenary: Week One Multiplayer Stats

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Killzone Mercenary: Week One Multiplayer Stats
Killzone Mercenary: Week One Multiplayer Stats

A week after Killzone Mercenary’s launch, one of the great things to see is how so many different people play the game in so many different ways. Looking at the stats I can see that the M82 and the silenced STA-52SE are the weapons of choice for a lot of people, each racking up 5M+ kills already, but digging deeper it’s great to see that some of the other weapons are being wielded very effectively.

I’d expected my personal favourite – the STA-14 – to be topping the headshot charts, but it’s actually being pipped at the post by the up close and personal touch of the silenced STA-18SE. It seems there are a lot of you out there who really don’t want to show up on the radar! No doubt those people have already bought the Infiltrator Armour as well.

If you want to check out some of the stats for yourself then take at looks at Blackjack’s on the official Killzone Mercenary site.

If you’re already playing, then I hope you like watching what’s been going on in a blur as you notch up yet another kill, and if you haven’t played yet, then I hope you like what you see and dip your toes in. Just be careful – people are getting pretty accurate with that STA-14!

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  • After selling my ps3 last year I wasn´t into consoles anymore, I built my pc this year with a gtx 780, and waited to see what PS4 had to offer.

    I did want a ps vita since it was released, but price was just too much at $299 + memory cards.

    But I couldn’t resist last weekend with the Walking Dead pack, also bought a year of ps plus and a 16gb memory card plus Killzone Mercenary.

    I thought I had wasted my money because I have many of the indie games on my pc, but when I loaded Killzone Mercenary, just wow, I have an Ipad 4 and an Iphone 4s, but these graphic quality on that screen, is just something else, after that game, every other game on the vita was more fun.

    This is one of those games that make other games on the system look better, since you no longer compare it to other platforms, it becomes one of a kind experience.

    Iv been playing ios and touch games all year long, PS Vita and Killzone Mercenary is a true (not just console) gaming experience on the go without compromizing anything, pure quality in your hands, AMAZING.

  • This game is so much fun.

  • Hey What’s Up!!!

    I’m new to the blog… but concerning mercenaries multiplayer… I have a 4mb connection but im constantly disconnected about 80% of the time!!!

    This never happens to me in Soul Sacrifice or All-Stars… PLease reply with a PATCH!!! :D

  • #50 is right, in every match I play over half the kills in the kill cam are with that one silenced rifle. It needs a nerf.

    So does the mantis engine, that thing is insanely OP. Just point it at someone and rack up the insta-kills. Ridiculous.

  • Is anyone else having trouble connecting to a game. I get an error each time I try to join a game.

  • awesome game, but myself (and from what I’ve researched, many many others are finding it d*** near impossible to connect to multiplayer. I was just having trouble at my house, and was able to play at work, now both places give me errors, unable to connect to host, or just kick me out while loading the map. PATCH THIS PLEASE. with a relatively short 1p campaign, multiplayer is the heart of this game. FIX THIS PROBLEM.

  • My favourite weapon is STA-17 although it has lowest damage.I love this game! this is the best fps game in psvita.I hope some new weapons and maps. I hope this game sell well in the future!Because you have already won the cod and the other fps games in psvita.:(sorry for my bad English!

  • This game is very exciting

  • very good game

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