Killzone Mercenary: Week One Multiplayer Stats

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Killzone Mercenary: Week One Multiplayer Stats
Killzone Mercenary: Week One Multiplayer Stats

A week after Killzone Mercenary’s launch, one of the great things to see is how so many different people play the game in so many different ways. Looking at the stats I can see that the M82 and the silenced STA-52SE are the weapons of choice for a lot of people, each racking up 5M+ kills already, but digging deeper it’s great to see that some of the other weapons are being wielded very effectively.

I’d expected my personal favourite – the STA-14 – to be topping the headshot charts, but it’s actually being pipped at the post by the up close and personal touch of the silenced STA-18SE. It seems there are a lot of you out there who really don’t want to show up on the radar! No doubt those people have already bought the Infiltrator Armour as well.

If you want to check out some of the stats for yourself then take at looks at Blackjack’s on the official Killzone Mercenary site.

If you’re already playing, then I hope you like watching what’s been going on in a blur as you notch up yet another kill, and if you haven’t played yet, then I hope you like what you see and dip your toes in. Just be careful – people are getting pretty accurate with that STA-14!

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  • Still waiting for it to arrive from Amazon. Probably should have bought it digitally. I am ready!

  • I am waiting on mine from Walmart. The delay is killing me. I enjoyed the beta so much, I am looking forward to Mercenary and Shadow Fall! BEYOND!!!

  • Guerrilla Cambridge, Sony this is the quality i was expecting from Resistance Burning Skies and most psvita games, Killzone Mercenary is in my opinion the best handheld fps ever, the single player campaign is really good and online multiplayer is epic on a handheld console, i would add at least 2 more maps and a capture the flag mode or any other new mode, if you guys are thinking about releasing new maps please do it Killzone Shadow Fall way: Free, so that way you wont divide the community. I still dont understand why SCEA doesnt advertise this game on tv, the vita is getting momentum and it would be great to expose this game on tv with a Quality gaming on the go now for only $199.99 tag or Play the best fps game on a handheld now for $199.99 or make a entertainment on the go video featuring Killzone Mercenary, Little Big Planet, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice and Gravity Rush.

  • Btw my favorite primary weapon is the STA-52SE.

  • The stats page is bugged, also unfinished, and even haves a LOREM IPSUM?


  • Mark is there any way you guys could share your engine with other first/second party studios to develop new games on the vita?

  • Any DLC plans? Would love for some map packs to come down the line or even more weapons, like the (currently) GameStop-exclusive machine gun


    The stats page is bugged, also unfinished, and even haves a LOREM IPSUM?


  • Loving the game. Haven’t played much of the campaign yet, because I want to get to know those multiplayer maps first. So far I think they’re all great. Maybe Inlet is a little big for 8 players, but I’m surprised how well the maps have been designed to keep the action going without a lot of people in the game.

    Personally I’ve found the submachine guns to be really good for multiplayer. I like the LS57 SMG so far, but I’ll buy some more to check them out too. There’s a lot of tight spaces, so the quick and high impact SMGs usually beat out the assault rifles close up. In Killzone 3 I didn’t use SMGs much at all, and eventually found my favourite to be the STA-3 machine gun. Speaking of which – it kills me that there’s a giant scope on the STA-3 in this game. It takes up a third of the screen and really impairs your field of view. Anyway, hopefully the M-224 will get released eventually for everyone so we can get some good heavy machine gun action.

    Great job on the game and I second the vote for free DLC maps. I would gladly pay for new DLC guns, VAN-guards, etc, if it meant we could get some more maps to keep the action fresh.


  • This game is so much fun. I’ve been loving single player and the multiplayer keeps me coming back for more! So far, I’ve been using the M66 a lot so far for my silenced weapon. I’m looking forward to buying all the weapons and figuring out which ones Iike best.

  • Having SO much fun on Killzone.. Not enough of my friends have it.. but It’s a great game. :) That STA-18SE was the first gun I kept getting destroyed by… so I bought it and never really looked back. The non-targetting rocket launcher is my secondary. Good for taking out pesky drones and other head slicing vanguards. Put on Blast armor and aim at the ground.

  • Thank You Guerilla for finally doing the Vita justice. Mercenary is most definitely a system seller and I agree it should be advertised more.
    The graphical fidelity is truly impressive especially at native resolution with MSAA. You all deserve a pat on the back.
    In the beta I had real issues with the spawn system. It seems much of that has been mitigated but not entirely. Ive still had many occasions when an enemy popped up right infront of me for an easy stab and vice versa.
    I realize this is a moble game with smaller player count and environment. I understand that its important to keep the action at a constant pace but it is my one gripe with this game.
    Anyway thanks again! You should all be proud of the product you released.

  • Amazing game, best FPS on a handheld ever and a benchmark for handheld games period. BUT, what is with the 4 hour campaign? I am sick of 4 hour campaigns for vita titles. That is simply way too short.

  • PS: Sony needs to advertise vita and games like this. Sony is not advertising the vita near enough,

  • Been piecing away at the campaign a mission at a time. I am really starting to get a handle on the controls the flow of in-game mechanics. Toughest adjustment for me control-wise is sprinting. Been trying to make myself use the back touch-pad but I might have to default to the circle button. Neither option feels very intuitive. Other than that the game looks and plays beautifully.

    Have not jumped into the Multiplayer yet but had a blast with it in the Beta. Looking forward to making some serious cash. If you are a shooter fan then don’t miss out Killzone: Mercenary.

  • Played a little bit of the multiplayer the other night. Enjoyed it a lot. Going to really hit the campaign tomorrow for sure, and maybe a little bit of multiplayer tonight.

  • Also want to add…Sony needs to get Guerrilla Cambridge hot on future shooters, even outside of the Killzone franchise. These folks know how to build a great handheld FPS experience.

  • fantastic game, love all of it. But the single player could be meatier than it is. Hopefully that it taken into account in the future

  • Truly excellent game. Kudos Guerrilla Cambridge!
    Thoroughly enjoying myself when I play and everyone I’ve shown the game has been very impressed.

  • Add me MOORE_ELITE lets make a clan!! so we can have some communication between the team and have some strategic gameplay… if this sounds good to you? then add me….

  • I would also like to know if there are any plans to make any DLC available for KZM

  • First comment I’ve ever posted on the blog.

    Have to say Mercenary is the way Vita games should be done.

    Visuals, controls, replayability, and now I see the commitment to community Guerilla is showing with the Mercenary web site. For a Vita game to get a site like this with match replays and heat maps, career and multiplayer progress tracking, stats for just about everything and who knows what else I haven’t found yet is really surprising. I mean isn’t that sort of thing reserved for PC and console games?

    Makes me hopeful that support for this game will continue in the form of DLC maps, weapons, van-guards, modes and whatever else can only make this outstanding game better.

    Now to get the word out via some advertising would be the icing on the cake. Sadly haven’t seen anything about this game anywhere but on gaming sites.

  • Absolutely LOVING this game! Play just about every night with my friends. PLEASE release DLC for this, and adding some Near gifts would be welcomed too!

  • i had this game paid for, but when i heard about the 4 hour campaign i canceled. For the same price there are games offering a lot more of hours and that are very good. If mercenary campaign was a solid one i would have gotten it day one. Online is great (based on the beta) but the small screen makes it an eyesore for long periods, so i was more into the campaign

  • For all of you complaining about the game length it is all in how you play I guess. The “in game clock” on my stats say just over 3 hours played and I have only completed the first three missions. It may be that I am scouring the maps for the intel though and so far I have only found 8 of the 18 in the first 3 missions. The game also does not take into account time put into if you end up dying. I know for a fact I played it over an hour last night (closer to an hour and a half actually) but the “game clock” only increased by 40 minutes.

    It is a great game and I’ve never been into the killzone games before so you all are doing yourselfs and Guerilla a disservice by skipping it because you “heard” it is has a “short” campaign.

  • My Mercenary didn’t arrive yet…I’m so angry…but I know Mercenary is the best FPS ever on a handheld…and better than the majority of major FPS’s out there….besides PS3 exclusives.The beta was top notch…I cant wait to lay my hands on Mercenary.I really wanna play the campaign…I’m dying to do so.

  • Usually, I’m not into shooters much.

    But….big but…this game is amazing !

    Loving it !

    Keep up the great work.

    I’d say the best game on the Vita yet !

  • I have not beaten mission 3 and have put at least 4.5 hours into the campaign on Trooper. I may just suck at the game, however I scout every corner of each mission just admiring the graphics. Multiplayer is absolutely the best handheld experience and the campaign has been stunning so far. This game is a technical marvel and blows all handheld titles away. I am not a fps fan at all, and Killzone Mercenary is the first game since the Vita’s launch that has my jaw on the floor. Guerilla Cambridge should become paid consultants for future Vita developers on how to make a thrilling fps game on the Vita. A System seller and we need a sequel to be released a year from now!

  • Forgot to mention…I agree with people here…Sony should invest heavy in advertising Mercenary….Sony is pulling out stupid prowess giving more attention to the boring diablo 3 than to their games which are Puppeteer and Mercenary…come on Sony.Its time that PS games get recognized already since they’re always the best in the freaking market.

  • @25, look Mercenary is a great game, everything a vita game should be. BUT there is no doubt the campaign is way too short. I am a big fan of good SP experiences, Mercenary has 1 but 4 hours or so your done…..That’s not enough.

    amazing game though, hope for mroe games like this on vita.

  • This is the reason I bought the VIta and have invested in buying a bunch of games for it. I really hope the sale figures for Merc and other titles coming out make the Vita more appealing to devs. Merc, is a prime example of what the Vita can do. Hands down my favourite Vita game to date. (This Killzone game is actually convincing me to buy ShadowFall.)

    Keep it up Vita devs, I’ve got a feeling people are going to take the Vita a lot more serious in the upcoming months. Also I can’t agree more with ya @yowzerz..

  • Been playing the game non-stop from the single player to the multiplayer it is one of the best shooters i ever played, well done GG Cambridge

  • This game is a blast!!!! Great job Guerrilla!!!!!

  • Great game! Multiplayer is a blast.

  • I wish this game had Ad-Hoc. This seems to be a trend in Vita games. For billing it as a social platform, why would you neglect the most social way to play?

  • As much as I try I can’t connect to multiplayer… Not very happy right now.

  • I haven’t bought this yet but at some point i will, but there is so much content coming to PS Vita. but with GTA5 coming out its getting kinda hectic.

  • I’m amazed at how great this game is. I love my PS Vita. Now i need GTA plz!!!!!!!

  • I love the game so far but can they please fix the connectivity problems, I have 1MB internet (about DL: 140kB/s and UL: 50kB/s) here on Puerto Rico and everytime I get on and try to play online I get kicked out do to latency issues. It is the only game on my PS Vita which does this. So far I’ve noticed that as soon as I load a multiplayer match Killzone Mercenary grabs all the DL or UL bandwidth and makes other devices’ connection slow.

  • You guys really need to advertise this its like killzone 3 on the go looks amazing and plays better than any shield, ipad, 3ds shooter out there period. Next Guerilla Cambridge please redo Resistance and at least let it go out on a high note like this amazing shooter is. Burning Skies was good for a launch title but polish like this is what it needs.

  • add botzone skirmish please!!!!!!!

  • Still waiting for Best Buy to even ship my copy.

    Urrrrrrrrrrrrgh I want to shoot things NOW.

    Also yeah, guys? Advertising. Get some marketing behind this, PLEASE. A console-level FPS on a handheld should be selling millions of copies, but it can’t if people don’t know about it.

  • This game is pretty cool! I hope it’ll set a standard for future Vita games from here on out.

  • I’m loving this game so far; single player and multiplayer. Was a little steamed at all the garbage that happened with the closed beta. That was all forgiven when I got my hands on the beta when it went live for plus members. Amazing game, great job Cambridge.

  • love this game so much. ive been using the sta-52se as my primary and the shotgun that has incendiary ammo as my secondary also the carapace shield as my van guard

  • SCEA is wasting time here, you guys really need to make a Psvita TV spot, Killzone Mercenary alone deserves it, you have so many great games in all genres how about advertising entertainment on the go featuring Little Big Planet, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, Gravity Rush, Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway, now that would be awesome.

  • I love this game, but I agree with the people above. WHY ARE THERE NO COMMERCIALS FOR THIS!? Seriously such a great handheld game, that has set the new benchmark for vita games should be advertised and be made into a bundle! Come one guys! Get it together!!!!

    Oh and one minor gripe, why was there no save points during missions? I quit out of a mission when I first started playing, was about halfway through, then came back to it later only to have it start me from the very beginning. I was annoyed, it didn’t give me a warning that it would happen either. A warning or something would have been nice.

  • Bought 2 copies, one for me and my brother. Amazing game, I really hope we see this kind of quality first party titles.

  • AMAZING!!!

    This game rocks and GGC you guys rock for making this the best handheld shooter of all time!!

    The AI is rock solid, the shooting superb. The feel of your kills just so satisfying!

    To those people saying it has a 4 hour campaign… what are you smoking? I have put 4 hours into SP only and I am just starting on mission 5.. which means I am half way through the story. Lets not also forget the contracts ode with 4 different challenge goals per mission to try after beating each level and the higher difficulties.

    And Sony, you guys need to advertise this.. Its a disservice to the game to not do it. Probably shouldn’t of launched it so close to gta either. Would of made a great early summer release.

  • People only use that one rifle cause it is strong, has no recoil, doesn’t show up on radar, long-range, and huge clip. Congrats on making an OP weapon that is what everyone uses cause if you don’t you are at a severe disadvantage.

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