Killzone: Mercenary Launches in North America Today

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Killzone: Mercenary Launches in North America Today

Killzone Mercenary is out today in North America!

Killzone: Mercenary Launches in North America Today

Players who purchase Killzone Mercenary on PlayStation Store will receive the “Blackjack’s Briefcase” pre-order bonus, which includes an in-game cash bonus and 48 hours of Double XP. (Please note that you must be online for the Double XP bonus to count.) Next Tuesday, September 17th, the offer goes away and users who purchase on PSN will only get the game. If you’re keen to go digital, take advantage before it’s too late!

It’s been a fantastic voyage for us, and we’re immensely proud of what we’ve been able to create – the true Killzone FPS experience on a handheld. A twin-stick shooter on a HD screen in the palm of your hands, with substantial replayability built in and, if I do say so myself, an addictive multiplayer game integral to the whole experience.

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Killzone Mercenary on PS VitaKillzone Mercenary on PS Vita

The multiplayer game has been through a few stages of Betas over the last couple of months, and we are immensely grateful to all everyone who took part — especially those who took the time to provide feedback. We’ve worked hard to make sure those views were taken on board (we were overwhelmed by how much feedback we received!), and the day one patch is a direct consequence of that feedback with changes made to improve standard things like stability and connectivity, but also to get people back into the game quicker. We appreciate some users’ frustration over the patch’s size, but we offer every assurance that we couldn’t have included its changes any sooner, and that the enhancements—borne of the beta—offer dramatic and worthwhile improvements. The Betas were limited in what they showed, but we hope you’ll feel the impact of all the time that has been dedicated to perfecting the multiplayer experience when you play the game.

We hope you all enjoy Killzone Mercenary just as much as we did making it!

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  • hey SONY are you making this game for the internet or for the mass market ?? many of my friends who has a vita doesn’t know about it. where’s your commercials.? you made a big budget game and don’t advertise it. this game will be overshadowed by GTA5. good one A-holes

  • So… where’s the game on PSN?

  • Ok so now all is good when I shut down system and it works beautifully. This game is sick.

  • Grabbed my pre-ordered copy at lunch today – can’t wait to get home to try the game! The beta was awesome.

    Also, there is a DLC code that I got from EB Games in Canada, so if anyone else was wondering if Canada would receive the pre-order bonuses, it looks like we do. I’m waiting until the store updates today to use the code though in case that’s the problem people are having using their GameStop codes.

    Anyway, looking forward to playing this game for a long time – at least until PS4 comes out and it’s time to get into ShadowFall!

  • to everyone complaining that the code will not work read this
    the pre order dlc is not available yet , they have to update the store before you can redeem the code and that will be later in the day like every other week in the history of psn
    the store updates in late afternoon , there is no set update time and can update anytime between 1pm pst and 10 pm pst so just wait for another 6 hours or more and your codes will work after the store updates

  • games os PSVITA should be day1digital, the actual model sucks… “whenever we want, we will update the game for the psn users…”

  • Speaking of PS Vita TV.
    Will it support 1080p HD for the Big HD TV Screen?

  • @51
    why don;t your friends know about the game ? either they have not seen the ads in every gamesop and other store that is selling it fo0r the last 2 months , they have not turned on their PsVita and seen the beta in the store . have never seen it posted on the blog ( which happened at least 6 times in the last few months ) or have not heard of it from you .
    I would say 80% of vita owners who would be interested in this game have seen the blog posts , beta or in store displays by now , so why would the developers ( who are not sony by the way ) have to spend millions running ads on tv ? tv ads are bot cheap to make or run , so ads are put on for games that will be hard to sell or when the developer want to build up hype and sell both games and consoles

  • beta really sold me on this

  • Dear Sony. I have a brilliant idea. I know this is way out there… and is totally unheard of in this world, but I will put it out there anyway.

    When you have new software… LAUNCH IT AT MIDNIGHT!! It’s ridiculous having to sit here (now almost 1pm) and I am STILL unable to get my hands on Killzone from PSN. What is this crap?

  • Sometimes Sony is pretty disrespectful with us… seriously.

  • This is messed up! Why can’t they update the PS Store at midnight. What is more messed up is that I was on my phone heading to the gym and saw it on the PSN Store but couldn’t get the download started from my phone!!! Then it vanished.

  • It would be nice to get a midnight launch, but you might be forgetting that the business is run by people, not machines. Just be patient, people. Make a sandwich or something.

  • @ akibake

    There is thing called automation that the rest of the world uses.

  • Actually you’re wrong, you don’t need people to run a server, just make a schedule on the server and it will be auto updated… You need people just to do this.

  • SOE will you please update the store so we can play game? It is now 3:09 pm EST and if its not up on PSN by 4 pm I’m headed to the store to pick up the physical copy that has been available since 10 am at most game suppliers. Please and thankyou! PS Cant wait to play Killzone Mercenary

  • What I can’t understand is that: Puppeteer for PS3 was posted on the blog one minute ago and it’s already on PS Store, Killzone Mercenary was posted in the morning and still nothing…

  • Whenever I go into the PSN store on the vita… The top right advertisement isn’t completely in view… It only says… KI… then i swipe through the advertisement and its… KICKBEAT.

    Please update the store sony.
    And please do a midnight update. I always assumed it was a midnight update for new games like other places, But because this is the first game I was hoping to do a midnight download for a much anticipated vita game… damn

  • Haha — yeah. I fell for that too. I saw the KI and my heart fluttered and had a terrible crash when I saw it was KICKBEAT. Terrible tease.

  • Anyone pre order from Amazon Canada? I pre ordered it but it says the game hasn’t come out yet and will ship on the 20th.

  • Still waiting for the store to update. Really excited for a competent shooter on the Vita!

  • I cancelled my Killzone: Shadow Fall order last night from Amazon because I wanted to go all-digital this next generation. I hope to god when my PS4 arrives at my doorstep that the PSN market is updated with the games! This delay in getting a simple Vita game live is not giving me a lot of confidence…

  • For real sony should upate PSN store at midnight. For I was so excited till I found out it was not avaible online and its almost 4 Eastern time stil nothing.

  • @64 and 65
    Yes yes, automation. I’m telling you from first-hand experience with web production releases, that people are involved in realtime. You need to test your publish in the real world and make sure it’s working correctly. You need to monitor server replication and make sure that they are all in sync. Sometimes things don’t go as expected. Then you need to determine what didn’t go according to plan and compensate. Now, if that was your job, would you rather do it starting at midnight and lasting until who knows when, or would you prefer to do your testing and any necessary maintenance during your regular working hours? The web is run by real individuals with lives.

  • Can we start updating the store at midnite for new game releases at least Sony? I’m starvin for dat liberation…

  • when the hell is the store supposed to update, i just want to play the game. you’d think it would be available right at midnight

  • I’m a web developer myself, akibake. You’re right. People are involved. However, any developer worth their salt knows that you do all of this stuff BEFORE you launch. It’s not like this date came out of nowhere. Your concept is shaky, at best, because companies automate databases all the time on far larger scales than a simple file upload. You get your work done on schedule. You do testing before-hand. You write a short script to execute at 12:00am (or somewhere after that) on whatever day and you go home.

    There is nothing else to say than Sony (somewhere) is incompetent. I’m sure it’s a managerial thing and nothing related to the developers that actually make these things work.

  • Is September 10th and the digital version STILL ISN’T AVAILABLE >:O
    it’s 3:58pm here in New York and nothing, Playstation store has not updated
    It online show’s the trailer, come on!!! i want to play already :/
    I’ve waited a long time already, anybody else having this problem ????????????

  • my problem is this download is like 4.5gb and if it does not update in the next hour or so while I am still at work with decent internet, it is going to take me like 10 hours at home to download and I wont be playing kz tonight =( come on already sony!

  • Alright im taking off to track down a physical copy Sony, sick of waiting for the digital version, plus the 2-3 hour download time, when I can just pop in the game and play within seconds after purchase. I love digital copies, however the online store needs much quicker launch day updates.

  • manually search for it its there, just started my download

  • Confirmed… up for me too. You have to search for it. At this time, it’s not appearing under new releases.

  • Any reason my Gamestop pre-order bonus code doesnt work? Is that something that we have to stupidly wait for when the Store update randomly in the evening today?

  • I would think your preorder codes would now work as I downloaded the preorder bonus with the digital version.

  • already in the store manually search mercenary love killzone’m your new fan <3

  • @77
    I appreciate your opinion, Matsudaira, as a fellow developer. At my organization, we do a round of testing post-launch. If you leave it to automation for say a midnight release, it could remain broken for numerous hours, before someone would be around to fix it. I’ve done after-hours publishing, and I can say from experience, when something doesn’t test correctly in post-publish, it can take hours to fix, especially when you’re running dozens of load-balanced servers and caching through Akamai. For my organization at least, it’s an unfortunate consequence of the business, but we try to do end-to-end testing before and after a production launch. Sony may not be the best with it’s PSN servers, but I bet there’s a crazy amount of sophistication that goes into managing the volume of content, accounts, transaction authorization, etc.

    Anyway, it looks like it’s up in North America. Let’s get back to the kill zone. I loved the beta and was pretty good at the mixed-objective multiplayer. Maybe we’ll meet up online and play some matches. Cheers, mercenaries.

  • I get that … but we are talking about uploading a download file to an infrastructure that is already up and running. Not a whole lot can go wrong, assuming things were built properly.

  • Too lazy to go to the actual store…. where is it on the PSN store?

  • oh snap – i scrolled up and saw you just had to search for it (forgot PSN store does that).

    thanks! now i dont have to move!

  • Glad its up! Now gotta wait for the download to finish… only 845 mb of 3081 mb so far. Then the patch.. Glad I bought it digitally though.

  • What is going on with our preorder codes from gamestop? Still not working!!!

  • got mine already

  • Thanks Sony! It’s on the store and I am downloading now! Cannot wait to jump into the MP tonight!

  • The digital order gives you the dlc that gamestop is offering, I guess that now the codes you received from gamestop will work.

  • Just played the first mission and waiting for the multiplayer download patch. BUY THIS EFFING GAME GUYS! Killzone Mercenary is the Vita’s Killer App. I am not even much of a FPS fan, yet this game plays incredible and looks jaw dropping. 10/10 so far. Show your friends and they will automatically purchase Vitas. In fact Sony should have Guerilla Cambridge license their engine to other Vita devs, looks beautiful and Sony should shell out the dough for a sequel to start development immediately!

  • I already started this cos I’m in the EU and have to say this game is a masterpiece!! Make more please. I’m already hooked to this game. Single player is awesome and mutiplayer is class!!!! And this is one gamer that doesn’t have much interest in multiplayer at all and yet I want to play more. A bad thing happened to me today. Didn’t see any low battery warnings on my Vita and I was at the end of the game for the third time and it died on me. :( Was raging and thought it was lost but thank god it came back to life after some time of charging and allowed me continue. The game however does seem to have a freezing issue when it is paused or the Vita went on standby. Something to look into cos it forces me to close the game down and load it up again

  • I have a feeling that I will be bashed for this, but I must say my feelings. I will not be getting this game. There, I said it. I want to preface this by saying that I do not enjoy online multiplayer of any kind and when I tried the beta for this game, it was laggy and more than a few host quitting caused me to lose a lot of virtual money. Also, the campaign is around 5 hours long with the “Contract Mode” being nothing more than Angry Birds like stars for completing objectives. I was expecting, from the initial previews, a full mode where there were randomized missions like in Unit 13. Instead, a game clocks in at a few hours of…ok…story. Any other game that gives that little in the way of campaign would be bashed but because my poor vita (of which I bought 3) has no real FPS games, we clamor for anything. If you are interested in only multiplayer, sure you may enjoy it for a while. However, I was hoping for a meatier single player experience. Maybe next time…or I just stick with Unit 13.

  • I have a HUGE PROBLEM!!!

    I bought the digital version of Killzone: Mercenary, but I received two e-mails saying “Thank you for your Purchase” as if I have bought the game twice!


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