Dragon Fantasy Book II Out on PS3 and PS Vita Today

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Dragon Fantasy Book II Out on PS3 and PS Vita Today

After almost two years, four PAX showings (as well as GDC, E3, etc) it’s almost bittersweet to be finally announcing this. It was just over a year ago that we first announced this game was coming to PSN. But you can’t understand why that is until you look at what really went into this game…

Looking Back

Dragon Fantasy Book II’s origin is a long tale, going back almost 20 years to when myself and Adam Rippon, the game’s writer and creative director were just teenagers. Knowing nothing about what it takes to make games, we looked at the JRPGs we loved at the time and wanted to make our own. Over a dozen failures later we eventually gave up and went on with life, ending up in the game industry and working together at a number of companies. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that the passing of Adam’s father brought back the desire to make Dragon Fantasy (now titled Dragon Fantasy Book I). As far as generic 8-bit style JRPGs go, we had a great response and added a ton of content until it became the game we eventually released on PSN earlier this year.

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 and PS Vita

Heavily Inspired

Our goal with Book I was to make a game that we knew we could actually release. The plans for Book II were much more lofty. We came into this saying let’s make the absolute best 16-bit style JRPG that can be made. We looked back over the games that inspired us and picked out the best features from each of them:

  • No Random Battles – the monsters roam the world freely. This means you always have the chance to run away before you even enter combat. While the combat is turn-based, the other creatures on the world are alive. They can at any point wander over and join in the middle of battle!
  • SMAAAAAASH! When encountering a vastly weaker enemy, you’ll instantly smash them and continue on.
  • Side content galore. Along with the main story, there are dozens of side quests (we call then Bounty Hunts), and a number of optional side-dungeons to explore.
  • Ship Battles. A few times throughout the game you’ll find yourself attacked on the high-seas. But beware, you never know what you’ll have to resort to using for ammo!
  • Monster capturing. You can capture most enemies in the world using handy Capture Nets (or the Woodman’s Capture spell). Your party can include up to four members, with excess monsters found at the local tavern in the nearest major town!

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 and PS Vita

High Aspirations

We strived to take everything we’ve done before and do it bigger and better, from the much more action-filled combat system, to the spell effects, all wrapped up with our normal sense of humor. There’s a bigger story, more monsters, more maps, and yes, even more explosions!

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 and PS Vita

The game’s main storyline is a bit more serious than the humble beginnings of Dragon Fantasy Book I, but we made sure we stayed true to the fun one-liners and JRPG (and TV/movie) references that so many fans loved.

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 and PS Vita

So there we have it. Dragon Fantasy Book II. Coming to PS3 and PS Vita today in the US. 20% off for the first week for PlayStation Plus members, and out later this year for the SCEE crowd.

And yes, it has a Platinum. :)

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  • *mini spoilers
    @rabidninjamonky blue rock? not sure, all i remember fighting before the boss was the ghost miners

  • Great Indie games coming to Vita! I like Dragon Fantasy! I Love/Hate Spelunky so damn much! Now, WHEN THE **** IS TERRARIA COMING TO VITA, SONY?!! Where in this world is Summer still around, and when does it end?

  • @AguilarX It was on a hidden path to the west, right before you go south to the boss. Oh well, it was probably some reference to another game that went over my head. It was pretty tough. It took over half my hp with one hit. Thanks anyway.Great game so far! @Mecha Sonic I hear you. I’ve been (im)patiently waiting on Terraria vita too. I hate playing games on my iphone or I would buy the IOS version for $5. Hopefully it’s coming in the next couple weeks.

  • Are there any GLBT characters, playable or in the story?

    • The sexuality and gender identity of our characters doesn’t, in general, play a role in the story and therefore isn’t something touched on. You’re free imagine whatever you want…except for Anders…he LOVES the ladies.

  • Loved Book I, ill have this downloading very soon :) thanks again!!

  • @ ElektroDragon

    Wow, look at you, tough guy talking down to the developer. So cool. You’re taking such a big stand.

    And actually, this game looks exactly like a RPG on the SNES would look, so you’re wrong.

    I grew up playing NES, followed by the SNES, and I remember the distinct differences between the visual appearances of the games on both systems. The NES hardware wouldn’t be able to run this game, and that’s a fact. And even if it could, then it would have been possible back then, which means your comment would be about 20 years late anyway.

    “Uprezzed 8-bit” is just some silly term you coined to make yourself feel smart.

  • plaztiksyke on September 10th, 2013 at 4:44 pm said: “Are there any GLBT characters, playable or in the story?”

    Would it be a problem for you if there aren’t?

    How about the enemies… would it be OK if all the enemies you kill or capture are LGBT?

    What?!? How dare I say that?!? That’s discrimination, you say? All right fine, just change the enemies back to being straight since there’s nothing wrong with killing heteros… you know, since they’re not as “special”.

    Thank you Bryan Sawler for saying what I wish all the other developers would have told him when he asks this ridiculous question. This said it all right here: “The sexuality and gender identity of our characters DOESN’T, IN GENERAL, PLAY A ROLE IN THE STORY and therefore isn’t something touched on.”

    Exactly! It just simply doesn’t matter!

    But, of course, the self-absorbed LGBT community just HAS TO have the spotlight on them or else they’ll go insane. Self-absorbed, simple-minded and vain. So tired of it.

  • Bought, probably won’t get played for awhile though. Puppeteer came out today and I’m going to go with it first. And Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix came out too… and Killzone: Mercenary (though sadly this didn’t come in the mail today for some reason. *sadface*)

  • I can’t stop playing this game! I loved book 1, but this game is so much better! It feels like a lost gem from the early 90’s. I haven’t enjoyed a game this much all year. Not only that, but I’ve never laughed this much playing a game ever. Fantastic job Muteki!

  • Greetings from England any chance of getting Book I and II in the UK and Europe?

  • Playing through the first one now. Love the sense of humor. Looking forward to this one.

  • Playing through Book I now! Loving it! Thank you for book II! Book III 32bit?

  • Hello. I am currently playing Book II and enjoying it thoroughly. I had a question. Is there free roam after the final boss is defeated? I don’t want to miss any side quests / side dungeons. Thanks.

  • Started playing yesterday – digging it so far, but are the hiccups / momentary pause/freezes (like small quarter second lags where the character freezes in place while running) going to happen through the whole game? Is it just me?

  • The freezing is an issue largely affecting PS3’s with older or more heavily-used hard drives. It unfortunately wasn’t an issue on our dev system (which is rather new and mostly empty). The good news is a patch to fix it (and some other issues) is already being tested and will be out soon!

  • Thanks, Bryan. I loved Book I and Book II is a lot of fun so far, although I’m only three hours in. This definitely feels like an older gem with lots of heart. The stuff you’ve appropriated from games like Chrono Trigger also really flows well with the other mechanics of the game.

    I do also have to mention that I am playing on Vita and am also experiencing the hiccuping graphics during gameplay, as well as having to press an extra button to attack monsters during battle. Not sure if it’s just me or not, but I figured I’d bring it up since you are saying that a patch is upcoming.

    Thanks a ton for this series. You keep making them, and I’ll keep buying.

    • The Vita version is getting the same updates as the PS3 – the Vita just has a lot less of an issue as flash memory is MUCH faster than hard drives :)

  • I played Dragon Fantasy Book I to completion after it went on sale a couple of weeks ago. I have to say, it was a bad move on my part to have waited so long, but I guess saving a few bucks is a nice trade-off.

    Either way, purchased Book II when the store updated earlier. It’s simply awesome. The only issue I have is the text during battle. I can’t read all the hilarious attacks because the battles are so fast. It’s not a problem when I’m fighting one enemy, but when I run into swarms (which are much more common than single enemy encounters), I just give up on trying to keep up with the text because of the multiple enemies attacking in quick succession. Reading battle text was my favorite part of Book I. While I enjoy the great battle animations that were lacking in the first game, I find that I’m not laughing much with this title. It’s still a really fun game, and I recommend it to anyone looking to scratch that old school RPG itch.

    Also, I’m glad to hear about the incoming patch. I play on my Vita, and I too suffer from the hiccups and lag issues.

    Thanks Muteki ^_^ for the great gaming experiences. I look forward to any and all of your future projects.

  • Hello Bryan
    I am with the other guys on this. I created a U.S account so i can buy stuff on the U.S store that doesn’t come over to EU. But this game seems perfect on vita. To play this game on vita is difficult though it would require a second memory card which is expensive and would require me to erase my account on my vita then tie U.S one to it blah blah blah.

    I want to support you guys. I really really do. But not releasing it outside the U.S just makes it too difficult for me bro. Please do something about this.

  • Not sure if you are still responding to comments but I was really loving this game until I got to the lowlands west of the roadhouse. I’m playing on my vita and it gives me an error code and kicks me back to title screen every time on the same spot. I hope you patch this so i can complete the game. So bummed out now.

    • Can you give me any extra information on where exactly this is happening? We’re in final testing on our first patch and would love to see if we can fit this in!

  • I am playing on the Vita too and am experiencing the hiccups and lag others mentioned. Also the game has gotten stuck twice and I had to close it and reopen it. Once was in the Pirates Cave right after opening the chest with the Iron Shield and the other was on the ship in the Cargo bay while fighting rock monsters for ammo.

  • The more I play this game the more I notice how unoptimized it is. Framerate drops when magic is used, for example. While walking past a waterfall it almost turned into a slideshow. There is no reason that the Vita should be choking over a 16 bit RPG.

    • A lot of the performance issues (I can’t promise all, but definitely a lot) have been fixed in the patch that we’re currently testing.

  • I am heading west with Ogden from the Rambin’ rock roadhouse through the lowlands. I need to get to Tundaria to find a ship for the main quest.I went west to the first loading area, then south to a loading area, then after 2 battles i cross a log and it boots me to the title screen as i am crossing the log! I’ve tried it about 10 times. I’ve even gone back to roadhouse to change monsters and it didn’t help. i would love it if you fix this. thanks

  • Is that enough info Mr Sawler? I can give you the error code if you need it. not sure if that would help.I really want to finish this game! Playing it has inspired me to replay Chrono Trigger(I never finished it before). I’m only a couple hours into it now, so it should keep me busy until the patch comes. Do you have an ETA on that patch?

  • Hi Bryan, I appreciate the response. Do you have any idea when we might see the update? If it’s soon I may just wait for it before continuing my game.

    • We’re hoping it will be out sometime next week (but no guarantees on that, we need to finish testing it before sending it to Sony for approval)

  • I had an idea to go back to the ramblin rock roadhouse and save it to the cloud for the cross save, tried to play it on PS3 and as soon as I accessed my cross save data it booted back to the PS3’s XMB. I tried it one more time and it just stayed on the loading screen until I had to reset my PS3. Nasty bug apparently.

  • If I buy another game from you guys, I’ll wait until it’s been out for several months and there is a 50 % discount. Next time you release a game, try making sure it’s able to be completed.

  • The only (possible) bug I’ve run into so far is the bounty for killing the wolfman in the icy forest doesn’t register after I beat him. Unless I’m doing something wrong. And a couple of the other bounty missions don’t seem to load the necessary enemy in the area it’s supposed to be in which obviously makes it impossible for to complete it, again, unless I’m doing something wrong, which I might be, although it doesn’t seem like it….

    The stuttering is clearly a result of the disc access during quick save, in case anyone was wondering. Personally, I wish there was an option to disable quick save, or at least have it activate less often.

    On the positive side, I must say you guys have done a phenomenal job with the music in this game. It’s extremely well done. Memorable stuff. The tone of each track always matches the area it’s in, effectively setting the mood, and enhancing the overall immersion factor in every way. Definitely one of the best modern attempts at emulating the “throwback” or “retro” vibe of classic gaming soundtracks that I’ve heard this generation (16-bit style, in this case), along with Retro City Rampage doing the 8-bit sound.

  • Oh, and that nod to Back To The Future you slipped in there made me smile… ;)

  • Not sure if anyone’s still reading this BUT the 1.01 patch is now out! Fixes a lot of performance issues and bugs! Get it while it’s hot.

  • Love it. I just wish you could use filters like some emulators do for a smoother looking image, you can really see the pixels on bigger TV’s.

  • I grabbed the update on Vita today and I’m happy to say that I’m no longer noticing any screen tearing. Every so often I’ll still get the occasional bout of lag, but it is very rare. I am, however, still having issues in battle- against multiple enemies, in order to execute an attack, I often have to mash on the X button three times for each character to gank any opponents, as opposed to two times, which is how I believe it’s supposed to work. I think it may have something to do with the square White/Yellow targets that appear when selecting an enemy to attack- if I try to press the button too soon, the targets disappear… but the enemy’s name is still on the screen until I press the X button one more time. There are also quests that still seem broken- for instance, I got to Rockington Falls and was given a quest to snag a boombox from the nearby cave. I found the item and was told to return, but the quest giver still doesn’t acknowledge that I have the item. Similarly, many NPCs have given me quests to kill monsters that just don’t spawn under any circumstance.

  • Regardless of the issues, I still enjoyed the game and am looking forward to the next title in the line. The story was great this time around, and I also really loved happening upon Rockington Falls. I’m still searching for all of the hidden places in the game. I think you guys have done a wonderful job, finding a good balance between making the game not too serious while also not making it too goofy. I hope you guys will continue to update on the game’s functionality. It is definitely not the best optimized game, but it is still legitimately more fun than Final Fantasy XIII. That’s what really matters in the end. Thanks for the experience.

  • Thanks for the update on the patch Bryan. Downloading it now.

  • want this!

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