Dragon Fantasy Book II Out on PS3 and PS Vita Today

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Dragon Fantasy Book II Out on PS3 and PS Vita Today

After almost two years, four PAX showings (as well as GDC, E3, etc) it’s almost bittersweet to be finally announcing this. It was just over a year ago that we first announced this game was coming to PSN. But you can’t understand why that is until you look at what really went into this game…

Looking Back

Dragon Fantasy Book II’s origin is a long tale, going back almost 20 years to when myself and Adam Rippon, the game’s writer and creative director were just teenagers. Knowing nothing about what it takes to make games, we looked at the JRPGs we loved at the time and wanted to make our own. Over a dozen failures later we eventually gave up and went on with life, ending up in the game industry and working together at a number of companies. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that the passing of Adam’s father brought back the desire to make Dragon Fantasy (now titled Dragon Fantasy Book I). As far as generic 8-bit style JRPGs go, we had a great response and added a ton of content until it became the game we eventually released on PSN earlier this year.

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 and PS Vita

Heavily Inspired

Our goal with Book I was to make a game that we knew we could actually release. The plans for Book II were much more lofty. We came into this saying let’s make the absolute best 16-bit style JRPG that can be made. We looked back over the games that inspired us and picked out the best features from each of them:

  • No Random Battles – the monsters roam the world freely. This means you always have the chance to run away before you even enter combat. While the combat is turn-based, the other creatures on the world are alive. They can at any point wander over and join in the middle of battle!
  • SMAAAAAASH! When encountering a vastly weaker enemy, you’ll instantly smash them and continue on.
  • Side content galore. Along with the main story, there are dozens of side quests (we call then Bounty Hunts), and a number of optional side-dungeons to explore.
  • Ship Battles. A few times throughout the game you’ll find yourself attacked on the high-seas. But beware, you never know what you’ll have to resort to using for ammo!
  • Monster capturing. You can capture most enemies in the world using handy Capture Nets (or the Woodman’s Capture spell). Your party can include up to four members, with excess monsters found at the local tavern in the nearest major town!

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 and PS Vita

High Aspirations

We strived to take everything we’ve done before and do it bigger and better, from the much more action-filled combat system, to the spell effects, all wrapped up with our normal sense of humor. There’s a bigger story, more monsters, more maps, and yes, even more explosions!

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 and PS Vita

The game’s main storyline is a bit more serious than the humble beginnings of Dragon Fantasy Book I, but we made sure we stayed true to the fun one-liners and JRPG (and TV/movie) references that so many fans loved.

Dragon Fantasy Book II on PS3 and PS Vita

So there we have it. Dragon Fantasy Book II. Coming to PS3 and PS Vita today in the US. 20% off for the first week for PlayStation Plus members, and out later this year for the SCEE crowd.

And yes, it has a Platinum. :)

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  • LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to start playing this tonight!

    “SGT. Killface wants to kill… your face.”

  • I couldnt get all the way through Book 1 but the improvements in 2 make it sounds vastly better and a lot more fun. I hope the story isnt very heavily dependent on 1

    • Everything you need to know from Book I you get in the first 30 minutes of Book II. If you love the older, grindier, 8-bit style then Book I is there, but if not, jump right into Book II and have fun!

  • Not really interested in this but KZ mercernary for sure Doods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ready for the store to update to begin my quest!! =)

  • SMAAAAAASH! Love the Earthbound reference! Any chance of a discounted bundle for books 1 and 2?

  • 1 was awesome!! can’t wait to play 2!!

  • This game just begs to be released on Vita! Thanks for making it a reality. I hope this game sells well as we need more J/RPGs on the Vita. FFX/FFXI is a great start as well! :)

  • when does the freaking store update? been checking since midnight last night. arghhh!!!!!!

  • I can’t wait for this. I’m diving in as soon as the kids are in bed tonight. :)

  • Awesome!!! Can’t wait for the store to update.

  • update store already!!!

  • I’m so pissed I can’t get this yet. I bought the first Book thinking it was this games style of battle, sadly I was wrong, it’s okay and I’ll try complete it finally today, but this one is exactly what I was expecting and it even has a Platinum, I’m a be all over this when I get a PSN card

  • Can’t believe I’m going to be playing this first after picking up Kingdom Hearts and Puppeteer. Book I was just to awesome. But I do wonder if the Select Button function returns. That was fun secret to discover if it even was to begin with. Also I hope you saw the 3D Dot Ogden I created Brian (posted it on Twitter) in conjunction with Book II final releasing. Can’t wait to play it.

  • Your artwork doesn’t look 16 bit. It looks like uprezzed 8bit still. Try harder please.

    • The funny thing about that is, 8-bit and 16-bit consoles actually used the same resolution…
      Both were roughly 256×240 (NTSC) – the difference was in the use of color and multiplayer scrolling background layers (often with parallax).

  • As a graphics whore and someone who only started gaming with the PS3 generation, I’ve never understood the appeal of games that look like they were made15-20 years ago. To each his or her own I guess. There’s obviously a market for it.

    • As a self-respecting graphics whore myself, I can fully understand that. Of course, I grew up in the 8-bit era (or even before that…playing pong on a black and white TV where the “controller” was a sliding lever) and so getting the chance to go back and finally finish making the game that 14-year-old me wanted to make is pretty awesome.

  • Hi Bryan, I’m a big fan of what you guys are doing at Muteki, and am desperate to get my hands on Book II as soon as possible.

    The problem? I’m a Londoner, and therefore use the EU PSN store. Any idea’s as to when we are likely to get our hands on Book II for our Vita’s? Heck, we’re STILL waiting on Book I. I love a quality JRPG, and your 16-bit role-player looks utterly gorgeous.

    And after enjoying Dragon Fantasy on iOS, I really want both games on my Vita!!!

    • Unfortunately Book I’s submission to PEGI was the first I’ve ever done, and as such there have been some…issues. We’re making sure to get that resolved (as well as get Book II over to PEGI ASAP) – the hope is to get both of these games out in the EU before the end of the year still!

      Sorry for the delays…but thank you for your patience!

  • Definitely downloading this tonight!

  • But are enemies overpowered like in Book 1? I got the game on sale like 3 weeks ago and played like 2 hours or something of just walking around leveling up because every new area has monsters that decimate me with 1 hit. It’s not fun at all.

    • Book I was a rough grindy game by design. Book II is absolutely not :) There’s still challenges to be had, but it’s a lot less vicious in terms of just throwing enemies at you that will destroy you if you hadn’t spent time wandering aimlessly to level up

  • I’m excited to dig into this one. Classically styled jRPGs are exactly what the Vita needs more of!

    I know when Book I first released, there was some talk of save files being imported into Book II. Is that still a feature? Will anything be carried over?

    • Unfortunately that didn’t make it in. We do have some plans for updates in the near future so nothing’s out for sure, but it just didn’t fit in the timeline we had to make.

  • Wait a minute, what is this? I’m interested

  • Sorry Bryan, I just saw the SCEE note at the bottom!!

    Having said that, ‘later this year’ is a little vague — so any idea’s as to what month?

    • Book I as soon as we get everything through (I botched the PEGI submission a bit…I’ll man up to that, but it’s being resolved!) and then Book II roughly a month after that. Unfortunately as it largely depends on approval by outside parties (first PEGI, then SCEE QA) I can’t give a more exact answer.

  • Looks good. Not sold personally but I hope this does well for the creators.

  • Loved Book 1! It looks amazing on Vita’s oled. Is Ogden playable through the entire game this time? I hope so. I prefer one epic story over four tiny stories. I never even finished the minecraft one from the first game. I keep checking the store. I want to play it now!! Thanks for making these games Muteki.

    • There are times when the cast splits up, but they rejoin throughout the game. Don’t want to give more than that away :)

  • Oh and thanks for the discount suckers! I would have spent $20! hahaha

  • Loved Book I. Can’t wait for Book II!

  • I actually just started Book 1 after getting it on sale a few weeks ago and loving it so far. Though random battles are big in the game at least you guys did it right and made it almost instantaneous so it doesn’t really waste your time. Ill be picking up Book 2 for sure. If I had to complain about anything though it would be the gradient menu’s. JRPG’s have been doing it forever but it just takes me somewhat out of the experience having all the world made a retro wonderland and then smacked in the face with a big blue shaded box. Granted thats a nitpick. You gots a customer here.

  • Store needs to update now!

  • Loved DF Book 1 on my Vita earlier this year. Looking forward to downloading this soon. Also, the last line of this post just sweetened the deal!

  • yawn…. i’m so over these games.

  • these young whipper snappers just don’t appreciate classic gaming…

  • I really dont know what to make of this game.

  • lol at those who can’t appreciate old school. especially more to those who can’t appreciate the awesomeness that is called Indie Games!

  • never mind, it’s already at the store. just search for it from the search bar. bought and downloading

  • It’s up on the vita store.

  • So will Dragon Fantasy Book III be a 32-bit PS1 style RPG?? Please say yes.

  • Loved Book I to death, even the grindiness of it, and totally looking forward to Book II. Just bought it from the webstore and will be letting it download while I’m at work so I can play it tonight. Yeah, it takes precedence over KH HD 1.5 and Killzone: Mercenary. My Vita needs some RPG love, and Muteki delivered!

  • @36 Dragon Fantasy Book 3 psone style!!!?? Yes pls!!

  • Aside from the hiccups during battle, the game is looking great. Chrono Trigger vibe is awesome

  • @37 I hope all 140 mb are downloaded by the time you get home. Mine just finished downloading now! I will be playing it in about 5 seconds!

  • I won this through Muteki’s Facebook page this morning when they posted a couple of codes as a giveaway. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever won anything in my life. As a fan of Book I, which reminded me of Dragon Warrior that I played on the NES in my younger days, I was planning on purchasing this today. Thanks to Muteki, I don’t have to. I’m at work, so I haven’t had a chance to play it, yet. I’m looking forward to doing so tonight. Thank you Muteki.

  • Great game! Check out my review & tweet your comments to me @JimmyBaileyy!


  • Just bought it from the web store and about to go home to play it on my Vita! Super excited!

  • just grabbed 3 trophies in less than 10 mins. lol loving this game

  • I hope this game is great. I reminds me of chrono trigger which is one of my favorite rpg’s. A little skeptical because DF book 1 wasn’t as great as I hoped it would be.

  • @36 That would be quite awesome.

  • @AguilarX I’m loving this game too! I’ve only got 2 trophies so far though.* MINOR SPOILER? Did you by any chance fight the blue rock monster on the hidden path right before the first boss? It was kinda hard(way harder than the boss anyway) and it didn’t leave anything. At least not that I saw. I feel like I missed something.

  • @36 Great idea, hope it happens.

  • I did enjoy Book 1 but felt bummed out that progress would not carry over in any form from chapter to chapter. Not realizing this, i spent a long time grinding in Chapter 1 right before it ended, only to realize all my experience, gold, etc, was lost upon beginning the next chapter. Makes sense considering it’s different characters/stories, but it was a bummer to me that it felt more like a handful of super short RPG mini-games as opposed to a full story.

    Based on that alone, I am hesitant to buy Book 2.

    • Well the good news is in Book 2 all of your grinding stays with each character throughout the game – while the party does split up from time to time, there’s no separate gold / inventory / etc. just one big adventure to play through! Also…there’s a lot less grinding required

  • Smart move with adding the platinum. The sales of this game will most likely be double than the original because of this.

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