Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Coming to PS3

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Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Coming to PS3

After staggering demand, we’re extremely pleased to announce that Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD — originally released last year on PS Vita — is set to arrive on PSN as a digital download in beautifully re-mastered HD!

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Coming to PS3

Starring our first ever female playable assassin, Aveline de Grandpré, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation has received a comprehensive overhaul in preparation for its debut on PS3. Aveline has quickly become a fan favorite within the Assassin’s Creed universe, and we’re excited to bring her machete-swinging, poison-dart blowpiping, whip-snapping, and pistol-wielding action to a broader audience.

The groundbreaking AnvilNext engine returns to bring the steamy Louisiana bayou and mystical Mayan ruins to life with its unique tree navigation system, detailed physics simulation, and smooth animation.

AC Liberation HD Reveal, 03

AC Liberation HD Reveal, 02AC Liberation HD Reveal, 01

Liberation HD capitalizes on the move to more powerful hardware in every possible way, with improved graphics, re-mastered music and new sound effects, and added gameplay bonuses like new missions!

Play a pivotal role in the turbulent birth of a new nation as you fight for freedom, not only for yourself, but for your fellow citizens in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD!

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  • This is great news. Finally I can actually play the game rather then finding lightbulbs to hold my vita up to or wrestling with the rear touch pad to open a letter. Thanks ubisoft. Ignore these negative trolls. Will buy.

    Ahh can’t wait…

    “Press X to open the letter”

    *presses X*

    “Letter opened”

  • HD? I thought the PSV was already HD…

  • Yeah, not happy about this. Vita exclusives are very precious. However, with the Vita future looking bright I don’t think it will hurt the Vita much if at all. With the PS4/Vita tag team on Remote Play there will be plenty of Vitas flying off the store shelves. ACIIIL was fantastic on the Vita and I urge all who haven’t played it to experience it on the Vita first. A truly enjoyable Platinum.

  • @51
    Hmm, I never had any problems with opening letters or the incredibly innovated light bulb process.

  • I like that they took the time to make a PS3 only screen at the end, making it look like it’s still a Sony exclusive.

    I saw this exact same video on youtube, except at the end it showed it coming to Xbox 360 and PC in addition to PS3.

    So not only is it not a PS Vita exclusive anymore, it’s also not a Sony exclusive anymore.

    Kind of takes away one reason to own a Vita. I suppose it’s still an exclusive in the handheld market for now. smh.

  • It’s a Download if it cheap I might get it maybe. I also see more Vita games going over to PS3 due to the fact this is what they did with the PS2. if you don’t lean from the past you are doomed to repeat it. :)

  • Heck yeah I’m excited :0

  • It’s a year after the Vita release, so I don’t see the big deal of “losing an exclusive”…sales of the game have probably declined and aren’t going to eat into Vita sales at this point in its lifespan.

    That being said, with the recent Vita price drop and the PS4 release coming, I think Ubisoft should have waited to announce this for another six months or so, as they may have been able to grab a few more sales out of the Vita version.

  • Oh come on!! So why did I bother buying the Vita version that I barely got time to play so far?!? Sony you have to stop doing console remakes of Vita games immediately, because it does nothing but hurt Vita sales and upset customers who already paid. Lose lose situation.

  • I did not like the fact that PS Vita has just lost this game’s exclusivity, but I understand it might have not sold that well. Any game gotta be profitable to developers and publishers to keep their support, so I understand this release.

    I have a platinum achieved in this game on my PS Vita! ;)

  • Kinda hoping they release the pre-order add-ons to the Vita store.

  • Wow, so I guess there will no longer be a sequel for the Vita. FAIL

  • Gah, please update the multiplayer!! It was horrible

  • WTF :) maybe you should remove the “only on playsydation” sign from every retail vita copy now.

  • I hope, Liberation owners get a free copy of the game.. I mean, it’s basically the same game..

  • I just bought a Vita, partly so I could finally play Liberation. But now it seems utterly pointless to buy Liberation for the Vita when a fixed, overhauled, enhanced, improved version is coming to PS3. *sigh*

  • @ 31 IrishDude2 – Throw such a prize in technology and the best handheld ever in the trash….yeah only in your rotten brain.

  • Now what do people have to cry about now, i’m sure there will be something can’t make everyone happy. Look at it this way if you didn’t have a system to play on then what.

  • Ill just wait for the triple HD version for PS4 then.

  • @ Welmosca
    Best handheld? Don’t make me laugh. How is it the best handheld if the games for it comes out for the consoles. How is it the best handheld if there is nothing for it that is worth remembering? Why would anyone even want the Vita version when they can get the console version which is far better. If you want the best handheld, get yourself one of them gameboy colours. They have the best game ever made..Pokemon red, blue and yellow and those three games never made it to the big consoles and brings back plenty of memories.

  • I’m somewhat conflicted by this, I actually went back to this game last week, and this update looks light years better, from the graphics and gameplay down to the facial expressions. I want to play this version, but I don’t want to not finish the Vita version, and Im not sure I want to play liberation twice, with Black Flag coming. Every AC fan should get to experience Avelines story, so I’m glad they are putting it on console. If only there were cross saves, my dilemma would be taken care of. Well maybe the extra missions with be worth another go around.

  • AC liberation was a top PSN vita seller for a month or two

  • it would be really awesome if ubisoft would to see this page and then give us what we ps vita owners want :)

  • @IrishDude2 Are you stupid or just a Nintendo fanboy? It’s the best handheld because of it’s quality. If you don’t like your Vita, then I would appreciate it if you give it to me for free.

  • I would rather Ubisoft support the Vita version rather than make an “HD” version.

    Thanks a lot Ubi.

  • While it’ll look great and probably play better with the enhancements I’m sure were made to it, it gives no reason to buy it on Vita now. I feel like everything is coming out on both platforms and is the exact same game on both. I loved the game, still gotta go back and finish up everything for the platinum, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a great game though and I am glad that those without a Vita will get to play it, but it seems like everyone is giving up on the Vita, which is a great system.

  • I’m ecstatic! I’ve been hesitating to purchase it on Vita because of that ridiculous omnipresent price but I won’t hesitate to buy it on PS3.

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