Infamous: Second Son Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

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Infamous: Second Son Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

The PlayStation 4 launch is almost-kind-of-near-but-still-3 months-away, and we hope you’re excited for it as much as many of us are over here. If you caught word of how things went at Gamescom and PAX, we had a lot of great news and announcements — particularly the tease of a brand new power and reveal of a new character for Infamous Second Son! Coming early next year, the team over at Sucker Punch Productions is excited to keep talking to you about the game over the next few months, and show you even more leading up to our launch.

Speaking of more, we decided to pack in even more Infamous news this month with the announcement of our pre-order offering for Infamous Second Son!

We’re happy to announce these exclusive vests, designed by Seattle locals Penny Arcade, the good folks over at iam8bit, San Diego street artist Exist 1981, and artista y disenadora, Jos! The entire set is available exclusively via pre-order of Infamous Second Son at participating retailers. Check out the designs in greater detail below!

inFAMOUS Second Son: EXIST VestinFAMOUS Second Son: iam8bit Vest

inFAMOUS Second Son: JOS VestinFAMOUS Second Son: Penny Arcade Vest

These will only be available via pre-order, so be sure to get yours in before the game comes out early next year, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more Infamous content and news!

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  • Yeah, these pre-order bonuses are pretty lame, to be honest.

  • According to GameStop, second son is scheduled for release 4-1-14. Obviously that’s subject to change

  • No need to tell me twice, I pre-ordered this the first day it became available to pre-order. The vests still look cool though.

  • Additionally, I preorder games not for bonus content, but only to insure that I get a copy of the game as soon as it releases. One never knows if a game (or console) will sell out the day it releases. I have very little patience and I have better things to do than to stand in line for 2 hours at midnight hoping to get a copy of a game

  • I really want to give this game a try, but I’m not a huge inFAMOUS fan, then again I’ve only played the first one. I’m always told that the 2nd one will change my opinions of the series and make me excited for Second Son. I just don’t know about paying $60 and not enjoying it that much. I have iNFAMOUS 2 thanks to plus, so let’s see if I can get into the series.

  • I hate to admit this, but I only played inFamous 2 and not the first one (I only played the demo of the first one), so I am not sure if there’s going to be any spoilers or anything like that.

  • Would it be possible for the pre-order bonus to include a Steelbook please? For me a Steelbook is the best pre-order bonus from any game.

  • Since Japan is getting the PS4 in February as well (February 22nd), will Second Son’s North American and European release date coincide with the Japanese release of the PS4, thus making it a Japanese launch title?

  • Is that all? Not to sound rude, but why isn’t Cole’s outfit one of the options? Either his original courier jacket or even his outfit from inFamous 2 would be great. Plus, I’d love to see a reaper costume for Delsin given his initial powers are smoke and fire.

  • Still waiting for confirmation on Move/3D support and GLBT character inclusion before I pre-order.

  • I will be preordering, and buying a collectors edition when offered, so please don’t take this as a jab at the product, this bonus seems kind of bland.

  • Hoping this game will bring back the same fun Infamous it did with cole.

  • Correction: PS4 is two months away, not three! :D

  • Bonus stuff is always nice, especially when it’s not retailer exclusive and different at all the retailers.

    And especially when it’s content that doesn’t feel like a big loss if we miss out on.

    Was going to preorder anyway. Since I preorder everything I end up buying day 1. Just more convenient since I order online anyway.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the preorder bonus cool artwork instead of something that effects gameplay and/or is retailer exclusive.

  • Release Date already! PS4’s killer app :)

  • @38 – I have them on Steam. Why do you think I want to play Rainslick Part 3 so badly? :p

    (Yes, I can get it on steam, but if I have parts 1 & 2 on PSN, I shouldn’t have to get it on something else to play it. >_> )

  • This kind of graphic fidelity and running in 1080p the costumes are going to look amazing!

  • I like them. But nothing beats the original design. This my be too early but do you think we can get some inFAMOUS: Second Son avatars?

  • I Pre-ordered this a while back.I wonder will there be any collectors editions?

  • love u guys but this pre order bonus suck…. sorry.


  • 25 – “Will Pre-order ONLY if available on PSN – I will not buy a disk anymore!”

    so you are the death of gaming collectors and collector editions we heard so much of back in the day.

  • i want that

  • Sweetness!!!! Thought they might give hime totally different outfits but this is just as good!

  • I do like the designs, but is that all there will be with the DLC? With the Pre-order of the second Infamous you got a lot more! I’ll still be pre-ordering, I’ve always loved the series, and the story line always keeps me interested.

  • Also, what does Freemont mean? It’s probably very obvious, but I’m just drawing a blank.

  • It’s a shame that this game is still so far out. :(

    I’ll just have to use the other PS4 and PS3 games that come out before it as a coping mechanism to help pass the time. :)

  • Never was a huge fan of Cole. To me this new hero looks like Mike Damone from: Fast Times at Ridgemont high. Pre-ordered the game from Amazon day one, hope it’s worth it.

  • I like them all, my favorite design though is Jos. Can’t wait to get the game next Feb!

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