Metal Gear Solid Turns 15, Remembering the Legacy

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Metal Gear Solid Turns 15, Remembering the Legacy

Metal Gear Solid is not only an amazing PlayStation title, it’s one of the most quintessential video game experiences in the medium’s history. It’s been in the Smithsonian, graced the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records, and made almost every video game journalist’s top list of must-play games every year since its creation.

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And although the series began in 1989 on the MSX system, I, like many others, first experienced Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation. From the first moment I entered the Cargo Elevator in the Lower Dock, to the final showdown with Liquid Snake, it had narrative and play like I’d never experienced before. And all of it was possible thanks to a small team led by Hideo Kojima.

From his humble beginnings with a small team at Konami Computer Entertainment Japan West, series creator Hideo Kojima had the dream of experiencing action from the perspective of a polygon-driven world, complete with camera control. With that in mind, he decided to revisit the series he thought he had finished for a final chapter to the story of Solid Snake. But thanks to the success of Metal Gear Solid, that original team has managed to swell to the Kojima Productions we know today, with many of the original team members still working on the next Metal Gear. Although the legacy of Metal Gear has continued for more than 24 titles, HD collections, spin-offs and ports, Metal Gear Solid still remains one of our most memorable titles to date.

Metal Gear Solid Legacy, 02Metal Gear Solid Legacy, 03

If you’ve never played this classic, it’s never been easier to start! Metal Gear Solid is currently available on PlayStation Store as a PS1 Classic. If you want to experience the entire saga of Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection is available at retailers nationwide, with a download code for Metal Gear Solid included. As we count down the top 15 most memorable moments from Metal Gear Solid on our official Facebook page, we want to know: what’s your most memorable Metal Gear Solid moment?

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  • one memory that has stuck with me all these years is backtracking through most of the game looking for a CD case that I missed so I could call Meryl. The clue from the game was her number was on the back of the cd case. I got frustrated from not finding the item in the game, took the disc out and put it away. then I looked on the back of the case for the game.. and did an epic face palm.

  • Please give my thanks to Konami for making one of the best game series of all time. I would like it if you guys would not forgot about the Metal Gear Ac!d games. Bringing these games over to the Vita would be great. Thanks again.


  • Um….guys? (including Dalton) MGS1 IS playable (last time I checked) on the PS Vita, but you have to download it to the PS3 first. I thought most of you knew this already.

    Again, MGS1 is NOT on the PS Vita store (meaning you can’t download it directly to the Vita), but IT IS PLAYABLE after you download and transfer it from a PS3.


    Oh Jesus…My first time playing MGS was on the PS Vita. I was in the same trap as you (thinking it was an in-game item). My policy is to never go to guides/the interwebs for first playthroughs of any game, but unfortunately this had to be one of those rare exceptions.

  • Thanks for the post, I love Metal Gear Solid!

  • @53 oh is got to be impossible on the digital version right? I guess done things can’t translate as easily to another format.

  • Greatest moments by each major game:
    – MGS1- When Mantis possesed Meryl and start acting weird, saying ¨C´mon Mr. Foxhound¨
    – MGS2- Almost at the End of the game, when the Colonel ask me to turn the game off! WTF!! it really creep me out
    – MGS3- Hard to decide one, could be the final battle, the END or poisoning The Fear with rotten food!lol
    – MGS4- The final battle

    Congrads to Kojima and his team!!

    Cant Wait for V!

  • Easily, I mean EASILY, my most favorite gaming franchise of all time!
    I have so much respect for KP, and for each entry in the series. Everything about each game is absolutely perfect to me. I can’t wait to finally get a release date on MGS V… I’m gonna speculate June 2014! You heard it first here folks!!! Gonna get my copy for PS4 Yippie!!!!

    Anyway, not only my favorite gaming moment in MGS, but in all of entertainment… The PS1 demo disc. I was just a kid, but the revolution contained within that single disc was mind blowing. Played it over, and over, and over. I couldn’t wait to play the actual thing. The voice acting, storyline, art style, music, everything was and still is so captivating to me!

    Anyway, congrats to KP for so many years of awesome gaming. Here’s to 15 more!!! Let’s just hope that next time Konami/Kojima decide to reveal a brand new MGS trailer IT’S NOT AT THE MS CONFERENCE!!!


  • Anything with David Hayter. Not joking or being smarmy- I will always see him as Solid Snake and young Big Boss.

    Otherwise, the final battle of MGS3 and its cutscenes with the Boss are an amazing experience. I’ve seen it so many times, and each time is just as powerful. Similarly, I also love the “it’s thinking with its scene,” line in Peace Walker. Many find it corny, but I just find it great.

  • Any chance we’ll see a port of MGS: Twin Snakes to PS3/PS4? It was a great revisit to MGS1, and if MGS2 was easily portable, shouldn’t Twin Snakes be as well? Bought my Legacy collection a few weeks ago and loving it. Thanks for the great memories.

  • Most memorable moment is in Metal Gear Solid ,when master miller reveals he’s actually Liquid Snake and in Japanese version.

  • I’m glad I am supporting Metal Gear Solid for all these years. I played MGS when I was a teenager and I got hooked into the series since. The Legacy Collection was my first Metal Gear game I ever pre-ordered. Even though I already owned the games already (With the exception of Portable Ops and VR Missions), it would be nice to own them all a 2nd time to show more of my support. I hope to see the release date of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain soon despite Kiefer Sutherland as the voice for Big Boss.

  • My favorite moment is in MGS at the end when the music begins to play, man good times.

  • Awesome! Happy birthday MGS!! And thank you Konami for The Legacy Collection!!!

  • I still have not played the digital graphic novel nor the Ac!d titles, and would very much like to. However I can’t purchase these games on the PSN store from my Vita in North America. Please consider making more Metal Gear titles available to the PS Vita in the North American market.

  • You can download MGS to your PC or PS3 and then transfer it to the Vita.

    The Rex Battle is tough without a dualshock controller though!

  • Happy birthday MGS!!! Such a fantastic saga will be remembered for all eternity!

    The most memorable part from MGS series in my opinion is at the ending of Snake Eater. The fight with The boss was gorgeous, and EVA’s speech made me cry, really. Such experience is something that will be remembered forever. Keep making awesome games, for the sake of all humanity!

  • Am I the only one who can play both MGS1 and PO on my Vita? Just download it on your PS3 and export.

  • Oh, I forgot. Is there going to be something to celebrate Metal Gear Solid’s 15th anniversary? Like an MGS sale? The Portable Ops games on Vita? A release for VR Missions on PSN? I’m hoping this won’t be a disappointment like Mega Man’s 25th anniversary. Unless the “The Legacy Collection” is suppose to celebrate it, then forget I asked.

    @VoXeR_91 I thought you can’t transfer Portable Ops onto the Vita? I know it’s possible for MGS1, but not PO for sure.

  • MGS1 is playable on Vita. You just need to transfer it with a PS3.

  • @VoXeR_91 I thought you can’t transfer Portable Ops onto the Vita? I know it’s possible for MGS1, but not PO for sure.

  • Truly one of the best series ever created, as well as one of my personal favorites.

  • My fav part of MGS1 has to be the psycho mantis part that has to be the most innovative way to fight a villain and it still has not been matched 3 console gen later almost 4. My fav MGS scene ever would be the finale fight between old snake and Ocelot. I have a question for Dalton Link so you may not know when MGS portable ops is coming to the vita but would you happen to know why it is available on the vita everywhere else but the PAL regions cause in the UK it is not only playable but it is in the vita store but in America it is not in the store and can’t even be transferred via ps3 looks like they do not want Americans playing this game on their vitas which to me seems stupid cause you would sell more games.

  • @68 and 70 He must be outside of the PAL region Portable Ops work on the vita outside of pal regions which for the most part is America that what makes me so angry because they will not give a straight answer I spoke with (YES I CALLED THEM) Sony and Konami they both blame each other and will not say why America can’t play I heard the only work around is to create a uk psn account then buy it but that is the only way to play in America.

  • I´ve been asking regarding the MGS Portable Ops compatibility with PS VIta… Any chnces in the near future?

  • My most memorable metal gear moment was the very beginning of metal gear solid 2. That was my very first Mgs, and that opening scene where snake jumps off the bridge onto the cargo ship was the coolest thing I’d ever seen at the time. Now I’ve played nearly every game in the franchise with the exception of metal gear 1 and 2 and metal gear rising.

  • @Jablunt913 Ah, no wonder why. Can’t believe you can play it using your PAL account and not your NA one.

  • “If you want to experience the entire saga of Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection is available at retailers nationwide”

    I have to correct you as this is a false statement. Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection does not include the entire saga as it excludes Portable-Ops. And before anyone opens their mouth about it, yes, it is canon. Kojima himself has said it is. He just didn’t include it in the collection because he wasn’t directly involved with Portable-Ops. (That and the collection is basically just a repackaged MGS 4 and HD collection with a couple of extras thrown in).

    With that said, my favorite moment would have to be three moments. MGS1: Psycho Mantis moving my controller and finding out that I ended up activating Rex. Oops. MGS4: Finding out that Akiba is Johnny from MGS1! (dude with the cold and IBS. “Shut up in there, will ya?”)

  • I loved mostly all the games accept metal gear solid 2 which no offense to any one but i thought the game was horrible on a story side of things but my list is as follows.

    1) metal gear solid= mantis reads my mind and finds out i love castlevania
    2)metal gear solid 3= the big boss torture scene revealing how he lost his eyes
    3)metal gear solid4= the crawl to the finish line which leads into the final battle
    4) my favorite metal gear moment was is po which is the ending.

    Just my 2 cents i thought the story of po was crazy better than peace walker. With peace walker i regretfully do not have fond memories

  • Congratulations I’ve never played any of them. Maybe it’s time I started.

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