Metal Gear Solid Turns 15, Remembering the Legacy

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Metal Gear Solid Turns 15, Remembering the Legacy

Metal Gear Solid is not only an amazing PlayStation title, it’s one of the most quintessential video game experiences in the medium’s history. It’s been in the Smithsonian, graced the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records, and made almost every video game journalist’s top list of must-play games every year since its creation.

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And although the series began in 1989 on the MSX system, I, like many others, first experienced Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation. From the first moment I entered the Cargo Elevator in the Lower Dock, to the final showdown with Liquid Snake, it had narrative and play like I’d never experienced before. And all of it was possible thanks to a small team led by Hideo Kojima.

From his humble beginnings with a small team at Konami Computer Entertainment Japan West, series creator Hideo Kojima had the dream of experiencing action from the perspective of a polygon-driven world, complete with camera control. With that in mind, he decided to revisit the series he thought he had finished for a final chapter to the story of Solid Snake. But thanks to the success of Metal Gear Solid, that original team has managed to swell to the Kojima Productions we know today, with many of the original team members still working on the next Metal Gear. Although the legacy of Metal Gear has continued for more than 24 titles, HD collections, spin-offs and ports, Metal Gear Solid still remains one of our most memorable titles to date.

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If you’ve never played this classic, it’s never been easier to start! Metal Gear Solid is currently available on PlayStation Store as a PS1 Classic. If you want to experience the entire saga of Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection is available at retailers nationwide, with a download code for Metal Gear Solid included. As we count down the top 15 most memorable moments from Metal Gear Solid on our official Facebook page, we want to know: what’s your most memorable Metal Gear Solid moment?

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