Metal Gear Solid Turns 15, Remembering the Legacy

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Metal Gear Solid Turns 15, Remembering the Legacy

Metal Gear Solid is not only an amazing PlayStation title, it’s one of the most quintessential video game experiences in the medium’s history. It’s been in the Smithsonian, graced the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records, and made almost every video game journalist’s top list of must-play games every year since its creation.

Metal Gear Solid Legacy, 01

And although the series began in 1989 on the MSX system, I, like many others, first experienced Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation. From the first moment I entered the Cargo Elevator in the Lower Dock, to the final showdown with Liquid Snake, it had narrative and play like I’d never experienced before. And all of it was possible thanks to a small team led by Hideo Kojima.

From his humble beginnings with a small team at Konami Computer Entertainment Japan West, series creator Hideo Kojima had the dream of experiencing action from the perspective of a polygon-driven world, complete with camera control. With that in mind, he decided to revisit the series he thought he had finished for a final chapter to the story of Solid Snake. But thanks to the success of Metal Gear Solid, that original team has managed to swell to the Kojima Productions we know today, with many of the original team members still working on the next Metal Gear. Although the legacy of Metal Gear has continued for more than 24 titles, HD collections, spin-offs and ports, Metal Gear Solid still remains one of our most memorable titles to date.

Metal Gear Solid Legacy, 02Metal Gear Solid Legacy, 03

If you’ve never played this classic, it’s never been easier to start! Metal Gear Solid is currently available on PlayStation Store as a PS1 Classic. If you want to experience the entire saga of Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection is available at retailers nationwide, with a download code for Metal Gear Solid included. As we count down the top 15 most memorable moments from Metal Gear Solid on our official Facebook page, we want to know: what’s your most memorable Metal Gear Solid moment?

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  • you guys going to add MGS to the Vita store yet…

  • PS1 Metal Gear Solid still can’t be downloaded throught PS Vita store same goes for Portable Ops! Good job reminding that!


  • Stand-alone MGS Vita game please :3

  • i still can’t play mgs1 on my vita without a ps3. what the hell??????????

  • Every game in the series is a masterpiece. Most memorable Metal Gear Solid moment? Any encounter with Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid 3, especially the final one on the plane.

  • wait the ps1 title doesnt work on the vita?

  • I second the MGS vita title. Not a port. Not a psp game. A new original title.

    Was hoping for some news on MGS V or a sale or something but oh well i guess

  • Wasn’t Kojima San looking for a studio to remake MGS1 a while ago? If all goes well, I’d love to get a taste of that on my VITA!

  • Sony Third Party Partners must find a way to cooperate with Kojima-san about creating a full fledged MGS HD Remake for PS4. Since Sony created them, it is time to get to work!


  • I played the Japanese Metal Gear Solid demo disc for PS1 way, way too many times. By the time the actual game came out, I had the first few portions of the game down cold.
    Such a classic series.

  • Include MGS HD Collection for Vita as IGC in NA PS+ like you guys did for EU!

    Also, after MGSV, it would be great if you announced a native Vita title! Didn’t the two PSP games do great for you guys? You know you want to!

  • Still waiting for Portable Ops to be playable on the Vita… :/

  • When will Portable Ops be playable on the Vita?

  • When are you adding MGS VR missions to the psn store?

    I have bought the other ones on disc so I don’t need the legacy collection. Just that game.

  • Easily my favorite game series of all time, without a doubt! Thank you Mr. Kojima, and the entire MGS Team.

    Ohhh, and The Phantom Pain will be mind blowing! Cant wait to have it on my PS4!

  • I picked up the Legacy Collection on release; thanks for putting this all together into one package for people like me, who have never played any of the Metal Gear series of games.

  • I feel I have waited enough to play this series.Its time to check it out & see what all the fuzz is about.

  • 15 man I’m getting old. and remember don’t ever think just shoot! it also works on any shooting game.. :)

  • And my most memorable MGS memory so far?

    Definitely got to be Snake battling The Boss in the field of flowers in MGS3. Snake Eater is probably my favorite overall as well :)))

  • hmmm most memorable moment…..that’s a hard one. I’d have to say finding out the “truth” about Paz in Peace Walker, or the thing with the Colonel at the end of MGS2

  • Do you have any plans to re release MG AC!D 2 in Digital Format compatible with PS Vita?? Y loved that game on my PSP

  • happy birthday MGS:)

    I adore this game. Picking a favorite moment from MGS1 is difficult, but I think the end of Sniper Wolf may just be it. I was younger than ten years old first time I had watched that, to say it blew my mind doesn’t quite do justice

    Anyhow, many thanks for fifteen years of Metal Gear, I look forward to the next 15. :) Much love^ ^

  • Any chance of an MGS Sale?

  • Favorite MGS moment : Psycho Mantis telling me I like Suikoden and Konami games.

    Favorite Hideo Kojima moment : When he announced Metal Gear Acid Cubed for the Vita……Oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet. Disregard the previous statement and any references to time travel.

    Favorite Konami moment : When they finally announced the long overdue, much anticipated Azure Dreams 2 for PS3/4 …. Oh wait, see above.

    Come on Konami, Azure Dreams 2, One town, one randomly generated tower, easy peasy, low development cost, fan favorite, make it so, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase!

  • [spoiler]
    Not sure if it’s my favourite MGS moment, but the fist fight scene with Ocelot at the end of MGS3 is one of the best fist fight scenes I’ve seen in a game or a movie

    I also like the pre-fight conversations with Liquid in MGS1, and The Boss in MGS3, where each of them explain their motives and ambitions.


  • ever since played MGS when I was 12. I always have the urge the cry out SNEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!

  • It is ridiculous that a game runs on PSP but doesn’t run on VITA…

  • MGS completely changed the way I saw games up until that point.


    One of my favorite moments in the original MGS was when Snake realizes he did everything in the game just to enable Liquid’s plan. I still enjoy watching that cutscene. Man, Liquid was a badass villain.

  • Hmm, interesting. I only found out about the MGS series because Raiden was in Playstation All Stars. He is a very good character. So I assume this series is just as good. Any suggestions on what to play?

  • MGS3 is my favorite, but MGS2 almost nearly surpasses it. Yes, 2. Sons of Liberty is brilliant and one of the most thought-provoking games I’ve ever played.

  • Take my money and remake MGS!

  • ADD MGS1 AND MGS: PORTABLE OPS TO PLAYSTATION VITA’S PS STORE!!! Guys, seriously, for crying out loud, how many times you were asked to do that and still no feedback from you. Not a single word. It’s like you’re ignoring those requests on purpose. I know you’re reading this. So please: GET. THOSE. GAMES. ON. P. S. VITA’S. P. S. STORE!!!!!!!

  • Happy 15th MGS There is so many incredible moments in the series But what I adore the most out of these video games is the music It has a such big part in making Metal Gear Solid What it is today In my opinion. Bring on MGS5

  • I hope to see a new MGS game for PS Vita and it would be amazing if you guys did a MGS1 remake already posted it in Gio Corsi’s post. Moreover, I am awaiting to the day you guys finally show MGS V on PS4.

  • Hey Dalton Link

    Can we please get some kind of update on when MGS1 and Portable Ops will be playable on Vita. I love MGS and it would be nice to be able to play both those games on my Vita in addition to the HD Collection and Peace Walker.

    Check out my MGS Collection

    Out of date photo, I’ve since added Ghost Babel and the Rex Model.

  • Please add Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops to the Vita store.

    And yes, MGS1 is playable on Vita. You just need to transfer it with a PS3.

  • this would be a great time to have a huge sale across all metal gear solid titles….

  • I’m old enough to have unboxed a launch Atari 2600. While I’ve been a gamer since the hey-day of American arcades, it wasn’t until the PS1 came along and more specifically MGS1 that I thought, ” wow, now this is something I’ve wanted all my life!” I can remember my first taste of MGS1, the Japanese demo included in my Official Playstation Magazine. The Japanese voice-work gave the great gameplay and art direction an “other-worldly,” quality and made the game that much more cool and exotic. When I completed the demo for the first time, as I crawled into the upper ventilation shaft, the stylish wired-framed logo came together amongst the coolest synth-spy music I had heard in gaming( let alone anywhere else). I said to myself, “Holy bleep! This has got to be the coolest demo for a game I have ever played!”

    15 years and 10 games later the Metal Gear Franchise still brings out that initial joy I felt after completing that first demo. I can’t wait for MGSV . . .

  • And my most memorial MGS moment would have to be SPOILERS

    In MGS2 when you’re in Arsenal Gear. I got to that part at 3AM and thought I was freaking out when the Colonel said “Turn the game off”

  • The single greatest franchise of all time. Kojima, Shinkawa, and the rest of the team are truly masters of their respective crafts….I, for one, CANNOT WAIT for MGSV!

  • I love love love MGS. “The world has room for only one big boss! ” – Solidus Snake

  • -Metal Gear!? It can’t be!
    -You, you knew!?
    Metal Gear is one of the most secret black projects
    …….how did you know that!?
    -We had a couple of run-ins in the past…

    I recite that conversation from time to time (doing the voices and everything :P )

    The first time Metal Gear was mentioned in the game, and shown in that cutscene, that was one hell of a moment.

  • Cant wait for Phantom Pain looks epic really does
    also cant wait for an exclusive Vita MGS title one day
    best moment though mgs2 “Raiden, turn the game console off right now!”

  • When are the VR Missions coming to PSN as a PSone classic?

    I have no need for the Legacy collection because I’ve already got MGS1 on PSN. I’ve also purchased the Limited Edition of the HD collection as well as the Limited Edition of MGS4 AND the Limited Edition of Metal Gear Rising.

    So, please, release VR Missions as a separate game on PSN.

  • I wish someone would have remembered to put Portable Ops on Vita.

    Not to be rude, but why is the only response about it that there’s still no news to share? What gives? There has to be some reason why it’s still not available in North America but Europe has had it since Vita launched. You could at least share the reason for that, right? Give us an explanation as to why we can’t have the game yet at least. Clearly there are plenty of people who want it, don’t leave us hanging. :(

    Anyway, the series does have so many great moments, but I think my favorite is a funny one: MGS4, call up Otacon in the place where you previously fought a guy in a tank. One of many extremely hilarious hidden conversations throughout the series, but the way Otacon says that last line makes it my favorite.

  • I remember not knowing why I couldn’t defeat PsychoMantis… Mr. Kojima Trolls!! Haha! I just hope we can soon play that PS1 classic on the PSVita.

  • Really want a collection of all the portable games on PS Vita. Like the one they did on PS3, but portable games.

  • This is a masterpiece originality at it’s best, this 1 of the developers & game that inspired me to pure Game Art & design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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